Mel’s Magic Moneymaking Machine

A few of us were lounging about Hoaxtead Research HQ the other day (down the pub, the table in back, last one in buys the first round), discussing Angela Fag-Ash Disney’s mercurial rise to fame and glory via Mel Ve’s amazingly successful Conscious Consumer Network.

Haha, just joking.

We were actually wondering how hard up Mel must be for broadcasters, to bring a scamming, scheming has-been like Angie on board. We wondered: what hoops had Angie had to jump through to get her coveted Monday evening show?

One of our team members had the brilliant idea of going straight to the horse’s mouth, so to speak. He sent an email asking Mel to send us the CCN info pack, and after a bit of dithering on Mel’s part, it finally arrived in our email in-box.

Like kids at Christmas, we tore the wrapping off…and we were not disappointed.

Here’s what we found:

CCN contract 1 2016-08-15In florid, typo- and spelling error-ridden text, Mel spells it out: in her quest to create a “FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA, which is totally uncontrolled by the Government”, she has decreed that CCN will be “free from advertising and corporate sponsorship”.

More on this in a bit.

Incidentally, “[t]his agreement does not bind one into any contracts of any nature, not in this dimension, nor in any other“. Phew. We were worried about those 87th-dimension contractual obligations; we’ve heard they’re killers. And don’t you just hate it when you’re bound in one dimension and not another?

Also, if this contract isn’t binding, in the dimension or dimensions of your choice, what is the point of signing it? Does this mean that once the contract is signed, the broadcaster has no further obligation to CCN?

Or perhaps it’s simply CCN’s way of saying, “Go ahead and sign this, and then see how many of our obligations we fulfill. Hahahahaha!”

You be the judge.

CCN contract 2 2016-08-15Mel certainly does feel strongly about this FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA thing: she repeats it multiple times throughout the “Consentual Operating Format”.

We had a bit of a chuckle at Mel’s insistence that “those using the network, agree to be accountable for the material they produce, by ensuring due diligence is done in preparation for all broadcasts”.

Let’s pause on that thought. Hands up, everyone who thinks Angie even knows what ‘due diligence’ is? If it involves making shit up, throwing about wild and unsubstantiated claims about herself and others, and sharing gossip in the guise of ‘truth’, she’s nailed it though.

CCN contract 3 2016-08-15“[W]e rely on all broadcasters to act with INTEGRITY, by being RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE“…oh, stop! You’re killing us here! We wonder: does Mel actually know what those words mean? Does Angie?

We could spend all day going through this thing, but we’ll spare you and skip rapidly along to item 9: “Content Context”.

CCN contract 4 2016-08-15We were caught by the idea that not “just any person or subject will be allowed onto the network”. Oh, well then. Good to know that Angie isn’t just anyone. We’re sure she’s tickled pink about this.

In the following bit, Mel spells out what CCN is meant to be about:CCN contract 5 2016-08-15Since they don’t tolerate the “incitement of HATERED (sic), FORCE / VIOLENCE, BIGOTRY, RACISM, SEPARATSIM (sic) or the promotion of CULTISM in any shape or form”, we’re sure they’ll be ditching Angie at the first opportunity. After all, if anyone promotes ‘HATERED’, it’s Angie: just check out her venomous diatribes against RD or this blog some time.

We won’t even get into Angie’s role as a “DELIBERATE DISINFORMATIONIST”: she’s knowingly promoting a hoax that’s about as full of disinformation as it’s possible to get.

And we confess we are a bit puzzled about Mel’s position here: after all, in the past few years she’s joined up with practically every troofer scam going: OPPT, the SwissIndo scam, fraud artist Kevin Annett and his fake ITCCS, not to mention the fraudulent ‘SRA survivor’ Toos Nijenhuis…the list goes on.

So “disinformation” hardly seems like a major issue to her.

Just the other day, Mel made the strange allegation that this blog had accused her of helping to have Canadian ‘freeman of the land’ nutter and criminal Dean Clifford sent to prison. Pretty sure we didn’t do that, but if we’d known the opportunity was there, we’d have leapt at it.

Meanwhile, though Mel has reiterated her full support for Clifford:

So…CCN really seems to have no trouble at all with disseminating mis- and disinformation. In fact, it’s a bit of a speciality for them.

Which brings us back to Angie.

If we were feeling cynical, we might be inclined to suspect that Mel had latched onto Angela in a desperate attempt to boost her network’s visibility through Angie’s presumed connection to Rupert and his American audience. How was she to know that Angela’s viewing stats would be so dismally low?

But Angie’s viewing rates really don’t matter, because…

But never mind, because here’s the punchline: on the very last page of the CCN “Consentual Operating Format” document, we find this:

CCN contract 6 2016-08-15Yep. Angela is coughing up a grand total of €200 per month for the honour of appearing on Mel’s so-called ‘network’. And so is every other broadcaster in Mel Ve’s CCN stable.

We’ll just let you digest that for a moment.

Putting aside the fact that Angela has no known source of income that we’re aware of, we’re very interested in the fact that Mel is pulling in €200 per month per CCN broadcaster…for a platform which our broadcast friends tell us is so far below ‘rudimentary’ as to be barely worthy of contempt.

As for Mel’s claim that CCN is “free from advertising and corporate sponsorship”…if that’s the case, we’re wondering why viewers are offered the option to skip paid adverts on CCN’s videos?

We think Mel might be telling porkies here: we’ve seen many, many ads on CCN.

And then there are the incessant requests for funding…as though CCN weren’t already raking in €2,400 per year from each sucker…er, broadcaster who signs their (non-binding in any known or unknown dimension) contract.

What do they receive for this not-insignificant sum? Why, they get to be part of a network! And they get to set Mel’s imprimatur upon their work, which will totally make people respect them more and watch their videos! And…well, that’s all, really.

Angie’s last show, for example, netted at least 11 viewers, 8 of whom were supporters of this blog. But just think what her viewing stats might have been without that all-important CCN stamp of approval!

Another source of cash

While we’re on the topic of CCN’s funding sources, we should mention that McKenzies Devils has pointed out that while she was setting the thing up, Mel received donations from sources that had previously been supporting Kevin Annett, before he and Alfred Lambremont Webre had their little tiff and Annett started tossing his toys out of the pram:

And yet…

Oh, and did we mention that CCN publishes its videos under the ‘Non-profit Activism’ category on YouTube? We’re sure that’s just Mel’s idea of a little joke.

One last question: we wonder how much of her company’s income Mel reports to the government when tax time rolls around? Not that we suspect she’d ever stoop so low as to become a tax evader. Just a question, that’s all.

In any case, we must thank Mel for sending us her ‘Consentual Operating Format’ document. It kept us entertained for hours, and gave us a great deal to ponder.


p.s. Just yesterday morning, our team member received a followup email from Mel: “HI Xxxxx, I sent through the COF on another thread. Please let me know if you have recieved it. Otherwise I can send it via Skype. My Skype ID is: ccncreativedirector. Add me on Skype and lets have a chat, if you have any further enquiries. Mel xx”

Sorry, Mel. You’ll have to chalk this one up as ‘the one that got away’.

Mel Ve CCN

131 thoughts on “Mel’s Magic Moneymaking Machine

  1. I don’t believe for a minute that anyone is paying Mel….. She’s desperate for material. I’d say there is a wee bit of ‘bait and switch’ going on here. i.e. she’ll quickly waive fees for those that bleat; but hopes to hit paydirt in the form of someone dumb and desperate enough to buy ‘airtime’.

    Think about it… What she’s doing doesn’t cost anything really. There is no ‘studio’ no real server-level equipment. She’s not spending money researching; I doubt if she licenses anything. She’s not producing anything beyond amateur camcorder level rubbish. – It’s just an online begging bowl.

    Seriously, if she was taking 2400 Euro a month from every contributor, she wouldn’t be struggling to raise the relatively trivial amounts she begs for.

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    • Oh, I don’t think anyone is scamming Mel at all. I think she knows exactly what she’s up to. As you say, if she’s taking that much from each contributor, she doesn’t need more…but has that ever stopped a scam artist from trying?

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      • It just smacks of desperation…… Let’s put it this way, professional producers expect to get paid for their content, not the other way around. Although there is a ‘pay to play’ model with some American SW stations. But Sam’s right; this is just a silly YouTube channel……. Maybe she imagines she’s offering some form of ‘vanity publishing’ for online media? But even a vanity publisher actually has a printing press and will send you a box of books. Really, Mel’s got nothing.

        Does anyone know if the Dutch system offers some form of ‘tax credit’ arrangement such that by being ‘self-employed’ she’ll get a handout even if she’s not making money? Less onerous than signing on I guess!

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        • I think the vanity publisher analogy is apt—except that, as you say, even vanity-published authors get a box of books for their money.


          • To be fair to “vanity” publisher I have 2 friends that went via the Unbound route and ‘crowd sourced” the funds to publish their book and both books were eventually picked up by Penguin.
            But they are well known in their fields but still didn’t make a heap of money but there were numerous side benefits.

            I also met “action thriller” author Matthew Reilly when he self published his first book & and a friendly book store were kindly allowing him to promote it there-now he sells millions of books and is regularly on the NYT’s best seller list.

            Ergo – CNN & Mel VD and her stable of Radio & Video Stars will certainly be picked up by the Fox Network and perhaps NBC.

            Excuse me for a sec..knock on the door…couple of chaps in white coats are insisting I take my meds NOW.

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          • Sam, I’d distinguish between vanity publishing companies and self-publishing, which sounds like what you’re describing. Some authors who’ve started by self-publishing have done very well indeed—the American writer Pat Conroy (who wrote Prince of Tides) began by self-publishing, as did John Grisham and many others. Self-publishing involves not only writing and editing, but also arranging for printing, cover artwork, binding, and so forth; and then, once the book is ready, the self-published author is responsible for promotion and actually selling copies.

            It’s a huge amount of work, and most would-be authors aren’t really up for it, which is why most will try to have a publisher pick up their work, and do all the editing/printing/promoting stuff. However, for those who have a quality product, and who are willing to put in the elbow-grease, self-publishing can be a good way to go.

            Vanity publishers, by contrast, are companies that promise to do all that hard work for you…for a fee. The problem is that vanity presses are known in the business for generally producing shoddy, unedited work on inferior paper stock; and when it comes to promotion, no reviewers will even look at books published by vanity presses, as they know the content is likely to be utter bilge. Unedited, rambling, poorly written, and generally shoddy.

            Options like Unbound are more like self-publishing, as the writer is responsible for all that I’ve mentioned above, as well as for crowd-sourcing the funds to do it. I’ve read a couple of very good books whose authors used that format, and I think it’s becoming a very viable route.

            So…of all of the above, I’d put Mel Ve and Angie firmly into the ‘vanity press’ category. Angie is allergic to work, and Mel is quite willing to accept money to produce shite.

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  2. I don’t get all this. Isn’t it just a Jootube channel (owned by the Cabal according to top CNN investigative Journalist Angela Power-Tool) ? What’s all this “network” talk from Mel VD?
    I know you can pause and rewind “live broadcasts” not that I know how to. It’s all too technical for the likes of me.

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  3. Let me get this straight. You pay to be on CCN? Why didn’t I think of this?
    You gather all those desperate for narcissistic supply and BAM! A few thousand euros in the bank!
    I am so behind the economic times.

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  4. Radio bullshit.

    Our viewers,last count eleven
    CCN be thy name
    Thy nice lump sum
    That will be spent
    On fake tan as it was on tripod
    Give us this day our daily wedge
    And fund all our ignorant arses
    As we refuse to discuss anything said against us
    And lead us not into liquidation
    But deliver us some pasta
    For cash is our purpose
    Paypal accepted
    For ever and ever

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      • Agree EC.I am not sure the precise definition of “business” but I am lead to believe authorities like trading standard and Mr Taxman have definitions requiring a bit more than a sandpit and a begging bowl.
        She should stop being such a meddling nosey parker and mind her own er sandpit.

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  5. It’s reassuring to see that Mel found time to write that she “doesn’t tolerate incitement of racial hatred” in between her rants about how apartheid was the best thing since sliced bread and why black and white people should not be allowed to use the same parks or post office queues.

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  6. I suddenly feel really special. Angie’s paying €200 per month for 4 shows, with an average of 6 viewers per show. Ergo, she’s paying €8.33 (or £7.20, or 15 fags) per person per show. £7.20 just for the privilege of having little old me listen to her drone on about “trolls” and how she’s related to Prince Phillip, Beyoncé and Kim Jong-Un. I’m welling up 🙂

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  7. In fairness, that monthly fee doesn’t just pay for a slot on CNN – it also buys you unlimited U-turns from Mel on the Hollie Greig hoax. Now that’s not bad value. Maybe we could pay Mel to change her mind on the Hampstead hoax too.

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  8. I am certain that Angie has limited resources.

    Due to this blog one of her sources of income dried up. That was the income she got from stealing from the charitable cause that she was collecting for.

    She did make small donations to the children’s orphanage each month, That’s now stopped (they are of no use anymore to her).

    Earlier this month I was forwarded the email below (It says everything)

    Angie obviously felt her money was better spent on her “broadcasting” spot with Mel,or sending funds to toyboy Rupert, or spending on her holiday home . All of which are obviously a better cause (to Angie) than those children,

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    • What a Angela is for leaving those children destitute.

      She’s blocked me from her fb page, perhaps someone could ask her why she’s stopped sending them the donations that are still due to them.

      Perhaps David could report her to the Irish Police.

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      • FA – its worse than that, by her not passing on all the money that was donated (through her collections) she actually deprived those children of food on their plate.

        People gave money in good faith believing that it would go to those children NOT towards supporting Angie.

        My understanding of this is that the matter is now in the hands of the Irish Police. I hope that Angie ends up in prison and the other prisoners get to know about what she has done

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        • Yes that’s why someone needs to appeal to her better nature and ask her to forward ALL the money on to the Orphanage.

          Angela originally stated that there were no bank charges for the Orphanage account and then said the bank was deducting such and such a month. Well it can’t be both Angela.

          Angela needs to clear this matter up once and for all.

          Just send them ALL the money COLLECTED, with a bit of added interest Angela and draw a line under this Charity.

          However, JW I’m not sure Angela has a conscience and any better of a character than she shows in these videos.

          It seems it’s Angela 1st………last every time.

          Stop feeding Rupert pasta Angela and buying Weed. Feed those little African children you claimed you care so much about. Those African children need food in their bellies, the 2 Hampstead Children no doubt are eating Chicken n Chips, so don’t worry about them, not that you really do anyway. It’s all YOU, YOU n YOU Angela.

          GIVE those CHILDREN in Africa the f…ing MONEY Angela so they can eat a bit of rice for crying out loud.

          JW. Unfortunately unless Angela has plenty of form, I reckon Prison is unlikely.

          Though with everything else she has been up to, it will all add up.

          That’s if the Police, UK Border, Insurance Scams, DWP etc. all do their jobs properly or someone does the work for them and gives them ALL the information so they don’t have to do any hard work in collating it all together.

          We’ve seen so far they are slow to act it seems.

          Those African children don’t have time Angela.

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          • Hi there all, I’m not on Facebook (I think last time I asked this someone mentioned that the details were there), and the website quoted on that e mail photo above isn’t live – please could someone post a link/details of how to donate to David Chesoli’s charity? It is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but if at first I don’t succeed, I forget!

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          • Sorry, I’m a little confused. From that email, are we saying that Angela has stopped raising money for the orphanage or that she hasn’t passed on the funds she’s already raised? Or both?

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          • Yeah, I was just thinking that unless I’ve got the wrong end of the stick, there’s an important legal distinction between the two. Angela is under no obligation to raise money for or donate to any given cause but she is legally obliged to forward any funds already raised in that cause’s name.

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            • I think you’re right there. While she has no legal obligation to keep raising funds, though, one would think she’d have a moral obligation to follow through…especially given her heart-rending descriptions of the conditions of poverty at the orphanage. If she were truly dedicated to doing this work, she’d have shown her accounting books, and continued funding the charity come hell or high water.


    • Angie is living on benefits/allowances, call it what you will, from the Irish State.

      I’m 99.99% certain of this.

      Angela may have received something from the Sister’s estate, just maybe.

      But you can be sure she has distributed this so she is “entitled” to claim anything Means Tested.

      I’m a bit lost on her and the other property she had.

      Ms Power-Trip said previously she was receiving rental income from a house, though it might just be the house she’s meant to be living in, in Ireland (which she claims the benefits from) that she bought amazingly for $26,000 2 years ago. Was she subletting?

      Angela knows all the scams going, however, she loves splashing the cash in her acting role of Lady of the Manor/Ladies That Lunch, blah de blah…

      I bet she tells anyone she meets in Lanzarote that she is some big shot tv broadcaster, property magnet etc.

      Angela fabricates, embellishes everything about herself.

      Such bs.

      Angela would embellish her CV, except she hasn’t had a proper job for nearly 40 years and that’s if she ever had paid employment in her life.

      Angela and Ben Fellows are Birds of a Feather.

      Both think the World owes them a living and are not willing to go up the ladder step by step.They just want to get to the Top in one fell swoop.

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      • Maybe she gets royalty payments from Good Will Hunting.
        Or does she still have a stash of those Crown Jewels Tsar Nicholas of Russia wanted her to shift.
        Could it be that Angie is actually the missing Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia? I bet no-one’s seen both of them in the same room at the same time.

        If she’s related to Princess Diana maybe she’s on the Civil List. Perhaps she’s having us all on and actually lives in Kensington Palace. Someone remarked that there is a remarkable resemblance between Angie & Camila. Or was it Camila’s horse?

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        • Angies rule number 1. Line own pockets.
          Rule number 2. Line own pockets.
          Rule number 3.Avoid giving a flying fuck about collateral damage to others.

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    • The issue of Angie’s charity scamming is critical, of course.

      But my other question would be: where is she getting the money to pay Mel €200 per month for the honour of having her own ‘show(s)’? This would be an interesting line of enquiry, I think.

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  9. A) “totally uncontrolled by the Government” That’s impossible, laws exist.
    B) I’m thinking of deleting my wordpress account due to not using it.

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    • i’m been suicidal over the hoaxers figuring out my identity and address for months. I want to sit back and let people with actually good mental health handle this.


      • Don’t be suicidal over those losers.

        Get a few baseball bats and put them by the front door, side door, back door, windows in the property etc.

        Any fool that decides to turn up, extremely highly unlikely, it would have been done before now and anyone with any intention of doing so would just do it. If it’s not happened yet 99.99% it won’t. They’re all mouth, it’s just nonsense.

        If anyone did show you’re going to have to whack them hard with the bat. It’s self defence they were not invited to your door/property.

        Usually an aggressive tone to this type of person helps a great deal.

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      • I’ve already decided that if they show up here I’ll tell them they’re dishonouring me and I’m imposing a 5 million pound lien and their assets will be siezed. All will be filmed and uploaded to You Tube. Thing is though it’s not likely to happen (good!) because there aren’t that many of them left who can be bothered. Strange, how when Belinda drops out of a race, nothing much happens isn’t it.

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        • Very strange indeed. Though she did turn up at the trial last month, distributing sandwiches to the loyalists and tut-tutting over the court allowing ‘Scottish Satanists’ to sit in the public gallery.

          Still, Belinda is very quiet these days. She knows which way the wind is blowing.

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      • Sassy, if you’re depressed to that extent you need to speak to your GP; even if it’s only to record the fact that these issues are impacting upon your health. With that done you need to make the Police aware of your position. God forbid that there are any further physical incidents, but establishing that they’re part of a pattern of behaviour rather than just isolated could be important. – But most of all, your health needs to be protected first.

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      • Sassy, I’m so sorry to hear that these people have affected you in this way. Echoing what JK says below, please don’t keep these feelings to yourself. Thank you for sharing how you are feeling with us, here. That’s a brilliant first step. You are not alone, and you will be able to feel better.

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      • Sassy,if you havent already expressed this to the police you must and keep on until you feel you have some sense of assurance that matters are in hand and being taken seriously.Dont get brushed off and take the matter as high as you need to.
        All things pass.

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      • Sassy, do you mean that they’ve already found out your identity or that you’re worried they might?

        If it’s the former: rest assured that I haven’t seen a single reference to you on any of their Facebook or YouTube pages (sorry, I can’t vouch for Twitter but most of the hoaxers don’t use it much either). Where have you heard this or from whom, may I ask? And why would they target you specifically? You posted a handful of relatively benign comments on here several months ago – I’d be amazed if you’ve even blipped on their radar.

        If it’s the latter: just take sensible precautions, as people above have suggested. Don’t give out your personal details to anybody and don’t engage with anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable. As for their constant threats about tracking us via our IP addresses, be assured that that’s utter crap and they’ve constantly amused us with their monkey-like incompetence over this. They’ve categorically stated that I’m based in just about half the cities in the UK and some abroad too. And they’ve “revealed” that every one of us is based in Westminster at some point but they’re too dumb to realise that this is only because on IP-tracking websites, Westminster comes up as the default location for the UK! XD

        Take care, buddy – and as people have already said, talk to your GP if you have any concerns regarding depression, stress, anxiety etc. 🙂

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      • Sassy, I think it’s a good idea to back off from this, if it’s causing you mental distress. While it’s unlikely that the scammers will come after you, if that’s a concern you need to listen to your gut—especially as you’ve mentioned here before that you have mental health issues. It’s important to look after yourself.

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      • I highly doubt they will come to anybody’s door. That would turn their fantasy world into a reality. They don’t want any further investigation or people checked for tattoos, or any of the other things they claim to want. They want things to remain as they are so they can make accusations over the internet and keep their fantasy alive. They will not risk losing that by coming to your door.

        However, as others have advised you should see your GP if you are having mental health problems. You should also consider expressing your concerns to the police.

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        • I agree, Dave. I’ve seen these nutters in action. Even when they’re in the same room with some of the people they claim are ‘cult members’, they don’t seem to notice them. They live in a fantasy world.


    • Sassy, see your GP and tell people you know how you are feeling. I had a bit of a flap about people possibly turning up at mine. It’s unlikely, but if they do. 999

      I’m not even particularly hiding except behind a pseudonym and they haven’t found me yet. There are others who are even more open. No one has turned up at their door.

      Look after yourself.

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    • That pesky radiation! Just imagine the fun military scientists could have with light. They could make a zombie dance troupe!

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    • It is apparent AA man has had his grey matter interfered with but this will be 100% the consequences of his own doings and sod all to do with any exterior machinations.
      Taking personal responsibilty is too much like hard work and so much easier to light another spliff and gift humanity with futile,paranoid babblings.
      He presumably hasnt clocked the market for half baked bullshit theories was saturated a while back.

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    • Ok….. Here comes the science bit…..

      The relationship between the speed (v) of any wave, the wavelength (λ) and the period (T) or frequency ( f ) is derived from the general principle that speed = distance / time. A wave travels one wavelength in one period or cycle, so wave speed (v) = the wavelength (λ) multiplied by the frequency.

      v = λ f

      i.e. a ‘microwave’ with a wavelength of 0.5 cm and a frequency of of 8Hz ( cycles per second) would move at 4cm/s or 0.04ms (metres per second)… I’ve chosen 8Hz here because it’s a frequency in the ELF/’brainwave’ range.

      The thing is, radio waves like light itself are electromagnetic radiation and travel at the speed of light…. Doesn’t matter what the frequency is, (v) is a constant 299,792,458 m / s So, let’s rework those numbers to take account of this:

      299,792,458 = 8 x ?(λ) OR 299,792,458 / 8 = 37474057.25 – i.e 8Hz ELF waves are over thirty seven and a half thousand kilometres (over 23,000 miles) long!

      Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths ranging from one meter to one millimeter; with frequencies between 300 MHz (Approximately 100 cm) and 300 GHz (0.1 cm). – Nowhere remotely NEAR brainwave frequencies. A microwave transmitting antenna, even if you fed it ELF, would be just about the most inefficient radiator imaginable!

      If you wanted to radiate ELF into the air (it’s almost always used underwater) something like over head power or phone lines would be FAR more efficient ‘transmitters’!

      That is first-year secondary school physics incidentally; not even ‘o’ level…. The most basic of basic stuff. I don’t think I can have much faith in the “author’s research teams” if they can’t fucking do the basic sums involved in schoolchild physics!!!

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      • Thanks, JK—you’re right, I remember learning that in secondary school. Sadly, I don’t think most of our troofer friends got that far. Or if they did, the memories have been erased by years of dope and listening to (science-free) conspiracy theorists.


      • They’re often no more sinister than replacing old, worn-out and obsolete equipment that has been around and in use for 30+ years. If anything the new stuff is safer. Quite apart from the fact they’re usually talking rubbish about things they clearly don’t even know the basics of, they’re highly reliant on this technology to push the nonsense that is such a central pillar of their lives. – I guess they missed English classes too and never learned about Irony.

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    • Never fear Alan.

      That’s why the super secret Sooper Soldier Maggie Thatcher sold off all the Inner City Council estates and allowed the Great Masses to flee to outer London.

      Oh no that can’t be right. By sending them away from the inner cities they are closer to nuclear submarine stations and every time a sailor boils an egg in his microwave oven a sink estate descends into a mass depression.
      Sad to hear Alan lives next door to a Trident base that’s frying his brain. Didn’t know there were any in the city.

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  11. Crikey, 200 Euros, if only there was some sort of free website that let you upload your own videos to your own channel for people to view and subscribe.

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    • There is one called JooTube but it’s now owned by the Rothschild Freemason Satanist family.
      I’m surprised The Cult didn’t invent YawnTube in time for that nice man Jo Goebbels to promote the family organisation. Slogan : “Don’t be stupid, be a smarty, Come and join the Nazi Party.”

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    • Poor Fiona : raped and abused by only terribly famous people including US presidents, Australian Prime Ministers and the parents of Hollywood movie stars. No mere mortals were interested in her.
      Oddly no British, Asian or European PMs. Why not?.
      Aren’t they in The Cult? Doesn’t The Cult run the UK?.
      Some like Walt Disney even reach from beyond the grave to abuse Fiona.

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      • Crystal balls.
        Angie quickly becomes Yvonnes soul sister finding “sooo much in common” and weighsher vulnerabilities.Angie milks and confirms “interesting lady” comment spewing impressive tales and adventures of do and dare against all the odds embellished with royalty and celebrity connections,nomination for Pulitzer etc blah.
        Angie churns out usual glib platitudes regarding any unresolved issues Yvonne may have exposed,offers 24/7 support based on 6 masters councelling degrees..”I am here for you angel” because the lord appeared to her in a dream and higher realms have given her the calling blah de blah de blah and bollox.
        At optimal moment Angie strikes with crocodile tears old chestnut and insists she feels “sooo bad” about burdening new spiritual sister.Yvonne of course reciprocates and asks how she can be help.Angie feigns reluctance but proceeds to pour out sob story to do with her kids or some heart rending tale of woe that is blocking her mission,duty and “work” to heal mankind in these dark unawakened times.
        Then the begging bowl and paypal details emerge from the slime.
        Yvonne either:
        !.Coughs up and Angie promply books flight to Lanzerote and instructs son to nip down to offie and fetch 200 gaspers.
        2. Responds “Pi$$ off bitch I wasnt friggin born yesterday”and gets Angies Facebook deleted(amazingly).
        3.Yvonne announces she is from the Oirish fraud squad and along with some burly colleges promply kicks her door in and slaps her in cuffs.

        We Live in hope 🙂

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      • I agree AF the digital layering and effects are seriously good and for me some of the most unique and creative material out there.The dark and grotesque imagery befits the subject matter and deeply disturbed personalities who have congealed around this despicable,destructive farce.Some hilarious stuff and commentary also chucked into the mix.
        These pieces clearly take some time but very well spent hours it must be said.

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  12. Its interesting that Angie published that post in her public feed.

    She is so desperate for affection or kind words that anyone showing the slightest amount of adoration for her instantly gets approved and posted.

    It does not change the fact that people think of Angie in a very derogatory way. She is a liar, a fantasist. an egotist and most importantly beyond a simple test of decency – she is A CHARITY SCAMMER.

    Now doubt developing the previous skills learnt when ripping off her neighbours within her local housing group. Those skills evolving to stealing from orphans.

    An ugly old bag, both physically and with her lack of morals.

    There Angie – enough of a compliment for you to publish?

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  13. Oh yes, I almost forgot there’s one other thing you get for your money if you sign up to be a CCN “presenter” – you get to turn up to “work” as and when you bloody feel like it. Angela, for instance, started her Monday “show” 12 minutes late two weeks ago, 40 minutes late last week and two hours early this week. No explanation, no apology. And as for her Thursday show, it’s only a Thursday show if she feels like it, of course – this week she didn’t feel like doing Thursday so turned up on Wednesday instead. So roll up, folks – don’t miss the chance to be as shoddy and unprofessional as you like for just 200 Euros a month 🙂

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          • Do I understand correctly that she is offering some sort of free energy device?
            Why would some one with enough talent to create quite saleable looking art start going down the scam route?

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          • this woman colleen says she has been to college for a year studying plasma physics, it looks like she has been on a keshe foundation scam course in which they are trained in this miraculous magrav technology that nobody on the planet understands except mr keshe, she wants to set up workshops where she will show people how to build these magrav power units, problem is she says they are nearly there, in a matter of weeks they will have ironed out all the snags that stop them functioning, this has been going on for about ten years and i think she will find her college course will be never ending

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            • Worse than a waste of time. This kind of thing diverts and distracts people from working on actual viable clean energy sources in a world that so desperately needs them.


          • I don’t like her sculptures, but I won’t deny she has some real talent.

            The Keshe thing is a big scam. She’s probably watching the live YT channel fod her lessons.

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      • she goes on about the keshe foundation which is a scam to do with free energy, this keshe man claims to have invented a magrav generator and has been getting people to buy into it for years, its always weeks away from release, its part scam part cult, mel ve is probably linked to it somewhere.

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