Is Angela about to call it quits?

Watching yesterday’s live edition of Angela Scratches, we weren’t terribly surprised at Angie’s attempts to defend what remains of her credibility as de facto spokes-thingy for the Hoaxtead mob. Her “more in sorrow than in anger” performance piece about having been betrayed by those she thought were her friends was completely predictable.

What we didn’t see coming, though, was Angie’s allegation that she has come into possession of evidence that Ella Draper was involved in manufacturing and distributing commercial child sex abuse images.

Given the abysmal sound quality of the, er, ‘broadcast’, we were not quite certain at first that we’d heard her correctly.

But yes, it seems that Angela is now claiming that the sainted Ella, mother of RD’s children and alleged victim of the Hoaxtead myth, made videos of a sexual nature involving children. She was given this evidence, she claims, by some mysterious hackers who uncovered it.

And apparently she no longer believes that Ella is the innocent victim and Abe the moustache-twirling baddy of the piece. In fact, Angela has now twisted the narrative so that Abe is merely the innocent victim of Evil Ella’s machinations. He came on the scene, you see, and realised that his lady-love’s children were in desperate need of his help, and so he beat them to a bloody pulp…

Oh, wait. No, forget that last bit.

According to Angela’s latest, Abe’s slimy reputation has now been completely rehabilitated, and he’s no longer “suspect” in her mind. (You might recall that at one point, Angie was accusing Abe of having been “in the cult”.)

If your head is spinning here, you’re not the only one.

What does all this mean?

The first question, of course, is “Is it true?”

Bearing in mind that we are talking about Angela here, our guess would be that if there’s even a small element of truth in it, it will have been massaged, twisted, stretched, and embroidered beyond recognition. So…probably not, or at least not as stated.

The second question is, “Why now?”

Commenter Joe Kerr made this sage observation:

There is to my certain knowledge a credible line of enquiry that associates Christie (and by association Draper) with porn. But it’s a paper/money trail that is being followed. Obviously Angie’s got wind of this and has decided to embroider it. – I don’t know why though unless she’s looking for an out; because IF (big if!) such a thing exists it ties A&E directly into paedophilia, and therefore tends to corroborate the fact that the original videos were an out-and-out hoax!

We do wonder whether this new revelation means Angela is looking for a way out at this point: her brilliant plan to bring Rupert over from the States to revive Hoaxtead’s failing fortunes has backfired horribly, creating a giant schism amongst her supporters, and calling her own actions and motivations into question.

She’s looking tired…no, make that haggard, in her videos; she’s lost much of the posh accent she has used in most of her efforts to date, and reverted to her mother’s West Country tones…a clear sign of stress. She has been paying to keep the spotlight on herself via Mel Ve’s very questionable ‘network’ (read: YouTube channel), but the money is quickly running out.

What better way to excuse herself from Hoaxtead than by suddenly ‘discovering’ that Ella was a secret child pornographer all along? As Joe points out, if any video evidence of this allegation actually does exist, it means that even the most hardened Hoaxtead supporter must acknowledge that Abe and Ella are no better than comm0n-or-garden child-abusing paedophiles, and that the original videos were in fact faked.

Of course, if this alleged evidence does exist, and Angela has downloaded it, she now has some very serious thinking to do. The responsible thing for Angie to do is to turn any such evidence over to the police immediately.

Wait, did we just say “responsible” and “Angie” in the same sentence? Bwahahahahaha! What were we thinking?

She won’t do that.

In fact, it’s far more likely that she’ll milk it for all the attention it’s worth, casually toss both Abe and Ella under the next passing bus, and explain that she’s far, far too triggered by the video’s content to actually do anything about it, so could her friends possibly see their way clear to funding her for a new computer?

Just a guess, of course.

Nurse Angie

Image: thanks to Fairly Sane

158 thoughts on “Is Angela about to call it quits?

        • Lol, she certainly does EC. She wouldn’t know the truth if it came and bit her on the bum and said ‘hi, i am the truth’. 🙂

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      • Physical and psychological abuse KN9. And the particular fact that the children had been ‘triggered’ with sexual concepts in such an unnatural way IS in itself Child Sexual Abuse. The same is true of Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy’s ‘Hampstead prototype’….. Once thoughts like that are put into an innocent child’s head they are damaged forever. Unfortunately the legislation and official language fails to adequately cover such abuse, but I don’t think there is much doubt that is exactly what it is!

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        • Two Rules (something Hoaxtead blog need to consider.)

          1. Things are given form and strength by thought, experience and deed invested in them.
          Would Rupert be in UK doing what he is doing now if we had all ignored him? He has hinted at this in his own tweets.

          2. Things are the sum of their deeds, thoughts and experiences.
          Evidence for instance that when a child comes into contact with sexual activity, experiences and thoughts, they become those things. A concern for me is that the longer I fight the Satan Hunter, could my continued focus on the monster, turn me into the monster?

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          • Rupert is an attention-seeker. An entitled fantasist who never wanted to work for anything or even realised that anything worth having needs to be earned. – In that respect he is very like APD. You make a good point in suggesting he finds validation in the attention he’s getting. – Much, I imagine, as a drug addict enjoys the ‘hit’ from the thing that is rotting them from the inside out.

            Your second point is also valid. Though, as an adult, you do not have the same vulnerabilities as a child simply because you are the sum of you deeds, thoughts and experiences. You make the choice. You decide what roads to walk. There is no external force to which an individual might abdicate responsibility for such things. Individuals, such as those highlighted above, made a particular choice and by that means became the beast. An irreversible step without confession and true repentance – it’s not enough for them merely to don a hunter’s camouflage.

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          • This is something we consider quite often, SV. Is it better to talk about these morons and feed their narcissistic greed, or to ignore them and hope they’ll go away?

            When this thing started, we talked to literally dozens of people who believed that the thing was a passing fad, and that it would quickly fade as the Hoaxtead mob found something else to chew on. As March and April 2015 went by, we could see very clearly that, rather than fading into obscurity, the hoax was in fact gathering steam and making excellent headway on various social media platforms.

            Finally, in May, Scarlet Scoop decided to start the blog, as a way of countering some of the more pernicious claims. This was the first organised resistance, and it had an interesting effect: it drew the attention of the nutters, who began targetting us and trying to discredit us. Since then the blog has turned into a forum for discussion, and yes, I can certainly see that some of what we talk about gives unnecessary attention to people who could benefit from being ignored.

            The problem from the perspective of those of us who run the blog is that we really don’t want to shut down the free flow of opinion and information that occurs on these pages. We think it’s valuable to air out ideas, sift through them, and accept or reject them on their merits.

            As for Rule 2, I understand what you’re saying, and I agree that it’s critically important to keep from being infected by those whose antics we discuss. To me, this means maintaining control of my temper to keep from lashing out when I’m angry; disciplining my mind to keep it from galloping off in all directions whenever some new weirdness occurs; maintaining humility and accepting that I can only know part of what’s happening, never all; and always, always keeping my eye on the goal: to protect the innocent from the false accusers.

            Do I know for certain that I’ll succeed in all this? I don’t. But I feel I must keep trying.

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        • I’d agree except for the “damaged forever” part. In fact, there’s a lot of evidence showing that a child’s ability to recover from abuse will really depend upon how the adults in his or her life respond to the situation. If the child is lucky enough to have caring adults who validate the bad experience without overreacting to it, who let the child talk about it but don’t encourage it, it seems that the child’s natural resilience kicks in and they can heal quite nicely.

          However, I fully agree that what Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy and Abe/Ella did to the children in their care is completely inexcusable, and is in fact child sexual abuse.


    • She’s now playing a very dangerous game More evidence of sociopath behaviour that cannot comprehend consequences.

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      • Angela’s got to be questioned about this video, source etc. by Camden Police or whoever’s dealing with all this.

        The English Police need to reel Rupert in today and the Irish Police raid Angela’s house simultaneously.

        She’ll be back in London on 17th September but that’s too far away.

        Action needs to be NOW.

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        • I agree fully. If there is even the smallest chance that Angela is telling the truth (unlikely as that is), she needs to report it to the police. If she won’t do that voluntarily, the police must come to her.


  1. Right so Angela has claimed on her Angela’s Scratches debacle that,

    Ella Draper has allegedly masturbated a young boy and it is on film.

    Q1. Has Angela seen the film?
    If so, she’s in trouble for viewing it.
    If not, that’s SLANDER if it’s untrue, but Ella is in no position to sue unless she is involved with the Russian Mafia and has money.

    Q2. Does Angela have the film?
    If so, she’s in trouble for possession of CSA images.
    If not, does this film actually exist?

    Q3. Who gave Angela this information or is it a figment of her imagination?
    If Angela really has been given this information, she needs to report it to the Police because if she doesn’t, then Angela is covering up knowledge of CSA and wouldn’t that make her complicit?

    Q4. How long has Angela had this “knowledge”?

    Q5. What is Rupert’s involvement in this “knowledge”?

    Q6. Have Angela and Rupert concocted this tale because they are trying to detract from the exposure of themselves?

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    • All excellent questions. I am fascinated by Karnevilnine’s suggestion that Angie has turned on Ella out of spite, thinking Ella is responsible for the Sophia Green posts that have fractured her supporters.

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      • I can’t see that Ella and Sophia Green are one and the same person.

        Sophia Green has done a lot of work and Ella doesn’t strike me as the kind of person to work hard.

        Angela is SPITEFUL that is true enough.

        I’m not sure what to believe in regard to Ella and the boy but this revelation from Angela is certainly a distraction and very convenient that Angela has decided to disclose it on her “show”.

        Did Angela only find out about the film or devise the story today?

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      • There is a body of opinion that says there is much frustration on the part of A&E at ‘their’ scam being hijacked and others cashing in on it. Always follow the money I’m told.

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        • Yes, very true. You can hear the rage in Abe’s voice when he talks about how various “agents” have stolen his precious hoax and used it for their own ends. I believe the original plan was to create an online sensation with a series of carefully titrated slow release videos of RD’s children talking about “the cult” etc., but Abe’s own impulsive and ill-considered actions, combined with the greed of others involved in planning the thing, quickly wrenched it out of his control.

          “Follow the money” is an excellent starting point.


  2. Its safe to assume that any “evidence” that supports Angies story has disappeared, perhaps with the equipment she claims (yet again) to have recently “lost”

    Angie has never once provided any evidence to support her claims – they are all about a fundamental need to promote Angie.

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    • Angela still needs to be arrested and questioned.

      There’s evidence on her “show” from last night 5th September.

      Btw Angela needs to be reported for all her false INSURANCE claims (there must be a central database) and what is the story that some false ARGOS claim paid for her house fully in CASH, 2 years ago?

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      • Believe me : my friend who worked on insurance scams for years says there is now a data base (not possible until the rise of computers and the internet) where all dodgy claims are recorded & which all insurance companies access..but..and the big but here is :

        we do not know what name /names Angela Power-Disney uses and even if that is her real name.

        There is evidence of long time false insurance claims with her as there was with Andrea Davison whose expert skill was forging credible documents to create false identities in order fro numerous criminals to open false bank accounts : the fact she has apparently made two travel insurance claims within one year would ring alarm bells.

        Power-Disney has a unique trait though- she cannot stop ‘boasting’ about her activities. 99% of sane people would NOT post details about insurance claims on the internet, on Facebook and so on. Even completely innocent and honest people, for a variety of reasons. My pal who was a private investigator in the insurance game reads this website regularly and says she exhibits all the qualities of someone who has had a lifetime of petty crime (like insurance scams) and and who become so used to the ease of it- like a shoplifter- and never thinks they will be caught but that’s when they are as they let down their guard.

        Or she may be laying a carefully planned trail for a reason we do not yet know. The reason it’s falling apart from her Hoaxer pals is that she doesn’t believe one word of it and has adopted this ‘whistleblower / child campaigner” pose as she perceives she can profit from it.

        The main Hoaxers are deluded and actually believe this bizarre nonsense but like all people they have a sixth sense and they are picking up – without actually realising it – that Angie is a scammer and a fake.

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        • I have no idea whatsoever what “WHISTLEBLOWING” Angela has ever done, unless she means an appendage of Rupert’s? She has never said, she has just called herself a WHISTLEBLOWER, as though anyone is going to just accept her word?!

          Angela is most definitely involved in this Hampstead Hoax for 2 reasons.

          1. MONEY
          2. “FAME” to make a name for herself, lol.

          Why it’s taken her followers/Hampstead believer followers so long to realise Angela’s game is beyond me?

          Thankfully, I sussed her the day I first met her, 2nd January, 2015.

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    • Yes, I’m sure all the “evidence” is long gone, if it ever existed (which I very much doubt). However, Angela has publicly claimed to know about a very serious crime. Time for her to put up or shut up.


  3. Meanwhile Aaron Dover says : “Also they will pretend that the question of, say, whether we have been lied to by Jews about the Earth being a sphere all our lives is not important or interesting.”
    He got that right.

    This whole Hampstead thing is actually very, very frightening. Here we have a small bunch of people of nil significance (and intelligence although cunning) who have driven a fabricated scenario that is so unbelievable yet they have the capacity to destroy lives.

    The courts have ruled, the police have been involved, court cases, people in mental health units but they sail on regardless. I think they are unbelievably dangerous and will cause some unhinged person to take physical action and it will be most likely against some totally innocent person.

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    • The problem is amplified by the Internet ability to bring together nutters from all over the world. No one in their right mind would believe the hoax, but through social media it has been possible to reach dozens of crazy people – and the people that prey on them.

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      • Yes, the internet is truly a double-edged sword. It allows likeminded loonies to gather and plot together (Sabine, Belinda, Abe & Ella for example); it provides a forum for nutters of all stripes to find their own kind and proselytise to new converts; and yet it also creates space for those who oppose the products of the first two groups.

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    • Some of these people believe in an event that’s very close in which humanity will either ascend to a higher plane or we will join some galactic federation, when they say “soon the satanic system will be washed away” they actually believe it, then you have fundamental Christian types who think the raptures just round the corner. If this video of Ella is real they will make some excuse, they will say its innocent or something.

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      • For the most part (save for the mentally ill) I strongly question the beliefs of these people in much the same way as I might question that of a man in a red and white suit who promotes the notion that he has a delivery round that embraces the whole word, and is served by no less a vehicle than a sled pulled by magical reindeer….. I realised a very long time ago that mainly, such a person is about selling a side show and passing out novelty plastic binoculars with which to watch the skies. I have a real pair now.

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  4. My guess is Angela Power Disney used her show yesterday littered with exaggerated claims and falsehood in order to regain control of the Hampstead SRA narrative, plus take revenge against Ella Draper who she thinks Sophia Green is allied with.

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  5. It it hardly chance that immediately following Sophia Green triggering a giant rift within the hoax movement that Angie reacts with an even more shattering response.She cannot help herself,the condition is truly terminal.Her lack of Job like patience and self consideration makes this so.

    As Sam and others have noted Angies Achilles heel is firmly wedged in her mouth, a kind of hybrid foot and mouth disease for which the only known cure is restaint in a straight jacket in the confines of a cell(padded optional).

    Of some note is that between the “Sophiegate” and the “Ellagate files” Angie announces to the galaxy and beyond that she is “relieved” having spent time with her legal advisor.Of course this could have been something innocuous like how to maximize a compo claim to fund her wickedness.Perhaps she has an entirely inept “legal consultant” of some formation that is advising her as to how to best cover her arse whilst driving her moped ever rapidly towards hell.

    Much conjecture available observing the unfolding but the pressure is telling and the Hoax tectonics firey resolution 100% inevitable.

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    • They may allow her to wear her black gloves in the institution.
      She may degenerate and claim she is Princess Diana or the Grand Duchess Anastasia and show a handful of old baubles she claims are the Crown jewels given to her by Nicholas to sell.

      I listened to a talking book today on the life of Napoleon who apparently was astonished to be told that in a Paris Lunatic Asylum there were 12 patients who all claimed to be Napoleon.
      i thought of Angie & Jake.

      # with any luck she’ll get that nurse who confronted her & Kung Fu Panda.

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  6. I’ve had to have a chat with a few people this morning before posting as some perspective is definitely needed here. – I spoke the other day about ‘nodal’ networks. And as much as people might be connected by that means it must be understood that so might their activities. Changes in technology (home video recorders, and latterly the internet) have changed the pornography ‘industry’ drastically. I’ve no intention of writing a thesis here, but have a think about it. What (lucrative) market is there for ‘ordinary blue movies’ and ‘top shelf’ magazines these days? How would such a thing be monetised? – The short answer is it just wouldn’t! What has happened to the ‘porn industry’ then? Is it no longer alive and well?

    ‘Ordinary’ pornography is given away as a ‘loss leader’ in the hope of addicting a few who will empty their bank books looking for ‘harder and harder’ stuff. From Richard Desmond down to the grubbiest ‘Uncle Ernie’ type, these people are (in ‘my opinion) just dirty bastards. Scum of the earth. To cut a VERY long and complex story short, the production and distribution of pornography – all 5010 + shades of it – has always linked back to criminal activity at some level. One of the ‘factors’ that has emerged from previous hoaxes IS a connection to the trade in human misery and degradation that is pornography. From failing backwater bookshops that took to selling ‘imported magazines’ and 8mm films decades ago through to others who exploit (as they always have) vulnerable runaways and gullible girls with dreams of stardom. Fake Taxi or vintage ‘readers wives’ shot on VHS back in the 80s? Or some desperate fool (Araya springs to mind) who once pacified herself with imagining she was doing something valid and revolutionary? At this point I’ll highlight the clear link between drug abuse and human exploitation…..

    Any way up it’s a sordid, grubby little world. A shitty puddle no sane person would want to step in let alone drink from. – But is it reasonable to form the opinion this would be seen as a prime business opportunity by a grub like Christie? A man with a long criminal history which includes an allegation of sexual assault/attempted rape? I take the view that Abraham Christie is FULLY capable of ‘diversifying’ his interests into child pornography. I strongly suspect that was among his motives in sexualising the children as he plainly did. And I’m lead to believe that there may be pornography in existence that features Ella Draper.However. Just because someone is involved in the making and/or distribution of pornography does not necessarily mean that material involves child abuse or for that matter anything actually illegal. – Immoral possibly. But, honestly?

    I’ve been asked to point out “for the record” that while there ARE indications that Christie might have traded in and/or produced pornographic material; and rumours circulate about Draper having appeared ‘in a porno’, Angie’s latest ‘tale’ is a completely ‘fresh allegation’. And in the opinion of many people who ARE properly investigating these matters, it’s a fabrication. One person did suggest it might have been a thought that crossed Christie’s mind, but there would seem to be no evidence of it having happened.

    Giving Angela the benefit of the doubt for a moment though – as supposedly an anti-paedophilia ‘campaigner’, why the HELL did SHE not go straight to the Police with this material making sure along the way that her report was properly recorded and witnessed? The only kind of person who would ‘protect’ a child pornography source is clearly themselves a sexual deviant.

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    • To add to the well thought out post by Joe Kerr.

      The key drive that is manifested by all the Satan Hunters is a need for power and control over other people, despite their money scamming. All the Satan Hunters are playing a type of Game of Thrones, in which the RD children have become the central focus of the Game. Sex and violence are close twins, often expressed in games of power. In this Game of Thrones Angela Power Disney is shown to be talented at the games of power, it is in her name. A video showing Ella Draper sexually abusing a kid is a useful playing piece to use when it is needed, everything is a playing piece for Angela Power Disney.

      The intervention of Sophia Green (that Angela might identify as an ally of Ella Draper) seriously threatened the control of Angela of the “Game”, so it is in desperation she has shown her hand, a video of Ella abusing a kid. There was no hackers, Angela was likely given the video by someone, and she has it in her possession. Angela hopes the mere mention of the video will be enough to threaten Ella and her allies enough to back off and allow Angela the control of the “Game”, Even though real people are being impacted and hurt, it might be useful to see this hoax as a game of power, and act accordingly with that in mind. In such a Game, there are no rules, and anything goes in order to win at the Game.

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      • Personally I would use the broader brush of ‘common criminals’ to define them. They scapegoat many minority groups. I agree with your analysis of Disney et al. But there are, as was once said, some games where the only winning move is not to play.

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        • The Satan Hunters all have a common flaw, a need for attention, and someone like Rupert Wilson Quaintance seems to thrive on all the attention he is given. But, this need for attention can be used against those who play such games of power, and they can be defeated by it. Indeed, non-action is one ability that an individual must have to win such games, but those who need attention, have to keep playing to gain the attention. If Angela Power Disney in a desperate gamble publishes the abuse video involving Ella, it will be the instant end of the whole game, plus all its players, it is in that situation, non-action is necessary, but I think if such a video exists, she will eventually publish it onto the internet, since she needs the attention.

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          • If you are right, and that is Angie’s gamble, she would effectively be dropping a nuclear bomb if she published such a video. Possibly she already has dropped one on herself already. I am quite sure that police on both sides of the Irish Sea would see possession, let alone publication, of material graphically depicting the sexual abuse of children as a very serious offence indeed.

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          • Angie’s lobbed a hand grenade- or she thinks she has.
            What she did was pull the pin and toss it and held on to the bomb.
            It’s about to go off.

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    • There are of course a number of well known “celebrities” with pasts in porn – usually at the “glamour” end, but now there are also a few hardcore people who consider themselves to be “performance artists”. Unfortunately I think this lulls the naive into a false sense of security. There is a new documentary about the very shady background of what might otherwise be considered the very mild end of the industry:

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    • Agree and you make a very important point : why didn’t she go to police?.
      But even if she did it’s a still a very precarious position you put yourself in as any criminal lawyer will tell you? possession is possession and you could easily be arrested even if you have the best intentions.

      My guess is that Angie’s claim to have seen or heard about a child porn tape. alleged Ella porn or snuff movies is just Angie trying to one-up the other loonies- ” I know more than you and this is my trump card”

      But, and a very Big But- she has made a spectacular mistake as she has now claimed she has knowledge of very serious crimes and that in in itself is a criminal offence if you do not report that to the police.
      However knowing how slack the cops have been in this case it may slide..but again, if there is a skerrick of truth and something emerges and the police have been forewarned and did nothing, they can look forward to being sacked.

      At the very least the Met should contact the Garda and ask them to invite her in for an interview to either clear the air or tell all.

      Yet n=more examples of Angela’s narcissistic psychopathic personality : they make spectacular claims without think through to the possible pitfalls: they become used to successfully telling another lie to cover exposure of the first one, it becomes part of them.

      What we are seeing, to me, is the unraveling of a true psychopath who is being slowly rumbled by the True Believers of the Satanist North London Cult- they genuinely believe in it but they are quickly seeing that Angela has no idea and is using it a s a vehicle to what she thinks is fame in a crowded field.

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  7. Yip, I also reckon this is a fabrication. Possibly a little plan put together by Angie and Rupert in response to Sophia Green. I doubt Sophia is Ella, though maybe closely related to Nemesis Green.

    The problem for Angie now is that she may have just made her situation worse. If she cannot supply good evidence for her claim, people supporting Ella may become even more annoyed with Angie. Saying that she heard from ‘Anonymous’ hackers is just not good enough. I don’t think it would be terribly difficult to hack Ella or Abe’s social media accounts, but accessing their files is a different matter.

    If there is any truth to it the evidence should be given to the police. The one thing we do know is that images of CSA were discovered on Abraham’s phone. As usual for paedophiles, he claims he was framed.I therefore don’t understand why Angie would think he is innocent in all this. Especially when you consider that he definitely physically assaulted these children multiple times.
    I notice Angie is supporting another man found with CSA images on his computer. Isn’t amazing how many people these hoaxers are connected with that have been “framed” by someone placing CSA images on their devices. Is the “theory” movement providing support for real paedophiles?

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  8. Angies grotesque art of self demolition is truly remarkable.She has successfully painted herself into a corner with her latest reactive outburst,as pointed out she is either a)self confessed liar and spreader of dis info;b)criminally involved in protecting paedophiles and possessing illegal material.There is no more wriggle room or get out of jail free cards,she has hung herself by her own petard and her web throttling its designer.

    No doubt in MichelAngie low land she will attempt an escape from her self entrapment by attempting a convoluted escape plan not even Houdini would entertain in his madder moments.

    As pointed out by the author Tom Robbins: “In fiction,when you paint yourself into a corner,you can write a pair of suction cups onto the bottom of your shoes and walk up the wall and out of the skylight to view the sun breaking through the clouds.In non fiction,you don`t have that luxery”

    Maybe the black gloves and Madame Whiplash look is all part of the build up to some act of escapology but I suspect that she gone a bridge too far because her prospects really dont look too good just now…. cue drum roll.

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  9. She also said that she had evidence that Ella and RD made a snuff movie.

    My bullshitometer is squealing..

    I call “False Flag!” on everything she said about the hacker.

    She’s a twisted, disgusting, vile, scamming woman. Why should anyone believe a word she says?

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      • As I suggested yesterday – to create an ‘out’ for herself. The heat in this kitchen will be too much for her, and to some extent she’s been scammed herself….. She thought she was buying into something as lucrative as Alex Jones, David Icke Brian Gerrish or even Belinda McKenzie runs. She wasn’t. – Next thing you know she’ll be claiming to have exposed the hoax and that there never was any evidence against RD; an old script that’s been run before, but that’s just Angie’s style.

        Further discussions with those in the know indicate that Christie’s alleged involvement in porn is relatively low-level. It’s thought possible/likely he had plans for Ella – and even that she went along with some of it. It’s not IMpossible that he was grooming the kids – certainly they were exposed to things within the household that they shouldn’t have been. But beyond the “non infringing ” material he presented as part of the hoax, there is no evidence to suggest that he ever went ‘that far’. It actually doesn’t take much to put the Police in a position where they ignore reports at their peril. So, even if you don’t trust them, there is ZERO justification or reason for failing to take evidence of such things straight to them.

        Sorry Angie – you’re not cutting it. I call 110% bullshit on your claims.

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      • Angela can claim anything she likes as there is no come back from the people she is accusing.

        RD is who knows?

        Ella is with Abraham Christie hiding out in Spain or wherever with no chance of coming back to England, unless she and he want to get arrested.

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        • If she had any sense she would return. She probably wouldn’t be jailed if she had a good barrister to present her case ( I’m pretty sure Abe would be). But 6/9 months in a woman’s prison wouldn’t be that bad.

          Even murderers sometimes turn themselves in because the stress of being ‘on the run’ and the fact you cannot travel begins to eat away at people. And it’s not ever going away. Ella should come back and throw herself on the mercy of the court but I think she must be a very weak woman. Fancy throwing your life away because of Abe?

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    • I forgot about the alleged snuff movie.

      I’ve got to say I really need to watch/listen to that “show” again, as I confess I fell asleep after about an hour.

      Nor sure if it was Angela or the Russian guy who was to blame.

      I vaguely remember Rupert shouting a bit as he does!

      Angela has a thing about ANONYMOUS, she’s mentioned them before.

      It’s a shame she doesn’t become Anonymous herself, but not to worry that is looking likely as her money begins to run out, having gallivanted up the M1 on a failed mission to speak to Jake, somehow destroyed 2 tyres+.and she can’t pay Mel Ve for the “broadcasts”.

      Oh woe is Angela.

      I thought TV presenters got paid to speak, NOT had to pay to “broadcast”…

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    • Sophia most likely did her research here, after all, we were already aware of everything mentioned by her and most had been mentioned in posts and comments on this blog at some time.

      So, how does that make us assholes, Kris Costa?

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  10. Angie says the person with the evidence Re Ella ‘brought down a paedophile ring’ and had to ‘country hop’. She’s known her for some time. We all know who this could be.

    Angie says she wasn’t allowed to record – so she doesn’t have the child porn on her computer.

    She says this is part of organised crime and involves a snuff movie.

    So, given this information, it doesn’t matter that she’s not in England. The Police here need to contact the Irish police and pick her up for questioning. She has a source who has given her information about serious crimes.

    If she’s telling lies they can do her for wasting their time.

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    • Known her for some time?

      No! Angela has known her since June 2015 at the most when Tracey turned up in London n Angela was not there. It’s not even that early.

      Another frigging Angela lie.

      Oh well, the police in Northern Ireland are going to be busy as well as in Oldcastle.


    • The person who claims she brought down a paedophile ring posted abuse about a rape victim under a news article about her abusers trial. Also, the bringing down, never been backed up. Tracey didn’t go to the trial, wasn’t a victim, wasn’t a witness, didn’t even know the outcome, and the bloke was found not guilty. He’s now dead. He may indeed have abused children. Someone posted on here that he abused them and I’m certainly willing to give the benefit of doubt, especially when there is nothing for them to gain by saying it.

      My username here means something, “ydych yn cachu Tracey” and seeing Tracey’s online activity against this poor woman is what prompted me to stop lurking.

      Tracey was also mouthing off using her own name about certain NI groups, who have been known to be violent. That may be a reason why she left.


  11. 9:10-10:50 Andres translation is seriously hilarious.

    Angie feigning sympathy for someone who has apparently been scammed.If poor Andre has any cash left she will be the first to deprive him of it.Unbe-soddin-leavable bare faced cheek of the woman.

    Only time before Angie turns on Putin when he doesnt play ball and Russian helicopter gunships are hovering over Oldcastle.The local dogging community will be put right out of their stride with that commotion going on.

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    • The internet may as well pack up and go home now Kev is reducing his input.Not overly convinced his old ma will be overly chuffed at Kev annoying her with his gibberish but fair play regardless.

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    • I’m heartbroken. I don’t know what I’ll do without him.

      He reminds me of a Canadian airman I knew back in 41…..generous to a fault with Hershey bars and nylons. I’m going off now for a weep.

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    • Just to be clear here: the reason Kristen wants out is that Jim made the horrible mistake of tagging her, Sophia Green, and Kris Costa in the same line. Kristen apparently had to go have a two-hour rage nap in order to recover sufficiently to tell him to sod off.

      We knew last fall that DDH and Hamster Research were on the outs, but this is just pure gold. 🙂

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    • What funny people they are. They really think surfing the internet and soaking up conspiracies is “working” and “research” and even “whistle blowing”.

      So Jesus wasn’t a Christian? I’d love to know more about that before The Rapture as I’ve booked a seat. (business class)

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      • The deal as I understand it,is that the journey starts off with folk floating upwards and meet up with Rapture rep Jesus in the sky somewhere and he guides them up to heaven from there.It would be a hell of a dampener if he didnt show up and left everyone hanging around at around 30,000 feet.It would be a bit of a problem for commercial airlines too.

        Might be worth contacting ABTA customer services just to be on the safe side.

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    • Rabbiting on for endless hours on Youtube is not “frying bigger fish” Angie.

      You must have gone to Elia Kazan and Lee Strasberg “method” acting school, what with that throaty voice, endless tossing of the hair, scratching your face and lighting up fags you give a brilliant interpretation of an aging alcoholic.

      What’s that? Oh dear the producer has just handed me an angry note which says Angie is portraying Marlene Dietrich from The Blue Angel. It must be an interpretive piece.

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    • Ha Ha !! Sixth Sense..mention it on here and as sure as day is night they pick up on it. They should learn to use that sixth sense more.


    • A lovely Freudian Slip from Jim McMenamin : “you’d be madder than I think we are”.

      Poor Jim actually thinks Rupert is going to “sell” his “documentary”. They are now making Neelu look sane. Oh maybe not.

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      • Should anyone ever fancy getting admitted to a lunatic asylum simply go up to the nurse on reception and say: “you’d be madder than I think we are”.


      • How could police write to anyone and tell them they cannot “set foot in the UK”?.
        That’s an immigration matter and if he holds a UK passport- born in the UK- they would have no power of authority to and indeed if they were foolish enough to write that in a letter it would be a gold mine for a lawsuit.

        More likely they wrote to him and said there is a warrant out for his arrest and actually asked him to answer it be returning to the UK.

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    • so part of the Jewish psyop that prevents people knowing the world is flat. Are you sure he’s not in the UK and in some secure mental health unit?

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      • Perhaps we are all being a tad harsh on Angie.I mean she is her own worst enemy and has a lot on her plate just now. What with trying to keep up with all that pesky insurance fiddling paperwork,her door likely to be kicked in at any moment,having a nasty dose of Culpeper rash,unpaid CCN bills starting to mount,being exposed as a complete lying plie of shit and looking more like Bernard Manning as each day passes and thats just for starters.

        Lets face it Angies crises and rip roaring acts of gross bufoonery have given us all many side splitting moments and perhaps we should cut her a littlle slack and lighten her days a little as she descends into old age with only the false memories of who she wasnt and the joys of a futile wasted existence to keep her company either in or out of the slammer.

        Given her hobby in collecting chairs and her tendency to lose everything I propose we have a little whip round and offer her something as a gesture of appreciation and to show her that those highly paid CIA bastards at HR secretly have a collective heart of gold.

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      • She’s really a Crisis Actor employed by the CIA which is why so many of the Rothschild family with their indisputable wealth and homes around the world flock to her humble little abode in Oldcastle for sanctuary and some home-spun wisdom. Into the loving arms of a Marlene Dietrich clone.

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  12. Soooo…. to sum up
    “you’re a shill”
    “No, you’re a shill”
    “I said it first!”
    Rinse and repeat.
    Absolutely hilarious to see these accusations and counter-accusations working out…. and yes, I think it is the final spasm in the twitching corpse of the hoax. Good analysis as always from SV, G of S, Joe Kerr, EC and others….

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  13. Can someone impress upon Angela Power Disney that this matter needs to be reported to the authorities ASAP. There could be a child in danger.


    “Our victim ID team has the vital job of identifying young victims of sexual exploitation and abuse”

    No doubt Ireland has a similar team.

    It is very disheartening to me to see how many views CEOP’s information film has compared to
    the recordings of the children.


      • So what Angela means by Whistle Blowing is that she is a JUDAS.

        If you are foolish enough to tell her something in confidence, she will grass you up to all on YouTube by sharing the personal video, that you didn’t realise she was recording.

        Baloney that’s not called Whistle Blowing, that’s called grassing…


    • Ok, I watched it. Who does she think she is “whistleblowing” (sharing with her mates), people’s “disclosures” (term suggests abuse of some kind) without the person’s permission? She constantly goes on about dissassociating, her trauma, but she has the bare faced cheek to complain about other people’s neuroses? Grow up Angela. What that is, is being a sneaky trauma vampire who ditches a person once they are sucked dry of tales.

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    • OK now I have it.

      Angie is setting the scene for another cash grab to meet with those who have this alleged information. And of course the meeting will have to be in Lanzarote, London maybe even Paris- somewhere Angela has been hankering to visit.

      If you turn the sound down (ohh please) and watch Angie you see a seasoned scam artist who has for decades been on the drip of minor crime. Credit card frauds, insurance scams. I could name a long list.

      She is almost an Andrea Davison clone. The problem for all these minor scam artists is that the bottom fell out of their cozy world with the advent of technology : CCTV cameras have destroyed the old “hand in the till” shop assistant and the once highly lucrative shop-lifting world where London was prime pickings with terrific profits aided by the fact shop assistants were paid so little they took no notice of someone pocketing that Cartier watch.
      You can’t even steal a car these days without the cops being able to track you within minutes of a report.

      So these grifters have looked for new pickings but it’s a much tougher world and scams have become mainly internet based and far more sophisticated- the phony share selling scams that people (mainly pensioners) still fall for in their 1000s but it takes a highly organized gang for this. Which is why Davison who several people have now linked with Power-Disney, is in Thailand (and not South America as she would have people believe) , Bangkok now being the centre of these scams (that also involve selling off-the-plan condominiums that never get built to unsuspecting ex-pats).
      I would say Angela Power-Disney (very much doubt that is her legal name) has had numerous identities over the years. Remember also children of scam merchants often go along with this as it’s the only life they know.

      Mark my words and I will shout everyone to a drink if wrong (but you have to get to Sydney) : Angela is laying the groundwork for a much larger money grab. She will build on this over the coming weeks – a claim she can get irrefutable proof that Abe & Ella are part of a world-wide Satanist child abusing gang that produce snuff movies and child abuse films.

      She will claim she needs a far bigger sum of money to pay the informants and expose once & for all time the Satanist Rothschild gang with powerful figures and blow the whole shebang sky high.

      And when she cannot deliver- easy – the gang were one step ahead of her.


      • Yes it did occur to me when she mentioned she was too strapped for cash to meet the informers that she may be looking for bait to go on another jolly.As you say she would come up with some cock and bull story of daring do as to why she couldnt quite deliver the goods etc blah

        Unfortunately there are always fresh gullible mugs out there to feed the likes of this disgraceful parasite.


  14. It’s astonishing that Angie is having a go at Kevin for not being convinced simply because she has made a claim. A claim that is not backed up with any evidence whatsoever, and appears to have come from a very dubious source (if it’s the person I am thinking it is). In fact, make that two dubious sources, because Angie is a dubious source. Does Angie seriously expect people to believe such a serious claim based purely on her word?

    Angie says on scale of 1-10 for how sure she is that it’s true, that she is a 10. Personally, I would only say a 10 if I witnessed it for myself. Is Angie claiming to have seen and analysed the footage?….or saying a 10 because she trusts her source?

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Angie spreading hearsay is most certainly not extraordinary.

    Thankfully, more and more people are beginning to see Angie for what she really is.


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