Angela attempts to sabotage Jake’s hospital care

Late yesterday evening, Angela posted a video on Facebook in which she described an attempt she and Rupert had made to visit Jake Clarke in hospital. Jake was hospitalised last week under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act, and Angela and Rupert were outraged to discover that they had been placed at the top of a list of people barred from visiting him.

Angela-Jake hospital visit 2016-08-30Angela’s ego is bruised, and so she is now trying to encourage the public to “hammer” the mental health unit where Jake is under treatment. Never mind that this will interfere with the treatment of dozens of other patients, or that it will likely further upset and confuse Jake—this is all about Angie’s needs, and no one else’s.

Shortly afterward, Angela posted this video, in which she continues attempting to groom and massage Jake, actually praising him for resisting the mental health care he so obviously needs:

Clearly, Angela can feel her grip on her young victim slipping away, and she uses this phone contact to reinforce his ‘bravery’ and ‘honesty’ in continuing to cling to his delusions.

She claims, “I’ve never met a more sane or inspiring 27-year-old”: hardly a healthy message for someone who was sectioned, according to some of his friends, for planning or attempting child endangerment. As we understand it, one aspect of regaining mental health is understanding the consequences of one’s actions, and coming to grips with the fact that what one does can have profound effects on others. Telling a person in this situation that their behaviour was perfectly fine, “sane”, and “inspiring” could conceivably do a great deal of damage to that process.

Jake describes trying to tell those in the hospital about the “Hampstead cover-up”, saying, “It’s…it’s just embarrassing!” Angela interjects with, “No, no…throw out the embarrassment!” and then reinforces the idea that Jake shouldn’t trust the mental health workers who are attempting to help him recover. He fumbles a bit, and then says he didn’t mean he was embarrassed, but that he was embarrassed for the people who didn’t believe his story.

Angela pours on the praise, in the full knowledge that this vulnerable young man is highly susceptible to others’ approval: “No shame…no, no…No being seduced into ‘yes, yes, well maybe I’m a little bit…’ you know, no. You’re our hero, and we’ve got your back, and we’re not resting till you’re out of there, and I’d like you out of there tomorrow”.

In our opinion, Angela should not only be at the top of the list of those banned from visiting Jake, but she should be banned from speaking to him on the phone as well. Angela has only one person’s well-being at heart, and that is her own.

Angela-Jake-hospital 2016-08-30


122 thoughts on “Angela attempts to sabotage Jake’s hospital care

  1. She says something about how she won’t rest till he’s out of there and then says she’s going to Ireland tomorrow. Good that innit.

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  2. Truly, this haggered old crone must be one of the most evil people on the planet….. She doesn’t mind who she abuses or what extremes she pushes them to, so long as she gets to keep on scamming. Vile, just vile.

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  3. Brilliantly written, EC. You’ve really captured the essence of Angie there.

    Every time I think she can’t stoop any lower, she proves me wrong!

    Not only should she be barred from talking to Jake but I must confess I have a fantasy in which she is barred from speaking to anyone, about anything, ever.

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        • I just remembered: in one of the basis interviews with Miles (I think), the one with the anusol pics, the polkadot dress carefully spread all over, Angie talks about her own stay in a mental ward. She talked about the mayhem she caused there, as she engineered an undercover reporter to come in to do an interview with her, criticising the ward and its staff, which may have gotten published, not sure. Once this was discovered, the docs on the ward gave her a personality disorder diagnosis. Which facilitated Angie’s quick exit out of there before she could caus more damage. The staff team realised she was undermining the whole ward doing, in essence, on a grand scale, exactly what she is doing with Jake here: whispering into vulnerable people’s ears, telling them that the people helping are malicious/evil, and against them. The hospital was able to discharge her once they realised her condition was untreatable, her borderline personality disorder. Her continued stay in a mental hospital could no longer be justified, and very real-life damage limitation measures for the greater good had to be invoked. Shame, really. Of course, the personality disorder diagnosis was spot on, and still stands, although I have heard Angie try and fluff it away by saying: it’s gone, I did work on it, etc. But the diagnosis becomes ever more clear with every video you upload, Angie.

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          • You’re right. I’d completely forgotten this, but now that you mention it, it’s coming back to me.
            It doesn’t surprise me that Angela would be diagnosed with borderline personality disorder; her behaviour certainly bears out the malignant aspects.


    • Angie should leave Jake in peace to get the medical help that he needs, but that would mean she would have to consider someone else’s well-being and Angie just doesn’t do that.

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      • AF, I’m just catching up on Monday’s show and have just heard Neelu and Angie saying they’ve told Jake to refuse his medication. A new low 😦


  4. How low can this woman go?Her whole demenour and behaviour is growing creepier and creepier.

    The mental health team need to hear that recording and call an urgent inter-agency meeting to determine an action plan to prevent the damage this women is bent on causing.She needs stopping in her tracks and restrained preferably before a very serious incident results.

    If the devil should decide he`s had enough and hangs up his horns and tail Angie would be a shoe in for the vacancy,she has all the attributes.

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    • I do hope Jake’s doctors are aware of these phone calls. They are undermining his treatment and he could spend a lot more time in there because of them.
      I’m not feeling positive about his recovery. I think Jake will end up in trouble with the law.

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  5. Re. the first video

    LOL, why does Angie find the name Ella Baker so bizarre?

    “Am I the only one?”

    Yes, Angela, I suspect you probably are.

    Oh to be able to scan this woman’s brain to find out how it works (or doesn’t work.)

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  6. Classic sociopath behaviour. When institutions- courts, mental health units, police – will not bend to their will it’s because they are corrupt.
    Angie doesn’t even know she’s a sociopath because she would have no concept of what it is to be one.
    In a way it’s why they can keep going on and on because they are so right and everyone else is wrong.
    She has no concept of empathy except being able to mimic it as she studies others who exhibit it. But they get it all wrong.

    They are really the most dangerous people on the planet (so many dictators or even ordinary politicians are sociopaths) but her ‘comrades’ will come to despise her eventually. Mark my words- it may take awhile but they will hate her for the trouble she has caused.

    ## so it’s the police who have had Jake sectioned which gives credence to his attempted behavior. It will all end in tears.

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    • The irony of it is that the followers of this blog have been more supportive of Jake’s road to recovery than Angie has!

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      • That is TOTALLY true Liza.

        It SERIOUSLY is about time the Police arrested Angela and got HER SECTIONED.

        Why are they allowing her to get away with her behaviour?

        Is it not a crime what she is doing to Jake, procuring him to break the law?

        Thankfully, at least Jake’s parents must be aware of her EVIL influence dominating their susceptible son.

        They need to take him on a long holiday (if it’s not too late) and make sure he has absolutely no access to the Internet, Phones etc.

        Jake will only recover if the pressure these vile people put on him is removed.

        It makes me sick that those horrible Witches sat outside Holborn Police Station on the Bank Holiday Sunday for a few hours, went on a Jolly to Highbury Magistrates Court the next day (on Bank Holiday Monday!) for even more hours, have been pissing it up here, there and everywhere, were at some Dinner Party last week where Neelu says Angela is “so bubbly and fun” allegedly , yet just before Angela decides to go home after her terrific extended holiday in Lanzarote and England, Jake comes to mind.

        Jake was very LAST in their thoughts, if some even thought about him and gets a measly non-visit as an afterthought and only because Angela has read the comments on Hoaxtead Research and seen that whoops she’s put Sabine above Jake.

        In her psychopathic way Angela decides she’d better put on a show of attempting to visit Jake to show she cares.

        Like f… does Angela Care.

        Jeez Luton is only Junction 10 on the M1 I believe, it’s not in outer Mongolia.

        Belinda, Mary and Pam managed to get their bums to the prison Melanie Shaw was in, in Peterborough Easter Sunday 2015.

        All those Witches make me want to puke.

        Care, care, care, Angela doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

        Arrest Angela Power-Disney and get her SECTIONED.

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        • Why doesn’t Angela recruit either of her 2 sons or her daughter to be the face of the younger generation?

          Leave someone else’s son alone ANGELA.

          YOU ARE VILE, turn the words around as Jake would do = EVIL.

          You are EVIL Angela…

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          • These truther conspiracy delusionalists all front their outpourings with platitudes expressing “love”,”harmony”,”peace” and “awakening” etc.Behind these masks lie bitter,failed,violent and hate filled individuals.Rather than raising themselves they elect to lower others.
            “Awakening” i found anywhere is in cutting through external glossy sales portfolios and wiseacrings and working with sincerity on interior shit.Then fold some socks or something useful.
            These folks are so far behind the curve in the human race they seriously risk lapping themselves.

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        • To be fair when Neelu says someone is “so bubbly and fun” it means they are as barking mad as a box of demented frogs.

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          • Perhaps Neelu really means that Angela should be put in the Witches cauldron and boiled?

            I find Neelu the most scary of the lot of them.

            Sinister is the word that springs to mind, as though she is casting a spell on people or trying to.

            She is very intimidating with her staring big eyes.

            Angela is 2nd.

            I think she’s possessed with evil spirits.

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    • Well, it’s hardly encouraging to say, “There are about 40 people behind you, depending on whether they’ve taken their meds that day or not”, does it?


      • Or, “There are about 40 people behind you, but they’ve all got to wash their hair; will be oversleeping the day you need them, or, a racoon stole their underpants”. All three, perfectly valid excuses, I’m sure you’ll find.

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  7. Leave Jake alone Angie. Are you really saying his family don’t have his best interests at heart and can’t stick up for him? None of this paranoid conspiracy stuff. Ella Baker is a real nurse and when you think someone’s name is sinister, perhaps with some weird significance, then that sounds a bit delusional. So, I repeat, leave him alone.

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    • Yeah, I still don’t get what’s supposedly so bizarre about that name. A more everyday mundane name you couldn’t wish to see. When Angie says “Is it just me?”, I rather think it is. Seriously, am I being an idiot here? What am I missing?

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      • Angela just cannot grasp in her deluded mental state that Ella is a perfectly average name, that’s all.

        She thinks that it’s some kind of conspiracy by the powers that be to have a nurse called Ella on Jake’s ward.

        Some kind of sick joke.

        Section Angela now!

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        • Bloody hell, is that all it is? The fact that she’s called Ella, the same as the abusive mother? That’s what’s got Angie so suspicious? Seriously? Wow. Just…wow.

          By the way, Angela shares her name with the German chancellor and the woman who played Jessica in ‘Murder she Wrote’. Does that make her a German spy and a fictional detective?

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          • OMG you have a great point there Spiny.

            Wasn’t Angela born at a Military base hospital in Germany, June 1957, 12 years end of WW2.

            Yes, Angela’s a German Spy, we have it confirmed.

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          • Baker-Draper They have the a,e and r in the same place and a resultantly similar sound. That and the same forename is enough to send Angie’s ‘Loon-o-Meter brand’ ‘rader’ into full scale deflection with smoke coming out the top. Either she’s a complete and utter fuckwit who is in need of residential care, support and supervision or she’s milking her audience of similar fuckwits for all they’re worth.

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      • It is also a possibilty that Angie thinks “Baker” refers to cooking Ella or burning her as in witchcraft.A bizarre link but one who believes the world is a huge conspiracy will find association with.
        There is a thin line between comedy and tragedy.

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  8. I will pray (as per Neelu’s request) that later today she gets what she deserves and seemingly wants. Go for it Neelu, its what you are entitled to and deserve

    The rest of us also deserve some peace (from Neelu) I do wonder if after her planned visit today at 12pm at the Police station we will get the peace we deserve.

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    • Oh yes, I forgot about Neelu going to Holborn Police Station today at 12 noon.

      Sabine is due there at 10.30 am to collect whatever they have of hers, not much I think.

      Who will accompany Neelu?

      Lee Cant probably. There is no way she’ll be able to carry 5 laptops (who needs 5?) etc.

      Or will the fragrant Angela be there in her super duper rental sports car to transport the property over to Neelu’s house?

      With a bit of luck Neelu, Sabine, Angela and Rupert will get arrested…

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    • What is she saying?

      “Too many cells in the Holborn Toilet Custody Suite are empty”.

      What is a toilet custody suite?

      If the Police do have too many empty cells and surplus staff, I can only think that the best thing would be for Neelu, Angela, Belinda and pals to go and occupy them. If all the hoaxers were in custody they wouldn’t be lonely, they could shout to each other down the corridor.

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      • A good friend of mine advised that the police still use “medicated toilet tissue” (Izal).Whoever invented that was having a laugh because it is worse than useless.Still its more than these scumbags deserve.
        Come on mr policeman give them a real deterrant and it will cut right down on repeat offending.You know it makes sense.

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  9. Hi FA – I missed reading that Sabine is due there at 10.30. Where was that published? Very curious.


  10. Lol,

    Neelu and Sabine were discussing it on Angela’s Monday spectacle show I think.

    It was definitely in a video recording, not written down.

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  11. In my personal assessment Jake Clarke is the most dangerous of the Satan Hunters as his mental illness makes him the most likely to hurt a child or do harm to the public. Jake Clarke will for a long time to come be a person closely monitored by the police and mental health people, and he will easily now become sectioned for any situation he is deemed a danger to the public. I think Jake Clarke will be staying a long time in his mental institution, his Section 2 will convert to a Section 3. The police have powers under Section 136 to take Jake Clarke into custody if they encounter him doing the things he has been doing.

    I am glad Angela Power Disney is leaving the UK, she is clearly the leader and coordinator of all these pack of predators. It is said kill the shepherd and the sheep will scatter, and I think had the authorities dealt with Disney, the rest of the Satan Hunters would not have become organized like they have in recent weeks.

    I warned the mental health people in an e-mail that Jake Clarke should have no access to Angela Power Disney, so now this latest contact by phone will make him not only more dangerous, but more resistant to the treatment he needs. If the mental health people were monitoring the phone of Jake Clarke, I hope they now know the depth of the problem they face with Jake Clarke.

    Jake Clarke is at that line he could go to prison, if it was not for the mental health interventions. Clarke has the face and personality that would quickly attract the attentions of any prison population that would rape and bully him, which would destroy his mind completely. I see the horrible future for Jake Clarke, and the pied piper encouraging him onto that path is Angela Power Disney.

    I am expecting Neelu Berry to be busted anytime soon.

    Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV, this ghoul that hangs around in the background of some videos, is a mere follower rather than a leader. Quaintance is impotent, he has delivered no results in the three months he has been in Europe. If the best Quaintance has done is urinate on a Christian church, then he is a poor investment for the $$thousands of dollars wasted on him by his supporters. Before Hampstead Quaintance was a nobody with only one media mention of him at a public protest at a university in which several people were arrested. The only significant internet event for him was comment on his efforts to destroy a radio station who had fired him for being drunk and foulmouthed on their shows. Now the world knows that Quaintance is a drug addicted drunk who masturbates to videos of children describing sexual abuse, who wants to have sex with children, who wants to kick down doors of innocent people and have sex with their children, and urinates on christian churches. Quaintance is a creepy, smug wanker who nobody in their right mind would support in the real media.

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    • Quality synopsis SV.
      The outlook for Jake is bleak without the likes of Madame Dipshit strapping incendiary devices to him and turning him into a suicide bomber.

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    • Having discussed it with others within my own group SV I think your perspective is, largely, shared…..

      We do not ‘buy’ the notion that Jake is particularly a vulnerable person. As far as we can establish he is an individual with mild learning and behavioural difficulties who has been drive further and further ‘over the edge’ through substance abuse; specifically the use of psychotropic substances. In many respects, he is no less liable than someone like Neelu! In fact some feel that she is a worse case.

      We don’t accept that his family are particularly good for him either. After all, who subsidises and endorses his drug-stewed lifestyle? Too many excuses have been/are being made for Jake. And Disney is CERTAINLY a dangerous influence on him for the reasons you outline.

      There is no doubt that he is mentally ill. But, as you suggest SV, the nature and extent of that illness is such that he is a danger to the public, notably children. And we cannot dismiss the possibility of him having ‘paedophile tendencies’. He’s almost 30. Deemed responsible enough to drive a car; and therefore not so feeble-minded that he wouldn’t understand how his behaviour and demeanour places him socially. I’ve said it before, but this ‘giant kid’/Pied Piper act creeps the hell out of me.

      Quaintance is a more malevolent force altogether. Again this creepy ‘giant kid/Pied Piper act is a disturbing factor. If Jake’s learning difficulties mitigate his behaviour, what ‘excuse’ does Quaintance have? As he approaches 40, and age when most men of any worth are well-settled with partners and possibly children of their own, Rupert’s basic failure at the game of life is striking. Although he does come across as ‘a bit thick’ I think that is more revealing of his non-educated delinquency. And he personifies the term well, particularly as his background is not the usual poor/working class one more usually associated with the phrase NED!

      This NED-with-money is one of life’s real parasites. Again (in common with Disney) he is a drug abuser. and I think there is good evidence – on top of his creepy Pied Piper act – to suggest he is a latent/actual child-abuser. No-one in their right mind ‘jokes’ about committing rape, particularly on a child. Similarly, he would need to be SEVERELY mentally/educationally challenged to not understand that the term “self abuse” is a polite way of saying ‘masturbation’. Therefore his admission that he masturbated to the original videos of the Hampstead children has to be one of the sickest things that emerge from these various hoaxes.

      To desecrate any place of worship, even if one does not share the ‘faith’ in question or even any ‘faith’ at all is an act of the most serious indecency. And it seems, pitiful as they are, Quaintance’s claims even on that score are false.

      There is of course not a shred of evidence (quite the reverse in fact) that any of the ‘dark’ so-called ‘satanic’ (the small ‘s’ is deliberate) rituals took place at that or any other church or place of worship. Or even that such things have anything to do with any religion they might choose to scapegoat. – Indeed the only place these things took place is in the dark, sordid imaginings of people like Christie, Draper, McKenzie, McNeill, Berry, Disney, Quaintance and their hangers-on. And the only reason these imaginings exist at all is that they are the sexual fantasies of those people. – No one else, but those people.

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          • jake mentions the acid in one of his chats with angie, angie says lsd was a government mind control op, jake says that it went wrong coz it enabled people to see the truth, he then goes on to say what a cozy little life he had but then he took LSD and it showed him that in reality the world was dark, satanic and full of child sacrifice. I took LSD many times when I was younger and it makes you think you are on the verge of seeing something wonderfull but its slightly out of reach, so you want to go back to catch it. some people destroy their minds trying to go that last bit further, when you add cannabis to this it can be devastating, check out syd barrett and peter green.

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          • Yes, LSD can have devastating effects on people’s minds. I’ve seen it up close, and it’s not nearly as pretty and fun as the flower power people made it out to be in the 60s.

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  12. The very creepy Angela Power-Disney and Rupert Quaintance have probably now sealed Jake’s fate.

    The fact their names were on a police list of banned visitors means the authorities know all about them. Doctors are not stupid. They will be searching out the internet posts of these two and will see how dangerous they are for their patient.
    The fact he has been in there raving about Hampstead will have been noted. I suspect Jake’s stay will be far longer than 30 days.

    What dangerous people they are. Utterly ignorant to the causes of mental health. Psychiatrists have dealt with scumbags like these two many times. they know what are up against.

    Jake is like a brainwashed member of a cult who needs de-programming. It will be a very long road for him.

    If I were his parents I would urgently take out restraining orders against this mob.

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      • They could have started with binning his weed and taking his car keys away…. Then making the little scrote pay his way.

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        • Jake needs routines and parameters established in which he can function.I cannot comment on his families efforts in this regard but clear,consistent ground rules are need to be put in place by those assisting/monitoring his welfare.Often a “contract” can be worked out alongside the patient.
          No doubt the mental health team at the unit will be assessing and attempting to help Jake look towards a more stable future and this involves staff developing a trusting working relationship etc.
          Angie comes along and potentially shatters any foundations and may send Jake into a tailspin.Should Jake now go on to do something that he cannot come back from she will have blood on her hands.

          In the event Angie is reading this,..This is not a parlour game,you have NO right to be interfering in the lives of others.You MUST cease meddling because what you are doing has very serious consequences for many people.Enough is now enough,give your full attention to your own children and your own affairs and afford others the right to work on their own lives and unique struggles unhindered by your issues.

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  13. Well, as predicted, Angie recorded Jake and put it online for the world to see. Something that will remain online pretty much forever. She is a very nasty little troll. And how long is she going to wear those bloody stupid gloves?

    Lol, Rupert became angry and asked if the police are the nurses boss. Did they even consider that the nurses, doctors and police are in total agreement regarding who visits Jake.

    There is an interesting part where Jake says that he went to the police to report the intimidation, that they were confused and could tell he was suffering some weird stuff online. Then the early intervention team got involved.
    What intimidation was he reporting?…….who put him up to reporting intimidation to the police?…..Rupert says he was last to see Jake.

    That is in contrast to what Kevin has stated who also claims to be one the last in contact with Jake, and that he told Jake to go home and Jake did so.. That Jake had a plan which involved the possible endangerment of a child, and that Jake apparently mentioned it to his social worker and the social worker got the ball rolling for intervention.

    I wish they would stop calling everyone a whistleblower. The whistleblower is the person with inside knowledge bringing it to the public. Jake and Angie are people that watched some video online and have an opinion about it. That is not whistleblowing.

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    • They adopt titles such as ‘whistleblower’ and campaigner in pure self-delusion/aggrandisement. As I often say, show me a single jailing or for that matter true revelation that they can legitimately be linked to? – Even vaguely… Who have any one of them themselves reported to the police or kicked up a fuss about who later was actually proven to be a wrong ‘un? How many jailings can we link them even remotely to?

      I’m counting ZERO! Zilch! Nada! Nowt! The reason’s simple – those who are the real deal aren’t fannying about on Facebook making a name for themselves running sham conferences, playgroup-level ‘broadcasting’ and otherwise rattling the tin to beg/scam money off the gullible! Whistleblowing ISN’T just endlessly regurgitating old reports of where other people have brought paedophiles to book. Nor is it baselessly throwing vile accusations at people who have simply achieved something they failed to…..

      How come every one of these ‘whistleblowers’ is one, or other, or some combination of drug addict, convicted criminal, sexual deviant, fraudster, fantasist, mentally-ill etc? There seems to be not a normal, average, reasonably-adjusted individual who has lived a productive life among them!

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    • So Rupert has interviewed Jake? Not anyone involved with the (non)case, but Jake who only believes in the Hoax because Angie brainwashed him into it.

      Rupert’s documentary will be, like his only concrete contribution to events, a load of piss.

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    • I think Jake may have been to the police to complain after Angie told him to, because the CIA Mind Control Illuminati One World Order Freemason Rothschild MI5, Order of The Squirrel, Hoaxtead Baby Eating Collective Satanists said he was Angie’s Toy Boy.

      ## true story : as proof that I am indeed an ex MI5/6 officer (non cross-dressing) my ex-wife in the 1970s coined the term “Toy Boy” for an article in a British tabloid. The rest is history. we often laugh ourselves silly how the term has spread.

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    • It doesn’t occur to these mob that doctors in a mental health unit have very strict legal obligations that means they must endevour to the utmost best for their patient. That includes keeping them from other loonies if necessary.

      This bunch of fruit loops are so out of control they genuinely think they can turn up at a police station or secure mental health unit and scream “let my people go” and everyone will just comply.

      But perhaps it’s more simple : in Angie’s case I think she just hopes she can con a few more quid out of the gullible or with Rupert- hoping for another free ride.

      LSD- that explains everything.

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  14. The recording’s up.

    Typical comments include “The hospitals all have underground wards” and “I had to wildly self-abuse in a very fast and fun way”.

    And how nice to see Rupert the pussy making more threats of violence to innocent Hampstead residents and getting the inevitable nod of approval from his GILF girlfriend.

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    • what a bunch of freaks, if rupert thinks hanging with these people will give him any crediblility hes in for a rude awakening, they are all mentally ill, anyone of them would keep a psychiatrist busy for years, its actually quite funny watching rupert thinking “how the hell did i sink this low” lol

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    • 14:24 Neelu: “Penny Pullen is here as well,she is our kind of crystal lady that we go to when we want peoples DNA read out when we are not sure”.

      Good to know the hoaxers are at the cutting edge of forensic science then.Always good to be “sure” before you hang anyone.Fair play.

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      • Evidently Angies gullible little”follically challenged”soldier is feeling the strain and suffering PTSD after battling courageously on her imaginary front line and being forced to empty his bladder on an innocent church.

        The very least Angie can do as a show of appreciation for his sterling achievments is to start a Gofundme page to help him grow some hair and find a proper girlfriend rather than hunting out child talk porn to masturbate over.

        For only £200 Rupert can receive mystical hair growth from a formula revealed by ancient Egyptian inscriptions.

        Have a heart Angie its the least you can do after he sacrificed what little future and friends he once had,ruined the Quaintance family name and is now a fully fledged internet twat for eternity.

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  15. CCN have Wed 5:00PM Chasing Rainbows with Angela Power-Disney on their broadcast guide but surprise surprise,, bugger all on their Live feed or you tube.
    Interestingly on the CCN live feed it says “video removed by user” hmm.

    I might even get my lawn mowed at last:)

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      • A little friendly advice to Mel and Bigears at CCN`s Mickey Mouse studios:

        Do something more useful and productive for humanity other than giving a cheap platform for half baked brain dead idiots to prattle on incessantly about sod all.

        Show some live videos of paint drying or grass growing instead.

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  16. I’m just home from work and there is nothing more to add to what everyone else has said!
    Angela uploading this interview she had with Jake on the phone has angered me like you wouldn’t believe! The woman is VILE.
    Listening to Jake, he has made no improvement in his mental health whatsoever as yet and he never will with the likes of Angela et al in his life.

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      • I agree, Sue. That nurse was doing her job, which is demanding enough as it is. There’s no excuse for Rupert and Angie’s behaviour towards her.


  17. I thought when I saw this person’s YT username, it was APD but it is another person from Ireland talking about MK Ultra. Satanism, ley lines, entities, handlers, targeted individuals, etc.
    No doubt APD will see this and have her on CCN soon..sigh..

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