Neelu fines IPCC £100 million

Neelu’s been a busy girl lately. Rushing off to vigils for her jailed friend and ex-co-defendant Sabine…making videos with Angela and an all-star panel of champion nutters…having brunch with her fellow fruitcakes…picking up her five laptops, two cameras, and one mobile from the police storage locker…and now, she’s been spotted in the lobby of the building where the Independent Police Complaints Commission has its offices, issuing liens on an unsuspecting staff member who happened to wander past her, possibly on his way to the loo.

Yes, Neelu the Lien Machine has struck again: this time (if we understand her correctly) she’s accusing the IPCC of failing to force a ‘remedy’ following its report on the Hampstead SRA investigation. Oh, and they’re embezzling public money and not providing services to the public; committing treason; and a bunch of other stuff too. The usual: crimes against babies and children, people not being on their oath, public servants and so forth and so on.

Or as she would put it:

The Independent Police Complaints Commission in London UK was issued with a Notice of its Defendant status in the High Court Powerful Paedophile Protection Fraud Corruption Claims, including HQ16X02369 Berry V State, which is the final squeeze in the series of corruption claims filed in the UK to remove corrupt officers in public office.

John Banks makes a cameo appearance at one point, looking as suave and debonair as usual.

John Banks at IPCC 2016-09-01

But as usual, Neelu is the star of this show: despite Random IPCC Guy’s careful explanation that they don’t talk to complainants face-to-face, Neelu manages to push her documents upon him, which we suppose means he ‘accepted’ them, at least in her terms.

And we all know what that means: poor Random IPCC Guy is now the recipient of another of Neelu’s Liens. Pity his children, and his children’s children, will be forced to pay off the £100 million lien for the rest of eternity.

Then again, tomorrow being the Day of the Rapture and/or Reset, at least according to Angie, he might not have to worry about it for long.

Neelu with crystal on forehead


70 thoughts on “Neelu fines IPCC £100 million

    • Yes, the appeal was upheld, which meant that the IPCC had to conduct the investigation. And the investigation showed that the police had erred in a grand total of two (2) ways, both to do with procedure, not the substance of the case.

      As usual, Neelu and the rest of the nutters see what they want to see.


  1. The world is terrified of Neelu’s imaginary liens, fines, arrests etc….. Remind me; how does she enforce these things? What’s her track record in terms of having an effect on anything? I suspect you could write the answer on the back of a quark and still have room for the complete works of Shakespeare, War and Peace and the Haynes manual for Thunderbird 2!

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  2. There is something seriously odd about these so-called “child abuse campaigners” when so many seem to hover around pedophilia themselves.
    Aside from Rupert Quaintance’s ghastly admissions and the worrying allegations about what Jake Clarke may have done or was about to – of Power-Disney “shock” that people seem aghast at her admission she beat her children on a regular basis with a piece of wood: the partner of Steven George who is a FB friend of Angela Power-Disney and who Power-Disney actively supports- a “children’s entertainer” and so-called “anti-pedophile campaigner” was jailed for possession of child porn a year ago.
    Steven himself is on a similar charge which has been a long drawn out matter.

    Naturally they claim they were set up by police or an MP and so on. I don’t know what the truth is in these matters but why are so many so closely connected to a subject they claim to campaign about?.
    Of course they all claim the courts are corrupt and they have been denied justice as George does about his pal claiming he was denied a lawyer yet newspaper reports clearly says he gave instructions to his barrister (and no judge will hear a case if a defendant is denied legal representation).

    Hiding in plain sight? Who knows?

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    • It reminds me of arsonists who often work as volunteer firefighters, so they can get close to the fire. Or, more ominously, killers who offer to ‘help’ police find the bodies of their victim(s). Both of these are known phenomena; it would not surprise me to learn that there’s an equivalent for paedophiles.

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      • That’s the nail hit on the head guys….. There is an equivalent for crime generally EC. And I suspect someone with formal training in psychology might tell you how this is a perverted/distorted behaviour grows like a tumour from more rational defence mechanisms.

        As far as the world of paedophile hoaxing is concerned, it’s thought that a couple of ‘tactics’ and several agenda are in play. On the one hand you will find ‘perfectly sane’ cold criminals at work. – Note how many of these characters are druggies and con merchants for instance. ‘Feeder lines’ trace back to crime of a cold, calculating, serious nature and degree. Christie himself is exemplary; record as long as your arm playing out a hoax ‘prototyped’ by an individual who posed such a serious risk to his own daughter that he was banned from seeing her! The whole shebang orchestrated and promoted by a woman (who one might reasonably opine) is one of the biggest con-artists in Britain!

        Aside from financial gain, one reason these hoaxes and the ‘teams’ behind them are cultivated and encouraged is that they serve the important ‘PR’ purpose of creating a narrative that any and all grass roots activism or concern is the work of crazy people. By this means the real criminals (including corrupt officials) can work away under a smokescreen. – Don’t dismiss the involvement of officialdom either. Corruption really IS rife, and it’s entirely appropriate to seriously question the authorities when they fail to use existing laws timeously, or at all, to yield appropriate outcomes in the public interest.

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        • Completely agree. Belinda lights as many fires as she can (occasionally literally) using these lunatics to prevent us seeing what is really there. I’m quite sure there are grubby unpleasant truths at the back of all her causes, but they are continually obscured by the clown like actions of he minions, and that is just what she wants.

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    • Also re-enforced is that many of these people (aside from Neelu who has some other odd mental disability) are such obvious sociopaths or borderline narcissists.
      The give away trait shared by them is an ability to lie frequently and convincingly but to also forget their previous lies so they are often easily caught out. George exhibits this (and he was banged up in a secure unit for 10 years after an arson attack) with real give-aways : on one hand talking about being denied legal assistance (not possible with Legal Aid) and on the other discussing matters about how their barrister conducted a case.

      Frighteningly they can all meet up now on the internet.

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      • All their houses have major neglected interior decor issues,long since fallen into disrepair into abject squallor,rat infested from strewn detritus and overflowing bins.
        Rather than addressing these issues they blame their neighbours busy tending their own rose gardens and the poor guy sweeping the pavement and probably the lollipop lady.Lazy,feckless bastards the lot.
        Worse than useless,grossly unpleasant and entirely odd.

        They should get off their backsides and start up a business together combining their talents.

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        • I agree.
          I have twice, many decades ago suffered small bouts of depression (Oh Thank You Lord for Prozac !) and friends drew my attention to my (normally immaculate) increasingly filthy flat, slovenly appearance and so on. There is most definitely a correlation between mental illness and personal appearance and habits and odd behaviour.

          In a way I feel very sorry for Jake and even though he is incredibly annoying, mental illness is real and debilitating and he clearly suffers a certain amount of paranoia that is being exploited by these dreadful cult-like liars.

          Neelu clearly needs help badly for her sake and for the public at large. I cannot understand why her close friends or family do not recognise her odd behaviour. It won’t get better without treatment. It will get worse as she gets older. (an extremely lovely chap who lives in the downstairs flat of my building here in Sydney was carted off by the police last night after being incredibly calm for the 4 years I have been here, he suddenly snapped last night. Fortunately we are one street away from a new mental health unit where the coppers kindly deposited him.

          As for those attacking mental health nurses and so on, my usual remedy is the my preferred horse whipping in the town square but fortunately for them, i am forbidden by law to do so.

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          • Neelu’s back story can be gleaned with distressing ease. I’m told she was once a pretty, bright girl, the 2nd generation of an immigrant family battling with cross-cultural identity; as is quite common. To cut a long story short, an easily-lead Pharmacist is potentially useful to those involved in the drug trade. And there is some suggestion of her getting in with the wrong crowd. That crowd seems to involve many of ‘the usual suspects’. – And the rest seems to be brain-fried, sunken-eyed history.

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    • Oh so Mel is asking just “who is Belinda McKenzie?”. Interesting. Always love MKUltra movies and I am amazed he/she can find an actress ( as seen in the opening titles) who so accurately looks like Angie. Well done !

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  3. The IPCC got off lightly with a fine. Check out what she’s going to do to the cops:

    Is threatening to hang police officers a breach of Neelu’s restraining order or is that allowed? (She’s also frequently called for judges to be hanged too.)

    By the way, I’m bored with telling the ignorant bitch this but treason is not and never has been punishable by death in the UK. However, HIGH treason was but this was ABOLISHED in 1998. The last person to be hanged for that was in 1948.

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    • Neelu’s talking out of her backside.

      That footage of Neelu intimidating one of the witnesses walking down the road was intimidating.

      Her behaviour was intimidating to me and I only saw it on video.

      I think her argument fails but I could be wrong.

      Why the silly mare doesn’t count herself lucky and pleased that the CPS/Police brought the wrong charges against her is beyond me.

      Neelu is obviously enjoying all this and trying to get back at the State for what she believes happened to her niece, yet she said in Angela’s farces on Monday 29th August that she was getting on with her life until she saw the videos of the 2 children in February 2015.

      I don’t understand the majority of what she rants on about whether in a video or written.

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    • Neelu will have a hard job executing all those judges and bent cops let lone civil servants. Who could help her out?
      Not Angie as she wants prime position at the base of the gallows so she can knit and take in all the action.

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        • McKenzie is a particularly nasty, cynical piece of work. I’ve spoken to someone who actually dealt with her ‘in an official capacity’ when she visited Scotland with Robert Green….. They got the firm impression she was “working him from behind”, and that seems to be what she does. The coldest of cold fish! Slippery too!

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          • Belinda is certainly very slippery.

            I’ve witnessed that too.

            I can’t believe, I think it was Neelu. who in that Sunday 28th August video to do with the Magnesium tablets outside Holborn Police Station called Belinda, Sabine’s best friend!

            Who’d want a best friend like Belinda, who when Sabine got arrested at RCJ last August 2015, didn’t say 1 word to help her “friend”?

            Partners in crime more like, Sabine getting a few pennies from the pot, Belinda’s employee more like.

            Best friend?


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        • My take is that Belinda is the most cunning witch who knows precisely when to stir hard and when to hide in the dust.She is a highly calculating,self serving deviant and mostly compis mentis.
          The rest of them Angie included are damaged individuals,inadequates,mentally unstable and delusional to varying degrees.All are dangerous and disruptive towards innocent lives.
          ALL require gagging, placed in stocks and given donations of rotting veg.

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      • I suppose you could be stunned by what Neelu has to say, mesmerised by it all and just can’t believe what she is saying.

        I think she is hypnotising people to be in her Cult.

        When I met her outside the RCJ in 2015, I politely got away as quickly as I could…

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  4. In the video outside the police station, Neelu is very nice and polite to the officer. When he goes inside to find out information she says that she and the others had charmed him. When he comes back out she is again polite but still does the ‘remedy, remove from public office’ routine, playing up and showing off for the camera. However, she does so in a tongue In cheek manner, rather than her usual manner. What that says to me is she has some control and consciousness over her crazy behaviour.
    I therefore left that video with far less sympathy for her than I had previously.

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    • Yes I noticed that because all of the others in the Mob weren’t into all her Common Law or whatever it is Legal/Lawful Magna Carta quotes, Neelu let it go.

      This indeed shows me that Neelu is well aware of what precisely what she is doing and knows she is confusing people with her gobble de gook.

      99.99% of the time the only person that has a clue as to what Neelu is saying is Neelu.

      With the exceptions of Patrick Ambulance Man and Kev Perry.

      Neelu is another scamming con artist with her phoney Common Law nonsense that she has probably made up.

      What is the point of all these ridiculous liens if they’re not enforceable and expecting future descendants to pay for the debts. It is just plain ridiculous.

      Judges etc. might not have any descendants for starters Neelu and I doubt they’ve got 101 trillion pounds.


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      • Neelu may well know what she is saying and doing,it is just such a pity she cannot make the connection that everyone else knows shes is talking out of her arse and she is wasting everyones time including her own.
        If she requested expenses of say £20 for costs she can show were incurred by an admin/communication error then there may be some chance of recouping that.When she launches into medieval bollocks and wants loads of random zeros thrown in her bank account for the hell of it that just catapults her immediately into a surreal fantasy land neither Lewis Carroll or Salvador Dali could have concocted in their wildest dreams.
        Maybe she should take up expressionist art and get some of that shit out of her head because the way she is going it aint going to end well.

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        • You can always see the exact moment when the penny drops when Neelu is beginning her lectures to hapless civil servants.
          You can almost her the little bell go off and a light start flashing..”alert! alert!..major dingbat” as they hurriedly make excuses to go to the loo.


    • I think they would have all drawn straws in the Cop Shop and that poor bloke got the short straw and the job to go out and smooth over things with the Nutter Brigade.


      • Public servants have a duty to be polite and courteous. Behind the scenes in the canteens they will be laughing their socks off and like you suggest drawing straws to see which poor bugger gets to go and put up with them.
        I suspect one of the “initiations” for new officers is the Neelu patience test.

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  5. Rupert’s latest Facebook post is a GIF video of a bloke throwing a live raccoon very hard against a wall and down some stairs. Rupert apparently thinks this is hilarious and highly applaudable. I’d prefer not to post the link but am happy to go on record as saying that Rupert is one seriously sick fuck.

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    • Little surprise that such sadistic acts to animals as well as the sexual abuse narratives involving the RD children excites and turns on Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV. Worrying for the children of London that this pervert is running around the city with his video phone on. He wonders why everyone in London hates him? Take the hint Rupert, go back to USA before some Londoner gets irritated enough to give you a good beating.


    • Horrible person. Sure sign of a psychopath- finding joy in the killing of animals.

      I think he and his family are from somewhere in the backwoods. Hillbillies (although that’s probably an insult to Hillbillies)..but I wouldn’t trust him around pigs who I think should be very nervous.


    • I’ve listened to this. It’s extremely disturbing and upsetting stuff, with the host telling Sabine all about how the Holocaust never happened, oozing over how Hitler was one of the most important political figures of the 20th century (and he means that in a good way), and talking about how everything is the fault of the Jews. Sabine doesn’t disagree with a word of this hate speech, and in fact agrees with much of what the host says. It’s truly disturbing to listen to.


      • That Sabine is a through and through anti-Semite bigot is also borne out by her posting blatant neo-Nazi propaganda in the past.

        She could have disagreed with the host and then ended the interview. She didn’t.

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      • Not an interview in any sense.A couple of terminal hate preachers feeding off each other.These folk seem prepared to accept anything as long as if it fits in with a cons-piracy hate narrative.
        Only time before these clowns inform us nothing in the galaxy really exists but it is all simply a tree falling over in the woods in the 11th dimension. FFS maybe the European commission would like to have a full debate on that! Grr.

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