Angela strikes back…sort of

A few days ago we noted that a seemingly new player on the Hoaxtead scene, an outsider named Sophia Green, had taken it upon herself to demolish Angela’s and Rupert’s already sagging reputations amongst the remaining true believers. In response, Angela lashed out with a ‘stunning new allegation’ (yawn): she claimed that both she and Rupert had seen incontrovertible evidence from Ella’s own mysteriously hacked computer that Ella had been involved in creating a video in which a child was sexually abused.

At first, we speculated that this could be Angela’s way of weaselling out of her role as de facto Queen of the Hoaxateers. However, it was quickly pointed out to us that Angela’s latest plot twist could very well have been her way of lashing out at Ella Dearman…because apparently Angie believes that Ella is Sophia Green. We know that Angie has sharp claws when she thinks she’s been wronged: think of the times she’s divulged nasty gossip about her neighbours when she thinks they might have been saying unkind things about her.

So we were bemused at first when we saw that Angela had thrown down the gauntlet to Sophia (whom she persists in calling ‘Sophie’):


So…on the surface of it, this looks as though Angela is trying to do some damage control: she’s going to open up the doors and windows and have a full and frank exchange of views with the mysterious Sophia. Except…rather than post it on Sophia’s page, where she’ll be sure to see it, Angela has posted it on her own wall. And since she hasn’t bothered to actually tag Sophia in the post, it’s highly unlikely it’ll reach its target.

Then again, it probably wasn’t intended to.

Think about it: if Angie thinks that Sophia is really Ella, then she has issued this challenge in the belief that the chances of Sophia/Ella showing up for an interview on CCN are approximately 0%.

Of course, it’s highly unlikely that Sophia is Ella, or even Abe, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

In any case, the stars were in alignment, because apparently Sophia did see Angie’s gauntlet toss, and sent an answer via her faithful manservant Jim:


Jimbo, this is confusing as hell. Next time you are asked to relay a message, could you please just make the effort and use speech marks so we all know what’s going on?

In any case. According to Jim, this is what Sophia said:

Angela, noticed you have challenged me to come on your radio show on ccn Monday! LOL! You have already been challenged, yet again you want to try and turn this around, and make it look like it is u challenging me? You know I cannot reply to your page, so obviously, your post will go unanswered. I suggested another platform, as I do not trust you or ccn. You chose not to answer questions here or elsewhere? So now it seems you want to play games? As I am currently away, and don’t havea computer, I would appreciate it if another involved in this thread, would mind taking some screen shots and posting them to the comments of apd ‘ challenge post. Just so people have the full picture not half. ANGELA dont answer my challenge with one of your own. [all text verbatim]

Sophia is right: Angela is playing games. However, Sophia seems to be playing games of her own. If she’s able to post this response so Jim can relay it to Angie, we’re going to take a flyer and guess that she’s not on a desert island somewhere, completely internet-free.

So why would Sophia suddenly be so shy about talking directly to Angie?

We think it has much less to do with her alleged lack of internet access, and much more to do with the fact that her voice would instantly give away her identity, to Angie and all nine of her listeners.

The mysterious Sophia Green

Since Sophia burst onto the scene a week ago, a number of people have hazarded guesses as to her identity.

One person suggested Sophia might be Abe, come back to wreak vengeance on Angie for her allegation that he was “in the cult”. Sophia does share Abe’s loathing of Sabine and Belinda, and seems to believe that Neelu is a heroine. However, after careful consideration we rejected the Abe hypothesis, mainly because Sophia doesn’t reflexively pepper her text with terms like ‘Dicky Rearman’, ‘state-sponsored trauma-based mind control’, and ‘adrenochrome’. Nor does she misuse large, important-sounding words in an attempt to look intelligent. Her writing isn’t letter-perfect, but it’s a damn sight better than Abe’s.

Another person wondered if Sophia really is Ella, but again, the writing style doesn’t match. Like many people whose first language is Slavic, Ella is a little fuzzy on the use of articles (which don’t exist in the Slavic languages). Sophia, on the other hand, has no such difficulties. That’s a hard one to fake.

We do know that Sophia claims to “believe the children”, and that she is furious that Angela and Rupert have turned Hoaxtead into a circus, with the focus firmly upon their antics rather than on the serious business of terrorising a community and falsely accusing innocent people.

And we know at least one person who is friends (on Twitter) with both Abe and Jim McMenamin (not to mention Drifloud). He is passionate about Hoaxtead, to the point of actually wearing one of the t-shirts Abe and Ella were hawking on their blog at one point. He shares many of Abe’s opinions, but he’s a better writer; he’s undoubtedly more intelligent than Abe; and he has every reason to loathe Angie and Rupert for their role in tearing apart the Hampstead hoax.


From Twitter

If “Sophia” is really Black Hebrew supremacist Desmond During, as we believe, then it’s hardly surprising he wouldn’t want to appear on Angela’s show. However, we fearlessly predict that Angie will decide that a refusal to join her on ‘Angela Crashes’ is all but a confirmation that Sophia is actually Ella.

What will happen on Angie’s Monday show, then? Last we heard, she’d conceded to Jim’s suggestion that people post questions for her to answer during the show; will Sophia take advantage of the relative anonymity of a written question?

We’ll all just have to wait and see. Pass the popcorn.


85 thoughts on “Angela strikes back…sort of

  1. Nice analysis as always, EC.

    Regarding Angie opening up the live chatbox to questions during her “show”, this is an easy option for her. As we’ve repeatedly seen, she and Biggy simply delete the questions they don’t like. Plus there’s no comeback on her crap responses. For instance, when we asked her why she supports Rupert’s death threats, she was able to waffle on about how he’d never made any and state that we were just misinterpreting his language blah blah blah…and that was it – no opportunities to disagree, point out her lies or probe her further. In short, the chatbox is a one-way street, with Angie holding all the cards. (And if that doesn’t earn me a mixed metaphor award, I don’t know what will.)

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    • Yes, I think she’s seeing this as her chance to wrest power back from Sophia/Desmond, who so unkindly dethroned her and showed her up to her followers. The chat box is a bad joke, as you say.

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        • For so called ‘truthers’, i find it amazing how heavily they are into censorship. Nothing bad or any difficult questions may be asked of these exalted leaders as the questions are either plain ignored or deleted from view.

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    • Just thinking – an unmixed version of your mixed metaphor could go something like “a one-way street with Angie controlling the traffic lights”, which is not without it’s charm, I reckon.

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    “Oh hear ye, Angela – be not a slimy slippery eel and answer the questions that are on the lips of your people. Asketh not what your hoaxers can do for you but what you can do for your hoaxers. It is uncomely to wriggle and your incessant squirming ill becomes you. Answer your people, oh grating one. Your public awaiteth…”

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  3. There are several persons who very much wish to be, and very much believe they are, THE “truth movement” SRA authority, and not all of them have participated in the frenzied back-biting scramble to be THE “voice of Hampstead Hoaxers” so well documented on this blog.

    I have no ideas about whom Sophie Green might be…so I’ll take your educated ‘guess’ on spec for now. It never surprises me when new poison-pwn pals pop up to take a kick at some SRA-Mind Control conspiranoid guru who is getting lots of attention – there’s only so much Truther audience to go around, so even gurus that have stayed ‘in the background’ on Hampstead could be suspected of dispatching disciples to torpedo competitors.

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  4. Just like any good soap we are left a-dangling in suspenders over the whole weekend arguing the toss over who has been sharing the same bed and whether the script writers are now really starting to take the proverbial out of their ever-so-loyal captive audience(all both of them).

    Are we about to witness the obligatory random helicopter crashing headlong into Angies back garden in a desperate bid to boost CCN rating figures?

    Will the long suffering Oldcastle dogging community rise up as one and burst into the Disney studios live on air to vent their grievances and demand a more prominant role in the whole tawdry affair?

    Will Rupert get down on bended knee and propose marriage to his newfound slimy friend and is he plotting to illegally traffic a snail back to Culpeper?Are the CIA hot on Ruperts “trail” and will his Maw and Paw send him to bed with no supper and confiscate his latest stupid hat?

    Will Angie require less comfort breaks after visiting her arse doctor in the week?

    Will Sophia Green and Angie settle their differences by a good old fashioned spot of live mud wrestling(with handbags) and be done with it?

    When will Mel and BigEars finally realize they have been flogging a dead horse and move on to something far more lucrative and useful like not flogging a dead horse and playing pan pipes or something?

    This and so many other burning questions will definitively not be properly answered by tuning into Monday evenings gripping installment of Angelas Colon results(5-7 pm ish)….and then Emmerdale.

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  5. Speaking of self-appointed SRA gurus…
    I don’t wish to incite a discussion about He Who Must Not Be Named, but if you haven’t seen his latest bits of nastiness masquerading as blog posts, he continues to demonstrate that he is both one of the stupidist persons & one of the biggest assholes on the planet. Disgusting.

    Meanwhile, yet another professed SRA authority, very deserving of his obscurity, dispenses his latest BRILLIANT INSIGHT. While reviewing an analysis of the McMartin case, wherein insinuation of child therapists’s satanic abuse cult fantasies – fantasies in no way derived from any statements made by children interviewed by them – was documented yet again, this fellow had a revelation. What if…some of the child therapists were secretly satanic cult abusers themselves, complicit with whatever perpetrators there might really have been, pre-emptively set up in the child therapy field just in case some “operation” needed to be covered up through sabotage? They would be perfectly positioned to insert false satanic abuse cult rumors into the case, to discredit the victims’ TRUE SRA accusations. BRILLIANT, eh? Secret satanic abuse cults would spread false rumors about secret satanic abuse cults, and incite a fake “witch-hunt” for secret satanic abuse cults, to help genuine secret satanic abuse cults avoid detection and remain secret.

    Whatever comes into their heads must be reality, no matter how nonsensical, because they are a million times smarter than the vast, powerful, convoluted conspiracies they are ‘exposing’, and see right through them. Apparently.

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      • Wait, wait…I’ve got it! This is so dastardly and fiendish, heh-heh 😉
        Ok, the secret satanic abuse cultists actually evade detection by…not actually being satanists, child abusers or cultists! Muahaha! Yes, by cleverly never really being a satanist, a child abuser or a cultist, no one could ever suspect that they are secretly the very things that they are not!

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      • Anyone not actually in the bullion trade who “speculates” on gold and silver is a moron. It’s a “thing” in the conspiratard world to buy precious metals. But you can’t buy cheap and sell dear very easily with gold, for reasons too complex to go into here without boring everyone to death. Gold is not a bad way of turning cash money into modest profits when interest rates and stocks have hit the floor. More importantly, you have to know when to sell. But its main attraction is that gold is kinda hard to lose money on… it holds its value reasonably well over the long term, and has a high intrinsic value, a limited supply, and a constant demand. So it’s a cushion rather than an investment. Silver underwent a bit of a rollercoaster ride in the last few years (2012-2014), as professional investors started a “silver is the new gold” rush, it petered out rather quickly and the price of silver has dropped a quite a bit, jumped back up a bit. But if you bought silver in 2012 as an investment… you just spent 750 a kilo for something you would struggle to sell for 450 a kilo now……..and silver is likely to go down again….
        But that’s what happens to idiots who think that banks are all run by the joooos with their fake specie and money that is actually debt and the nwo, and and and……
        If I was really evil, and didn’t have to work, I would spend a few months on the interwebs trying to encourage the conspiracy loons to buy silver again.

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        • Yes, investing in precious metals isn’t an inherently silly thing to do, but as you say, it’s important to have some idea of what you’re doing. Abe, sadly, didn’t. I believe he lost his family’s home as a result.


    • Poor old Lord James got taken in by a Nigerian scam. The problem was he had never used a computer or the internet or he would have known this particular scam was listed on the Federal Reserve’s website scam list.
      James had an excuse, Neelu Berry of Planet WhackJob doesn’t.

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  6. The Oldcastle Temptress has discovered that Jayden Smith has “committed suicide”.
    The rest of the world caught up with this hoax some months ago.

    I think there is a pattern: every time Angie is under pressure she posts reams of links to inane tales and she’s doing it right now. Probably while she works out how to get out of producing evidence about her latest claim.

    Notice she says she can secure that evidence but it will take quite a while. I feel a GoFundMe moment is in the air.

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    • My spidey-senses tell me that she’s working on a full-fledged cancer scare of her own, linked to the results of her arse-o-scope test last week.

      The problem with turning up evidence of her latest claim is that a) it doesn’t exist, b) if she posts anything to do with a child sex abuse video online or even links to it she’s in very deep legal trouble, and c) she knows we know she’s faking, and we will rip her story to shreds. Bit of a rock/hard place scenario there.


      • As I said a few days ago, it’s quite common with these types. – Who’s going to have a pop at a ‘cancer victim’? – Hugh Mitchell claimed testicular cancer for years! And ‘leveraged’ it to try and discredit those that were trying to get him put away. It was one of the reasons given for his frequent ‘foreign trips’, where he’s thought to have travelled to abuse kids abroad. I know of another pervert – who I can’t name because there are still hopes of putting him behind bars – who has claimed he’s dying of cancer for the past fifteen years!

        As I think you said yourself EC, she’ll no-doubt also hang an appeal or two for ‘medical funds’ upon it. Manipulating this sort of thing is part of the mindset.

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        • Indeed Joe.Unfortunately those without a moral compass will play ANY card if they believe it will obtain net benefit from doing so.Parents have claimed a child has cancer to milk the system and kept a healthy child in a wheelchair.leg braces etc.

          Angie simply follows the ££$$ signs in her eyes and waffles and deflects her way from being held to account.When she is faced head on she effectively put her fingers in her ears and goes LALALALA cant hear it somewhat like a 2 year old.Anyone with their faculties even mildly intact can see right through her shallow actions.

          Pathological liar Angie dares to be critical of her grown teenage sons given they have observed her being an appalling role model and the very paragon of dishonesty shows the depths to which she has sunk.

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    • She claims to have a journalism degree yet she didn’t spot that this article was an old one, even though it says Jaden is 17. (He turned 18 on 8th July.)

      Mind you, she also said she wants to book the original Melodians for a protest gig, blissfully unaware that two of said three-piece are dead.


  7. This is Angela filming, driving along a narrow country lane and ranting about persecution all at the same time, whilst apparently high and/or pissed out of her head. That’s dangerous, right?

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      • There we have it.She goes to to add “but I wont apologize with guns to my head”.

        Given that there is in reality nothing resembling firearms involved surely by her own admission she must (in her down with the kids lingo) “fess up”.

        There needs to be an alert out when she is on the road so others can elect to stay off of it.

        Shes right round the bend.

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    • How the he’ll was she filming that while driving. I was expecting it to end with the sounds of skidding, breaking glass and a big scream.

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  8. Latest ‘Hi it’s Rupert’ post says ‘See? We arrest ours’ along with a news report about some TV person who’s arrested for child rape.

    He must be trying to get a reaction because NOBODY I’ve ever met is that stooopid.

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    • Oh fuck off Angie, it was me who stuck up for you that time and provided info about the treatment.

      You weren’t with your sons because of green card fraud in the past. You were “absent” even more because you were being interviewed. If that’s with the police I hope you told them your lies about your mother having another child, you having a twin, that was killed soon after birth. There’s no words for the sort of scum that would do that to their own mother. Pure evil. And this survivor knows it. This survivor also knows you couldn’t stand the fact that your niece went to court and saw her abuser convicted. Her court case, but all about you. You wanted a piece of it you sick twisted POS and even recorded yourself blethering on and on all about Angie Angie Angie.

      Chasing rainbows. If the police ever charge anyone I hope they get all of that stuff for their defence. That’d only be fair.

      Fuck off back to your stinky little slimy pond and be a big ugly sick fish and leave decent people alone you evil fucker.

      Creating dead babies in your head is sick.


    • Oh, and it isn’t just me who thinks you are full of shit. There’s “holohoax” Lee Cant and the laughing hyena that approves of this, Rupert Quaintance.

      If Dr Mengele did the things he did, and the witnesses and documents are telling the truth, well… But you are so happy to roll around in the shit with scum who “affirm” you, you don’t even realise how dirty you are getting.


    • Angies meal tickets in not following ze instructions shocker.Just wondering if Josef Mengele cunningly slipped some of the the fuhrers DNA into the mix to produce this monstrosity being unleashed in our time.

      Why Angie doesnt just declare all out warfare on humanity and be done with it is beyond me.She is hardly getting any younger and the opportunity could pass her by if shes not careful.

      Hopefully benefits will pay for an underground bunker for Frau Shitler-Power to hide in(with crap dial up connection) so we can all skip all the bollocks.

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