Angela’s smear campaign…against herself!

Last winter, you might recall that Angela Fag-Ash Disney alleged that she had been the victim of a poison-pen letter campaign. She claimed that the letters, which were received by various members of her community, had come from Hoaxtead Research.

To ‘prove’ that they’d come from us, she stapled a print-out of our blog’s header (at that time) to one of the letters.

We have denied her ludicrous allegations from the start, and in a recent video, Angela has offered convincing evidence that in fact, those letters did not come from us.

In a now-deleted video shared by McKenzies Devils, she triumphantly holds up a stamped envelope which apparently contained one of the letters she received. The stamp on the envelope is clearly visible: it is an Irish stamp, part of a ‘peel and stick’ series offered by AnPost.

It could only have been mailed from Ireland. And sorry, Angie, but no one on our team lives in Ireland; we’re all located within the UK. Nice try, though.

Has Angie been engineering her own smear campaign?

We know she is desperate for attention, and that lately she’s been rattling her begging bowl even more vigorously than usual in an attempt to raise €1 million to fund her new ‘career’ as a journalist. We also know that she’s not averse to a little jiggery-pokery to get that cash flowing in.

And that’s not all she’s been faking…

This brings up a more recent issue: yesterday we talked about a truly disturbing fake Facebook avatar that carried the name of Sunaina Chaudhari, Neelu Berry’s niece, who tragically died as an infant. It was a callous and vile thing to do, by any standard.

Angela claims that the author of this avatar was RD, who for some reason thought it would be a brilliant idea to announce his location to the world. She doesn’t explain why he would have done such an idiotic thing; and of course, as we explained yesterday, the claim that RD or his children were targeted by assassins is absolutely not borne out by any evidence.

Interestingly, we noted a spelling error in the ‘Sunaina’ post (which was removed from Facebook shortly after we took this screenshot last week):

Sunaina Chaudhari

Whoever wrote it apparently lacked access to a dictionary, and misspelled ‘Philippines’ as ‘Phillipines’.

And it looks like Angie was similarly caught without her dictionary (or Google) when she posted this on Facebook on 12 August:Angie Philippines 12-08-2016

This is the first known reference to RD being in the ‘Phillipines’, and while a spelling error doesn’t prove that Angie authored both posts, it’s certainly interesting.

While we’re on the topic of ‘forensic linguistics’, note that neither post contains terminal punctuation—that is, a full stop—at the end. Again, not conclusive, but interesting.

Why would Angela bother trying to fake a message like this? We think the clue is in the above video.

“That sick human being made a fake profile in that baby’s name. So we’re up against serious darkness here, serious occult activity,” she says (emphasis ours). Angela knows how to work that begging bowl. She knows that the few people who do listen to her online drivel (besides us, that is) can be influenced to donate by certain keywords: “those poor, poor children”; “serious darkness”; “serious occult activity”. The more dramatic, the better.

And for Angela’s purposes, if she can convince her audience that RD is endangering his children’s lives, she knows it’ll loosen their purse-strings.

Would Angela really stoop so low as to use Neelu’s dead niece, and false allegations of children being shot, to pry cash from her audience? Place your bets.

AngelaPD Would I scam you

89 thoughts on “Angela’s smear campaign…against herself!

  1. Of course it was her and logic dictates that it would be no-one else, not even one of the other hoaxers.

    And this is the thing : Hoaxtead and it’s supporters have done a superb forensic job here and as my pal who reads this website and is a retired private investigator points out : the evidence that Hoaxtead has compiled in this particular matter is the enough of the sort of evidence police would gather for an arrest & prosecution.

    Recall Angie claimed the police where onto these hoax Hoaxtead letters which is pure B/S and a fraud like all the other times she has claimed police were investigating her claims.

    The crux of this is : Angie continues to exhibit sociopath tendencies where a lie is followed or built upon another lie and they eventually forget what lies they tell and are oblivious that their fabrications can be eventually exposed for what they are.It’s worth, if someone has the time,to trawl all her online posts as I bet a pattern of misinformation and contradictions emerges.

    Sociopaths don’t even know they are doing this.

    She reminds me so much of the master fraudster-on-the-run Andrea Davison (who ludicrously claims she was an MI5 spy) who was involved in so many frauds before the internet was born and some of them included a franking machine fraud run by post office staff (they all went to jail- she escaped unnoticed but there were rumours she was a grass) and the fabricating of false invoices which were sent to huge corporations who invariably paid up via their system of accounts – they were always for an amount judged to be not too large to question & if they were it was just claimed to be a mistake.

    Angie is reputed to have known Davison and all her claims re suspect credentials, university degrees reek of Davison style tactics from a time when people were less questioning.

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    • Thanks, Sam! We’re very lucky to have a number of very sharp-eyed people helping us out here (and I definitely include our commenters in that!). You’re so right that Angie’s ‘lies upon lies’ just keep piling up, and she seems to not even notice or care about the contradictions…for her, it’s all about keeping the drama going.

      Interesting that you’d compare her to Andrea Davison; I’ve wondered about that connection as well.


  2. Forensic Linguistics seems to be an accepted and well established part of criminal forensics. It is used by the UK National Crime Agency to provide evidence in criminal trials.

    An example of one of the recognised experts is shown below (From Aston University, not far from where Angie claimed to do a degree…)

    Angie – Your own stupidity has caught you out yet again.

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    • It would certainly be enough for her to be invited to the cop shop and interviewed under caution. But she would be a very accomplished liar and possibly run rings around the coppers who are used to dealing with someone like her and ask very planned & specific questions where they can check facts- and then invite her back for a second interview to demolish her credibility.

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    • Interesting, JW. You might like to know that one of the people who was helping Charlotte Alton Ward (aka Jacqui Farmer) at the old Hampstead Research blog was a PhD student in forensic linguistics at Aston University:

      Olu Essien Popoola’s involvement in the hoax dates back to early 2015; he actually wrote an academic paper based upon his analysis of RD’s children’s retractions of their original allegations against their father and the ‘cult’. At that time we reported this unprofessional behaviour to his department head, but as far as we know nothing was done to rein him in.


      • This paper… Academic? Very nearly. Despite the .edu TLD would not qualify for that TLD today. It has it only because it was registered before the TLD became regulated and available only to legitimate educational institutions. I asked a legitimate academic (a former lecturer) about it. He said “mwahhh ha hah ha ha ha ha ha haaaa” before falling off his chair!

        Aside from an entry at – what indication is there that Olu Essien Popoola ever studied at Aston? Or anywhere else for that matter?

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        • We did confirm last fall that he was studying at Aston, and were in correspondence with his academic supervisor. We raised a number of issues, including the fact that he had not anonymised the children’s names, and that there are ethical issues involved in basing an academic paper on illegally obtained videos of minor children, who could obviously have no say in their ‘participation’ in the project. Unfortunately, the university seemed unwilling to do anything about it, as the project had not been undertaken as part of Mr Popoola’s academic programme. However, that didn’t stop him from using the university’s name when he presented the paper at the conference last fall.


  3. Just some casual ponderings:

    1. Does anyone else find it odd that the address on the envelope has no postcode? Almost as if she doesn’t want to give away her precise location. Wouldn’t a hate campaigner have included a postcode to make sure it got there (especially as the property doesn’t have a house number)? You’d surely need to be the resident of Loughview, or at least an Oldcastle local, to know that the house is well known enough locally for such a vaguely addressed envelope to still get there.

    2. She says that no injunction has been sent to her, “despite invitations”. Firstly, am I the only one who doesn’t recall her making such an invitation? Secondly, is she too stupid to understand that the injunction was a generic one (as covered in detail and linked repeatedly back in February and March 2015)? Does she genuinely believe it’s always about her? Oh, yeah – silly question, lol.

    3. In the full version of this “show”, she says that “if you like”, she can give us the names of the officers at Wiltshire and Somerset constabularies who are working with her. OK, Ange, yes please. Consider this me calling your bluff. You can show us that along with your journalism degree certificate, full bank statement and all the other documents you still haven’t uploaded “despite invitations”.

    4. Parts of the fake letter sound like the sorts of things some of us might say. Just throwing this out there but is it possible that she cobbled some of it together from people’s Facebook/YouTube/Twitter/HR comments (then added her own extra dash of bile)?

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    • “You’d surely need to be…an Oldcastle resident…”

      Yeah, stop it, Gabi. It’s not big and it’s not clever. Show your mother some respect. 🙂

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      • Perhaps Angie will do a spot of crowdfunding to have the letter/envelope/stamp forensically examined for fingerprints/DNA etc to gather some clues as to its origin.

        Hey, from that she may be able to skim enough for a few sleeves of Windsor blue and a mouth gag for Rupert given they will both have an awful lot on each when push comes to shove.

        Sort it out Angie you know it makes sense.

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        • Yep, if Angela is unhappy about the letter she alternatively needs to take it to the Police and give it to them as evidence against whoever.

          I bet the only fingerprints covering it all are her and the postman.

          If it was typed, they need to check her computers, though it seems she has many of them here, there and everywhere.

          All evidence points to Angela writing that letter which she complains about, lol, amazing!

          I hate to say it but it looks increasingly like she is the person responsible for the fb account in Neelu’s deceased niece’s name.

          As EC states and produces evidence, the 1st mention of the Philippines come from Angela and the deceased niece’s fake fb account also has the same incorrect spelling that Angela used (doesn’t she bother spell checking?)

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    • Angela wrote that letter herself.

      She’s disappointed that she’s not important enough for anyone to actually write her one.

      I would have thought Sabine or Neelu would have been more likely to have received one, as they were actually in Crown Court unlike you Angela.

      Angela my dear you are part of the Restraining Order just as the whole world is, not specifically you, but the entire planet. DO NOT publish photos of the 2 children, do not name them, etc.

      I don’t understand how she knows similar letters have been sent to the Counsellor and whoever else she mentioned.

      Sending letters to her children’s schools seems a bit mad as the youngest is 19 or so she says and he’s been at college for at least a year!

      Liar, liar your pants are on fire Angela.

      Bollox as usual…

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      • Angela my dear you are part of the Restraining Order just as the whole world is, not specifically you, but the entire planet. DO NOT publish photos of the 2 children, do not name them, etc.

        Angie is not named in Mrs Justice Pauffley’s court order from February 2015, but as you say, she doesn’t need to be. That court order applies to “anyone who knows about” it; it’s very clear that publishing pictures of RD’s children, or defaming or harassing him in regard to this case, is absolutely forbidden.


    • Superbly spotted and yes- doesn’t every single one of us go out of our way to ensure we have the correct postcode (I certainly do).

      But if positing that letter in your own village the local PO would naturally know just about every street and the postman often knows every name on his/her route.

      Angie- busted again!

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      • Postcodes were only introduced into Ireland a few years back, and almost nobody uses them. That said, the envelope could be anything, most Irish people will put the county name on the envelope, locals often leave it out.

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        • thats right my parents live in ireland and they dont even have door numbers in the part they live in, you just write the name of the house on the envelope, it seems weird.

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  4. She’s said that the rupture….I mean rapture is due on 1st September and she’ll be beamed up. Why does she want a rental car for a month?

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    • Oh the wonderful ahem “Journalist” is going on another jolly, from Suffolk to Central London. (where she’ll have difficulty driving because of the amount of traffic n parking, n will no doubt incur Congestion Charges)

      Then who knows, a drive up North maybe or maybe not?

      All I know is, that for someone that has no income as she states and repeatedly begs for money Angela’s got plenty of it.

      Angela has declared she is interviewing people, which is presumably why she needs the car.

      Funny that, she’s spoken to Sabine, Rupert, Steffi, blah de blah, without one.

      Who knows how the woman works.

      Well she doesn’t really work now does she, this is her little hobby, ruining people’s lives with slander.

      I do remember she said she was going to interview Steven George, who was born a female about his CSA by his adopted father who was someone in the Establishment, can’t remember who off hand.

      If I was Steven, I wouldn’t do any interview with Angela nor would I suggest anyone else does, unless they want confidential information to be broadcast. to all and sundry.

      In addition, if someone MUST do an interview with the awful Gossip Gob, record it yourself.

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      • Steven George was banged up in Broadmoor for a very long time as a dangerous arsonist. Naturally he claims it was a false charge and his father conspired with the shrink (and courts).

        Steven George also penned and self-published an autobiography of his time (as a woman) at Broadmoor where he mentioned the late Jimmy Savile ( no relation to the Jimmy Seville of Hampstead as mentioned by Rupert) in reasonably positive terms and of how Savile brightened up the lives of inmates.

        When the Savile scandal exploded George suddenly “recalled” he had been abused by Savile at Broadmoor and a claim for compensation was duly requested.

        He’s right up Angie’s street (and is a Facebook friend of the old bat)

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  5. Isn’t it strange that these letters were apparently sent to all the people that have had dealings with Angie and none of those people have come out and agreed with the accusations in the letters. I believe Angie made the whole thing up so she could say ‘look Hoaxtead Research’ wrote to the police, charities etc and none of these people have a bad word to say about me.’
    Apologies if i haven’t explained myself very well.

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    • No, I understand what you mean. It’s a good point: in Angie’s warped world, if the police, newspapers, and so forth have all received these ‘letters’ but no one has said, “Yes, you’re right, she’s a horrible person”, then in her view that is a ringing endorsement. Pathetic.


  6. Great detective work as always folk, great spot on the stamp being an Irish one. I personally believe that it was Angie behind the Facebook post made under Neelu’s nieces name as well as these letters supposedly sent from this blog.

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    • At first glance it looked as if there was no postmark on the envelope at all. On closer inspection there is a bit of a dark scuff. The address is on a sticky label. This could really be any old envelope Angie has retrieved from her bin.

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  7. CCN schedule suggests the unholy cow is doing a live chat with Zen Gardener(Shit digger more like) at 5pm this pm.
    Bigears in his “perspective” writes:
    “For those of you interested in Zen’s story.. Angela Power-Disney will be doing a one on one interview today at 5PM BST with Zen.. Live right here on the network.”

    Gonna be tad tied up to enjoy 2 hours of such inevitable shoite but pretty sure some kind folk will provide a condensed summary.

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    • Zen Gardener: who grew up in the Children of God cult which was riven with generational pedophilia.
      Angie seems to have an affinity with people who are around pedophilia.

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      • Did you see the video of Mel Ve defending this Zen Gardener character over the paedophila accusations? Very strange thing to do indeed.

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  8. It’s very possible that Angie is behind this. It does after all need to be someone with with a (financial?) stake in perpetuating the hoax. Though, that list is long!

    One ‘p’ in Philippines is as common an error as two ‘l’s. One or other is almost expected. How common are both together? Also – how consistent are her spelling mistakes/typos? I’ve noticed that changing devices between different types of tablet (we have Toughpads with rubber keyboards here – ugh! As well as more conventional ones. Not sure which is worse!), laptops of varying species, ‘space saver’ keyboards (about the same size/layout as laptop) and full size keyboards…. These things all produce different types of error.

    And no, many systems don’t have an obvious spellchecker. For instance, Firefox is the ‘house’ browser here. Some machines seem to have spellcheck some don’t – it can come and go between ‘upgrades’, I’m not aware that anyone bothers to fix/investigate or is bothered by this. – People who can spell don’t need it and those who can’t often aren’t aware that they need to!

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    • But the others promoting this hoax like Sabine, Neelu actually believe their cracked claims and no amount of proof or facts deters them from their path as we have seen with several court cases now.

      Angela has just latched onto this hoax and is striving to be come the No One in the movement and profit off it anyway she can.

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      • I agree, Ghost of Sam.

        Angela is using this Hoax as a way of making a name for herself and to get some money in the process.

        That’s why I question if she actually really believes it.

        I mean she goes on that RD has done this, that and the other with zero proof, not a smidgen.

        Does she really believe her own lies?

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      • I agree. As you pointed out earlier Sam, Angie is a known Grifter. I am now as certain of her impersonating Judy Sweeney as I am of my own Mother’s name! And convinced that she was indeed involved with Andrea Davidson.

        Neelu, I would accept has lost her grip on reality thanks to years of (er ahem!) ‘medication’. I have heard something of her background, and it was seem she was on the fringes of ‘that crowd’ too. You can inagine in what way a Pharmacist might be ‘useful’ to such ‘types’. the she’s so far ‘off the planet’ she actually believes this crap seems likely. Sad, because many accounts speak of her coming from a good home and a decent family.

        Sabine? Again, seems to be someone who (it’s reasonable to opine) has fried her brain through the use of Cannabis and other drugs. It’s possible that in the beginning this was as some sort of pain relief. But there seem to be other underlying mental problems ( delusions of grandeur) there too.

        Angie? I am of the view that she has been many ridiculous, non-credible, dishonest and disgusting things in her life. And here she is staring old-age in the face on the bones of her arse having achieved nothing. In grifting terms she seems to be at the very bottom of the barrel. And no, I see no sign of sincerity – even deluded sincerity – in her.

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        • If we could actually get the sane ones to court, I think the outcome would be very different from the recent Sabine/Neelu case.

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          • In my opinion the Sabine/Neelu case was GRAVELY mishandled to the point where I question the competence and agenda of the CPS in all this. It seems to me that there is an awful lot that could and should be done, but just isn’t! Question is why?

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  9. Angie is a sickening nutjob. She call these videos “work” ??
    Spreading malicious lies and bilge on a YT video is now classed as a job?

    Why her children stand by her, I have no idea.
    I read a comment she’d left on YT the other day where she was telling someone her boys’ foreskins were intact!
    Who on earth would want a parent like that?

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    • Children will stick by abusive parents, and even defend them, because that’s all they know. It’s sad, and I wish Angie’s children had a better mother. I can only hope that their father is sane and reasonable.


    • Angie is a classic user.Everyone in Angies world is either net useful or net unuseful to her and no one including her children are exempt from her scales. If her children become a drain on her she will ditch them without hesitation and offer some bollox to justify her actions as is her want.

      The same applies to anyone she “works”(?) with.Rupert for example has in Angies mind been a net positive in stirring the pot(as it were),should he determine to detatch from the game she will have no hestitation in spilling many beans with no mercy.

      As stated earlier Angie has set her sights on being Numero Uno in this sordid saga and no doubts has visions of grandeur of writing her memoirs and hitting the chat show circuit of the back of her dispicable lies.Angie would have no qualms using a dead child or create a disinformation letter if she perceives gold in them hills.

      Angie is personification of poisonous wicked witch of the west.”

      “Dangerous,malignant and a sod”.

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      • I think that’s a very fair analysis. As Sam has said too, it’s all about what Angie wants.

        Incidentally, speaking of people who are or are not useful to her, she seems to have ditched Jake Clarke lately.


        • Yes Jake appears to be off Angela’s radar.

          I don’t think they have even met in the flesh.

          Perhaps she will drive her hire car to meet him.

          Jake however is still sharing the photos of the children on fb. Grrrr…

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    • Joe Kerr.

      The CPS brought the wrong charges, they didn’t understand who had done what is the gist of why the court case failed.

      This was evident from way before the actual Crown Court hearing.

      I had a slight hope that it would go unnoticed by the jury, but hey they weren’t needed in the end apart from formalities.

      Nothing much has been done because generally the people getting paid to do the work are too lazy to get their heads around it and will prosecute something a lot easier to prove.

      All my opinion of course.


      • I agree in part, FA. I think you’re right that the CPS failed to prove intent; and the couldn’t prove intent because in fact the people they were dealing with were, as they all agreed, “irrational, obsessive, delusional, and odd”. It was clear that from a legal standpoint, the defendants were engaged in what they considered to be a campaign. They did definitely cause intimidation, but because intent couldn’t be proved, the charge couldn’t hold. That said, I remain hopeful that the police will eventually get themselves in gear and deal with the restraining order violations to date.


  10. Angie is seriously targetting ricky dearman, she is putting him and his family in danger and it must be affecting their mental health, this is the worst case of stalking, defamation and cyber bullying ive ever heard of, these people should be put on trial where a jury can decide their fate, does somebody have to get hurt before the authorities act?

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    • Yes, she’s attacking him constantly, and in defiance of a 1.5-year-old court order. Let’s hope the police take notice while she’s in London.


    • karnevilnine

      The answer is PROBABLY.

      Do we even know that RD is actually aware of what Angela et al are doing?

      Would he be following this blog, following what the Hoaxers write on fb, watch videos promoting the Hoax etc?

      Do the Police give him any information?

      Has he had a mental breakdown (I think I would have) and in no fit state to do much?

      Does anyone actually know?

      Well I suppose we could ask Angela, she seems to think she has insider knowledge…

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      • LOL! We know very little about RD’s life now, and I think that’s as it should be. He and his children, along with the children and parents of Hampstead, deserve their privacy as they try to get on with their lives.


  11. One of the things that I don’t fully understand is the linkages among the Hoaxstead hoaxers, i.e., what is the common link that motivates them to make such absurd, ludicrous and defamatory allegations, and in some cases to continue making them even after the claims have been tested in court and found wanting.

    They seem to be largely, a motley crew, a bunch of people with not a heck of a lot to unify them, apart from holding somewhat odd and kooky beliefs about society (nothing wrong with that in itself, btw, once they are not in breach of the law) but they seem to be, in some cases, very, very motivated – almost like a religious and/or a political cult, in a sense.

    Very few legitimate anti-CSA campaigners got dragged into this rubbish – even ones that believe, in my view, rather unlikely things (for example, the claims against Harvey Proctor propagated by what has been called a rather odd internet news agency, one that was wound up recently – FWIW, I think that Proctor had objectionable right wing beliefs when he was a serving MP, but I certainly don’t think he was a child murderer. )

    My sense is more or less in alignment with Ghost of Sam’s post, that the links to A.D. might bear looking into. (That’s just my impression, so don’t sue me if I’m wrong – I have been before. )

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    • One of the common links between the believers in the Hampstead Hoax are the people involved have too much time on their hands and are supported financially by the Government/tax payers to be able to fund their activities to enable them to get to events such as attending Court etc.

      Some are retired like Paul Barbara, but the younger crew are on disability benefits, though I’m sure they are capable of working.

      Give them full-time, if not part-time jobs and a lot of support would disappear.

      The Hoaxers need positive hobbies.

      A bit of sport would help, joining the local gym or going for a long walk every day.

      I doubt they have much structure to their lives, they always seem to be able to attend “events” no matter the time or day.

      I did note that on Jake Clarke’s fb page a friend of his was asking him to put more positive activities into his life or similar. This comment received a couple of likes, one of which was by a Zoe Clarke, maybe his sister. Jake did not like the comment, but whoever made it was concerned for him.

      I’m getting the impression his family are worried about how he has been swallowed up by this Hoax.

      I’ve said it before but I think his Mother should contact Angela and have words with her.

      Imo it doesn’t matter how old Jake is, he’s a vulnerable adult despite his outrageous behaviour, the children’s identities being plastered all over fb etc.

      It’s about time Mrs. Clarke contacted the Police and at least asks them to speak to Angela about her grooming of Jake. I doubt she has, probably fearing Jake might make matters worse for himself, after all the Police supposedly wanted him to accept a Caution and then didn’t pursue it, mmm.

      Jake needs to be formally warned about his promotion of the Hoax, especially as Jason “psycho” Streatham is thanking Jake for continuing with the promotion on fb.

      With regard to the Police stopping crimes. That doesn’t seem to be their role. Imo they act after they believe a crime has been committed and not to prevent one or in this case many.

      These Hoaxtead crimes are a bit more complicated than someone punching someone in the face but not that complex for many on here though.

      I’ve no idea how anyone is going to stop this Hoaxer lot.

      It seems to me, something serious is going to happen before it disappears and only then if everything is linked.

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      • That’s a really good summation of the situation, FA. And I think you’re right that if many of these people had a bit more structure in their lives, and perhaps started talking to people who aren’t obsessed with conspiracies and the like, they’d find themselves much less immersed in this hoax.

        You’re right that Jake is a vulnerable adult; the same can be said for others, like Neelu. What I find sad is that their so-called ‘friends’ egg them on, and encourage them to commit further crimes (and yes, it is a criminal offense to share the pictures/videos/recordings of RD’s children; it’s also a criminal offense to harass people like RD 0r any of the parents, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead). People like Jake or Neelu are very susceptible to this kind of encouragement, and will go to great lengths to earn the applause of their so-called ‘friends’ (who really just want someone else to do their dirty work for them).


        • Yes EC that’s what really annoys me about Belinda and Angela.

          Belinda stood side by side outside the RCJ, London and let Neelu ramble on about arresting Judges etc.

          All on a video approx. Feb/March 2015.

          I know Neelu is 57 years of age but Belinda has experience of people with Mental Health problems (her daughter) and the ex-husband was a Consultant Psychiatrist. (So she surely gained insight from him as well)

          She’s a crafty operator.

          Angela encouraging the likes of Jake, Rupert, Steffi etc. really annoys me too.

          It’s blatantly obvious that she wants Jake and Rupert to do her dirty work for her. And anyone else if she spots they are susceptible, her praising of Neelu.

          I thought Jake had backed off from the Hoax. It just goes to show that when he’s not getting the attention from Angela he doesn’t promote it as much.

          I expect Angela has got in touch with him since she is now in England and that is why he has posted about the Hoax, shared the photos etc. again.

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          • Before Angie it was that New Zealand “blogger” Bronhilder or something.

            Jake busied himself re posting all her stuff anywhere he could.

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          • That is exactly the widely-held perspective on McKenzie up here too….. She is really quite a vicious piece of work as it’s simply not possible for her not to be aware of the mental health issues of those she surround herself with. Instead of helping them she preys upon them. She’s really the worst of the lot of them. A cold, cynical evil bitch of hell.

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            • That’s been her strategy from the outset, long before Hoaxtead was a gleam in her and Abe Christie’s eyes. The ‘dotty old lady’ routine hides a scheming, cold person who runs a stable of mentally ill and/or criminally minded people.

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      • I’ve just taken another look on Jake’s fb page.

        He’s going from bad to worse.

        Angela has really got to him.

        He’s sharing Alan Alanson posts from a few months ago.

        Some altercation with Gabriella Barney, who they believe is RD…

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    • It’s odd how support for hoaxers can come from unexpected quarters. I was incensed that gay “activist” Peter Tatchell refused to support Proctor because of his right-wing views (from 30 years ago !) and because he opposed gay rights when he was an MP.

      But Proctor had been out of the public eye for decades and the mark of a genuine believer in justice is that they will go into bat for their enemy if they are innocent.

      ## The word I have heard and I tend to believe it : Exaro was suddenly shut as Leon Brittan’s family are still fuming over the his treatment and were threatening to sue not only Exaro but the rich investor backer of it. Part of an agreement reached was the website must close. The backer also found himself on the nose apparently with conservative bankers in the City for funding a sensationalist website that had set out to destroy some people’s lives.

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        • I don’t think many people mourn it; at least not many with sound motives. As well funded and thereby ‘plausible’ as it was, it was in essence little different from the rubbish spouted by other conspiritards. – A discrediting influence on the alternative media. Maybe that was the point of it?

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          • I don’t, personally, have a problem believing in the POSSIBILITY of VIP abuse networks. These VIP’s are among the people that send other peoples’ children to die in foreign wars (yes, the British Army, to this day, has child soldiers, if a child is considered to be under 18 – that’s not conspiranoid stuff – it’s true).

            Nobody sane takes the Sunday Sport seriously – the journalists are taking the piss, and its readership is not the butt of the joke, because the readership is IN on the joke. The problem with Exaro was, as Joe suggests, the somewhat plausible nature of it. In my view, its semi-plausibility stemmed not just from its being well-funded, but also its output was, if not necessarily well-written, then at least literate, and semi-plausible, until you start to examine the claims closely.

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          • For the record, I have no difficulty in believing that so-called ‘VIP’ abuse rings exist either. I live and work with first-hand experience of officials and political types that are corrupt to the bone. They run our councils, our public services and our police forces. Take a look at the history of Glasgow City Council….. A previous leader was the gay-moll of local gangsters. And the city chambers was awash with white powder! His successor was a Kenneth Williams style ‘little Nero’. – Caught dogging with a man who wasn’t his partner in a public park; he stayed in office while the police swept it all conveniently under the carpet!

            Who the hell tolerates these loonies within a party let alone promotes them to high office? All the councils along the M8 corridor are similarly ‘bent’! I don’t imagine for a second the area is unique either!

            Yes, some of them ARE perverts! Mostly they’re just crooks though. And in my view a great deal of the ‘crying wolf’ that goes on with these hoaxes and the like is about deflecting attention away from that.

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          • @Joe Kerr

            I know sfa about Glasgow politics and even less about the M8 corridor, so will refrain from commenting.

            “A discrediting influence on the alternative media. Maybe that was the point of it?”

            Truly, I don’t know. Possibly, potentially, a discrediting influence on ANY allegations of abuse committed by high level ‘VIP’ people? Or perhaps a combination thereof? I generally try and avoid conspiracy theories, and go for Occam’s Razor on this kind of stuff, but who knows.

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        • Yes Exaro certainly played a big part in a lot of false stories of historic abuse and only encouraged the so called CSA campaigner trolls on Twitter


      • I am no particular fan of Tatchells’ but I would be inclined to defend him here. It isn’t his fault that police made an almighty cockup due to the allegations of an unreliable person, promoted by Exaro and by some other media. I would guess that what grates with Tatchell is not so much Proctor’s views per se, but the hypocrisy of his position on gay rights, when he was in politics (it was possible for a Tory to express support for gay rights even back then, in a quiet way. Difficult, but possible) – which he has never expressed any remorse for over the years (as far I’m aware). Tatchell’s whole thing back in the 1980s was about exposing that kind of hypocrisy in society and especially in politics.

        I didn’t hear those specific rumours regarding Exaro, Ghost of Sam, and while I wouldn’t discount them, to be honest, given the amount of money they had lost, I couldn’t have seen it continuing much longer in any case. I predicted at Christmas that it would be gone by end of Q1 2016, actually I was somewhat out on that as it managed to hang on until the end of Q2.


    • I’ve been listening to the video you put up re Zen Gardener Sheva.

      It’s very interesting, very and really clearly put.

      I fell asleep listening to Angela and him yesterday and missed the 1st 20 mins, I assumed she wouldn’t air on time.

      Will have to wait for the pod cast and compare with your video share.

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  12. Angies latest missive – simply utter bollocks.

    Has she now turned on Sabine? – people associated with the Children of God cult have links to Sabine

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    • Oh, and Angie thinks HR has ‘CIA’ written all over it? We’d love to know exactly why she thinks the CIA would give a tinker’s about her tawdry little life….or about Hoaxtead, come to that. Come on, Angie, cough up some proof, luv.


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