Kane Slater, time for your temper tantrum

Poor, tragic Kane Slater. No matter how loudly he screams, he just can’t seem to get anyone to pay attention to him. He’s been posting the most grisly, grotesque allegations all over his Facebook pages—his personal profile, his Cannabis Cures Cancers page, and his United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May Eat Babies page—but no one seems to give a damn.

This could be partly our fault.

Last spring we began a letter-writing campaign to Facebook, and the social media giant eventually responded by blocking Kane’s posts about the Hampstead SRA hoax…but only in the UK, where they specifically violate a court order.

In fact, as we reported a few months ago, his ‘Theresa May Eat Babies’ page is completely blocked here, a fact which apparently escaped Kane’s notice for nearly half a year.

Not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, our Kane.

Despite the half-arsed response from Facebook, Kane’s Hoaxtead views have slowed to a tiny trickle, as few readers from other countries give a tinker’s about his clearly deranged ramblings.

Eternal vigilance and all that

Some of our team had noticed, though, that Kane has been back at it: not only has he been posting Hoaxtead rubbish on his two visible-in-the-UK Facebook pages, but he tried to branch out to Twitter, where he lasted a glorious few days, and accumulated a massive following of three before having his account suspended:kane-slater-to-twitter-2016-10-04
Yes, Kane, we are 100% certain that the powers that be at Twitter will take this letter extremely seriously.

The two possible complainants Kane mentions—@TheAgenda and @spaikin—refer to a Canadian television news show, The Agenda, and its host Steve Paikin. It seems odd that Kane would invite them to sue him for libel; we can only assume that he accused Mr Paikin of eating babies too, as part of his deluded campaign to make himself famous by pissing off everyone in the known universe.

Meanwhile, the situation on Facebook is looking equally glum for poor Kane. Facebook required a bit of a nudge, but has now blocked another bunch of Kane’s posts. Here’s how his page looked before the purge:


All redactions courtesy of Hoaxtead Research

…and here’s that same page after:

kane-slater-after-fb-wipeThere now, doesn’t that look better?

p.s. Hey Kane, good luck trying to get Ella and Abe interviewed on TV, unless by ‘TV’ you mean ‘Mel Ve’s pathetic YouTube channel’. And since they’re no longer on speaking terms with APD, we’re thinking that’s a long shot.

p.p.s. An hour before this post was published, we happened to glance at Kane’s page again, and noticed that he’s put up yet another loony post, this time about Hilary Clinton. Keep your eye on that post—we’ve already reported it to Facebook, and with luck it won’t last long. You’ll know it’s gone by the long, loud shriek of anguish that will wend its way to us, all the way from Canada. 


36 thoughts on “Kane Slater, time for your temper tantrum

  1. “Apparently CCC has been taken over by a complete lunatic hopefully he will give the page up and create a crazy page for his baby eating bullshit.”

    His words, not mine! This guy is winning tonight!

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    • “Troll 2”, it you haven’t seen it, is like so many other horror and science fiction films, a one hundred percent accurate documentary which the Illuminate forced Hollywood to make in order in an audacious double bluff. It also provided early acting rolls for Angie and her black gloves:

      And Rupert who got to do what he does best:


  2. Just another standard-issue moron. – Obviously sick in the head, possibly requires professional intervention before he hurts himself or someone else. But otherwise unremarkable.

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      • It seems to pop up with near-certainty where these mad people are concerned. – As far as I’m able to observe, this IS what it does to your head.

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      • I used to feel quite liberal about cannabis. I never used it myself, but I knew people who did – one of whom had a schizophrenic episode after smoking it and was sectioned. I had been under the impression that mental health problems like that were the result of rare underlying problems. After following this case I am beginning to think that paranoia is actually a very common effect on users.

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        • Yes—like you, I’d always assumed that this kind of paranoid delusional stuff was a rare effect. The stoner contingent of the Hoaxtead mob isn’t really large enough to use in a scientific study, but it’s certainly suggestive of the need for further research.


        • Personally I’ve lost a number of people who were close to me to cannabis; and by that I mean it’s cost them first their mind and eventually their life. I’ve known dozens head a similar direction – Easterhouse, where I was brought up was, is and I guess always will be awash with the stuff. These effects aren’t at all rare – in fact they’re to be expected. Even the old ‘rock and roll generation’ – you can tell who is/was a stoner and who wasn’t. The latter are the ones living into their 90s, going to dances and rebuilding weird old machines in their sheds. The former? Dead on their feet. Wasted.

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  3. It is almost like the hoaxers are in competition with each other to see who can be the craziest. I just can’t call the winner though.

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