Update: Sabine to face breach of restraining order charges next month

Yesterday we reported that Sabine had gone before the magistrate at Highbury Corner court, where she received a court date in late September, and was bailed “with no restrictions”, according to the ever-reliable Angela Power-Disney. We also noted that we wouldn’t rely on Angela’s reports that the sun rose in the east, nor that the sky was blue.

So it was no surprise to find that the World-Famous Journalist had fudged the facts just a little tiny bit.

However, the source of the correction did amuse us:

Neelu-Sabine's bail 2016-08-29To be sure, we had to dredge through Neelu’s delusional prose to find the nuggets of reality, but they’re in there. Here’s what we managed to derive from this clipping (which is only about half what she actually wrote. You’re welcome):

PRESS RELEASE: 29 August 2016: UK London -Sabine McNeill was released today on bail from Holborn police station by District Judge Allison sitting on Bank Holiday Monday in the Highbury Corner Magistrates Court.

On 21 July 2016 Sabine was alleged to have posted material online in breach of a restraining order issued by HHJ Daniel Worsley in the Blackfriars Crown Court on 18 July 2016. The order bans naming of four witnesses.

Sabine was arrested on 5th August 2016 (and re-arrested on Saturday, 27 August, Neelu, but who’s counting?).

Sabine pleaded “Not Guilty” and is bailed to appear in the Blackfriars Crown Court on 26 September 2016 at 9.30am. Her new bail conditions prevent her going home to Germany or making any posts on Social Media. (We think this means “she is prevented from travelling abroad, and from posting on the internet until her trial is concluded next month”.)

See, Neelu? That’s how you write a media release.

So. Looks like it’s back to Blackfriars next month. Should be an interesting case, and we look forward to covering it.

Blackfriars Crown Court



10 thoughts on “Update: Sabine to face breach of restraining order charges next month

  1. Your mastery of Neeluese is coming along in leaps and bounds EC.

    Blackfriars Crown Court,hmm a nice cozy place for someones 73rd birthday celebrations,and hey we will all be there one way or another to wish everything goes with a bang.

    Hope Sabine does not forget her skis in case of a late September blizzard and that she invites Mr Taj to her “bash” to do his funny little turn.

    Its all happening 😉

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  2. Presumably you can have a Restraining Order made against you without being convicted of anything?

    I thought this was usually done in a County Court, does it make any difference this was issued in a Crown Court?

    I can’t understand why Neelu believes that with no conviction there can be no restraining order. I think that is what she is claiming.

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    • Prior to the 30th September 2009 restraining orders could only be imposed in relation to defendants convicted of offences under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. However this Act was amended by the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004 and any person convicted or acquitted after the 30th September 2009 of any criminal offence can be made subject to a restraining order. It is up to the court whether such an order is imposed. The prosecution usually applies for the order if the circumstances of the case warrant it and the court will make such an order if considered necessary to protect a person from harassment by the defendant.
      (filched off tinternet)

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  3. Party hats and a chance for Sabine to sing “Its my party and I`ll cry if I want to”.

    I doubt I am alone in hoping that Mr and Mrs Plod are also compiling a nice juicy case to lay before the CPS (with a black lace bow) against Angsted Dishcloth Powder whom whippeth up this grotesquely macabre carnival of the absurd.

    May even venture down from mountain cave and attend such an event cunningly disguised as the 4 horse persons of the Apocolypse soley to annoy the court usher on the chairs front 🙂

    Tis our dreams doth sustain us.

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