Hoaxtead FAQ: Promoters of the hoax

Over the past few weeks we have been constructing a ‘frequently asked questions’ section of this blog, to enable readers to quickly review the basics of the Hampstead SRA hoax. We’ve talked about who forced RD’s children to lie about having been abused by a cult; we’ve reviewed the medical evidence; we’ve looked at the lack of forensic evidence; we’ve talked about the police investigation; and we’ve discussed the videos of the children, and how and why they were made.

Today we’re going to delve a bit deeper.

While the basics of the hoax are relatively straightforward—an embittered and angry mother and her new boyfriend decide to cut her children’s father out of their lives forever by alleging that he sexually abused the children. While they’re at it they decide to trash a school community they felt had offended them.

What makes this hoax different is the way in which it was conceived, constructed, and marketed to a particular audience. In this FAQ we’ll attempt to reconstruct what happened, who was involved, and why it played out as it did.

1. Aside from Abraham Christie and Ella Draper, who was involved in promoting the hoax?

In the beginning, the core team consisted of Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill, who run an organisation called the Association of McKenzie Friends. They had worked together in the past on various other projects involving the family courts, but most recently before the Hampstead SRA hoax began they had both been involved in promoting the Hollie Greig hoax in Scotland.

Sabine herself has admitted that she knew Ella prior to May 2014, through their shared interest in yoga and nutrition. We know that Ella met her new boyfriend, Abe, at a raw foods event in that month.

Both Sabine and Belinda have cultivated many contacts in the online ‘truther’ community over the years. One such woman, Charlotte Alton Ward, had been a tenant in Belinda’s house in Highgate. She claims to have witnessed (and wished to help with) the eviction of Declan and Lola Heavey in March 2013. Lola has detailed their experiences with Belinda elsewhere.

Charlotte Ward previously ran a blog called Conspirituality, based upon a word she and  university professor Dr David Voas, invented. Roughly translated, it conflates conspiracy theories and spirituality. They wrote a paper about it in 2011, of which Charlotte was  inordinately proud. In November 2014, Charlotte unceremoniously removed her Conspirituality blog from the internet, for no obvious reason. It was paid up until November 2015, according to DNS records.

In November 2014, Charlotte Ward changed her name to ‘Jacqui Farmer’ (a play on her boyfriend Jacco De Boer’s name). During that month, ‘Jacqui Farmer’ self-published her (really badly written) e-book, Illuminati Party, allegedly an autobiographical work. In effect, Charlotte completely changed her identity, and used the book to cement her bona fides within the ‘truther’ community.

We believe that Belinda recruited Charlotte to help publicise the Hampstead SRA hoax, and that this shift in identity was done deliberately, enabling Charlotte to operate under cover of her new name.

2. The videos of the children were released in February 2015. Is that when the hoax started?

We would argue that it began much earlier than that.

On 11 September 2014, the day the children became subjects of a Protection Order and were removed from Ella’s care, Abe and Ella emailed Brian Gerrish of the UK Column, in hopes that he would pick up the case and help them with publicity:Drifloud-Twitter 2016-03-13Abe also tried to pull his friend Bill Maloney into the hoax at this point, but apparently this didn’t work out as planned. Abe expressed indignation that Maloney wouldn’t play along, and later turned on both Gerrish and Maloney, denouncing them as “shills”.

It seems odd to us that at a time when the children have been taken into protective custody, Abe and Ella are thinking more about how to publicise their case online than about how to have the children returned to them. While their efforts to involve Gerrish and Maloney failed, we think it was the first attempt to put the hoax into operation.

The next steps occurred on or about 14 November 2014.

That was the date when Sabine created a Dropbox file in which she posted Ella’s original “witness statement” naming the children, parents, teachers, clergy, and businesses in Hampstead that she and Abe wished to target:

Sabine-dropbox file-1 2016-03-05

Oddly enough, Ella did not actually fire her legal team until December 2014, which makes Sabine’s Dropbox post look premature. Why would Sabine bother doing all this prep work, unless she knew she was about to take over the case?

14 November is also the date when Charlotte Ward self-published her Illuminati Party e-book, officially beginning her new life as “Jacqui Farmer”:

Charlotte Alton Ward-book 2016-03-05

However, there is reason to suspect that the hoax had been in the planning stages since May/June 2014.

On 8 June, 2014, Belinda McKenzie published the following call to arms on her blog:

Dear All

After hitting a low point last month, financially that is to say I’m happy to report that I’m back in the saddle, thanks to the great generosity of a dozen supporters who between them have enabled me to continue to make trips up to Scotland in the coming few weeks – YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE and I’m exceedingly grateful to you, you’ll certainly be on the Roll of Honour when this fight is concluded and hopefully successful!

Not a moment too soon as the really active part of the Battle, what I call my ‘Special Operation’ is about to commence. I mentioned this a few weeks back and asked for volunteers willing to allow me to inform you & hopefully enlist you VIA YOUR POSTAL ADDRESS – maybe that was the problem, I didn’t at the time give my my postal address? so here it is 83 PRIORY GARDENS LONDON N6 5QU.

So drop me a line and all will be revealed, as long as I’m satisfied that is that you’re not a McKenzie Enemy (I’ve a good idea who all of those are by now!)

Even without any ‘volunteers’ I will still be able to carry out the Operation but it will certainly help to have a few people assisting – but NB it can be done from home and will not take much of your time at all.

In usual Belinda style, it combines a not-very-subtle hint that her finances are at a low ebb, and a promise of great things to come, for those willing to pitch in and help with her ‘Special Operation’. She ends this post with a hint:

 But I’m more and more of the mind that to beat this enemy I call Paedophilia UK…shouting on the street is not going to achieve very much, in fact in Scotland it will just get me locked up, as I’ve already been warned will happen – “McKenzie is next!” has appeared on certain blogs and forums recently….

How to do, how to do? has been churning in my mind all year, on ever-dwindling resources, with only a relatively few faithful supporters (not so much of me but of the cause) when an army is needed! Where, how and when to strike when there may only be one chance to do so?? Etc., round and round, day and night – people have been telling me I look a bit ‘spaced out’ these days, no wonder, if they realised what’s going on inside my head!

Well happy to say I now have the answer to all the questions so it’s just a case of rolling out the rest of the programme and reassuring everyone this really is entirely doable.

While this could have referred to another project she had up her sleeve, so far as we can tell, her dance card was filled with Hoaxtead for the latter part of 2014 and the majority of 2015.

Indeed, on Belinda’s blog of 16 November:

Apologies for the long lapse in sending out ‘Battle News’ and the less said about why I ‘dried up’ for 5 months the better.

Fortunately the mainstream press & media are really onto the issue of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) these days and there’s been no shortage of articles and reports to read on the subject, has there, plus innumerable videos online. Which is absolutely great, public awareness cannot fail to be growing! Yet there’s still nowhere near enough real ACTION to get at the core of the problem and a lot of fiddling about at the edges, for example, the string of white-haired old men hauled up before the courts charged with abusing teenagers decades ago….

Now, one of the reasons I’ve been out of communication (although have given the odd ‘sign of life’ here and there so no one would be worried – I assume most on this mailing list approve of me?! Big Hi here to McKenzie Enemies, love you!) is that I’ve been battling all year with a) BT, Microsoft & Amazon aka ’internet connectivity’ and b) the damned finances, having taken on 4 more ‘dependents’, all victims of/fugitives from the skewed British so-called justice system struggling to get children back and urgently needing help with accommodation, travel, legal fees etc.

This is the first outright mention of Belinda’s involvement with Ella that we’re aware of.

She follows up with a zinger:

I find money largely boring and am not remotely interested in it, apart from it’s being an indicator of the ebb-and-flow of human psychological compulsion which is a fascinating whole area. But as I’ve discovered painfully this year, lack of money is a serious impediment to being able to help people, especially children, or even being able to move around, hence my public activity has more or less ground to a stop, despite a few friends momentarily pitching in to help, god bless you, your names are inscribed in gold on my heart.

The obvious solution is to SET UP A CHARITY which is what I’m now in the process of doing. After a few months dithering around trying to decide whether I really do want to run a charity? yet another children’s charity, on top of the hundreds already registered with the Charity Commission? I’m going to take the plunge so THE KNIGHT FOUNDATION which is going to be a charity with a difference! will be launched at long last on 30th November this month in Camden London (see below details of venue & time).

This is the first public mention of Belinda’s infamous non-charity, the Knight Foundation. It was originally set up to receive donations in support of Belinda’s latest cause: the Hampstead Hoax.

3. Why did Abe and Ella contact Brian Gerrish in September 2014? What did they hope to achieve?

If Abe and Ella’s real goal was to have the case properly investigated, and the children’s stories vindicated, sending the story to Brian Gerrish was an unutterably foolish choice. They must have known that doing so would foul the police investigation, and put them both in a very bad light. It would make it harder, not easier, for Ella to get the children back.

However, it’s clear now that their goal was never to have the case criminally investigated. As they made clear during the ‘Finbarr video’, they had never intended to get the police and CPS involved in this case. The only reason the police had become involved is that Abe’s brother-in-law Jean-Clement Yaohirou had taken his recording to the police, fearing that the children’s allegations might be true.

In fact, having the police involved had thrown a real spanner in the works; and now, the police had removed the children from Ella’s care.

The original idea had been to take the video evidence to Family Court, where Ella had always dealt with RD in the past. They would present their ‘incontrovertible evidence’ that the kids had been abused, RD would be banished from their lives forever, and the families and teachers they named would have to undergo the indignity of a social services investigation—revenge for the slights Abe and Ella felt they’d endured during their time in Hampstead.

Once all that was accomplished, they could work with Belinda and Sabine to spread the story of ‘ritual abuse’ across the internet.

Once people saw the images of two adorable children describing the most foul abuse possible, all they’d have to do was sit back and watch the donations start pouring in.

Instead, Jean-Clement had taken his covertly recorded audio to the police, and Abe’s old nemesis, DC Steve Martin, who knew him from his past child abuse charges, had come into the picture. And now, instead of RD losing his children forever, they’d been taken from Ella.

The whole plan was going pear-shaped in a hurry, and Abe and Ella realised that if they wanted to salvage anything from it, they needed to act, and fast.

So they sent the bait to Gerrish, hoping he’d jump on it and start getting the story out onto the troofer airwaves. However, it seems that rather than jump on the story of a lifetime, Gerrish passed the story on:

Drifloud-Twitter-2 2016-03-13

U got this email 11.9.14 – the day children were snatched, U said nothing then. WHY

This is just part of the original email sent by ella to Brian Gerrish on the night Xxxxx and Xxxxxxx were UNLAWFULLY snatched by police & Barnet Social Services. Gerrish kept his mouth shut and just passed the email to fellow SHILL, Bill Maloney – who passed it to a police informer named Nathan Wedger. Wedger passed it back to police, and thence to DC Steve Martin – one of a gang of corrupt officers who were busy scapegoating the children, and covering up the rapes and murders. Gerrish said nothing publicly until the case exploded on the internet six months later.

Gerrish would only jump on the hoax bandwagon in February 2015, after Sabine had leaked the videos and list of alleged cult members. By that time, it had become the story of the moment on the troofer internet circuit. If Gerrish had ignored it at that point, he would have looked woefully out of touch.

4. But why would anyone bother creating a hoax like this? What would the motive be?

The simplest explanation is money. However, we don’t think this tells the whole story.

A slightly more complex way of looking at it would be that Ella’s interest in keeping the children from seeing their father again, Abe’s interest in paedophilia and cult practices,  Sabine’s interest in promoting the idea that the child protection system is corrupt, and Belinda’s interest in collecting money from gullible people coincided to create a ‘perfect storm’.

The original plan seems to have been for Abe and Ella to “collect evidence” that the children had been abused; this happened while they were all in Morocco during August 2014.

The phone videos, which were long enough to offer tantalising glimpses of what had happened, but short enough to leave the watcher wanting more, were created as part of the marketing plan. This was done in much the same way that a company might produce a series of similar-but-different adverts, which they would roll out to boost and maintain interest over a number of months.

They were designed to appeal to the ‘truther community’ online, and they succeeded at that: by the time Mrs Justice Pauffley handed down her judgement on 19 March 2015, it was estimated that at least 2 million people had viewed the videos. That figure has probably doubled or quadrupled since then.

These kind of viewing figures can lead to massive donation figures, which Belinda anticipated when she created the Knight Foundation.

5. If all this is true, why are none of the original Hampstead hoax promoters speaking to one another now?

Things began to go south when Abe and Ella rushed to Abe’s brother-in-law’s house the night they arrived home from Morocco. Abe just couldn’t wait to put the children through their paces in front of Jean-Clement; he lacked the judgement to realise that his brother-in-law, like any normal person, would feel compelled to take his evidence to the police.

The police investigation concluded with the children being removed from Ella’s custody, which threw the entire plan into a tailspin: now, the focus had to switch to getting the kids back under their mother’s control.

Sabine “accidentally on purpose” released the videos, along with Ella’s witness statement, to Henry Curteis of The Tap Blog in February 2015; this infuriated Ella and Abe, who had planned to dole the videos out one at a time, but now found that the hoax had blown up in their faces.

Belinda and Sabine tried to put a good face on it, turning the retrieval of the children into one of their “cases” and parading in front of the Royal Courts of Justice…until Sabine discovered that both she and Ella were wanted by the police. Both fled the country—Sabine to Germany, and Ella to Spain—leaving Abe and Belinda to fight the battle on their behalf.

Ultimately, Abe would turn on the Association of McKenzie Friends, feeling that they had undermined his and Ella’s strategy; Sabine was arrested when she returned to the UK; Belinda was served with an injunction preventing her from discussing the the case; and Charlotte Ward’s Hampstead Research blog was beset with problems, culminating in Abe and Ella claiming that she, too, was a shill.

Clashes of personality were inevitable with this volatile pack of psychopaths and narcissists; the wonder is probably that the entire hoax didn’t go south sooner than it did.

As we build the Hoaxtead FAQ, we are asking our readers to contribute questions they’d like to see addressed. Let us know what you think we should be discussing here, and we’ll do our best to add it to the FAQ!


97 thoughts on “Hoaxtead FAQ: Promoters of the hoax

  1. Certain things stand out in this excellent summation.

    I never knew Christie knew Bill Maloney but it now stands to reason and explains Maloney’s reluctance to become involved. Maloney has a criminal record which he has been able to hide from his rapidly diminishing supporters. Has he been involved in schemes with Christie who is a petty career criminal and did he know Christie was a loose canon?. Maloney has also gone to ground with the exposure of Chris Fay and after the blatant lies about his “film producing” career was exposed as hogwash. He’s smart enough o know when the party is over. It only took one visit from the Met from his shut up shop.

    Many have speculated that Belinda McKenzie was able to rip off a fortune via her Iran false charity. I don’t believe she did. I think she most certainly got a percentage for acting as the front person but my experience with Iranians is that she would have been paid the minimal. Iranians involved in anything slightly dodgy (raising funds via a fake charity) don’t take prisoners and certainly wouldn’t have allowed McKenzie to even use the word ‘Iran’ without stepping in to take the bulk of the loot. Even the slightest resistance could mean a firebomb through the front window. It happened to a nightclub manager I know.

    But it’s good to see finally that Belinda McKenzie is intricately involved with the creation of the Hoax. I hope a certain dad’s lawyers have taken note if they are contemplating a lawsuit for a conspiracy to harass. So easy to prove.

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  3. GOS – I agree with your reasoning, one thing that McKenzie is good at, is hiding evidence (no evidence = no reasonable prospect of conviction)

    I do not believe that all action in the Iran Charity scam is over yet. The fact that Mckenzie may well have only taken / received a relatively small amount is immaterial. Its still fraud. Hopefully a bigger picture will ensure that she faces charges in the future, even if only a “specimen” charge for her involvement with that scam – as part of other patterns of fraud.

    The wheels of justice do turn slowly, but I feel that they are turning and its only a question of time before she crashes off her perch.

    I think Mckenzie’s recent silence, the subtle removal from the internet of various websites and blog posts related to her, all paint a picture.

    It must be uncomfortable for her. Sleeping with one eye open is reputedly not easy long term.

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    • Baloney was interviewed by the Operation Midland coppers as he had spouted off so much about how he could prove all sorts of claims. Of course he knew nothing and he was warned he was treading on thin ice, wasting police time etc. Especially as he had actively built upon the Leon Brittan claims with the turkey clone fay. Been silent ever since.

      The media were also showing interest in him as he had initially got some positive publicity but his claim to have won a prestige award at the New York Film Festival backfired badly when it was shown to be a fraud- he had entered his film in a now defunct vanity festival with a similar name which accepted every single entry upon payment of a fee. Even then the award he claimed he won didn’t even exist.
      He tried to back track and claim he had never said it was the prestige New York Film Festival but of course screen shots showed that to be a lie.

      Maloney like so many came into these hoaxes and false accusations very late and thought he could create a name for himself but he made the mistake of creating a phony background and posting it on the net not realising that his true back ground could easily be discovered. Like many he discovered there is little cash to be made in the sex hoaxes and moved on. Last I heard he sold under 60 of his “award winning” and “hard hitting” (ie- Maloney aggressively berating some hapless person in the street) videos.

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      • Baloney Maloney has been at it for many many years Sam….. His involvement here is just the tail end. But it says much when even he wanted Christie at arm’s length. Baloney was well and truly ‘pasted’ back in 2015 when he made SUCH a fool of himself at the Edinburgh festival, but that was just a tiny cherry on the cake. The man is completely discredited and his fantasy film production career will be picking up no more grants or handouts! He’s off licking his wounds IMHO, though rumours do circulate that he might also be genuinely unwell.

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  4. Excellent post!

    The main point for me is that various people knew each other prior to this hoax taking place and that one faction was already involved in the HG case. So…..the narrative was already there and available.

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    • Exactly so FS.

      Bear in mind that Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy is a convicted drug abuser, and that Abe Christie is a drug dealer. The other common bind being Belinda McKenzie, it’s safe to assume they knew of each other IMHO. And there is no doubt in my mind that his (failed) scheme inspired the form of the Hampstead hoax.

      “However, it’s clear now that their goal was never to have the case criminally investigated. As they made clear during the ‘Finbarr video’, they had never intended to get the police and CPS involved in this case. The only reason the police had become involved is that Abe’s brother-in-law Jean-Clement Yaohirou had taken his recording to the police, fearing that the children’s allegations might be true.”

      And that’s the point – Ogilvy’s scheme failed BECAUSE he got the Police directly involved, being too stupid to realise the expertise of their technicians is far in excess of anything he could imagine. Christie is just as stupid in this respect – but being a far more ‘successful’ criminal, has rather more of an ego.

      I’m not sure you’re crediting S.C. Yaohirou with the integrity and intelligence he deserves, nor was Christie. I’m told that even a former PC – being on oath for life – would have been obliged to disclose this information. We might also reasonably speculate that S.C. Yaohirou would have known that if he kept quiet he ran the risk of being sucked in to whatever scheme his dodgy brother-in-law was getting involved with. S.C. Yaohirou just wasn’t in a position to assess if the allegations “might be true” – but I think it’s quite telling that he adopted a covert mode in gathering what evidence he could on the spot and taking it straight to the MET at a non-division level. – Many have criticised him for this, but all the Police Officers I have spoken to feel he did the right thing. He was obviously suspicious enough of Christie NOT to suggest he just pick up the phone and call in a trained CPO from his own division. – Yaohirou would also have understood that there might be other intelligence relating to Christie that would really only be known ‘up the chain’.

      I think Christie’s motives will have been entirely about money and that McKenzie was in on it from the very start. Where it starts to go wrong is in Christie being of such huge ego and enough of a loose cannon to start throwing his own ingredients (such as S.C. Yaohirou) into the mix. – Ogilvy’s original scheme failed because he went straight to the local Police and handed the original material over. Christie (in his own mind the master criminal and superior intelligence) perhaps thought he could play Uriah to Jean-Clement’s Wilkins – forgetting of course (as many do) that Micawber is an honest man who could not be bought! Maybe even (as has been suggested to me by a former S.C.) Christie imagined he might compromise S.C. Yaohirou such that he became his very own ‘pocket policeman’ – sometimes even the Police themselves misjudge ‘Hobby Bobbies’.

      “The original idea had been to take the video evidence to Family Court, where Ella had always dealt with RD in the past. They would present their ‘incontrovertible evidence’ that the kids had been abused, RD would be banished from their lives forever, and the families and teachers they named would have to undergo the indignity of a social services investigation—revenge for the slights Abe and Ella felt they’d endured during their time in Hampstead.”

      That may well have been how Christie and McKenzie sold the idea to Ella, she’s just about stupid and uneducated enough to imagine that’s how the system might be manipulated to work. And she is at heart a crook herself after all. I doubt if it fits the wider agenda though – McKenzie would certainly understand that the courts and other professionals are well onto this sort of scheme and that it’s quite a common tactic, particularly as ‘McKenzie Industries’ was emerging from the Hollie Greig case. I see McKenzie at the top of this pile. The scheme went wrong because she couldn’t-quite control her team of loose cannons and general nutcases; that and the fact the world as it turns is becoming wiser and wiser to her and her kind.

      Gerrish, incidentally, would reject the scheme as it’s (a) McKenzie’s gig and (b) he is probably smart enough to realise that she (like certain others) is ‘yesterday’s man’ and that the team of nutters she’d assembled are just ‘too far out there’. Gerrish, I’m told, has his eyes more on Icke’s audience and the long game.

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        • Quite so Roger, and I stand corrected…. I suspect though he only did that to stay ‘on message’ and avoid being seen to deflect from the overall SRA theme which he so enthusiastically exploits.

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    • Ha ha ha! Best lines from Chasing Rainbows this week:

      Angie: Would your really move out of the states?

      Colleen: I love Europe. We’re working on teleportation so it’s not going to be so bad.

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    • Just two old batshit crazy bats rabbiting on over today’s equivalent of the backyard fence.
      Christ, 8 people in a small cell and one of the was the Ambassador from the BePopaLulu Constellation? Surely the others would need a mental health assessment after listening to Neelu for a few hours?.

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    • “Just a quick disclaimer – I didn’t ask permission to share Neelu’s video, I just shared it.”

      LMAO! In what sense is that admission of guilt a disclaimer? 😄


    • Those of you who wade through these videos from the likes of Angie – I don’t know how you do it!
      I’m grateful that you subject yourselves to such torment, for the sake of our collective knowledge & understanding, but… ***RALPH!***… you must have very strong stomachs for meaningless babble and offensive horsesh*t, is all I can guess. I can skim them, but I can’t take much more than 20-30 minutes of actually listening to them, before I have to turn them off and “walk away” for awhile. (Lest I lose it and smash my monitor with a hammer just to make it stop).

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    • Anyhow – what impressed me, out of the bits that I could tolerate watching today, is their relentlessly delusional perspectives. They take nothing which fails to support their perspective at face value, everything that happens is re-interpreted through the filter of their delusions. Getting “spanked” by social media platform administrators over something they posted, doesn’t register as a warning that they ought to take greater care about what they are “putting out”, that must instead be twisted into somehow validating their paranoia and delusions of conspiratorial persecution.

      And having intuitively “diagnosed’ that some persons, (RD, the Hampstead community, perhaps us as well), are not really what they say they are, or what they appear to be, or what all objective evidence documents them to be – but are instead, secretly, invisibly, unprovably, some extremely nefarious things of unfathomable complexity – no kind of evidence can ever shake this delusional belief.

      This makes people like Angie extremely dangerous. There really is no difference between Angie’s mindset & behaviour, and the construction of false, imaginary, defamatory fear-mongering interpretation of “jewishness” by the pre- WW2 Nazi Party.

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  5. I wonder how Russian cultural values, and attitudes around child rearing informed Ella’s expectations of what would happen to her children when she told the authorities her outlandish tales. No, in Russia, it seems, you can be glad you have a parent that ‘cares’ about you at all. I can only imagine the look on Ella’s face when the children were taken from her: This probably never would have happened in Russia! Why, their child protection policies are still in the dark ages, allowing all kinds of nefarious behaviour to continue unchecked….Ella never knew what was about to hit her. This is the UK, not Russia. This film is ca 10 yrs old, but shows the cultural differences in realistic expectations of what happens to the most vulnerable there: a new cause for Belinda!!!!

    A mother that does not instinctively protect her young from a physically abusive lover should ring alarm bells in any country. This case was fuelled by a desire to once and for all annihilate the irritating fly that RD had become. How very dare he want to see his children! They would stamp him out of existance, once and for all, with this ‘spectacular’ story. As for Abe, he wanted a slice of that Russian class, showing his family he had done well, despite his limitations, class is something Abe will always hanker after, unsuccessfully. He is a pleb who has desires to be seen as ‘an intellectual’, his attempt, and only possible ‘way in’ to a world that has always evaded him. What has happened to Abrella? They have become completely silent. Are they still alive?

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    • I had a pair of Russian grandparents. They were fiercely protective of their 4 children and grandchildren. It’s another country that despite it’s great advances, family loyalty is a very old & important concept. Of course the problem is it’s also a country with an enormous amount of mental illness and alcoholism due to millions who haven’t got a share of the wealth, probably far more per head of population than in the West.

      Ella is one very odd person. She’s obviously pretty thick but plenty of mothers who are not raging intellectuals are still very loving and protective of their children. Ella seems to be a very cold fish and Christ, if she thinks Abe is a catch she has no idea.


    • It’s a harrowing film and those statistics for homeless kids are horrendous. You would think that so-called ‘child advocates’ like APD or Sabine would take interest but no, they are busy attacking children who are with their families and attempting to make their lives miserable.
      It makes what they do with this Hoax even more vindictive and vicious. They sap people’s energies and empathy when we should all be looking to help those who really need it.
      My disgust for the hoaxers keeps increasing.

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  6. Video being promoted by Neelu and her creepy mate Imogen Higgins:

    Does anyone have the heart to tell Neelu and Imogen that this is a documentary EXPOSING doctors who falsely convince patients of “forgotten” SRA abuse?

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    • Such a GREAT documentary – thank you.
      The sick & twisted quacks being discussed in it did so much more harm than ‘simply’ “falsely convince patients of “forgotten” SRA abuse”, though. Braun, Sachs, Peterson, Colin Ross, Coreydon Hammond, et.al, utterly destroyed the lives of hundreds of their patients and their families.
      There is a profound and rarely spoken irony about what this cultesque network of deluded “investigative” therapists did. While professing to uncover and treat victims of secret ritual abuse & mind-control cults, these quacks literally abused their patients – including children, as described in the documentary – and by brainwashing them and generating fraudulent ‘documentation’, effectively TURNED THEM INTO the very thing that they professed to be “deprogramming” them out of – mind-controlled abuse-cult victim/perpetrators, ‘programmed’ to respond to the cues and ‘triggers’ invented by other patients trapped in similar rabbit holes and taught to them by their doctors!

      There were & are some genuine victims of CIA “mind-control” sponsored unethical experimentation. That is true.

      But there is another community of persons, living all over North America and the UK, who were not victimized by MKUltra experiments but have remarkably similar life stories to what family members of CIA experimentation have described happening to their loved ones.
      These persons were victimized, circa 1980 to the present day, by psychiatrists and other therapists who suspected that many of their patients presenting with depression or eating disorders or other common maladies had actually been subjected to intelligence agency sponsored “mind-control” experimentation in their early life. The victims of these self-appointed psychiatric “detectives” were also subjected to extreme psychiatric drug dosages & regimens over the course of many years, as well as a variety of experimental “therapies” which were not at all like those employed in MKUltra but were nevertheless “experiments” of the therapist’s own devising, unsanctioned by their “professional colleges”, unsafe, and ultimately disasterous to the health and well-being of their patients.
      These mental health therapist “detectives” started out by searching for evidence of prior mind-control experimentation, in their patients’ subconscious, primarily through hypnotherapy, inspired by rumors circulating throughout their professions that “other doctors” had indeed found such evidence. Whether these therapists believed they actually found such evidence, or not, a kind of ‘arms race’ developed among some of them and over time they employed more & more severe drug and hypnosis “therapies”, hoping to be the first in their profession to “uncover the full, hidden, truth” about their professions’ alleged involvement in ritual abuse and mind control experiments. Concern for patient’s care and well being got subsumed to this totally unprofessional “quest for truth”, that their patients became guinea pig for, and some patients ended up permanent psychiatric “basket cases”, incapable of distinguishing genuine memories about their life history from “ritual abuse/mind control” life history fantasies that were “deduced” by their doctors and then recorded in their case histories as supposed fact. Colin Ross, who ironically wrote the book “the CIA doctors”, was one of the worst of these psycho-detectives. Several of his patient’s lives were utterly destroyed by his “truther treatments”, and there remains no documentary evidence that any of those persons really were used in CIA experiments.


      • And thank Goddess that Ella’s kids were rescued by the child welfare & Justice systems before Christie could completely brainwash THEM into implacable belief that they really were guilty of all the nonsense he accused them of!
        I think that’s really what the Hoaxers are so pissed about. Ella’s kids were rescued, and thereby prevented from being ‘turned into’ the psychotic little satanic abuse cultists that the Hoaxers so desperately WANT them to be. They won’t get to ‘own’ and control a pair of demonic juvenile rapist-murder cultists. Awwww!

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  7. Can I hear a “BOO-HOO” for poor old apartheid-supporting white supremacist Melani Vermay? Hello? Anyone?


      • A feller called Oba ben Yachanon. He’s really pounding away at her mates in a debate about the demise of apartheid.

        By the way, you still haven’t answered – what Melanie Shaw posts?


    • Mel doesnt miss an opportunity to promote her malignant dross does she?If she spent less effort virtue signalling from her paltic thone and had an iota of sincerity about her peoples suffering she would be out there helping them.

      Then again the`ve probably been through enough as it is and that would most likely finish them off.

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  8. An excellent post, thank you!

    The more I read about this case the more it seems evident that all of these people are linked in some way and have been for some time. I’m deeply disgusted by the level of planning of such a sick and dishonest story that has caused so much distress to so many and cannot comprehend the various and nefarious motivations or the lack of redress.
    The post did prompt a couple of questions from me which may be worth considering. Did McNeil and McKenzie know Christie before? Did they introduce the pair? And for goodness sake, why haven’t Christie and Draper been arrested?

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    • ….The answer to your last question is that they’ve buggered off out the country! And a big question hangs over the reasons why many of the main players weren’t banged up years ago.

      At the heart of this is a relatively small group of crooks and con-artists that can be traced right back to 1980s London, possibly even before then. – As part of the criminal community it’s likely that yes, there’s a good possibility McKenzie at least would have known him….. Think of it as a small specialised industry where everyone at least ‘knows of’ everyone else.

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      • Thank you, yes, that helps make sense of it all. I vaguely remember reading somewhere here that AC was in jail with Shayler who had been hiding out at the Highgate hub.


    • We don’t know for certain that McKenzie and/or McNeill introduced Abe to Ella, though it’s a tantalising possibility. But whether that was the case or not, the fact that they could plan out such a disgusting story is horrifying enough.


      • Thank you EC: I agree. I just wish that those who planned and orchestrated this (rather than those who are swept up or inspired by this) were being dealt with more robustly. Your posts are really important to help focus on this.


    • Princess Ved is going to re-fight the Battle of the Khyber Pass. She’s appalled that the British have manipulated events within Asia even though it means she’s been able to errr..live in England because of it. Then she will deport herself.

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    • I think you are wrong to question Princess Ved’s investigations. She’s an Ambassador for the Galactic Federation and can spot the slightest flaw in human cloning. Earlier she busted this lot as clever fakes who regularly fool the public at Royal events. I was taken in by them.


    • As an award winning Young Hackette of The Year she’s right up on today’s modern hackery speech and shows it by using the term ‘Trigger Warning’ which should accompany every video she does (for the sake of her 7 viewers who are not from Hoaxtead who are all RD so that’s 8 in total)

      Eshatologists? Are they experts in Escargot?

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