Rupert spills the beans on Angie

The email inbox here at Hoaxtead Research is a funny thing. We receive all sorts, from death threats and lectures from people who still believe there’s a cult operating in Hampstead, to tips and information about ongoing stories. But every now and then we find something truly special—as we did last night.

Rupert Quaintance IV was arrested on Wednesday last, and while we’re still in the dark about his current whereabouts and legal status, we were most interested to receive an email from someone who was in touch with him via Facebook text in the days leading up to his arrest.

Our anonymous informant offered us a series of screenshots from a conversation they’d had with Rupert. We think they offer some intriguing insights, not only into Rupert and his relationship with Angie, but his opinion of the Hoaxtead pushers as a whole, and the potential future of his so-called ‘documentary’.

We present the screenshots to you here, just as we received them:


There you have it: Rupert finds Angela “disgusting”, “abusive”, and “gross”, and he was unimpressed with her claim that they were “in love with each other”. We wonder whether Angie really does understand the depth of Rupert’s loathing for her. As we’ve seen, she has an uncanny ability to twist reality until it suits her purposes, and there’s no reason to believe she’d do any differently in her relationship with Rupert.

We were interested to note that Rupert is dismissive of the “MKULTRA porn” that Angela and her fellow Hoaxtead pushers find so fascinating; and he says “I have distanced myself from all of them. I’ve seen all I need to”.

Is it safe to say that having accepting Angela’s generosity in paying for his flight to London, Rupert suddenly discovered that he’d bitten off far more than he could chew?

He sounds deeply disappointed in his grand European adventure now: not only does he despise Angie, but even the sainted Kevin Galalae is starting to sound like a less than delightful travel companion. (Not that anyone could have predicted that.) He’s broke, he’s been arrested, he’s disgusted with the entire business.

In fact, here are a couple of snippets from Rupert yesterday, responding to a slagfest between Angie and Yannis:


If we didn’t know better, we’d say the fight’s gone right out of him. Ah well, bravado and big talk will only get one so far. If Rupert’s wise, he’ll take that as a lesson.


137 thoughts on “Rupert spills the beans on Angie

  1. Gone but not forgotten Rupert…. Not by a long chalk. After what you’ve done, of your own volition, you don’t get to come back from this. NO matter how you paint it you issued threats against innocent people. Desecrated things that matter, and made false accusations against people who had done nothing wrong. – all in pursuit of some childish idiotic ‘dream’ you have of fame. You’ve hurt little children; left them with nightmares, maybe scarred them for life. Disrupted the lives of decent families. No….. You don’t walk away from that.

    You’re NEVER coming back from this and can forget any ideas of ‘making it’ in entertainment. You never had any skill or talent anyway – but this ends it. Take yourself OFF the internet completely and hope and pray somebody lets you shovel shit for a living.

    How to deactivate your account Rupert…..

    1) Click the downward arrow at the top right of any Facebook page.
    Select “Settings”

    2) Click “Security” in the left column.

    3) Choose “Deactivate your account”, then follow the steps to confirm.

    And BTW I think the lads may be round for a chat later. Don’t get up though; they’ve got a key……

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  2. It’s simple. People have been terrorised by the stuff and people he thinks is so great to get involved in …….. for ratings …….. a quick buck. Well done Rupert.

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    • He obviously has no concept of the damage he’s done or how angry people are. Quite why he would chose to exploit and offend the very people that might have helped his ambitions is beyond any fathoming. But he needs to understand his days as a backwater hotel clerk were the pinnacle of his career.

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      • It’s interesting: I think one reason people are so furious with Rupert is his incredible arrogance, combined with the truly terrible choice he made to follow Angie, who is clearly a foul individual, a liar with no conscience and no scruples. So many bad choices, and where has it led? Hardly to the success and fame he craves.


        • I saw him be rude to the Erith woman. That sealed it for me. That was him being natural, himself, with a woman who did nothing more than look out of her front door at what was going on in the alley by her flat.

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        • Rupert is a spoilt brat, lazy and dim-witted. And fundamentally dishonest. This is one reason why he thinks fame can simply be grasped without paying the appropriate dues. – He’s never grown beyond that childish ‘pretend’ stage where one day you can be a Fireman and in the afternoon a Doctor; his life is just play-acting. And he’s got away with that because no-one has made him stand on his own two feet. ….This internet ‘radio’ station? Just a child’s toy really; the 21st century equivalent of a CB set! ‘Film maker’? Wandering around like some twelve-year-old with a toy camera…. It’s all just childish fantasy.

          But I’m afraid he went far too far when he started interfering with the real lives of grown-ups.

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          • Yes, that’s the real crux of it: when his actions started causing people to fear for their children’s safety, it stopped being fun and games.


      • He obviously thinks increasing an Internet radio station’s ratings is worth it. He’s more mercenary than I thought, and that’s an incredible streak of cruelty to carry round. I pity him to be honest. It is a trait of psychopaths. As is grandiosity.

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  3. I think Joe Kerr says everything I think so no need to repeat it except I don’t forgive anyone who has contributed to the attempts to destroy even further, the lives of the 2 kids in this drama and their father and all those other innocent North London folk including that poor woman who fled her church flat with her kids.

    Everyone else’s comments are also spot on.

    And you do not get to tell the world : ” these people want to fuck little kid’s arseholes and it almost makes you want to try it to see what it’s like” or say you pissed up against a church wall ( I’m non-religious but have total respect for anyone’s religious beliefs and would never insult them for it) of infer you carry a knife which is a serious crime in the UK and then ramble on about how many bloody guns you and your mum have, and put these things on the web for the direct purpose of making people believe it’s true and then back peddle like crazy. moaning when it all goes arse over tit.

    And staying with and being friendly with people like Power-Disney and then calling her all sorts of names because the whole shemozzle fell apart just shows that you ain’t no Southern Gentleman and are still just an arrogant prick.

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  4. I watched the video on his GoFundme page (hard going- arrogance abounds) but I had to stop for a while after spluttering my tea yet again when he boasts the:
    “trolls said I would be arrested..and I came through here twice now and no problems whatsoever” LOL.

    It’s true..he cannot deny we didn’t warn him about everything that has unfolded.

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  5. Also note : Angie has now added a post to her Irish demo stating “this is how the Irish do it” (apparently the Irish ‘do it’ like every other bloody nation does) several hours after Hoaxtead queries the photo and one cleverly unmasked it as not a snap taken in London.

    Poor Angie- it’s all unraveling.

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    • As for tor this Quaintance goose ludicrously stating the UK will be “legalizing child sex abuse” perhaps he should read this report:

      “”Even if the true prevalence of child sexual abuse is not known, most will agree that there will be 500,000 babies born in the US this year that will be sexually abused before they turn 18 if we do not prevent it,” according to the Children Assessment Centre (CAC).

      The US Department of Health and Human Services’ Children’s Bureau report Child Maltreatment 2010 found that 16% of young people aged 14 to 17 had been sexually victimized in that year, and over the course of their lifetime, 28% of young people in the US, aged 14 to 17, had been sexually victimized.”

      Quaintance is a vacuous lightweight phony who seized upon a scheme fomented by an Irish scammer as a way of getting a free trip to the UK but it blew up in his face.
      # and what DID happen to those pals in Rome on their hunger strike? Dropped for being no longer of use?

      The real problem for Rupert Wilson Quainance is that he has now ensured an entire internet trail of his infractions, scams and arrest has been laid out for all the world to see. We still don’t know the details of his arrest but we will eventually.

      When people go for a job these days (unlike in my youth) there are another 200 seeking that job. Antone with the slightest mark against their name doesn’t get past first base. Unfair but that’s reality and probably as true in Culpepper as in London.

      If his dad does work associated with the CIA I reckon he would be appalled with his son’s reckless adventure. Rupert should atone for his actions by taking up genuine charity work in Culpepper- feeding the homeless and so on until he has redeemed himself.

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  6. Is Rupert still in England?

    It seems to me that Rupert must be waiting for a court case otherwise why is he sticking around.

    Perhaps he didn’t listen to the people on here because we told him so and that made him want to stick by Angela longer than he has.

    At least he has finally realised what she is.

    I don’t understand re the Yannis “YUCK” Emmanuol situation why Rupert didn’t just delete the whole thread where he says he’s had enough etc. If it was too much just delete…

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    • Sounds to me by the very muted way he is posting remarks and his “I’m outa this particular scam” and ” I wuz fooled by a crazy lady” he may still be in the UK and has been advised by a lawyer to cool his language.

      I think if he were back in the USA he would be laying into how ghastly and corrupt the British cops are and the legal system is run by pedos and The Cult deliberately silenced the Great Warrior etc etc, yadda yadda, blah,blah blah.

      ## I still believe it’s all about a visa irregularity and it’s not uncommon for Immigration to delay immediately deporting an offender and because illegal workers are such a huge problem they may chose to charge him and put him through the court process for maximum publicity.
      Of course even I can be wrong !!

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  7. LOL, Angela will shit when she sees this.

    And Rupert will be so pissed off when he realises his convo wasn’t as private as he thought. EC’s contact has really done a number on him and stabbed in in the back. So sneaky, so mean…and I for one truly appreciate it. Hehe 😀

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      • The truth is more like, Rupert’s had a complete break from the manipulating Angela and come to his senses finally.

        He’s realised all the people he’s involved himself with in this hoax are “nuts” in some way.

        He can’t wait to get back home to Mom and wants to break away from everyone involved with this Hampstead saga, but they came on his fb page and stirred things again for him.

        Yucky Yannis and Agitator Angie.

        He will come out of this realising there was no such thing as a free lunch.

        As for any future career well there probably never was going to be one anyway.

        Rupert had all the privileges and didn’t get anywhere…

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      • Oh, at very least. And I will see your “they brainwashed/mind-controlled Rupert” and raise you a “they injected Angie with cancer”. I’m still fully expecting a cancer scare from her, and I’m sure it’ll be linked in some way to “MKULTRA”.


    • I think we’ve got to wait until Thursday for the latest update “show”.

      Madam says she is travelling tomorrow.

      Well it’s not to Luton’s Coral Unit or Luton Airport but to Lanzarote.

      Nice work if you can get it.

      Funny how Angela never explains how she gets the money she lives on, or how she pays for all of her travel, mmm…

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      • She will have about every benefit and hand out milkable from the system,together with a few charity wheezes,insurance fiddles and no doubt other yet to be uncovered earners.

        The woman is one of lifes opportunists and void of any scruples or conscience. She considers herself entitled and can do precisely as she pleases.She even believes she has the big G covering her arse!!!If anything does not “fit” with her world(like say the truth)she will seek onlt to to eliminate it.

        Nothing will ever change inside Angie but the world can hopefully learn to give her a wide berth.Sadly after all this there will be fresh victims and until she is raptured in one way or another that is the unfortunate situation.

        I suspect her kids bit by bit will gravity away from her grip and she may at best receive occasional duty xmas cards etc.The real worth and wheat in life will seep away through the cracks and Angie will end up as a sack of shit decaying in an obscure u bend of history.Not a beautiful life.

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        • Yes, I think “what’s wrong with Angie” comes down to a malignant personality disorder. She’s stated this in at least one of her videos, seemed to think it was a joke. It’s not.


    • People’s mothers read about all this stuff that Abraham Christie and Ella Draper torturned their children into saying about them. People’s mothers know about shit through people’s doors. People’s mothers know about emails sent to everyone at their child’s workplace. People’s mothers know that their children have fireproofed their doors against arson and petrol bombs. People’s mothers know their families have had to move. People’s mothers know their grandchildren have had to move school because of a pair of evil POS.

      Rupert and his mum get really butthurt. People in the UK are supposed just be all smiles and nicey nicey about all this utter evil.

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      • Yes, before he decided to come here to raise hell, he might have thought just a little bit about the people he would be attacking. It’s not as if this was a spur of the moment decision: he and Angie had plenty of time to work it all out, and the hoax has been debunked several ways, in various places around the internet.

        I cannot imagine being so dense as to think that he’d be welcomed, or even received neutrally, by people who have been through what the victims of this hoax have endured.


        • And as JK said, Rupert’s only regretting it now because he realises he’s in big trouble and his toys (i.e. camera equipment) have been confiscated. I very much doubt there’s a genuine sense of remorse for the damage he’s done.

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  8. A lot of these old posts and comments have taken on a whole new meaning now. LOL 😀

    I’m trying to find an old screenshot of a conversation that Danielle George (I think) had with Rupert around March/April, in which he admitted that the donations to his GoFundMe (especially Angie’s £1,000) were a bit much and implied that he was regretting getting involved…

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  9. Oh now I see the Rome hunger striker IS Kevin Galalae- so hard to keep track of these truthers.

    I see there is yet another of these ‘TV Networks ” which are just Youtube channels but this one called WHDT World Television service goes all out with a suited talking head and a back drop that looks very kosher and so on but really- it’s just another form of deception by amateurs imitating real TV networks and trying to give the appearance of a solid entity when it’s just cheap smoke & mirrors.

    On this one the ‘newsreader’ says in 2014 that Galalae’s hunger strike may force The Pope to ..oh I don’t know…do something like come out of The Vatican and speak to Kevin but of course he did sod all connected with them.

    What a strange world they inhabit. I mean we do live in a strange world full of media we can’t really trust but this Truther Mob take it to a whole new level where they fool themselves and a few 100 devoted followers if they are lucky.
    And they call us a Cult !!

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    • From what I have heard, the present Pope is quite good at getting back to people if they approach him through the regular channels. I don’t suppose he would get back to anyone who was clearly mad and accusing him of being involved in a New World Order depopulation plot.

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    • Am I the only one who finds it amusing that the way the nutters convince one another that their ‘news channels’ are legit is by dressing them up to look like…well, the dreaded mainstream media (MSM)?


      • You mean the one that ahem, definitely did happen? The one that didn’t consist of two Collies and a man who thought he was going to meet Stirling Moss? The one that didn’t collapse due to being overrun by nutcases?

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      • Surely if yesterday was any success, numbers wise then Angie wouldn’t hesitate to post the photos up. So i think her silence says it all.

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    • What a fucking idiot he is…..

      I’m certain they have the equivalent of our FE/HE colleges over there. If he wanted to get into performance why didn’t he sign up for a course, join some theatre groups, perhaps even move on to study at Bachelor level? Too lazy and stupid to pay his dues that’s why.

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  10. Rupert handled this opportunity badly, he would have been better to have taken note of journalists such as Louise Theroux in approaching the Hamsptead subject from a less confrontational, objective and open-ended point of view. I doubt many of those opposing the hoax were willing to talk to Rupert, so all he has is the material of crazies such as Jake Clarke and Neelu Berry to play with for his “documentary.”

    Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV was never middle of the road in his public actions and words, he waged war on the innocent victims of this hoax, he waged war against Satanism, he waged war on the children. Rupert is the one Satan Hunter who has pissed me off the most.

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    • Nevertheless “they’re all nuts” is a sign that a glimmer of reality is beginning to shine through the brain clouds. “All nuts”. Group psychosis, folie a multitude.

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    • Journalists such as Louise Theroux are educated people who took the time to learn and understand the rules and work with the backup of a team of experts….. Directors, Commissioning Editors, Lawyers and Paralegals, Researchers, PR, Technicians et.

      Rupert is (literally) some wanker with a flea-market tripod, a shitty toy video camera of the type your Granny might take on holiday, lacking the patience to edit and with no clue of how the law or the world works.

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  11. This is fascinating stuff. We did speculate that Rupert might not be as green as he is cabbage looking. The thing is, Hoaxtead is not the sort of subject that can be turned into a documentary. The involvement of children makes it almost impossible to do without breaching existing court orders or further invading the privacy of the victims. The Hoaxers can be exposed, but their victims will want to remain anonymous.

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    • Actually, if you know what you’re doing a subject like Hoaxtead might well yield, or at least contribute to a legitimate documentary. A skilled professional would understand perfectly how to work within the constraints of standard reporting restrictions. An honest agent would faithfully report the story that emerges. And they would understand the limits that professionalism places on someone positioning themselves as an insider; especially in terms of their future reporting.

      Rupert, on the other hand, is every bit as cabbage as he is cabbage looking. He’s done, I doubt the hotel will have him back now, they’ll be made aware of his antics and the likely impact on bookings. He should perhaps apply to the local Cleansing Department; though I can understand if people object to him walking the streets and coming near their children.

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  12. Keep digging, fruitloop!

    By the way, how’s this for shoveling? She’s posted that comment under the pics of her posing by Big Ben etc., not of the one of the Dublin water bill march that she hilariously tried to pass off as a London child abuse rally. She knows full well what pics we’re referring to.

    And as for Kristie Sue Costa, the mad bint has actually been PMing a number of us (not the other way round), desperate for dirt on Angie’s fake pic and ‘alleged’ no-show. LOL

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      • “Since early-2015, there have been extensive online efforts to discredit the testimony of the two children involved in the Hampstead allegations, and in particular, the integrity of their mother who first reported the allegations to authorities.”

        Actually, Kristie Sue, Ella discredited herself bye…er…NOT reporting the abuse to the authorities. No, that was left to her brother-in-law Jean Clement, because Ella and Abe couldn’t be arsed.

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      • KSC has written a whole section on ‘Spreading Horrible Rumours’.

        “Angela claims the information came from a reliable source (in her opinion) yet has not seen any concrete evidence to confirm or deny the allegations to date. Quite an irresponsible act to publish such allegations without seeing the evidence, or doing a little research…”

        No hypocrisy there, then.

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  13. Incoming…… A collective response to Rupert follows.

    1) You’re a liar… There is blending in and there is rolling about in the shit. Delusional idiot that you are, you thought you could just play Journalist and score a free world tour. You backed the wrong donkey. But in the process you CHOSE to abuse a lot of innocent people. As Joe points out, many of them are the very folk that could have assisted you in your aspirations. Your doors are now closed.

    2) You got caught in the middle because you ran there and started goading people. Take a look in the mirror you fucked-up puny little stick insect. Yes, you’re not only a ‘disappointment’ your a fraud and a failure. And there is a cost to that.

    3) You want to apologise? Then you remove EVERY piece of social media content you ever posted and you leave a single paragraph apology on them all. You go back to Virginia and live the life of the nobody you are. And pray, just pray, that when you inherit nobody comes after you for every sorry penny you never earned. Be aware that you’ve upset REAL Journalists REAL Lawyers and REAL entertainment people. Lift your face off the floor you’re sweeping and they’ll see to it you’re living in a cardboard box under a bridge just like your Italian friends. Capiche?

    4) You didn’t get “investigatey”. – That’s nowhere in your skillset. You are a delusional arsehole. Your and your family’s name are now MUD thanks to your antics. You’ll get your shitty little toy camera and flea market tripod back. Expect your holiday snaps to be erased; but in any case… Use a frame of it and a great big huge machine will come along and sue the Quaintance clan into obscurity. – We don’t care if your brother has a machine gun or mommy packs a piece in her knickers. What we do will be legal and justified, unlike the shit you got up to.

    5) We expect to see you deleting yourself by 00:00 hours GMT on the 20th of September.

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  14. More….

    Nobody believes for a moment you were ever going to “burn the activists down”. IF that were the case you would NEVER have used rhetoric that left little children frightened to go to sleep at night in case you ‘kicked down the doors’ of their school or even their home. You wouldn’t have hurt and frightened little old ladies by implying you were literally pissing on their sincerely-held Christian beliefs ( some fucking ‘conservative’ you are!) and waiting around the corner with a ‘biscuit’ (i.e. blade) in your pocket!

    Where the fuck do you get off leaving some respectable straight-laced old person too frightened to go to church on a Sunday?

    It’s quite comical that you tried to play the tough guy Rupert, you’re such an underdeveloped little man! But still, anyone who knew what they were doing and was capable of infiltrating such a group would have known better than to cross that line. Incidentally – the ‘group’ responsible for the above response includes the very Lawyers who hope to have the opportunity to financially cripple you and your family. And some very angry policemen too! You have a chance to walk. – Walk! Fast and far!

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        • I had a puppy once who used to run around yapping and piddling on the carpet. If you scolded him, he’d yap louder and piddle more…he never really seemed to realise that the yapping and piddling were what caused the scolding.

          Eventually, that dog was able to be housetrained. I wonder if the same will be said for Rupert?

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          • Not really…… Talk is circulating now of the Quaintances being sued. Certain individuals have obtained diagnosis of what for the moment I’ll mis-label ‘PTSD’ type ilness as the result of what Rupert did aggravated by Karen’s involvement/endorsement. And some of these people have the knowledge connections and financial clout to start proceedings against him through the U.S. courts. – Unlike Rupert, they’re not fantasists. And are angry enough to start throwing six-figure lawsuits at both Rupert and Karen.

            He and his family might not be left with a house for him to be house-trained to!

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    • I dont suppose he has made contact with that nurse at Jakes clinic whom he insulted and blazened across the internet.He is in damage limitation made. When he is back in his safe space with momie he will most likely revert to type eg complete wanker.

      His antics are unforgivable even if he was an 18 year old kid,the fact that he is pushing 40 makes this individual terminally beyond the pail.Well done Karen for defending him and not reigning him in.Shit child, shit parents.


      • This is exactly why people are talking about going after them financially Mik. When he was posting here as FOTW the other night he was as arrogant as ever and only started to get rattled when it became clear he was fooling no-one. Once he gets back to the US he will start imagining himself invincible again. Him and the old bat that raised him need hitting where it hurts; with these ‘types’ that’s in the pocketbook.


      • I thought she was a huge fan of Cliffs? Especially as her life is all about driving as fast as possible towards the edge of one!

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          • No wonder Cliff says they have almost destroyed his life.
            How many goons are there out there just like this Irish battleaxe that simply accept any accusation as long as it involves their favourite subject- child abuse (apart from one of the allegations had Cliff on roller skates, skating down a High Street and suddenly veering into a ship to grope a lad and out again and then return a few minutes later, quick fumble and then zoom off on his skates!)

            Whatever happens with this Hoaxtead case which I believe will peter out of it’s own accord eventually given the main players are now all facing court and are bound to be given even stricter silence orders – I’m determined this Power-Disney dame is not let off the hook. She must pursued and exposed so no-one gets taken in be her again.

            As for Rupert Quaintance now claiming he was never really part of these fanatics, who does he think he’s kidding? He actively encouraged people to post images of the children. And now I’ve seen his arrogant go at some poor lady who opened her door and probably wondered why some goon was wondering up and down her alley way- he shall not be forgiven for his rudeness.

            Obviously no-one went to that rally because they weren’t going in the first place. For the vast majority of Hoaxers this matter is already becoming a bore and they are looking for a new sensation. It was just the hardcore and they all got arrested, except Angie and her pathetic attempt to pretend there was a rally- she’s just one really bad liar.

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      • Hey diddle,diddle
        The bats on the fiddle
        The old cow jumped over the moon.(Resulting from a serious bullshit generated methane overload)
        The coyote did laugh
        to see such fun
        because her shit stirring spoon is now firmly stuck right up her arse.

        Angie spotted embarking on a new career stealing Xmas tress.


      • The Hollie Greigg case proved you could cause immense damage in people’s lives (the falsely accused) and almost get away with it. But those brave ladies fought back and eventually cleared their names but it took a few years.

        i think Ella took note and thought she could cause the same grief for her ex-husband but with the career criminal Abraham Christie on the case the whole thing blew up into a drama that hit the national media and blew up in their faces.

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        • Actually Sam/Lisa, one of the big problems with the Hollie Greig case is that the authorities FAILED to clear the names of the people Green had defamed. The ladies you refer to didn’t get anyone put away. – Green was jailed for breach of the peace, mainly on the basis that he had frightened people on a certain Aberdeen housing estate. Which – like the carry on with Neelu and Sabine – was a completely inappropriate charge. Green only went down because instead of defending himself he tried to use his own trial as a platform to pursue his wider bizarre agenda. His subsequent visits inside were due to him breaching various orders and conditions.

          It’s was, I’m told on good authority, said by one of Scotland’s leading criminal defence lawyers that Green’s conviction was “unfortunate and unnecessary”. – But (as was also put to me) ‘his own mother’ sitting as Sheriff would have had no choice but to convict him and the complete pile of bloody nonsense he offered as a ‘defence’ was of absolutely no relevance to the charge he was facing! There isn’t a shred of doubt that beyond what she was compensated for the allegations in relation to Hollie Greig are not supported by a shred of evidence, and actually debunk themselves (like Hoaxtead). But the one thing that keeps it ‘in the air’ is that the whole debacle represents a twisted failure of justice. – The links to McKenzie and other well-known scammers, and even (arguably) a now-convicted child rapist only make the waters surrounding the Hollie Greig hoax muddier!

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          • I think the pay out to Hollie by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (am I right?) seemed to confuse matters a lot and made people assume there was more substance in the outlandish claims than there was. We have seen something similar with Bishop Bell recently. I know some clerics who are very angry that the Church of England paid out a lot of money on the basis of very little investigation and managed to blacken the reputation of a man who many still regard very highly.


          • The CICA payout was made on the basis that – on the balance of probability – she was abused as a child. And it’s actually fairly clear who is implicated in that. It’s also the case that the evidence surrounding THAT issue implicates the mother as being complicit in covering up that abuse. The waters were muddied further by the determination of some factions to discredit these official findings…… i.e. It wasn’t enough to clear the names of the defamed and debunk Anne Greig’s fabrications. It remains the case therefore than many credible people are convinced there was ‘something to hide’; although it’s not what Green tried to promote. The recent conviction of Hugh Mitchell may light a few lights, time will tell, the Police need the opportunity to do what they need to do. But it I hope it will all unravel in the end.

            You’re right in suggesting the CICA payment was conflated by Green and his cohorts as if it proved other things had happened. It was effective because that (court) decision has weight, and trying to debunk it only drew suspicion on the people doing so. But then that IS Green’s (and McKenzie’s) ‘way of working’. The Irony is that if he had been convicted in some way that allowed his fairy stories to be explored in court, not only would the people he defamed had their names PROPERLY cleared in court (as they have a right to) but it might well have brought a whole house of cards tumbling down. It’s really not good enough that the only place these women have been vindicated is in an article written by a spud-faced wee nyaff who many people opine might well wind up on a sex-offender’s wing himself one day!

            And this is where the interesting comparison with the Berry/McNeill case comes in. – They ‘got off’ quite easily on a technicality. Had Green offered any kind of relevant defence, the probability is that he would have walked too! That’s not just my opinion but one I’ve heard from a well-known Scottish QC! The question that arises from this is why did the authorities go to such lengths to avoid PROPERLY shutting the hoax down? SO, why ARE the authorities – the Crown Office and the CPS – fucking these cases up so royally? Answers on the back of an open cheque for about £500K please!


          • The amount of public money and police time wasted when these cases aren’t prosecuted properly is downright criminal.

            I know a man who was generally regarded as a “wrong un'” by people in the village. He did a lot of minor things and was filmed by the police doing something serious which should have put a stop to many of his activities. The case fell through thanks to the intervention of a senior police officer who happened to be a member of the same golf club. The man in question continued in his ways and is now in prison for the murder of his own wife. (I can’t be more specific – I am very close to my source who knows exactly went on but has sworn me to secrecy).


          • Then there is the more routine human cost…… Is it not the case that someone felt sufficiently unsafe in their flat near the church that they moved out? And we have another family just moved up here from Hampstead that include this very hoax among their reasons for getting out! The Hollie case wrecked businesses and severely disrupted lives, for what? – I do realise that people may be jealous of the Hampstead lifestyle and in some cases people might have rubbed others up the wrong way. But by what measure is hoaxing any way to ‘deal with’ such things?


          • I think it may be a symptom of “post-factual” politics. If reality doesn’t suit you, just make shit up. Quite depressing really. The French Revolution was in part started by scurrilous pamphlets about the alleged sex lives of Lois XVI and Marie-Antoinette. Whatever corruption there was in the ancien regime, drowning nuns in the Seine wasn’t the answer to anyone’s problems.


  15. Rupert on APD “Lets just say when I visited her, oh it was terrible.”

    Call me inquisitive, but I’d love him to expand on that..

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  16. Rupert: “…I’d really like my equipment back…” seems to be the crux of the biscuit, IMO.
    I think he’s hoping that “I totally agree with the police now”, etc., will facilitate the return of his equipment.

    But I already bought it, through a “seized items” auction, and crushed it in an industrial garbage compactor 🙂

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    • He’ll get his toy rubbish back eventually, minus the harassing material which will be erased. Of course, he MAY have to return to London to collect it; by which time he’ll be banned from entering the UK. – I did enjoy “Catch 22”.

      What he had was cheap junk anyway.


  17. Rupert has said himself that his dream is to live by being on camera and has looked at Alex Jones as an inspiration. However, most of what Jones puts out is attacking adults that to some degree expect to be attacked. Politicians and big business…etc.

    This case involves the average person and their children. People have truly been harmed by this case and they are still being attacked. To put it mildly, Rupert was very misguided to have chosen this as a subject matter, regardless of how neutral he now claims to be. Even more misguided to have aligned himself with Angie, one of the worst for spreading misinformation, disinformation and outright lies.

    As others have said, the most interesting documentary angle would be looking at the dynamics of Angie and her friends. If you look at documentaries about WBC, survivalists, UFO enthusiasts, Scientologists…etc, what makes it interesting is the relationships between those members and what brings them together. The likes of Angie, Sabine, Neelu, Belinda…etc, really are a cult. A cult worthy of investigation. The only real cult in this case.

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    • Rupert can dream, as many do, until he’s blue in the face. But he’s clearly unprepared to learn the basics of the craft to which he aspires. He’s what we call a ‘mug punter’. And has bought the snake-oil version of media success. He’s not bright enough to realise that people like Alex Jones are just the 21st century evolution of the old side-show travelling salesmen. And they are basically there to shift ‘Dr Good’ style rubbish. – Additionally, these guys are seriously invested in the literacy of their genre and the technology which underpins it….. It’s a cold business.

      Rupert remains just a random tosser with a toy video camera. – And it’s maybe part of the great game that the likes of Alex Jones isn’t honest enough to reign a clown like this in. He won’t be ‘too keen’ on competition for his audience share. And where it does ’emerge’ it will be from within a carefully vetted ‘inner circle’. As for Angie, Neelu Sabine and the rest of the ‘McKenzie Group’ scams. – They seem to be part of a relatively small ‘pool’ of London based criminals that have been running various scams since at least the early 1980s. I do know of people who are researching themes surrounding them. More than that I’d prefer not to say.


      • Hollywood has a lot to answer for. Usually characters in movies become great successes through “putting their heart into it” or “really wanting it” rather, than studying or training over a period of many years (not that that would make an interesting story line).

        I hope the investigations into the McKenzie Group are going to produce some results.


    • There’s a truly interesting story about who actually benefits, has their aims furthered, by lurid tales of child abuse cover ups. I can tell you, Anjem Choudary’s very last tweet, one last year, gone because his account was deleted, included the hashtag #TedHeath. He was also complaining about child protection. Also, who also is well know for government sponsored media peddling outright conspiracy stuff? Iran and Russia for a start off the top of my head. Which politician is riding the wave of support from basement conspiracists and admires Putin?

      I’m not conspiracy minded myself but I have seen this stuff benefit bad people. When people trust no one in government or authority someone is going to step into that vacuum and I only see bad portents so far.

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    • Agreed, Dave. Before we let Jones off the hook, though, I feel I should point out that he too jumped on the Hampstead bandwagon at one point and sought to fan the SRA flames. Somewhere there’s a video of him ranting about it but I can’t seem to find it.


      • The more I think about it Spiny, Jones has run plenty of stories as sickening as this case. I missed the video in which he discusses this. Interestingly, Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars, called this as a hoax early on, and has also had run ins with Rupert.

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  18. I can’t find the comment now, I think it might have been from Joe, about Deatheaters and how clownish showboating not only contributes nothing to Child Protection but actively distracts from the serious work on Child Protection issues. I wanted to say how much I appreciated that comment, whomever you are.

    Particularly disturbing to me is Deatheaters obsession with the mythology of child “snuff” porn, and like so many similar conspiranoids, their uncritical acceptance of Dave McGowan’s “The Pedophocracy” as an accurate revelation & analysis of “what’s really going on”. Actually, McGowan was a sh*t researcher, none of his material was original research – he simply compiled other people’s paranoid misinformation into one grand thesis with no understanding of the original source info that he misquotes and misinterprets to serve his own purposes.

    For example – in the late 1990’s the Russian Mafia was running some boy-porn operations and selling videos of their “work” over the internet. (They were selling some of the ‘models’ too, even more disturbing!)
    The FBI, Interpol and Russian police worked together to bust one of these operations, which had a “pedo necros” listing in their ‘catalog’. (These titles turned out not to be actual “snuff”, just child S&M being marketed that way). Police investigators turned this operation into one of their favorite and most effective stings. They traced the server through which the porn operation was marketing their stuff and caught the operator by surprise, at the controls. Instead of shutting it down, they replaced the operator with a specialist investigator who took over the controls and carried on the operation for several months, playing the role of the server operator. This allows them to access the info about customers necessary to trace them, research them, and target the ones with access to children for priority arrests.

    After the conclusion of the police sting, when the operation really was shut down and customers were arrested, the Italian press published some email conversation evidence which revealed the true depravity of some child porn customers. One example, which I’m not going to quote precisely, went like this:

    Snuff seeking customer: “I’ve been burned before. How do I know this will be the real thing?”
    Operator: “Trust me, this one dies”

    McGowan and his idiot fans use this as proof that the Russian mob really was selling “snuff” porn, demonstrating that they don’t understand the “Operator” in that conversation was THE POLICE INVESTIGATOR, dutifully playing the role of mobster porn marketer. Although he knows better, he is doing his best to lure this customer into making a purchase – he REALLY wants this snuff-seeking sicko’s info, from the purchase, because he is the type of depraved pervert who will be targeted for priority arrest – for obvious reasons.

    McGowan’s naive assumptions about this are accepted as fact by people like Deatheaters and the misinformation about it is repeated over & over throughout their networks.

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    • It possibly was myself Justin; I’m not alone in questioning this infantilisation of what is a particularly dreadful, soul-sucking and just ‘dirty’ form of abuse. One of the lowest ebbs humanity can sink to.

      In the late 90s the internet was much smaller and slower. And I understand where the press ‘were coming from’ in publishing that account as they did. Hindsight being 20:20 I doubt the wisdom of it though as it does seem to have encouraged a fanciful narrative. Surprised they could stream much in the way of video back then. I’ve recently learned that even these days material is typically sent on USB media, partly to evade the attention busy servers might draw.

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      • @Joe – sorry, I might not have given you a wrong impression from my bare-bones account of that operation. My understanding is, the mobster’s website had a catalog divided into categories, under each of which there were small ‘teaser’ clip samples from the VIDEOTAPES that they were selling. People might recall this case from the surprising revelation that the mobsters actually used a well known international courier service to deliver the video cassettes to their customers.


        • Ah! I see! I did wonder, but then you can put nothing past these characters. IIRC correctly sending a video file was just about possible back then, but it would have been at very low resolution and reduced frame rate. And possibly taken days to download. – And right enough, what would cause the minimum suspicion BUT a mainstream courier.

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      • I’m somewhat aware of the technique Ginger….. The police do what they need to do. If they’re banging these perverts up they get no criticism from me.

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  19. I see a comment above about will Angie pull a cancer scare. No doubts. She is like Janet Schrodenberg (sorry if thats bad spelling) She has claimed many times to have had cancer. Ironically dim jim is talking to her and her good friend Adeybob on twitter, even with the news their good friend Darren Laverty is looking to be sentenced for trolling a survivor and Sonya Poulton. He really doesn’t have a good nose for wrong’ens. Janet is harbouring her brother in holland, i won’t begin to talk about her brother and his crime, its too horrid to post.


    • I am aware of certain feuds between people, convictions, arrests. I generally keep my opinion to myself really.

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    • I wouldn’t be surprised if she does really get throat cancer or emphysema the amount of fags she gets through.
      Don’t wish it upon her or anyone but it would be ironic if she did as who would believe her?. I also think the cigarettes are why she has that throaty voice and note, she is always coughing.

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      • I’m sure she’s already stated on previous videos that she has been diagnosed with COPD due to her smoking.


  20. I think Angela Power Disney has a natural nose for associating with paedophiles, hence her choosing Rupert and Jake, both who I think are latent paedophiles. I think all efforts to keep Jake and Rupert away from children will save a child from being badly raped or abused.


  21. Angie as always posting endless links to dodgy satanist pedo tales (is this what she means by being an “activist” against child abuse?- surfing the net?)

    These clots never do real research though. One of her latest grabbed my attention because it mentioned Australia but alas, it lead to the well known “truther” nutcase Henry Makow.
    I chose a random paragraph (can’t take reading their entire B/S) and yes, there was one glaring and idiotic mistake which amply demonstrates this dangerous mob of sheeple (they are the ‘sheeple’ blindly accepting every nutcase’s web rantings.

    It claimed the US Federal Reserve also own the Reserve Bank in Australia. Not so-the US Federal Reserve is a privately owned entity that wields much power.

    The Australian Reserve Bank is a government body and always has been. It’s directors and CEO are government appointees and it oversees control of private banks with some of the strictest controls on banks in the world, so much so that an Aussie bank has never gone bust and they all make huge profits with the Reserve Bank setting interest rates and this is one reason why Australia wasn’t hit by the 2007/8 financial collapse in the US and basically rode out the calamity relatively unscathed.

    So no devil-worshipers there.

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