Rupert’s astonishing confessions

We were all looking forward to this week’s version of Angela’s Caches with such a glow of anticipation, truly it warmed the cockles of the heart. After all, Angie had promised us a full-on freak show, with a panel of guests that included the fresh-from-Holborn Sabine, Neelu ‘Lien on Me’ Berry, Penny ‘You Want Crystals with That’ Pullen, Lee ‘Wolverine’ Cant, and Rupert ‘My Head is Perfectly Normal’ Quaintance.

It started fairly uneventfully…well, nearly half an hour late, but Angie said she’d fallen asleep listening to an interview with Abe and Ella, and really, who could blame her? We’ve done that many a time.

Neelu told us about her singing hobby and the fact that her ‘second father’ is (was?) also mad as a box of frogs.

But things really got going when Rupert explained to a rapt audience of the usual 11 people [Late correction: we just heard viewership hit 19! Astonishing!] how he found it terribly difficult to watch the original videos in which RD’s children were forced to make grotesque allegations about their father, their schoolmates, their schoolmates’ families, their teachers, and their community at large.

In fact, Rupert said, it was so profoundly heart-wrenching for him that he was forced to listen in short bursts, interspersed with long bouts of self-abuse.

Yes, he really said that. We were spellbound.

Here is an actual conversation between two of our HR researchers who were listening to this stunning revelation:

A: If Rupert was that anguished after a fake, forced interview, I shudder to think what he must’ve got up to when he heard about those poor Nigerian schoolgirls being kidnapped by Boko Haram.

B: Oh, I’ll bet he was self-abusing to beat the band over that one.

A: What an image that conjures up.

B: (singing) 76 trombones led the big parade….

A: I am never speaking to you again.

B: Pass the popcorn.

And then there was the church…

Yes, Rupert really did admit to visiting Christ Church in Hampstead, where he proceeded to urinate on the building.

Admit, hell. He bragged about it.

According to Rupert, this is the American Way. Take the bull by the horns, march into a community where you’ve been told there are paedophiles, and confront them head on…by pissing on a local house of worship. Then leave, quickly, so as not to get caught.

Some of our readers were less than impressed:

Fairly Sane-Rupert 2016-08-29 Fnord-Rupert 1 2016-08-29 Fnord-Rupert 2 2016-08-29 YdychyncachuTracey-Rupert 2016-08-29We wonder whether Rupert’s friends, who have so far funded his little jaunt, will be thrilled to know that Their Man in London has spent his time thus far smoking weed in Erith and piddling on churches. We’re sure they must all feel so proud.

Rupert 2016-07-31


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  1. We’ve looked at various real cult groups that abused children, and contrasted them with the Hoaxtead SRA fantasy.
    I’m thinking that it might help, to look at some genuinely heroic child abuse investigators & campaigners, and contrast them with the sad collection of clowns still promoting the Hampstead Hoax.
    I’d like to talk about one of my UK favorites, a young University College Cork student named Gemma Holland.

    “A PAEDOPHILE case in Bangkok last week, in which a Briton was jailed for 42 years, has highlighted the vital role played by University College Cork in combating internet porn.
    Robert Errol Wood, 24, was convicted of abusing children between seven and 13 and sending child pornography over the internet. His sentence is believed to be one of the longest ever passed down in a child porn case.
    But the case might never have been brought without the painstaking detection work of 27-year-old Irish PhD student Gemma Holland, a forensic psychology student at UCC. She helped identify children on a child pornography website, which led to the eventual capture of Wood.
    Holland, a member of the Copine Project (Combating Paedophile Information Networks in Europe) at UCC, is involved in research which helps identify children used in child pornography images.
    Last year, she came across images of three young boys on the internet. Her analysis of the images suggested that the boys were from Britain. She was also able to identify who had put the images on the internet through so-called “computer footprints”.
    Wood left Britain before he could be arrested, but the Copine team monitored his activity in newsgroups used by paedophiles. The team later discovered that after travelling to Bangkok he was also posting images of numerous young Thai boys. He was arrested at Bangkok airport in January trying to board a flight to Dubai. He had been using the images to allow “clients” in other countries to choose a child before travelling to Bangkok. Eight Thai boys were identified.
    The Woods conviction is the latest success for the Copine team. Earlier this month, a Swedish paedophile who had been taking images of over 40 young girls was convicted on similar evidence given to police by the team.
    Professor Max Taylor, the head of UCC’s Applied Psychology team, said the identification of children is the unit’s main priority. He said that thousands of them are being abused and their images used in child pornography, but only a small number had been detected.
    Since Copine began its work in 1997, it has helped to identify at least 100 of an estimated 300 children found in pornographic images on the internet. Holland said the number of images on the internet has increased dramatically and the content has become “more depraved”. – Sunday Times, November 30, 2003

    More on the depraved POS Robert Wood:
    “A British man has been jailed for 42 years after a Thai court convicted him of sexually molesting at least eight street boys in Bangkok and distributing photographs of them on the internet, Thai media reported yesterday.
    Robert Errol Wood, 24, was found guilty on Monday of luring the boys, reportedly aged seven to 14, into a rented room in the Thai capital, where he sexually abused them, sometimes with others, between August 2002 and January 2003”.

    Gemma Holland and the other members of Copine are genuine child abuse investigation heroes. They are not police officers, they are quite ordinary persons. They worked together in a formal academic research project (Copine), authorised by law enforcement to conduct CSA image investigations, and working with law enforcement agencies they identified and facilitated the rescue of many abused children.
    Most of their work, and their successes, has gone unreported by mainstream media – but you won’t find them trumpeting about it on youtube channels or facebook pages either. They did what they did, because it needed to be done, not to make a name for themselves on social media.

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      • I remember hearing at one point that police officers who work in the field of online child sex abuse must be rotated in and out of the job pretty regularly to avoid burn-out and post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s a very ugly job, and takes a massive toll on the psyche and physical health of the officers.


    • Thankyou.It is good to hear of real work being quietly carried out on real cases in the real world rather than the self promoting fabrications these boards are unrelentingly exposing.

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    • I think it’s important to point out that work of the type done by the Copine team is NOT something that can be undertaken or emulated by amateurs. – The newspaper article is badly written in this respect as it can give the impression (to the foolish) that ‘young students’ might usefully breeze in to take up such tasks. – They can’t! Gemma Holland has spent the best part of a decade gaining the training and education needed to do this job – and it Is a job; not a ‘grass-roots type’ campaign or effort. The woman is highly educated and a whisker away from a Doctorate; calling her a ‘young student’ is rather misleading!

      Accessing this kind of material is highly illegal and (for the sake of one’s sanity) ill-advised; it can only be done under strictly controlled circumstances and the proper authority. The Copine team is a group of serious professional Forensic Scientists….. Law enforcement professionals. They’re not ‘amateurs’ by any measure – that’s what they do for a living!

      And indeed no – people of this calibre tend not to be too interested in the primary-school-level playground that is Farcebook or its like. – You won’t find members of the Judiciary or the Police discussing their work there either…. For that matter there is a shortage of serious physicists, astronomers, physicians, journalists and other professionals discussing the finer points of their craft on there too!

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      • I agree, Joe: I think they really ought to have stressed that Copine is a “formal academic research project, authorised by law enforcement to conduct CSA image investigations”. It’s not just a group of young people getting together to solve crime.


      • Yes, very much so. The alleged ‘whistle-blowers’ are really just a bunch of howling idiots who have no idea what they’re talking about. I’m remembering Charlotte Alton Ward’s indignant response last summer when CEOP told her to get her grubby paws off online child sex abuse images, or she’d be liable to prosecution.

        Clueless. Completely and utterly clueless.


  2. Rupert viewed videos of children talking about sexual rape, torture and murder… then needs to satisfy the aroused feelings inside himself by tossing his own caber. Is Rupert taking the piss?

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    • It would seem so. No doubt worthless Stoner will back-pedal, but he seems to have admitted here what Mrs Justice Pauffley and others suspected to be the case; that these videos were a type of ‘non-breaching pornography. And that he masturbated to that material or at least the mental images it provided him with. Consider this with his so-called ‘joke’ about wanting to rape a child; no such thing I say…… Rather, this was leakage from a depraved mind. Urinating on a church or other place of worship seems to me also to be a particularly depraved and (though stupidly childish) truly evil act. Quite seriously, I think Rupert Wilson Quaintance has proven himself to be on the side of harm to others and the breakage of any and all peace or harmony. He’s an ill-bred, drug-addicted sexual deviant. No wonder he’s such a fan of Christie’s hoax!

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      • Either Rupert is too dumb to know what most people understand by self abuse, or he really is a pervert. As time goes on the latter is looking more likely. Given the things he has said and done I really feel he should not be in this country.

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    • Shayler is not a “retired MI5 agent”- he was desk jockey. His claim to fame as a “spy” is a gross exaggeration. The Tea lady at MI5 could call herself a spy. What a bunch of fantasists.

      In fact the plonker is such a brilliant”spy” the dickhead is apparently clueless to the fact no doctor can discuss a patient’s health with a stranger or non-family member. They’ll show him the door or with any luck, find a padded cell for the tragic cross-dresser (no offense to cross dressers !)

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      • Indeed he is not….. Shayler is such a loser! He probably doesn’t realise he is used as a ‘case study’ for the HN media law unit that is taught to many entering the Creative Industries in Scotland. The main reason they look at HIS case is because of how ridiculous he has made himself….. He illustrates well how a self-aggrandising fool talking shite can fall foul of the OSA! Shayler will know damned-well that the medical staff CANNOT give him the time of day. ….But of course that will become ‘part of the plot’ to ‘silence the whistleblower’.

        It’s been said many times – but show me ONE example of where one of these so-called ‘campaigners’ can be even VAGUELY or TENUOUSLY linked to the arrest and prosecution of a solitary paedophile? What ‘whistle’ is it they’re supposed to have ‘blown’? – All I hear are cries of “WOLF!”

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      • Indeed the best anyone non involved party can expect will be a polite “thankyou for your interest” and perhaps a suggestion to put any matters in writing.
        The treatment/care plan for individuals involves a multi disciplinary team often including key family members and for confidentiality reasons alone the likes of outsiders are excluded.
        It reveals this individuals complete ignorance if he thinks he can show up and make any difference whatsoever.Should he kick off in any form he faces arrest.

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        • Jake won’t have any idea who Dave Shayler is, especially if he turns up in his female attire.

          I wouldn’t think Jake’s parents are going to appreciate his intervention.

          Who has put Mr. Shayler up to this?

          I didn’t think he was on friendly terms with Belinda, so who’s the contact from the Motley crew photographed at the bar/cafe yesterday?

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      • Shayler’s intervention will probably give Jake Clarke a sexual identity crisis, and he will start calling himself Jackie Clarke, and dress in similar clothes as Angela Power Disney.


          • In Shayler’s case I don’t think it’s as straightforward as that. People with genuine Gender/identity issues are one thing. Abusing their plight to gain attention for oneself is another. – And in fact the latter are one of the key sources of ‘problems’ for the former.


          • I agree, but Shayler’s clothing choices are nothing to do with Jake Clarke. I’m just feeling a bit uncomfortable with the teasing tone on this issue. The issue is Shayler’s a monumental twat and bullshit artist, and Jake Clarke is a vulnerable man who needs the support of his family, in-real-life friends and mental health services at the moment.

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          • Personally I’m less than 100% convinced of Jake’s vulnerability; or that his family have been an entirely helpful influence on him. But yes, he can certainly benefit from the avoidance of Shayler and his kind. And the professional hands he’s now in are his best hope of safety and recovery.

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  3. Note these videos are on YouTube accompanied by the title “Live!”. Still can’t understand that but an example of their wackiness.

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  4. So all of Ruperts big tough talk of what he was going to do when he arrived in England was pure bullsh#t as expected. As for all the idiots stupid enough to donate money to this gimp, all it bought them was Rupert peeing on a church and i bet they didn’t even get a video of it for their money.
    As we thought, Rupert is all talk and no trousers.

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    • I know its a tad premature but this lot all need a sound rapturing asap.Any one of them can have my place because I am feeling really generous.

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      • You are a gentleman and a scholar, Mik. Not to mention a fine example to the rest of us. I hereby offer my place to any Hoaxteader who might want to be raptured; I’m sure they’ll enjoy it much more than I would.


        • ….This rapture thing. – 144,000 to beam up? Will anyone notice? And if it’s the likes on Disney, McKenzie and others that go; I think the world’s going to be a better place!

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          • Can never fathom why some folk go on about the apocolypse or being whisked away to somewhere else.We are only here for a wee while,and a long time dead and they dont even pay taxes the miserable bastards.

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          • Those places have been bagsied already, many times over, by a particular sect. Angie’s the wrong flavour I think. She’s stuck with the rest of us.

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          • Generally speaking it’s because their lives are such failures Mik…… And they want to abdicate responsibility for that failure. It’s not through any real faith or trust in anything.


      • Jeez.. they’re all acting as Agents for Sabine and are breaching the RO discussing the Hampstead case and talking about the children, then uploading it to social media.

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  5. Simply incredible. What a waste of time on a Sunday….. Interesting to hear the expert “opinion” of the motley crew that Sabine is so disabled.”can barely walk” cries Neelu

    I am just off out to buy a pack of those over the counter magnesium tablets, they appear to allow a disabled person to suddenly walk without effort.

    Next time I see a truly disabled person and I offer them one of the tablets, telling them it will cure them, will they thank me?

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    • I’m finding it outrageous that this officer engaged with the “protestors”, especially as they were filming him. When something like this happens in a school, we’re under strict instructions not to engage; and as for talking to the media without authorisation (on any school-related issue at any time), that’s a sackable offence and would result in instant dismissal.

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      • Media? What media? A few idiots with Fischer Price video cameras? They’re nobodys! It’s his job to keep the peace, and that’s what he seems to be doing admirably.


        • Yeah but the point is that he is speaking on behalf of the police on camera, presumably knowing that the footage will be uploaded for public viewing. This would be a serious offence for school staff and I find it utterly ridiculous that all these random coppers keep popping up and thinking it’s perfectly acceptable to speak in public on extremely sensitive issues without authorisation.


          • The Police are trained to act in such a way that the presence of cameras should make no difference to their conduct….. It’s actually part of their job – stewarding these situations and maintaining public order is what they do (their skillset) and they have a certain level of authority and autonomy to do that job.

            School staff aren’t normally so trained, it’s not any part of their job and don’t have the authority that a Police Officer has. – They’re bound by the policies of whatever authority employs them; and very-often it’s down to guys like me to manage how those authorities interact with the outside world. – Some senior staff do get training (again, often from guys like me) to handle these situations. But mostly these situations are so far outside the operational remit they need to be passed up the line; which is why there is such a strict blanket ban on engagement. Comparing school staff (which could mean anything from the Janitor to the Headmaster) to Police Officers is like comparing Joiners to Electricians.


          • “Comparing school staff…to Police Officers is like comparing Joiners to Electricians.”

            I wasn’t comparing anyone to anyone – I was merely referring to the principle of people speaking on behalf of the organisations for which they work, which as we can see from this video can be detrimental. It may well be that police officers are trained to deal with these situations but as we’ve seen time and time again, they’re being frequently filmed and their words are being taken by the fruitloops as the official police line, so maybe it’s time for the police to review their policy in light of the onslaught of the internet.


        • I think the Police have behaved remarkably professionally on all the instances I’ve seen them speak to the protesters. I don’t think I would be able to keep calm with them for so long.

          The problem with having a policy of not engaging with the press is that the press then start to speculate like mad. I know someone who a Governor of a school which became embroiled in a scandal of one type and decided to legally gag all parties involved. A different sort of scandal came along in the national press, and because no one was allowed to say otherwise, the schools name was dragged into it, much to its detriment.

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          • …..And in that situation the Governor/Head/chair should either have passed the issues up the line to the education authority or, if the autonomous head of an independent school, brought in PR experts to deal with the press. Gagging is almost-always ill-advised……. One of the dangers of bloody amateurs playing at it!

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          • FS – to reiterate, schools have designated people to liaise with the press (usually the headteacher, a teacher with a designated press officer role among his/her responsibilities and specific staff overseeing projects being given media coverage, with the express permission of the head).


      • I’m fairly sure that if Sabine had a real medical need there would be a doctor on hand who could procure administer proscription drugs. The Police are not going to let any Tom, Dick or Harry wander in and hand the inmates pills of uncertain origin.

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        • This lot really dont have a clue about anything it would seem.They seem to have the mindset that because they are “campaigners” that the world should stop what its doing and lay a friggin red carpet out for them.
          Even if they had a campaign with actual substance there are still protocols and grown up ways of addressing issues,the fact that they are all on a one way moped to nowhere just makes their demands plain silly.

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    • What does Sabine need hiking sticks for if she can’t walk?

      How about she gets one of those Mobility Scooters?

      Angela set up a gofundme page for her please.


  6. The Rupert guy is lying about weeing on Christ Church.

    All this year the Church has been protected by builder’s green hoardings as they complete a new roof and stone repairs.

    So if he ever came by he probably shared a lamp post with Fido.

    Woof woof.

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    • FFS. How many of them have even met Jake IRL? Hopefully he gets better soon or discharged with a suitable plan. They are not helping him making it all about them and their issues and their interests.

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      • Belinda says she has in one of those videos.

        Also Rupert sat in the car with him for several hours parked up somewhere! So they’ve met at least once before.

        Pam, Mary etc. would have met him at Blackfriars CC on 11th July.


    • They seriously expected to be able to randomly visit someone on a mental health order unannounced???…surely a phone call to the unit in advance at least.
      These idiots consider themselves entitled to do what they wish and they are in some way exempt from any due process.
      The conversation between Angie and nurse Brown I can envisage taking place when Angie meets St Peter at the pearly gates.
      Kin eejits.

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    • cant these creeps see that they are the cult? everything they do and their beliefs are classic cult, if i was a member of jakes family i would be warning them to stay away, i wonder if his family are aware of them?

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    • Angie….. You and Rupert are both fraudsters…. Quaintance in particular is a dangerous pervert who has admitted his ambitions to rape children and that he masturbated to that vile footage created by that other pervert Christie…. You’re each the lowest of the low! A danger to children the ill-educated and the vulnerable! Dirty parasites feeding off a load of infantile bollox you use to con the credulous and ‘score’ free trips abroad.

      You’ve blown no whistles, nor has Jake. Quite the reverse, you’re the ‘wolf cryers’ who ensure that if there ARE child abusers hiding in high places they can readily dismiss legitimate concern as just the ranting of mad people. OF COURSE the police have given the hospital a list of the shills and con artists who have fed this already sick-in-the head man’s illness….

      You’re a pair of dirty filthy drug addicts out for no-one but yourselves; not fit to walk the streets by rights….. And you expect to be allowed near sick people? Seriously? Hell has a place for you both.

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    • LOL, why does Angie find the name Ella Baker so bizarre?

      “Am I the only one?”

      Yes, Angela, I suspect you probably are.

      Oh to be able to scan this woman’s brain to find out how it works (or doesn’t work.)

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  7. Angela Power-Disney

    Rupert Wilson Quaintance Melani Vermay Stephanie Oostveen Jockney Rebel Graham C Watkeys Kevin JusticeJustice Wesley Hall Brenda Mcnamara
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    Brenda Mcnamara
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  8. Could be Sting out of the police for all I care just put her out of harms way before this all ends in tears.

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      • Yes and as I predicted Angela says she’ll be at the Abuse Rally Saturday 17th September at Westminster, no doubt droning on about some rubbish that she has made up. That’s if she can get the megaphone to work this time, lol.

        I wish she’d make up her mind about which days she is where.

        (Oh to live the life of a lady that lunches all day, every day)

        In 17 days time a lot could have happened for Angela to try and talk about.

        Funny though, a lot has happened in the last few days and where has Angela been?

        ANSWER:- At the very Centre of all the Controversy.

        Is ANGELA an insider?

        Is this how she manages to have one long permanent holiday, despite stating she has no income, because she is on the payroll of MI5 or similar?

        Is this why Angela seems to be immune from arrest, just like her pal Belinda McKenzie?

        Don’t MI5 or other agencies have jurisdiction in Ireland?

        Is that why the Irish Police have not arrested her yet?


        Can’t the Police nab her before she flies out of England today? She might never return to England ever again! (hopefully)

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