A non-story about something that didn’t happen

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether to write about certain things here on Hoaxtead Research. For example, on Friday it came to our attention that not only had Kristie Sue Costa revived her Dearman Does Hampstead blog, which gives new meaning to the words ‘disgusting’, ‘poorly researched’, and ‘tripe’, but she was trying to push a completely unsubstantiated rumour that RD and his children had been shot at during a trip to the Philippines.

Kristie Sue claimed to have received this info from someone using the unbelievably cruel and distasteful avatar ‘Sunaina Chaudhari’. Sunaina, you might recall, was the name of Neelu Berry’s young niece, who suffered from Trisomy 18 or Edwards syndrome, and died as an infant.

Here’s what this person is alleged to have said:

Sunaina Chaudhari

We originally had decided not to bother giving Kristie Sue’s story any oxygen, and spiked the story.

However, yesterday we noticed that Angie was parrotting the same utter nonsense as if it were confirmed fact, so we thought we’d better attempt to address it.

Was RD the really the subject of an assassination attempt?


This one didn’t take long to debunk: if a British traveller had been shot at in the Philippines, it definitely would have made the news there, if not here. And if the child of the alleged target had taken the bullet instead, it would have been front page news in both countries.

Did Kristie Sue or Angie bother to check this out? Doesn’t look like they did.

Here’s the latest news results for the search terms “Philippines shooting”:

Philippines shooting news search 2016-08-20So yes, there’ve been some shootings in the Philippines lately. However, they didn’t involve anyone from the UK…or their children.

There. Wasn’t that easy?

Why is Kristie Sue a hypocrite?

Here’s Kristie Sue, blithely posting that not only did RD’s child get shot, but it was RD’s fault…because a “huge population of people on this Earth that know about the Hampstead case and have seen the children’s faces as well as that of RD”.

Kristie Sue Costa shooting rumour 2016-08-20

So, class: what’s wrong with this argument?

Let’s start with the fact that RD had nothing to do with plastering his children’s faces all over the internet. That was the children’s mother, Ella, and her McKenzie friend Sabine McNeill, who has admitted that she threatened a judge with taking the case public if it didn’t go their way.

And since then, people like…well, Kristie Sue and Angie, among others, have felt no compunction about splashing the children’s images and voices across the internet, thus making them potential targets for paedophiles and kidnappers.

So even if RD had been attacked in the Philippines (and he wasn’t), and his child had been shot during the attack (which didn’t happen), we know who would have borne responsibility for making them vulnerable: the baying mob that thinks it’s just fine to publish pictures of vulnerable children online.

More bone-headed buffoonery from Kristie Sue

Kristie Sue just isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. This isn’t news—just think of her “RD has children, therefore anyone who admits to having children is RD” argument.

But this bit of idiocy is a new low even for her:

Philippines child sex trafficking 2016-08-20

Yes, we understand that there is a massive child-sex trafficking problem in the Philippines. But guess what? There is also a massive child-sex trafficking problem in the good ol’ U.S. of A.:

Child prostitution worldwide 2016-08-20Again, if Kristie Sue had bothered to do even the tiniest fraction of an iota of research, she’d know this.

And now, we’re trying to remember: are Kristie Sue’s kids blonde and blue-eyed? If so, what’s she doing allowing them to live in a country with a massive child-sex trafficking problem?

Why, she could get shot at! And if that happened, it would be her own fault. At least by her reckoning.

What kind of sicko would use that ‘Sunaina’ avatar?

We don’t know.

In fact, when we went to Kristie Sue’s ‘Believe the Children’ Facebook page the other day, we couldn’t find any trace of such an avatar. Nor could we find the person on Facebook. We found that strange.

We do know that whoever created the avatar is a sick and foul individual; whatever we may think of Neelu now, the fact that her niece died as an infant should never be the subject of a ‘joke’ like this.

Predictably, Kristie Sue and Angie are claiming that someone from this blog had something to do with it. We can categorically state that that’s not the case, but we’re sure that won’t stop them.

All in all, this is really a non-story, about something that didn’t happen, with lots of evidence to prove that nothing of the sort could have occurred. And it’s being pushed by people who cannot be bothered to do their research, but are just blindly parrotting things they’ve heard others say, rather than considering that the whole non-event could have been trumped up by someone desperate for attention.

A lot like Hoaxtead itself, now that we come to think of it. HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE

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  1. You are so correct EC about being able to identify the children from the images that have been shared online by these idiots, such as :-

    Angela Power-Disney,

    Jake Clarke

    et al.

    If I saw the2 children walking down the road in England, I probably would recognise them, though in 2 years they have probably changed a bit and with some decent clothes and decent haircuts they would be less recognisable. Imo the girl and boy looked very scruffy.

    However, it was these fools Angela, Jake etc.plastering the children’s photos and videos all over the internet that could make them recognisable in the 1st place.

    The shooting story is bogus.

    The fb profile of Neelu’s niece, no doubt like the Hoaxtead stapled alleged letter to Angela, is a product of their warped and sick imagination.

    Assassination my a…

    It’s the very language that Angela used when she told me she had been a target of assassination in the USA when the tyre on her car blew.


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  2. Its interesting to see that Neelu in her latest missive on facebook refers to Edward Ellis – (who in reality was struck off as a solicitor in 2012).

    To quote nutty Neelu:

    “Equity lawyer, Mr Edward W Ellis, has been filing corruption claims in the High Court since 2004 in the areas of drug, land, planning, credit frauds. These powerful paedophile protection fraud hub cases are the final squeeze to remove corrupt judges from Public office.”

    Click to access 11103.2012.Ellis.pdf

    It again illustrates that they do not bother to CHECK FACTS

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  3. Such transparent,desperate fabrication suggest the ill constructed hoax vessel is no longer just up the creek without a paddle but now truly holed beneath the waterline and on its inevitable descent towards a very watery grave.

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  4. A few days ago there definitely were trolling posts from a “Sunaina Chaudari” on Neelu’s FB page. These appear to have been removed but Neelu commented on how awful this was. For the one and almost certainly only time, I agreed with her.

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    • I am sorry to say Neelu has left herself very vulnerable to abuse by the way, like other hoaxers, she shares so much personal information on the Internet. I noticed in the past that her videos have attracted crude racist comments. Who ever is trolling her using her dead niece’s name is punching way bellow the belt.

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  5. Oh dear,

    Angela is not meant to smoke in the car and she has done already,

    I hope she loses our deposit for that.

    After all it’s not like she earns her money is it?

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  6. Oh crikey.

    Neelu wants people to go to Teeside court on behalf of Peter H…

    I thought he was a convicted paedophile and she was a child abuse activist?

    Makes no sense…

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    • She’s asking people to issue a writ of Habeas Corpus much in the same manner Norman Scarth’s supporters did but..and a very Big But..there is a flaw in this cunning plan.
      Habeas Corpus doesn’t actually apply when you have been tried , convicted and sentenced to court. Foiled again.

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      • Yes, I always thought habeas corpus referred to bringing the prisoner to court prior to trial. It’s a tool to force the courts to examine the lawfulness of a prisoner’s detention…but it’s not used after the person has been tried and convicted.

        Silly woman.


  7. “Predictably, Kristie Sue and Angie are claiming that someone from this blog had something to do with it. ”

    What I don’t get is if they think this is a rumer started by this blog why are they still happy push it as fact? Or in a complete change of character have they admitted to having been wrong about something?

    Strange, evil, desperate, delusional witches that they are.

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        • The Philippines seems like a very odd ‘destination’ to attribute to RD. Odd as in an unlikely place to try and settle with children particularly – at least for a reasonable-person trying to steward his young family through the most bizarre and horrible trauma. Particularly if they are mindful that the kids will need to resume their education and will be in need of counselling and support as they work towards recovery. I suspect the authorities would also seek input to and monitoring of this.

          Q… reminded me the other day that these people tend to operate on the basis of everyone else sharing the same (warped) standards, perspectives and points of reference as they do. He reminded me for instance of how certain Glasgow gangs had viewed a certain local police division as simply a rival gang; and that this mentality is still prevalent decades on. The police, in fact, have now and always did have a very different perspective!

          Again, bear in mind that fantasists tend to use their own fantasies as the raw material for their projections. Therefore in the warped mind of a criminal/child abuser, in their ‘normality’, fleeing to such a place might seem like a ‘reasonable act’. To me this has the ‘smell’ of Abe Christie about it. – Who else is a known child abuser with a history of involvement in pornography, drugs and the like?

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          • Very true–they do seem to share a common view of ‘reality’ in which each one’s insane fantasy gets layered on top of the fantasies that have gone before. I’d liken it to a group delusion or even (gasp!) a cult.

            I don’t know whether Christie is behind the Sunaina profile, as he’s been effectively ostracised by the rest of the Hoaxtead mob, but it was a vile thing to do.


          • It was an absolutely vile thing to do.

            I wouldn’t discount Christie – as much as he may have pissed-off the rest of the looney-toons mob he will still have his agenda.

            One or two other names have also been suggested though. I’ll keep my powder dry on this one, but on the racism score point out that the other baby I mentioned earlier was also (part) Asian, and that the parent in question has received racist abuse via email. The person thought to be behind this abuse is Scottish and has been involved in other hoaxes. They are known to be both a sectarian bigot and racist. The police have been advised.

            The smart money is still on Christie setting up this story though.

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          • One rare factor in common between the Hoaxer fantasists and those of us appalled by their damaging accusations based on zero evidence is an abhorrence and revulsion at whosoever has stooped to the depths of posting in Neelu`s neices name.
            I for one can only hope that anyone who “KNOWS “(as opposed to believes) who IS behind this can expose them and share in condemnation of the individual concerned and support action against them.
            Live in hope.

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        • The only clue is in the posts themselves Mik, the nature of what’s written and how it’s written. How likely are we to get a confession? That’s the problem. Using a dead baby against someone is a particularly low level of depravity. Who’s THAT low? The only place to start is with a shortlist IMHO.

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          • Agree Joe it is very unlikely to get a direct confession.Similarly if (s)he has shared their sick plan with someone that they would expose them.It is probably just a naive hope that if anyone had real info as to who is behind it that they do something genuinely worthwhile and expose the bastard.
            Other than that yes the next best thing would be to hone down the most likely candidates based on factors such as style,content,motivation etc.
            Im not on FB and not too up on techy forensics etc but therectically is it possible for them to do a trace of anykind?I appreciate FB are pretty unhelpful in the main though.

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          • Theoretically? FB’s logs will hold IP addresses, those are easily traced to an ISP. The ISP logs will in turn lead to customer records…….. In reality? It’s only possible if law enforcement are involved and working across several jurisdictions. – In other words no…. Not really….

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  8. I’m aware of another case where someone who lost their neo-natal child, had that fact used against them by certain of these perverts….. I’ve been asked not to go into it in detail because (as above) the individual does not want to give them the attention. – Suffice to say though, exploiting a dead infant does not cause these people and concern; they don’t even break sweat over it.

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  9. Well done EC on yet again trying to teach them how to do research before making their daft statements. Not that they will learn anything from it as they just choose to take the juiciest piece of gossip and run with it before trying to see if their is any truth to it or not.

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    • Thanks, AF. I’m now seriously wondering whether they invented the entire thing in the first place, as a way to try to keep RD’s name in the public sphere. Very amateurish, poorly thought out, and vindictive: it has all their hallmarks.


      • I’d go along with it is a totally made up story EC.

        How would any of the Hoaxers know where RD was or lived and where the children were living for that matter?

        Proof of their claim I say.

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        • We don’t know any details of RD’s life, so I don’t imagine they do either.
          And why would he contact the Hoaxtead mob, of all people, to tell them that his child had been shot? It’s a non-story that makes absolutely no sense. In other words, completely in keeping with their usual idiocy.


        • That’s something they won’t be able to provide……..

          After what’s happened, can any rational person not believe that the children aren’t being supported, counselled and generally assisted towards rebuilding their lives? Likewise that the Dearmans (all of them) aren’t under police protection and receiving good legal advice?

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  10. “Dearman even made a fake profile in Neelu Berry’s dead niece’s name.” She is of course right to be disgusted by whoever did it – clearly some awful troll who has no decency. It’s incredible that she would target RD and blame him for this. I wouldn’t actually be surprised if someone on her side did it to gain sympathy for the cause.

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    • I would be very surprised indeed if it wasn’t somebody from Angie’s side of the fence that posted under Neelu’s nieces name.

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    • Angies in england, shes falsely accusing RD of all sorts of crap and putting him and his family in danger, her toyboy rupert has threatened him too, arrest them police please!

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    • I agree. Just posted something above about this. Strangely enough, the first person to mention the Philippines was…yep, you got it. Angie.


    • Proof of claim Angela re RD making up the profile.

      How would you like it if someone suggested you did it?

      Have you fallen out with Neelu?

      You can’t just say something and it is then true.

      When are you going to understand that?

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      • Never, that’s when.
        And judging by what we’ve been learning through ‘back channels’, Neelu has been isolated within the Hoaxtead mob. She’s too nutty even for most of them.


        • But then mitigating that is the fact she is genuinely brain-fried mentally ill. That doesn’t excuse her behaviour, but it explains much of it. I think the dogs turning on her in this way illustrates well just what sheer malice drives them.

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  11. While the story is obviously false hopefully it will give them something to consider. That by publicising images of these children, something terrible could very well happen. They only have to look at some of the nutters that comment on their videos…etc to see the potential for something bad happening. For instance, “Jason Streatham” and Aaron Dover have both discussed and incited violence to the people of Hampstead, including RD. They have to understand that such unstable people could end up harming the children, even if by mistake. Not that I think they care.

    Using Neelu’s niece like that is crossing the line. There are a few stirrers among them that I wouldn’t put it past. Actually, I can think of more than a few, which speaks volumes for the type of people still pushing this hoax.

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    • Two of the main perpetrators exhorting others to harm or murder RD are Angela Power-Disney and Rupert Quaintance.
      Power-Disney has claimed she has alerted death squads in the Philippines about RD’s (non) visit.
      Someone who even looks similar to RD could be harmed.

      I can’t think of anyone more suited to at the very least be visited by police to ascertain how serious she is.
      Yet she seems to lead a charmed life. I’m perplexed.

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      • A charmed life all right.

        Yet she states she has no income!

        How does that work?

        Answer = Her Social Security Benefits/Allowances/DISABILITY benefits etc.

        As was suggested before, this woman could work in her local pub.

        As I understand it there were vacancies, did she apply?

        She’s definitely Physically fit enough to work.

        Driving from the airport, (was it Stansted?) in her hire car to Suffolk, smoking in it, contaminating it for the next person, breaking the Sat Nav and then she’s going to be driving in to Central London today.

        Angela sure gets around…

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  13. Hadn’t the hoaxers picked on the Philippines because of the country’s problems with child sexual exploitation, and then decided that is where the children were, based on nothing? They’ve decided in the past that they are all in LA, in Goa with their aunt. Making shit up again.

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  14. And for the hoaxers reading, the reason the children’s father didn’t have pictures of his children on Facebook, is, well, he had hardly seen them. There was a need to place the school at the centre of the tale to implicate the father, he hadn’t seen his children much in actual fact, so any tales cooked up by Abraham and Ella would have to be when Ella wasn’t around, which would be school, and their first contact with him for quite a while, the swimming pool. Ella’s main concern about his contact with the children was that he didn’t get them to eat her packed lunches. Yes, Ella and Abraham’s food preoccupation figures large.

    They don’t stop making stuff up do they?

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