The ongoing tribulations of Angie

Poor Angela has been having a rough week. As we predicted a few weeks back (because it seems to happen every bleedin’ time she travels), her computer equipment was stolen from her baggage while she was en route from Lanzarote, and (of course) she lost all the most important stuff, which will (of course) cost a fortune to replace. She’s been reduced to posting her latest Bible-thumping video on Facebook, since she no longer has access to MovieMaker on her laptop.

All together now: “Awwwwwww….”

But that’s not all! As she says repeatedly in the Facebook video (kindly annotated here for us by CCN Exposed), her life is comparable to Job’s, in that he was also treated badly, and he liked to sit down and have a good whinge once in a while. Um….

As one of our regular commenters pointed out yesterday, Angie has completely misinterpreted this ancient text. Mik says, “Job is the most ancient text in the bible (2100-1800 B.C) and teaches humility and that Job can only develop and get on the road to understanding if he is prepared first to acknowledge that he does not understand anything”.

Somehow that doesn’t really sound like Angie, who seems less focussed on opening herself to the possibility of her own primal ignorance, and much more focussed on complaining about problems that she herself created. (We have to admit, though, that this is the first bible reading we’ve ever heard in which the reader expostulates, “Oh, shut the fuck up!” in the middle.)

Remember how Angie told us that despite having signed a contract not to smoke in her rental car, she’d gone ahead and done it anyway? Well, apparently she also banged the car up a bit, and she’s now feeling very put-upon that the rental agency is forcing her to pay for damages. How very dare they.

And then there’s all that “stupid stuff” on Facebook about her and Rupert being agents, if you can imagine it.

As Angie says, “It’s so frustrating when you know something’s not true and even your dear friends are buying it!”

Do tell, Angie? (Actually, don’t. We’ve heard enough of her whinging to last us several lifetimes.)

Things really are bad on the Facebook front, though:

Angela and Sophia

And as we reported yesterday, some Hoaxtead mob stalwarts have abandoned Angela and Rupert; even Angie’s most recent BFF, Stephanie Oostveen, has had it up to her back teeth with Angie and Rupert’s antics:

Stephanie Oostveen-to Angie 2016-09-04Whew. You know things are bad when Stephanie stands up on her hinds legs and tells Angie where to get off.

Sophia Green continues pounding Angie

But bad as she thinks they are now, we have the feeling that things are about to get worse for Angie. We noticed late last night that her new nemesis Sophia Green has been busy again on Jake’s Facebook page, starting to deliver the goods on Angie as promised.

It looks as though Sophia has been saving up for this for some time. Here’s just a tiny sample:

Sophia Green 1 2016-09-04Sophia is using Angela’s own description of herself to tear her down; she delves into Angie’s CCN bio page:Sophia Green 3 2016-09-04Sophia Green 5 2016-09-04Sophia Green 9 2016-09-04Here’s a larger version of that last bit: it’s the part where Angela claims both to not be an actress and to be an actress.

Sophia Green 9a 2016-09-04

100% Pure Unadulterated Angie, all right. We’d recognise it anywhere.

While we can’t help but admire Sophia’s tenacity and determination to bring Angie down, we’re still concerned about her underlying motivation: let’s keep in mind that this is a person who wants to promote the Hampstead SRA hoax, and who is simply going after Angela because she sees her antics as damaging to the cause.

Of course Angela won’t make that distinction; we’re looking forward to the moment when she discovers that Sophia has been using Jake’s page to continue her relentless pummelling. We suggest anyone in the vicinity ought to invest in a good pair of industrial earplugs; you’re going to need it.Tribulations of Angela 2016-09-04


146 thoughts on “The ongoing tribulations of Angie

  1. Fiona Barnett, draws herself in a scene and not what she saw. Ahem, cough cough, rank amateur scamming mistake.

    She drew an underground railway picture, I know that. She actually means there is a thousand or so km secret underground actual physical railway running in tunnels.

    I think only the utterly demented would believe that story based on a crude drawing of a tunnel. Imagine the spoil from that project. It’d build a small mountain. Think of all the fuss for the access and construction sites (multiple) for crossrail and the new super sewer in London. Think of the scale of the channel tunnel build and times by a 100. It’s a good thing this Fiona has such a poor imagination.

    I am sorry, she may have had some terrible experiences, but some of what she says is so utterly ridiculous, obviously so, I can’t believe anyone is sucked in.

    Another thing, it was a primary school experiment, tube and stopper, think syringe that is stopped up and pushing on the plunger, it gets harder and harder to push the plunger. Something similar happens in long tunnels open at the other end. Shockwaves, the lot. So, why not just use a car?

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    • Yes, Fiona Barnett may have had some bad experiences, but for whatever reason she has told so many porkies it’s impossible to believe anything that comes out her mouth.


      • Ah well. The conspiranoid focus has turned and it isn’t nice to be on the receiving end for Angie. Maybe she could strip off and record her genitals to prove she’s not a cult member.

        I’m not buying that Rupert’s mum is clueless about the Finders. I’ve lived in a small town. Weird goings on just spread like wildfire in local gossip. Taking over a Main Street cinema and putting up cryptic messages is hardly going to be missable.

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    • Batshit Crazy Barnett reckons Sydney is full of secret underground railway lines: there is always a kernel of truth in these ratbag’s claims such as-there was a president Nixon and there is a city called Canberra.
      There are some disused train tunnels under Sydney that were never completed for various reasons or built during WW2 (the Japanese launched mini-sub attacks on Sydney during WW2). They are not secret, there are been numerous article & TV docos about them and tours of them can be organised.'s-abandoned-rail-tunnels/5895898

      Fiona Barnett is like some reverse groupie where the 100s of people who abused her all just happen to be famous. I reckon she must have such low self esteem that she has crafted this fame-by-abuse-by-celebrity scenario where even the dead (Walt Disney) abused her before she was born.

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    • are you saying that the tunnel that alexander meadors and kevin annett said that runs from the vatican to the whitehouse dosent exist either? what about the US underground magrail train that snakes throughout the USA and can get from new york to LA in fifteen minutes? i suppose that dosent exist either? you’ve been watching too much mainstream media and their satanic news! you should get your news from random youtube channels instead, wake up!! ps and the earths concave! lord strven christ told me!

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  2. A few things here:

    1. from the media links I still have in Oz, though retired, I still get asked to various events. I have met Bob Hawke’s daughter and grown-up children numerous times and I’m in contact with them (her son is an award winning sculptor).

    I forget to mention on here that I emailed her months ago after Power-Disney’s claim re her and this ‘Landmark’ thingy. She had no idea what i was talking about. Nor had she ever heard of this Power-Disney character.
    # Bob Hawke, now 87 was considered one of the randiest politicians in his day and his affairs, spoken about among the media but never published, were legendary- uniquely they were always with women the same age as him, in social positions were they wouldn’t gossip & he eventually married his biographer.

    2. Fiona Barnett is a categorical liar and a vicious piece of goods. She has NEVER appeared in front of the current Royal Commission, rather she, like any member of the public can do, submitted a written catalogue of her loony claims (including the President Nixon one) which I’m sure made for amusing chats during afternoon tea breaks.
    Barnett seems transfixed on something called the Wood Royal Commission from 1995 and like most of the Loony Troofer set seem to think it was about child abuse. I’ve asked journalist pals who covered it extensively : it was about police corruption and in one instance a bunch of corrupt detectives had taken bribes from a very rich businessman named Phillip Bell who had abused teen boys and they had made evidence disappear.

    Significantly those coppers were jailed and Bell was arrested in South Africa, tried, convicted and died in jail in the 8th year of his 10 yr sentence. But this was just a very small part of the police corruption that involved bent coppers involved in drugs and other serious crimes.

    3. Anthony Kidman did NOT die in “mysterious” circumstances. He had stroke when leaving his Singapore hotel, fell and struck his head badly. he never recovered in hospital. All this was in the coroner’s report and the only “mystery” was in hyperventilating Singapore tabloids.

    4 Sophie Green’s link to that nutcase : he’s an Aboriginal “activist” who other indigenous activists avoid like the plague because of hysterical screeching which is the result of drug/booze binges and he’s been arrested more times for petty damage than you’ve had hot dinners.

    5. As a world seasoned traveler and self proclaimed “journalist” (ha ha) surely Angie does what every other frigging traveler does, especially a writer,- carry their laptop on the plane with them or cloud back-up their work as they go along.

    6, Angie is a fruitcake (but that gives fruitcake a bad name) and it’s inevitable that this mob will fall out with each eventually as they’re fighting over thin air and clutching at imaginary straws.

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  3. The Stephanie Ostveen comments are another classic “told you so” moment. She can whine and moan all she wants about Angie and Rupert but what she can’t say is that she wasn’t warned about them. In fact, as I recall, when we did politely warn her about them, she was rather abusive towards us. Hey ho.

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  4. EC, I see the meltdown has well and truly started. Sophie has said what a large number of people have thought for a long time – well done to her and anyone else who stands up against the likes of Angie, Sabine or Belinda.

    The pond bottom must be getting quite crowded for them and food short.

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  5. Even the most hardened of these people promoting the Hampstead SRA hoax are going to see through the deceptions of Angela Power Disney and Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV, who are working not in the interests of the children, but for other more sinister designs. Angela and Rupert are part of the problem rather than the solution.


    • Her objectives in doing so probably pivot around the hope that there are one or two anti-hoaxers (i.e. victims etc.) who are less rational/stable and will start harassing Jake. By this means she will hope to discredit ALL of those taking a stand against the hoax. – The same tactic has (in my view) been tried before, albeit along a different tack.

      I would strongly advise AGAINST distributing Jake’s personal information. We need to be better than that.

      Similarly, I would float the possibility that ‘Sophie’ is in fact working to unpick the hoaxers from the inside out. To do that is is sometimes necessary to get your hands dirty.

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      • I think it is highly likely that the really unpleasant, boundary crossing, abuse APD sometimes talks about has been generated by herself. She has tried to goad us into saying certain things, but when it doesn’t work she fakes it.

        By the way, who are these aristocrats and high powered people Angie claims to have worked for? She hasn’t exhibited any great skills that would make her employable.

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      • Now that he is out of the game it would be best to leave him alone. If he starts getting mysterious messages he will only become more paranoid.

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  6. Well I never!Its all going down in loony town.
    Angies cunningly crafted deceptions and bullshit grandiosity to promote and elect herself into Grand master arsehole status are rapidly unravelling as her cheap stockings are terminally laddered by the thorny touch of madame Sophist.

    Wonderfully worded by Sam”… it’s inevitable that this mob will fall out with each other eventually as they’re fighting over thin air and clutching at imaginary straws”.

    Angie and Ruperts days at the helm are over after this coup has holed them below the waterline,albeit both will no doubt splinter off (with much gnashing and wailing)and create some niche in the backstreets of begging bowl land.

    Madame Sophist or some hybrid variant emboldened may now step into the vacuum and seek to construct straw towers of new formation from the debris.Of course a futile enterprise but one that could further damage the lives of innocent humans attempting to get from A to B.

    Not sure whats going on at CCN(not convinced they do themselves)but for some reason Mel and Big Ears have yet to update this weeks broadcast schedule.Whether we will be treated to Angies bleatings at 5pm today remains something of a lottery.It would be wise to have both a full bucket of popcorn and in flight turbulence sick bag at the ready as a precaution.

    The patience of Job is definately required for this malarky.

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    • Angela’s rubbish is meant to start at 5pm tonight until 7pm

      and Thursday 7pm until 9pm but who knows she swaps times and days like her lovers.

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      • Thanks FA. Just back from work(some of us have to support these wastrels).I see CCN have now added this weeks shoite guide.
        As you suggest its sometning of an (un)lucky dip when it comes to angies opening hours.Anyway got a bin liner full of popcorn and bucket at the ready just in case πŸ™‚

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        • It’s not too bad if you turn it into a drinking game. But I agree, the edited version is better, as you can listen to it at 1.25 speed. Get through it more quickly.


  7. Angie is not an actress in any film roles but her entire life is one big act, just like her concern for these children and Jake. I wish they would stop describing themselves as a “truther” movement when in fat they are a “theorist” movement. And when the theories don’t stand up they are a lying bunch of scammers movement.

    Rupert probably thinks he is being tough by filming himself at the school. It does not take courage to stand at a primary school when he knows fine there is no cult. He is just further making himself look like an asshole and a childish idiot. Rupert was also very childish in the video filmed outside the police station in support of Sabine. He flops into shot behind Neelu, Angela…etc like one of those kids that makes faces at other kids while hiding behind their parents. A real sad case.

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        • Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV. A man nearing his 40’s. He is incapable of running his own business, and who is going to employ him now in any meaningful way? Six months ago Quaintance had a relatively clean internet reputation, now it is utterly shit, which will put off potential mates and employers. He cannot think beyond the few inches of his dick, and is blind to the dead end hole he has dug himself.


  8. Is ‘she’ a man? Just wondering. ‘Disney’ – isn’t there something associated with that name which is odd? Something vaguely lurks in the back of my mind – although not sure what.


  9. She’s accusing Ricky Gervais and George Michael of being involved in “the cult” now! And they CAN afford to sue for libel, so good luck with that, Angie.

    And what was that she said about “smear campaigns”? No hypocrisy there, then.

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  10. Has anyone noticed that Angie keeps doing that typical British thing of shouting loudly at the foreigner to make him understand what she’s saying?

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  11. LOL…. Just heard the prick rattling on about how respectable and highly thought-of his family are back in Culpeper…. Concluding with ‘my brother’s got a machine gun, my mom carries a gun etc. etc. etc…. Yes Rupert, we’ve ‘been to’ Culpeper and discovered what a bunch of shoddy plazzy gangsters your scumbag family is…. They’re veneered trash, and trash with money but trash none the less…. You’re the living proof of that stick boy.

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