It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Tracey Morris?

You have to hand it to Tracey Morris. She and the truth haven’t been on speaking terms in years, but she can certainly spin an amusing yarn. For example, have you heard the one about how Tracey singlehandedly sprung Sabine from Colindale Police Station, where she’d been taken following her arrest in August 2015? It’s a corker!

Our kind friends at McKenzie’s Devils have given us this video synopsis:

The gist of it is that Tracey got the scoop on the entire world, as she just so happens to know a not-at-all-crazy person named Conrad Hendricks, who hails from Swindon, who just so happened to have faxed Tracey a handwritten affidavit attesting that he’d not only dug up the videos of RD’s children on the ‘dark web’, but had attempted multiple times to post them on his Facebook page.

According to Tracey and the not-even-a-little-bit-mad Mr Hendricks, all of this occurred on or about 14 November 2014, more than two months before Sabine was alleged to have released the videos to Veterans Today and TheTapBlog.

Uncharacteristically, Facebook not only deleted the posts on poor Mr Hendricks, but they deleted his entire account…multiple times! [Wow, they must have altered their Community Guidelines since then! –Ed.]

Well anyway, where were we? Oh, yes.

So poor Sabine gets arrested, but Tracey, super-heroine that she is, shouts to her, “Don’t worry, Sabine, I’ll save you!” and rushes off to Belinda’s house to get Mr Hendricks’ fax. She catches up with Sabine’s support posse (John ‘SmilesAndChuckles’ Banks, Kevin ThickAsShite Weaver, Frances Inglis, Ray ‘Put Aside Our Indifferences’ Shaw, and Belinda ‘IamNotaCrook’ McKenzie) outside the police station. Kevin is busy haranguing a cop at the counter, but Tracey squeezes a few words in edgewise—”Tracey Morris, McKenzie friend”—before Kevin starts running off at the mouth again.

Tracey manages to push herself in front of the nearest video camera, where she reads the entire contents of the fax, which sounds like this: “I found some videos and I put them on Facebook but Facebook took them down so I put them up but Facebook took them down so I put them up but Facebook took them down”, for about five minutes straight. It ends with something about how Mr Hendricks’ mummy always told him to be nice and so he is, period, the end, amen. Tracey Morris-affidavit-Conrad Hendricks 2016-10-06 at 9.57.28 AM.png

Sadly, Tracey overlooked a couple of critical facts: a police station is not a court, so all the ‘evidence’ in the world is not going to help Sabine at this point; and Sabine wasn’t being charged with releasing the kids’ videos at this time. She was being charged with witness intimidation, a charge that would come to trial a year later.

So Mr Hendricks’ finely crafted affidavit, whether it came from the pen of a complete nutter or not, was of absolutely no use, and had no bearing on Sabine’s release when it eventually happened.

However, something about that date—14 November 2014—struck us as odd. It’s interesting that on that date, Sabine uploaded Ella’s “witness statement” to her Dropbox, from whence it would eventually be leaked to Veterans Today and TheTapBlog.

Probably just one of those weird coincidences, right?

But as we’ve said before, we have reason to believe that Hoaxtead wasn’t just a random ‘perfect storm’ of a vindictive woman, a cannabis- and sodomy-obsessed man, and two bright children who were tortured into doing their bidding.

We have long believed that planning, organisation, and forethought went into this thing.

And while we think Tracey’s claims of having rescued Sabine from the cop shop are laughable, we now wonder: is it possible that Mr Hendricks stumbled across something online that wasn’t intended for public consumption…yet?

We’ll probably never know for sure, but it’s an interesting thought. And now if you’ll excuse us, we have an appointment down the nearest rabbit-hole.


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  1. This drove me nuts at the time of the ‘Angie a no-show at child abuse rally’ post…

    …I was convinced I’d seen the bloke in the beige jacket before but couldn’t recall his name or which video I’d seen him in. I searched for hours to no avail. Now, thanks to the MKD video, I’ve spotted the bugger (see the pic on the right – is that John Banks, EC?). I’d value people’s thoughts on whether it looks like the same guy:

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    • Oh, I see what you mean, yes. But I’m pretty sure the man in the beige jacket isn’t John; he looks too young and relatively fresh-faced. During the July trial, we were hearing John referred to as ‘Scarface’; I’d put him in his mid-50s at the very least. To me, Beige Jacket looks like he’s in his 30s or early 40s.


    • I’d have said it was the same guy…. ‘Jacket man’ just looks to me as though he had a recent haircut and shaved that morning. The picture’s less-badly colour balanced and exposed too which makes him look a little healthier.


  2. She’s well on the ball this Tracey. I watched that video of lunacy with Tracey outside Colindale Police Station and as Sabine isn’t there (yet) she’s ranting that she knew they wouldn’t take her there, obviously to fool this lot.
    A minute later she’s inside the station because Sabine IS there waiting for Veater (?) to stop his interminable lecture on Common Law to the hapless desk sergeant.

    She may well have beaten up some bloke in her front garden but was it Adams? Probably the postman she mistook for him.

    # If you need a driver in Swindon one is available.

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    • I hope he won’t be drug driving, or motoring about with no number plates again.

      Getting pulled over by the police might make it quicker to walk or get the bus, in the wrong direction. Particularly if he goes the full I don’t consent I am a freeman not accepted for value this is not me it is my lawful fiction and I am not on the berth certificate see my Lioness card my house is the Consulate and I am the Cultural Attaché for the Kingdom under Lioness Law and I sent a letter so it’s all legit and are you on your oath?

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      • I’ve decided this Freeman lot have a right to “not consent” (well we can’t control what little there is of their brains) and local communities in charge of infrastructure should judge charge them each time they want to uee facilities ie : footpaths, roads, sewerage and so on.
        Every time they want to flush they should seek permission to use The John and pay the rquired fee in cash (can’t trust their promissory notes.)

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  3. So Angela is back to promoting antisemitic pricks like Kev Baker, I see. Quelle surprise. Seriously, hands up who thought her pretend “I love Jews” drive would last. Anyone?

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  4. MK`s Devils examine Tracey Morris and her vociferous campaign to abuse children with large metal spoons(and T squares).

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    • Bloody hell, she states in her speech that she has “never ever committed a single crime ever”! This is the same Tracey Morris who just 4 days ago was boasting about having punched someone through a plate glass door, right?

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  5. Kristie Poop appears to have changed the password on her sooper seekrit blog post:

    However, thanks to a certain big-mouthed “friend” of hers, here it is in full (minus the screenshots). I’ve no idea why it’s so secret, as it doesn’t differ wildly from the open post which preceded it! Either way, it will annoy the hell out of her to see that I’ve shared it (and I will get no pleasure from that whatsoever, of course)…

    “My name is Kris Costa, I am a friend of **** *****’s on Facebook. I am the author of this blog and am currently researching, as was ****, two children’s claims of sexual abuse at their school. This case has been termed the ‘Hampstead Cover-up’ by the mother of the two whistleblower children. Testimonies by these children were recorded by Special Police Sergeant Jean Clement Yahirou. Audio testimonies called , ‘The Jean-Clement Recordings’ The transcripts for this audio is here.

    Jean Clement reported this to Scotland Yard directly as the children had explained that some of the police officers from their local police station were involved in the crimes.

    The next morning at 8 am he was visited by three police officers from DI Cannon’s team who listened to audio of the original testimonies and the 3 hour recording of the previous evening. They seized the laptop and mobile phone containing the incriminating evidence, which were placed by D.C.Rogers in a secure police storage unit in Chingford and were not made available to investigating officers. This is concealed evidence and was never properly investigated, this is a cover-up.

    When these testimonies were anonymously released on the internet by the mother’s McKenzie Friend, millions of people viewed this information. Those of us who felt compelled to act on the children’s behalf have been horrifically intimidated, blackmailed, arrested and now, apparently we are also being sectioned for standing up for this abuse against children.

    I want to take a moment to share some of the intimidation I have witnessed and recorded towards **** *****. He has every reason to be fearful for his life, yet he continued bravely, lovingly and intelligently researching along side us.

    One of the main profiles intimidating **** is called ‘James Hind’ who runs a blog called ‘Satanic Views’. James was also the author of a list of, what he termed, ‘Satan Hunters’, called ‘List 616’ **** ***** was on this list just as I was until the blog was removed for harassment. The person behind this profile is really Julian Vayne and runs another blog called ‘The Blog of Baphomet’.

    Here is just a sample of some of the intimidation **** ***** has received recently…

    Satanists erroneously believe **** runs a Facebook page, ‘Anonymous #Opampstead’

    Sorry this is so blurry….screen shot of a screen shot.

    Here is a list of articles regarding **** on our opponents web-site Hoaxtead Research.

    Here is a video made about **** by our opponents, the horror video makers ‘MK Ultra 666’

    **** is NOT the only activist/campaigner/researcher to be harassed like this, we all are and it is pure insanity. Insanity of our abusive opponents, the cult, the satanists, those the children accuse of horrific crimes against them and many others. It is a crime NOT to stand up to these people, I BELIEVE THE CHILDREN and I love you **** *****, my brave friend.


    PS: kudos to James Hind, who has been doing such an excellent job of ruffling Kristie Poop’s feathers. 😀

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