The Rupert Files: Girls, girls, girls!

Rumour has it that Rupert is currently either en route to or actually in London. His friend and avid admirer Kevin BeansForBrains/Wearechange sent him a welcoming message the other day, and now our Sooper Seekrit Facebook Moleβ„’ has passed along a couple of purloined conversations from the Rupert Files. (Don’t ask how these were obtained; some things are best left unexplored.)

Like every good son, Rupert messages his mother first to let her know he’s okay:

Rupert and his mom 1…and then it’s Angie’s turn:

Rupert to Angie-FB chat

p.s. All in good fun, Rupe! You can take a joke, right?Β 

Rupert 2016-07-31


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  1. If anyone sees Rupert can they tell him that Sabine, Angie and him are being really unfair – holding the tooth fairy and father Christmas as hostages (under the bed in Sabines flat) until all the world acknowledges their drivel as undisputed fact is just not on.

    Its making lots of kids cry and making millions worry

    Rupert, just ask your mummy, even she would not approve – FREE SANTA AND THE TOOTH FAIRY!!

    PS: You have been spotted at a club, don’t be shy rupert. Belinda took a great picture of you.


  2. So Rupert is a gigolo.
    That’s how he finances these trips. From Angie to Sabine. He must be one of those saintly sex workers who attend to the needs of the disabled but also sc**ws the totally deranged. He’s not really a High Class Hooker though is he?

    # Note to Rupert : do NOT eat at any McDonalds in London. Each and everyone of them have been inducted into the Cult and serve up fresh baby in their Big Macs.
    In fact 99% of London food outlets include Fresh Bub in their food. It’s mandatory and is an edict from Up High & the current High Priestess Theresa of The May. Better not to eat all, just smoke. But careful Rupert because all marijuana reefers in London contain a certain amount of ground baby in them.

    Your best bet Rupert is to stay at The Ritz Hotel and eat in their restaurants as that is where all the Cult Leaders congregate as the only Infant Free establishment (you will recall the former High Priestess Margaret of The Thatcher lived there until she died- not that’s she’s really dead of course but now living in Bohemian Grove)
    Did you get Angie’s credit card number? Just put all expenses on that. She’ll understand.

    I hope your meeting with the Supreme Galactic Ambassador from the Planet Caladan, Princess Neelu of The Berry goes well and you remember to take a gift of a 6 Billion Pound lien to her in memory of the ethereal Saint Tory, recently transformed into an eternal sphere of cosmic bliss.

    # Note to Mrs Karen Dashmitt Quaintance ( crazy name , crazy dame !)- Rupes WILL be infected by the time he returns to your bosom- ensure you warn any neighbour with small children.

    Must go now. My nurse is here.

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  3. Hahahahaha! Awesome stuff!

    And thank you soooo much, EC – now I’ll never get that image of Roopy getting the whip treatment from Sabine the sour Kraut while Angie looks on out of my head. Oh wait – I appear to be filling in gaps that aren’t there. I may inadvertently have tapped into own inner psyche there!

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  4. If Roopy gets sick of staying at Sabine’s, he could always nip round to Belinda’s “mansion” and kip in one of the man cages she keeps in her basement.

    And no, you cheeky buggers, “man cage in her basement” is not a euphemism.

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    • “Also we have a policy of blocking abusive language and nastiness.”

      ~ Mel Ve

      “Since I’m in bitch fest mode today…I just wanna let it all out, so I’m going to do just that…I was talking about self-indulgent egotistical twats. And of course, there’s no shortage of them in free and independent media.”

      ~ Mel Ve

      No hypocrisy there, then πŸ™‚

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    • Mel is putting peoples lives at risk as evidenced by the threat against the school teacher, if any of the hampstead accused read this have you thought about legal action against mel? she is the one getting this crap out to more people than angie etc. you may find a solicitor on a no win no fee basis

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      • This IS the problem….. The very real harm these people are doing. In the case of the Hampstead hoax they have done immeasurable damage to innocent children who happened to be living in the ‘wrong place at the wrong time’. The psychological damage done to other Hampstead children by these hoaxers is of prime concern. Similarly, they’ve cost perfectly innocent business people disruption to their daily lives and taken food from their tables. – And for what?

        As well as the drugs connection, it seems that a fair number of these people have tried to ‘make it’ at some level in the creative industries and failed. I’d love to hear more of Mel Ve’s background as a model for instance. The now turgid over-tanned nobody that she is today; exactly what kind of ‘modelling’ was it she did? – It seems to me that a prime mover in this hoax is jealousy.

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  5. Class production HOH.

    When CCN scamcast goes tits up and its 3 viewers go back to watching tellytubbies Mel and Biggi will be out on the streets.
    Clearly busking is out of the question although she could try pan handing at the local deaf,dumb and blind club.
    Sad shit.

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  6. I am not convinced that rupert he is in London. For a start he claims that he has guns. can you imagine British police detecting a gun without an alert ? but will check anyway

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    • Thanks, Joe

      And thanks to MKD for all their videos

      I always associate Vunky with three things – her conviction for chicken-throwing, her pathological obsession with getting her Jarvises out and her rants about how corporal punishment should be re-legalised.

      By the way, re. that screenshot (at 21:28) of Mel telling me there’s a special place in Hell for me – is that legally binding? I mean when I get there, can I use that as proof that I have a reservation?ο»Ώ

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  7. I found it interesting that Kevin Weaver stated that he is no longer interested in the case. If he really is all about protecting children, and truly believes a cult does exist, then it should be top of his interest list. Instead, as soon as the police started arresting Sands and Berry, he whimpered off for almost a year. I don’t think he wanted to put himself in a position where he could actually be arrested. He likes to babble on about common law and statutes crap to the police and traffic wardens. By getting arrested it would ruin his self image of “they can’t arrest me cause is know the law better than them….and I’ve been in gangs”.

    I imagine Rupert, if he ever make it to London, will be much the same, all bluster, no real action.

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  8. 1) sabine is a traveler, and very rarely stay at her flat which she is sharing with her nephew, (she receives housing benefits)
    2) Sabine in the past has never ever accommodated at her flat anyone, especially a mad American pot smoking stranger.
    3) Rupert he would have posted a photo of him somewhere in London so to prove he is in London.
    4) Knowing Sabine in person she may be mad but she has never used physical violence so I cannot imagine sabine hitting Rupert with a book over his head.

    5) The last I heard off Rupert was in Ireland, But of course I am not interested to follow Rupert around.


  9. I can inform you that London Met received a complain in regards of Ruperts comments having a gun or /and he will smash buildings up. I encourage you to do the same. There is an online form you can fill.

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  10. Wonder how these idiots are able to afford flitting about around the world. Although, they probably have some money-making scams going – or just rob old people – that seems more their style.

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  11. The results that come back when you search “CCN” on google are interesting, this one could easily reflect the program. Its presentation is shit, the content is worse and the presenters are straight from a sewer….

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  12. Just been sent this – it speaks volumes. Karen asked Angie when she is going to publish something that disproves that Angie is a Charity Scammer, Like Bank account statements.

    The comment was deleted seconds later….

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  13. TFT obviously touched a nerve – his comments were soon deleted (in fact less than two minutes after the screen shot above was posted here.

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    • I’ve questioned her about that (and it was deleted, naturally). It’s my understanding that doctors tend to prescribe Concerta for ADHD now rather than Ritalin, I don’t know why, as it’s essentially the same drug. And I’m sure Angie would never make stuff up anyway.

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      • I have ADD. I recognise anyone with ADD/ADHD. I think Angela Power Disney is being dishonest about having ADHD. One of the major characteristics of people with ADD/ADHD is that they desire authenticity. Disney has shown only contradictions and shallow attitudes and principles.

        I take no prescribed medications for ADD. The difference between different drugs for ADD/ADHD is on the speed of their response and the duration of their response; as to which medication is prescribed and its potency, depending the doctor’s assessment of the situation of the individual.

        Self medication through cannabis is a common route some people with ADD/ADHD take, though I prefer high doses of caffeine.

        Angela Power Disney is a psychopath, who uses multiple masks and fictions to manipulate others. She is a hollow fraud who is incapable of being honest even to herself.

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        • One obvious sign that APD is a sociopath is her compete lack of empathy for others who she accuses of all manner of things (and the innocent children).

          But they also have no empathy about their own feelings- sociopaths don’t have a conscience so it’s impossible for them to even understand notions like empathy.

          Hence the normal reactions for a normal person would be to get upset about comments about them on here. That is natural and normal even if it’s the truth.

          A sociopath merely sees the comments about them, say on here, in a competition type manner.
          They are fighting a war (which they never win) so everything is fair- telling lie upon lie is permissible (but they cannot understand what a lie is) and they have no record inside their heads of previous lies told. Their life is a series of battles, some they win most they lose.

          APD also uses classic sociopath techniques of flattery to those they wish to have a hold over- Rupert, Jake etc.

          Prediction: now I have said Angela Power-Disney is a sociopath (although others have said it many times on here) she will read this (she lies that she does not read Hoaxtead- she has to as it’s often about her and in her mind that is a sort of vindication so she will lap up comments on here)..she will begin regularly calling others sociopaths. For the true sociopath is never original. All their ideas & thoughts are stolen.

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        • That’s the way they are. It’s fine for them to accuse dozens of people of the most foul crimes imaginable, destroy lives, and make threats and accusations that have lifelong effects on innocent children…but if you ask them simple questions you’re being ‘abusive’.

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          • They did all that in the video, it was sickening. Angie spoke about RD, the Police, the Social workers. accusing them all of paedophilia. stating how there was a lot more evidence against RD than Abraham Christie. She’s deluded.
            CCN are letting her spout lies as fact.

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          • Angie’s talking about us now, lol.

            And she’s just spoken about Charlotte Ward, who “has many personas but has never been afraid to say this is me”, “did jail time for whistleblowing”, “was hacked and received death threats [from Hoaxtead Research]” and “ran off to Brazil and Iceland”. Apparently.

            LOL once again at Angela’s “fact-finding” skills and her perception of reality

            EC, this is comedy gold!

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          • If you ask a simple question, you’re being “abusive” but if you don’t ask a question, you’re “a chicken”.

            Yes, she actually just called us that. Hoaxtead got a mention at the end. It’s the first time she’s got the name right, at least. It was “that Hoaxter site” up until now.

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        • They’re still banging on. The funniest part is that they’re going straight into answering questions without actually telling the “audience” what the questions are, lol.

          PS: I’m boycotting the “trolldown” but they’re still responding to questions asked during Angela’s “show”.

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    • And their answer was quite alarming. I suspect Mel will now start trying to claim an influence in the Mitchell case and on Operation Latisse, more of which we’ll be hearing as time passes as it’s followed-up and the rest of the porn ring is exposed. – She’s already tried to claim it was her that exposed the fact Sheriff Buchanan had no sister when in fact it was Mark Daly.

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  14. Crap Confused Nonsense channel has that disturbed psycholoon Fiona Fartlet spewing out the sickest of sick bile imaginable.She needs to be in straight jacket in a padded cell somewhere at the bottom of the Atlantic.She almost makes Christie seem coherant.To top it all there is the delightful prospect of Eilish De Avalon hosting a live “chat” with her at 11. CNN really delving into the deepest dregs of delusion here.
    Gordon Bennet!

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      • One of the latest in vogue terms adopted by new age enlightenment fascists is “Trigger” etc.
        Interestingly this has nothing at all to do with Trigger out of only fools and horses but to do with being offended by just about everything and everybody unless it fits cosily witi their futile narrative.They should try evolving a sense of humour and perhaps grow a pear.
        Anyway thats me completely triggered for the night zzzzzzz

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      • Indeed EC Mr 666`s multi layered psychodelic montage techniques could work a treat on Sabines range of Matryoshka doll multiphrenic personality attributes mashed with syphonic crocodile overtures.Its all there.

        Unfortunately Sabines agent is currently declining any further media engagments at the present time owing to her Olympic commitments In Rio where she is competing in both able bodied and paralympic heptathlons.

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