EXCLUSIVE: Rupert’s squandered interview opportunity

Just when we think it’s all been said about Rupert—every facet of his role in the Hampstead SRA hoax explored, every piece of seemingly inexplicable behaviour accounted for—another titbit turns up in our email inbox.

This time it’s a series of screenshots, documenting a September 2016 Facebook conversation between Rupert and an unknown individual. This person, who we’ll call “The Fixer” because we like the sound of it, tried to act as a go-between, arranging a meeting between Rupert and the parents of a child who’d attended Christ Church Primary School.

One would have thought that this would be journalistic gold to Rupert, who claimed to be an “investigative journalist” who wanted to explore all facets of the Hampstead story…and yet, it proved surprisingly difficult to pin him down to a meeting.

It began on 5 September 2016:

Right off the bat, Rupert’s first concern is his own safety.

This is odd, since he testified in his August 2017 trial that by the time he reached London, he was convinced that the Hampstead parents had been falsely accused, and that the real baddies of the piece were the anonymous trolls who, he said, had been harassing him. “Do you have any idea what they’re going to tell me?” Rupert asks.

“The truth”, The Fixer responds.

“Well I hope it is consistent with other findings”. What other findings? Angela’s? Sabine’s?

The offer to meet is repeated, and Rupert hedges, saying he might not have enough money to get from his location “near Dartford” to a meeting spot in London. Rupert waffles back and forth, from seeming enthused about the idea of meeting a real, live parent to suggesting they “just Skype it” instead. Even the prospect of the parents buying him a pint doesn’t seem to quell his nerves. There’s some discussion about tube stops, leading us to wonder whether Rupert’s Google Maps app was broken, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, as he hadn’t been in London all that long at the time.And it’s all arranged. Or…is it?Now that the meeting is in the bag, Rupert seems to be having second thoughts.

He starts churning out lines that sound like he’s watched one too many Jason Bourne films: “If anything happens to me, instructions have been left as to what to do….I’m getting intel that your account is a sock account for the anti-researcher set….You would also have to note that this would be the perfect way to pull me out into the open…I AM ARRANGING SECURITY”.

The Fixer tries to reassure him, but Rupert is in full-fledged paranoia mode now: “Or it’s Hoaxtead people who want me dead”. Dun-dun-DUN….Oh, Rupert’s fine again. Nope, perfectly good, all fine here, no problem…until The Fixer says, “The parents don’t feel safe being around a group of strangers, if you decide to bring people with you could they bring people with them?”

This reasonable request sets Rupert off again. “They can bring whoever they want. If I am aggressed at any point, I go apeshit. And I am armed”. Oh really?

The Fixer tries to talk him down again. No one wants a fight, and Rupert announcing he’s armed and potentially dangerous is hardly the way to get the story he claims to want so badly. Interesting side-note: Rupert admits that he does, in fact, carry a “flip knife” everywhere. However, he claims he’s never hurt anyone. In fact, he’s “super sweet”. How very reassuring. Oh, wait, Rupert is backing away again. Now he’s saying he’s been cautioned that the police operate like this.

Yes, the police are well known for going on Facebook and spending days negotiating with suspects to meet with them. Much more efficient than just going to the person’s house and arresting them. That’s totally a thing, that is. Aaaaand now there’s a train strike. Rupert asks, “Can’t they just pen something?”

One might almost think that the Great American Investigative Journalist really didn’t want to meet with people who could give him the interview that could make or break this story.Rupert demands that the parents come to his location; the parents, getting a little annoyed by this point, respond that they would like a reference…from Rupert’s mother. Surprisingly, he doesn’t even blink, but offers to let the parents call her. No, no, they say. A written note will suffice. Within hours, they have the reference from Mrs Quaintance. It is, how shall we say, underwhelming:

To whom it may concern:

Having known Wilson (Rupert) these 37+ years, I may not have always agreed with him but I have always known him to be honest, trustworthy and caring. I give him my full endorsement in all my endeavors.

Wow.A few days after Rupert’s mother’s reference letter, the Hampstead parents seem to have lost interest in meeting with Rupert.

He texts The Fixer on 12 September, saying he’s “lost family and friends over this whole debacle”, but they make no response. Within another 24 hours, the police would be at his door.

If the meeting with the Hampstead parents had come off, would it have changed the outcome of Rupert’s ill-fated UK visit?

Probably not.

But we think this conversation reveals a great deal about his true intentions in coming here, which had much less to do with “investigative journalism” than with self-puffery and childish game-playing. Hardly surprising that it ended in tears. Not that we’re the type to say, “We told you so”.

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  1. All that chat about kicking doors down and fighting the police but the reality is that when he’s faced with some real people he’s not that courageous!

    And interesting that he said he was armed, given the Facebook knife comments that were read in Court!

    I’m not aware of anyone on here who wants him dead. All I’ve seen are people wanted him in prison or deported.

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    • No, I’ve seen nothing suggesting anyone wanted him dead.

      And yes, fascinating that he admits to carrying the knife. Puts quite a different light on his performance in court.

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      • Judging by the picture shown on this blog a few days ago Rupert was carrying a “lock knife.” The blade on such a knife is opened and shut via a button on the handle. This sort of knife is illegal to carry in the UK. Rupert could have ended up with a four-year sentence if he’d been caught with such a thing on his person. https://www.gov.uk/buying-carrying-knives

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    • And originally didn’t want him even to set foot in the UK!

      I love the way his Mom thinks he is caring!

      Puh! Not seen any evidence of that.

      Rupert is a bit of a coward.

      He had the Golden opportunity to meet some real life Hampstead parents and he blew his chance.

      As for people telling him this that and the other warning him against meeting. I just don’t believe that unless he means the young man he was living with who he didn’t really get on with.

      By this stage he had no support in the UK or in the States it seems.

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      • These people are probably those who thought leaving Barbie doll heads around Hampstead was “Awareness”

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          • I remember that too! It was such a bizarre, psychotic, & pathetic idea!
            But chillingly reminiscent of a report from Edmonton, Canada a few years earlier – about some female psycho who apparently believed that Xmas was really a pagan celebration having something to do with child sacrifice, and had been leaving bits of plastic skeleton body in mailboxes on that city’s “Candy Cane Lane”.

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          • Sabine is such a frigging drama queen with her fake tears blah de blah, Cern CEO blah de blah, Dresden evacuee blah de blah.

            This was going to be her Case D of the Blade, she was going all out to get the attention she so wants but isn’t getting.

            I reckon she should hook up with the guy that wrote the song about her and forget all the nonsense she gets involved with.

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      • Is that the bench where Small Paul Barbara used to sit on his own?

        Maybe they got delivered and he’s taken all the dolls home to play soldiers??

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        • I can just imagine the bemusement of one Mr Andrew Bench who lived nearby Parliament Hill when his letterbox was deluged with dolls covered in nail polish when the posties went- ‘eh, near enuff’


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      • orrr instead of doing freaky disturbing shit, you could, idk, make generalized “stop child abuse” signs, or keep an eye out in your own life for people being abused and step in..
        but no, lets not do anything that’s actually practical or helpful, lets just make a big show of everything and be nice and slanderous and “famous”..

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      • I’ve never tried to send mail to an inanimate object. Possibly you might be able to deliver a parcel to a person sitting on a bench, but I doubt the Royal Mail would effectively leave litter on your behalf.

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      • Sabine is a nasty old cow to even come up with such a thing, what the hell goes on in her head if she thinks like that. The feckin’ oul bit*h.

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      • I’ve read Sabine’s “dolls comment” many times, but each time it hits me again: how completely off your rocker do you have to be to harass and stalk the people of a community with this sort of sick “prank”?

        Somewhere in Sabine’s twisted mind, does she recognise that this is a terrible thing to do? Or does she genuinely think that mailing people bloody-looking dolls is perfectly fine?

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        • Yep, a particularly unpleasant and twisted mind in operation here. I take particular exception to the ‘amuses her’ . What kind of person is amused by such an idea and who does she think she is Queen f’ing Victoria! ‘We are not amused’!

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        • Sabine wanted mainstream publicity. A deluge of broken painted dolls, delivered in the manner she suggested might have hit the newspapers or television in some fashion.

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  2. He said himself, on a video chat with Angie, that she might be “luring him in to have him murdered”.
    Paranoia’s a terrible thing.. maybe he should lay off the dope in future, eh?

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    • Rupert is so full of his own self importance, just like his partner Angela.

      Now people do think they are more than a bloody nuisance and wish they’d f..k off and shut their mouths but murdering him is way over the top.

      Rupert had no friends in Erith apart from the elderly lady who kindly homed him when all his fake fb friends failed him (after they’d met him – no surprise there at all), so consulting his security team! Don’t make me f..king laugh.

      It will be interesting to see how his stint in Wandsworth has changed him…

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      • Be very interesting
        Never been in jail myself but had a friend do time for drugs, He went in a loudmouthed self important little twerp (and thats what his friends thought of him!) but came out a lot more subdued (quite frankly, he was forced to grow up while inside)
        He still does drugs, but in actuality, he is much nicer to be around these days
        Refuses to talk about his time inside, gather it wasnt pleasant
        Apparently self important loudmouths tend to be taught a lesson inside, its not like it was when he was outside and would run away or get his mates to protect him lol

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        • Hasn’t Rupert got to keep quiet on the internet about Hampstead for 5 years after he is released or 5 years from the sentencing date of 30th August 2017?

          I imagine after the shock of being released he will be full of bravado but hopefully that’s all it’ll stay.

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        • I hope you’re right, Steved, and that Rupert will emerge from prison a changed person. I’ve heard that it does make some people grow up; let’s hope it works in his case.


  3. I have a long rambling set of messages with Rupert too, I hadn’t looked at them in a year but was showing someone the other day and they said he came across as an arrogant prick. I released the Angie stuff ages ago but kept Rupert out of it as I felt he had paid enough. I will see how he acts when he goes home.

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    • Yes, it’ll be interesting to see how he behaves once he’s back at home. He will still be under a 5-year publication ban, but who knows whether he’ll observe that when he’s in the USA?


      • I bet he’ll run his mouth within days. He will never be allowed in the UK again so no way will he observe any rules. He will never be able to travel out of the US again with a 9 month sentence. What a fool.

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  4. So thats a couple of times he’s said that he WAS carrying a knife around (note the description too!!!)
    Does this mean he actually committed perjury as well?(would that affect his chances of getting early release?)

    Seems to me rupee couldnt lie straight in bed lol

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    • I don’t believe he said in court that he wasn’t carrying a knife, just that he didn’t threaten that he was carrying one.

      However, I think this argument has been thoroughly debunked now. We’ve all seen the photo of the contents of his pockets en route to Europe and the UK; we’re all aware of what a “biscuit knife” is, and how his friend’s “joke” echoed a particular knife company’s advertising slogan; and now we’ve seen him state that he habitually carries a knife.

      It did occur to us when we received the screenshots of this conversation that the parents who’d been attempting to meet with Rupert must have known about his statement that he “carries a small flip knife with him everywhere”. When they saw his Facebook post on the morning of 5 September 2016, and read the conversation that followed, what must they have thought?

      I know the conclusion I would have drawn, and I’d have been on the phone to the police within seconds if I thought my children were at risk from some fool outside their school carrying a knife.

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      • Too true E.C.,
        He had better think of just how close he came to getting a much longer sentence if they had actually caught him on school grounds carrying a knife and all of these comments and videos had been fully disclosed, I suspect his sentence may have been far greater…

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  5. Not much of a journalist was he. Offered a real scoop on a plate but refused it.
    He could have walked from Bexley to Covent Garden in four hours if he couldn’t afford public transport. I used to do that sort of journey when I was a student. It wasn’t like he had anything else to do. Clearly he was afraid that the bubble of conspiracy fantasy he was floating in would be pricked if reality was allowed in.

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      • Angie- if you didnt light up a fag every two minutes, maybe the ‘clouds’ would disappear….

        (seriously, can you imagine what the inside of any house she’s living in must smell like?)

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        • Sadly, I can. With two parents who were lifelong chain smokers, I know very well how much the lingering smell, not to mention the discolouration of the walls, carpets, etc. made their otherwise nice house almost impossible to sell.


      • Knicker smoke and heaving away ten to the dozen on cheap fags maketh not a healthy carbon footprint.It would be a ntably strange phenomenon if the atmosphere in Oldcastle had a pristine quality with Angie radiating pollutant gases as if there is no tomorrow.

        Angie snapped on a good day recently

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  6. Meanwhile, chez Nathan, last night’s sick Vegas video (his third of the week so far) has met a dastardly fate 😀

    Not doing anything wrong, you say, Nathan? Bollocks. Think again, son. Mind how you go 🙂

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  7. Rupert on the “Return of Kings” website:

    So nice that he is against people making false allegations – and obviously he is a very sweet non violent person.

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  8. If someone told me they were armed, particularly if they had been spewing the kind of immature bs that Rupert was doing in his vids with the nutter from Oldcastle who spoils a beautiful picture with her chemtrails, etc., I would have rung the Police. He was in fact, making veiled threats in those comments & I would not blame the parents for not going to meet him.

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    • I got the impression that the parents had enough of his excuses about which tube station he had to exit blah de blah and got even more annoyed with him, as he was backing out of any meeting.

      They wanted to resolve the situation and he was messing them about.

      It was Rupert that was too frightened to meet them.

      He’s scared of his own shadow.

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      • The blustering coward simply bottled it.When push came to shove Rupert exposed himself for the lilly livered,paranoid,gasbag wimp he is.Sad as he had been in a good position to have done an exposé blowing the hoaxmob out of their cess pits utilizing Angies ill gotten funds productively.Bah.

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  9. I noticed he is only interested in his own safety in these messages and shows a high level of paranoia. Surely as a Journalist he would know how the party willing to meet with him would have received death threats and god knows what kind of harassment. Like Nathan when Mr aardvark called him, he would have expected a barrage of abuse and whatnot, believing as he did he was dealing with a troll. It just isn’t the case.

    As i see on here on a day to day basis, good humour, great research by those who have looked into past satanic panics and brilliant sleuthing skills.

    Surely meeting parents who would be willing to talk could go two ways. To give a perspective on how this has effected his life or perhaps to be beaten up. If its was the latter, surely a good journalist would go into such a meeting willing to take a few knocks, it would surely help to justify how dangerous this so call cult is. So, it would help this so called journalist either way. The hoax gang seem to believe they are targeted beings, so saying he did get a few punches, that helps his and their cause.

    I know of a journalist, Dave who now only works for the BBC reviewing newspapers on Radio 5 and late night BBC news, who produced two of the Cook Reports programs , one on the IRA,another on the Yardies. Now, i know how badly researched the program he did on SRA start to finish and probably for the majority of the programs they did. But, i do miss how journalist would put themselves in the line of fire for a good program or article. But, sadly it seems to be the likes of Reggie Yates who get offended over everything as Dave agrees. Rupert fits that build. He is fine behind a computer, but would have been willing to investigate something to the point of getting a few digs? To not be offended by someone who questions his motives or approach, nah. Not Rupert.

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    • Rupert isn’t the great physical specimen at fighting that he makes himself out to be.

      Anyone that has to tell someone how great they are, just isn’t.

      He probably had that knife in his pocket when I met up with him.

      He’s such a fool.

      Funny though that he wasn’t frightened of meeting Angela and even slept under her roof, whether in her bed, who knows.

      Must be coming up face to face with a man rather than a woman.

      I thought he said he wasn’t afraid of anyone, the Police, blah de blah.

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  10. Tacey Morris’s Stolpman-stylee car monologue:

    htt ps://ww w.facebook. com/tracey.morris.121/videos/1100198770111446


      • LOL!

        Well, nicotine withdrawal’s a hell of a thing. She’s taking it out on Edwina Curry now:

        By the way, don’t you just love it when a “professional prize-winning journalist” says “I cannot remember details”. Woodward & Bernstein eat your hearts out 😀

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        • Yeah there are plenty of Irish accountants Angela you nincompoop! How do you think 80% of the landowners have free medical care —- because they have excellent accountants who find loopholes in the revenue laws.

          Edwina Currie created controversy about eggs, saying, “most of the egg production in this country, sadly, is now affected with Salmonella”, she had to resign following that statement, having caused egg sales to decline by 60%. Another woman who forgot to engage her brain before she opened her mouth. I remember it very well indeed. She was asked to open our childrens’ school fête & there was a huge protest from most of the parents who said they would not attend.

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