Mel Ve’s numbers game

Mel Ve, the ruddy-toned conspiritainment huckster behind the Conscious Consumer Network, has shown herself to be just a tiny bit thin-skinned. A few weeks ago we revealed that CCN, which Mel touts as “honest journalism” (leading us to wonder whether she understands the meaning of either of those words), charges its broadcasters a healthy fee to spew their bilge into the world.

On her CCN website, Mel says:

A new international media network has been created which begins the process of bridging the gap between the Alternative Media and the Main Stream, whilst creating a whole new paradigm of truth driven, innovative and interactive media.

And in the promotional literature our mole received when they enquired about setting up a webcast with CCN, Mel emphasised her “hatered” of “DELIBERATE DISINFORMATIONISTS”:

CCN contract 5 2016-08-15

So imagine our shock and horror when we discovered that Mel’s “TRUTH & SOLUTIONS based media” has been engaging in a bit of jiggery-pokery with regard to the number of likes and dislikes its broadcasts receive on YouTube.

Check out those thumbs-downs in the lower left corner. Now you see them…

…and now you don’t!

Those nasty thumbs-downs have disappeared, leaving behind only the rather tragic viewing numbers. Next thing we know, Mel will start watching her clients’ drivel herself, just to bump those views up a couple of notches.

After all, the client is always right. And even when they’re not, they’re paying the rent.

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  1. I’m surprised she’s not pulled the old stunt of buying views/likes. – Mind you, that would require investment. As she and Big Ears never even invested the time of effort to learn the basics of lighting, sound, narrative flow, format etc. this is hardly surprising. Her ‘efforts’ are TRULY pathetic, and I can only assume they’re part of some sort of ‘tax credits’/benefits type scam.

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      • Well, even the old snake-oil sellers of the wild west invested in a fancy painted wagon, a colourful side-show stage, bright lights, some fancy-looking product and someone who looked the part and could run the con convincingly…..

        Mel and Big Ears have the equivalent of a rusty wheelbarrow filled with some old lemonade bottles they dug up and a sinister looking clockwork monkey wallowing amidst a pile of old junk.

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  2. When you consider that Youtube as an outlet has produced some amazing talent, some who have gone into achieve extraordinary success this phony “network” CCN /CON is a complete joke and amateurish affair.
    There are kids who produce more inventive and professional looking videos than this bunch of truthers / liars
    It’s even more insulting when all the information and technical help you need is available mainly for free on the internet.
    Thousands of people have put up videos of their dog and got 100 times the views that a CCN “now live” 2 hours of bilge has received.

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  3. “CCN does not tolerate deliberate disinformationists”.Unless of course its Queen Tomato face or her sleeping partner in crime Bigears doing the blatent disinformationalism to con both of their subscribers and Angie.

    No doubt Mel is hoping some proper media outlet will offer to buy them out for a few million euro on the back of their capturing the world alternative new age(aka lunatic) audience.It aint gonna happen no matter how many delusions they stack upon delusions.

    A far more realistic business model would be to stick a red light in their window and hope to entice the odd drunk passers by to join Bigears in his pit.Save a fortune on leccy too.

    It will all end in tears thats for sure.

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  4. I know I have a pretty bad case of word blindness that seems to be getting worse with age (and to think I get occasional work as a sub-editor !) but after leaving a piece and then later reviewing it I can spot my howlers (one in my first post) and correct (although it seems you can’t on WordPress) but Mel Ve’s statement of “principals” (homage to hypocrisy) is riddled with corkers.
    The “dislikes” on APD’s 2 hours of terminal boredom are the entire population of Oldcastle. Image being cornered by her in a supermarket. I bet they flee at the sight of her.

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    • I think we all have a bit of word-blindness from time to time, but I had to laugh, as this was from a form letter she sent to our mole (after being asked twice to clarify her terms for ‘new broadcasters’ on her alleged network). It was in PDF form…so I’d have thought she’d have taken the time to edit it, or have it edited, before sending it out.


    • I’m still waiting for Tracey Morris to reveal where Shergar is. Couldn’t she pin Gerry Adams arms behind his back and get him to confess that the nag was kidnapped by the IRA?


  5. What a fraud Mel Ve is. I clicked on her “please watch CCN live broadcast now” link and it’s just an advert on a loop with the usual plea for donations.

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  6. Hire a triad of paramilitary gangbusters today.Rates reasonable,terms absolutely fecking shoite.
    Large brown envelopes accepted by Mel and Biggi(if he is up yet).

    Smuggled here at great risk via the MK`s Devils underground tunnel network.

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  7. She’s live now on CCN saying how Jake got 3 hours to spend at home, in her words he “thrust a bunch of flowers in his mother’s face and then went on his laptop for 3 hours”…the lad is not going to change, when he’s out he’ll be back to his usual conspiracy shenanigans.

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        • Yes, in Ireland the rules are as follows:

          If a person dies without having made a will or if the will is invalid for whatever reason, that person is said to have died “intestate”. If there is a valid will, but part of it is invalid then that part is dealt with as if there was an intestacy. The rules for division of property on intestacy are as follows:

          If the deceased is survived by

          spouse/civil partner but no children – spouse/civil partner gets entire estate
          spouse/civil partner and children – spouse/civil partner gets two-thirds, one-third is divided equally between children (if a child has already died his/her children take a share)
          parents, no spouse/civil partner or children – divided equally or entirely to one parent if only one survives.
          children, no spouse/civil partner – divided equally between children (as above)
          brothers and sisters only – shared equally, the children of a deceased brother or sister take the share
          nieces and nephews only – divided equally between those surviving
          other relatives – divided equally between nearest equal relationship
          no relatives – the state

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          • Yep so that means that Angela’s dead sister Fiona (I think) having had no spouse/partner/children would leave any money/inheritance to her parents, Angela’s Mum and Dad who are both alive and Angela would receive ZERO.


  8. Whats going on with Angie’s channel? Is that the sound god? Hugely reverberated voice. Only 3 people watching and she’s only gone and got god on the show!

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  9. The people who give her money on GoFundMe must be mad, she’s just said she went out today and bought marijuana as she’s depressed and doesn’t want to take medication so went and asked for “medicinal marijuana” instead. Jeez…


    • Because giving money to drug barons who sell poison to kids and groom/kidnap/murder youngsters around the World is exactly what a self-professed anti-child abuse campaigner should be doing 😮


  10. Listening to APD’s conversation with Jake tonight (at least, the bits I could make out) proved to me that whatever treatment he’s receiving is not working in the slightest. From what I could make out, he was babbling on about numerology as usual. Nothing’s changed..


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