Operation Clean-Up

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been considering launching a new project here at Hoaxtead Research. A few of our readers have got in touch to request it, and we think the time has come to start building a comprehensive database of the Hoaxtead mob.

Yes, we know, we talk about these people all the time, and we already have pages here on the blog listing many of the more prominent Hoaxtead pushers.

But this is a bit different: we’re talking about something a bit more streamlined, which would identify Hoaxtead pushers who could realistically be charged with harassment under the law.

Why now?

Now that Sabine and Neelu have both been issued with restraining orders, we feel the time is right to start cleaning up the Hoaxtead corner of the internet.

As one of our readers said,

I want each and everyone of them to be held accountable for the abuse, intimidation, cruelty, slander, defamation of character from all corners…. criminal, libel, etc for EVERYONE that has been affected.

This would of course include anyone who has violated the original court order issued in February 2015, which was intended to protect RD and his children; but it would also include anyone who has harassed or intimidated any of the families, teachers, clergy, or businesses of Hampstead.

Parameters would include real names, aliases, details of the alleged harassment—when, what was said/done, platform used, etc. This will require links to posts and videos, which will be collated into a page on this blog which victims of harassment will be able to use as a reference point.

Since we’re looking for people who could be charged under UK law, we’ll have to exclude anyone who isn’t a citizen in this country, at least for the present. If this project goes well, though, we’ll consider expanding it to include other countries.

We’ll be working on this project for the next few weeks, and we’d be very grateful if you  would care to pitch in as well. In the next couple of days we’ll put up a special page on this blog where the database can be seen; and we’ll keep you updated as this project proceeds.

Together, we can put an end to this hoax that has hurt and terrorised so many people over the past two years.

Together we can

47 thoughts on “Operation Clean-Up

  1. Superb idea. A database that can be accessed by lawyers and police and potential victims and even neighbours of these false accusers.

    I was disturbed to read in Neelu’s court account that one witness was so terrified that she fled with her children, her home attached to a Hampstead church after receiving abuse and threats. No-one should ever be placed in that situation.

    Yet what do we get from Neelu (who should be sectioned), not the slightest hint of sympathy and from Sabine endless moans that she had her social security cut off (because she breached the rules) and hand wringing because she had to reapply for housing benefit.

    It doesn’t seem to enter the twisted brains of these false accusers that they are affecting the lives of real people with families just because they happen to live in a particular area of London.
    And yes I think a data base of foreigners (Mel Ve, Rupert) who promote this dreadful hoax should be compiled so innocent Dutch and American citizens are aware that a false accuser lives nearby.

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    • Ghost of Sam,

      Don’t forget one of the mains antagonists perpetrating this Hoax,

      the ever present Angela Power-Disney,

      the Irish and Lanzarote resident that keeps pushing this craziness for her own gain, without a 2nd thought for the destruction she leaves in her wake.

      This idea is excellent.

      Sometimes you have to give the “powers that be”/authorities all the information you have, do all the hard work for them, before they are interested.

      They’ll be no excuse if all the evidence is handed to them on a plate with the information clearly laid out.

      Well done on all your hard work.


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          • Bit of technical advice Angie…. Large diaphragm vocal mikes aren’t supposed to be handled, but on a stand because the large diaphragm is fragile and ‘blows out’ if you rattle it around. That’s also why they’re hung on a rubber shock mount. And you don’t speak into ‘end on’ – They’re to be oriented vertically. Also, you really need a ‘pop’ screen. – Anyone who trained as an Actor would know all this as it’s basic vocal technique. Even if the mic you’re using was ten-bob off the lookey-lookey man down on the beach….. Oh! and you’ve still go mains hum creeping in to your shitty setup! Just sayin………..

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          • She needs to put some make-up on,

            she looks terrible,

            worse than usual.

            Enough to put Rupert off his Cornflakes.

            What does she want a hire car for?

            Must be travelling out of London, up to see Charlie Veitch in Manchester,

            possibly Mickey Summers in Nottingham.

            Well time will tell…

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          • Hope everyone is ready for the rapture taking place (to quote Angie) taking place sometime between September 1st and October 2nd 😀

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            • Oh, excellent! I’d just been thinking it’s time to look for a new car. I’ll just take the first abandoned one I see once all the rapturees have ascended to their reward.


          • 0:26 “I am probably half packed”. I dont know about probably.
            I see she has got a couple of sleeves of Winsor Blue fags which should just about see her through until take off.
            Odds on she has already got a nice little travel insurance claim ready to more than cover the costs of her UK abuser smokesceen tour.
            Lord knows whats treats we are all in for.

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      • I hadn’t really forgotten about Angie but think the locals are already aware a loony is in their midst.
        Remember an Upright Citizen went to a hotel & warned a potential Angie mark to “flee ! flee while you still have your wallet and your sanity” and he was on the first stagecoach outa Dodge.

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          • My bets would be on the Niece in East London, Belinda McK, Sabine McN, Neelu.

            To get Rupert jealous, Kev Weaver, Paul Barbara.


    • Thanks Sam. I think the police are completely flummoxed by this, and throw up their hands far too early when asked to act. Having a database on hand, easily accessible, will help clarify the picture.

      Originally we thought that just having the blog would make it easier, but we’ve grown too large now, and anyone searching must really know what they’re looking for. We really hope the database idea will make that easier.

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  2. Nice suggestions, EC.

    Hope this helps. This is my full list rather than just the ‘prime perps’ as they appear on the main poster:

    I think we’d need to start with (though not necessarily limit ourselves to) identifiable UK perps who are still active and on whom we have evidence of crimes being committed, such as John Taylor, Jake Clarke and Kevin Weaver.

    Offences committed may include:

    Libel / slander / defamation
    Data Protection Act
    Contempt of court
    Failure to comply with a court injunction
    Failure to comply with a court order
    Failure to comply with a suppression order (aka “gagging order”)
    Witness intimidation
    Perverting course of justice
    Aiding known fugitives
    Conspiracy to abduct children
    Breach of Police and Criminal Evidence Act
    Breach of Racial and Religious Hatred Act;
    Breach of Terrorism Act
    Incitement to violence
    Outraging public decency
    Breach of Fraud Act (Charity Fraud)
    Breach of Criminal Justice and Public Order Act
    Breach of Sexual Offences Act 1992
    Breach of Prevention of Harassment Act
    Malicious Communications
    Breach of Protection of Children Act
    Breaches of various child protection laws
    Breach of Criminal Justice Act
    Breach of Computer Misuse Act
    Breach of Communications Act
    Breach of Convention on Human Rights (Article 8)
    Vexing a priest


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  4. Just forwarded to me….. A particularly creepy picture of the self-professed drug addict and wannabe child-abuser apparently inviting small children to join him on the Butcher’s Apron. I assume the irony of this skidded off his shiny little head.

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      • A second picture (which I choose not to repost) was also sent which appears to show a girl of about 13-15 years of age in a skimpy nightdress, sleeping…. A pro-drugs message captions it. – This man is one sick-headed bastard.

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        • The picture of the little girl in bed is commented on by Angie “You KNOW I know”.
          I wonder what she can possibly mean? Has she got Rupert by the short and curlies?
          I am sure Angie will reveal all should he not play her little game.

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          • God knows what the two creepy paedo bastards were up to…… Not only is there a tacit reference to ‘butchering’ in the first photo, but the second one hints at drugging children; as of course their ‘heroes’ Draper and Christie did. Bear in mind that Angie lives in an area KNOWN as a haunt for doggers and other perverts.

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          • Angela means she’s smoked the Weed and got so out of her head High.

            She’s bragging that she’s a “groovy” chick, down with the young ones, except Rupert is no longer young and she’s a bad influence on her eldest boy (young one) in directing him to the Pot Cafe in Lanzarote.

            You’re an oldish woman Angela, it’s laughable how you behaviour and you are an embarrassment to your offspring.

            I had a Mother that embarrassed me, but she wasn’t even 1% of what you are!

            How’s London?

            Did you sleep well?

            Who with? Lol…

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  5. Surely the very sick Kane Slater needs a special mention.
    This creature who uses an emotive subject like cancer and marijuana to lure people to his FB page where he publishes endless sick fantasies about the child victims in this case along with numerous other North London families and their children.

    He disgustingly claims a photo of the former PM David Cameron and his late child is something far more sinister.

    Power-Disney,who continues to breach UK law posts a new link to Slater’s garbage where he she sickeningly agrees with some lunatic claim that RD used one of the children as a “human shield” in a gun shoot out in Asia.

    The only people I’ve given up any concern for in this matter are the authorities, police and social workers in this case who are continually defamed by the like of Power-Disney, Quaintance, Berry, Sabine and so on as we now see Quaintance mocks then with his photo & Union Jack.

    They are in a position of some power where they could insist breached laws are enforced/ Instead they allow their own names to be included as vile perverts on no evidence.

    If they knew the sheer distress I know that the evil Fiona Barnett has caused the child of one innocent Australian politician’s extended family perhaps they would show more concern for their own families’ future when horrible lies have been plastered over the internet for future readers.

    In a sense this stuff becomes a matter of history now – it’s never corrected except in this small corner of the net- and could have devastating effects in 10-15 years time. Yet they allow Power-Disney & Quaintance who have conspired with the main hoax perpetrators without even questioning them upon arrival in the UK.

    No wonder would-be terrorists can slip into England so easily when this lot have now bungled 2 court cases.

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    • The wonderfully named Tulip Siddiq MP must be aware of the case. I know politicians are incredibly busy and get heaps of requests but surely this is a special case where Tulip could demand authorities enforce the laws. Recall how many people have been fined & threatened with jail for just one post on Twitter or Facebook as in the case of footballer Ched Evans when they revealed or threatened his alleged victim.

      This is exceptional : innocent families have been repeatedly threatened with violence of death. Just because the names & images of the children in this case have been widely published does not give others the legal right to continue that exposure. It’s still a crime yet fools like Jake Clarke get away it.

      They are mocking the law and they see how easy it is so no wonder they continue. I’m quite perplexed why in such a prominent case it is allowed to continue when there are specific criminal and harassment laws to prevent this and when some of the offenders are known and live in the UK.

      Do they really believe it’s just going to fizzle out at some stage?

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      • It’s not going to fizzle out until the low life scum that are showing the images of the children are stopped.

        No cautions, I know it’s still a criminal record black mark.

        Get them in Court, done and dusted case, give them a hefty fine, a bit of community work, probation every day, ok once a week I guess might be the norm.

        Next violation, JAIL.

        I would have thought the Police would do this as “it’s an easy nick” surely?

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  6. Note some of Tulip Siddick MP’s past credentials :

    # She has worked for Amnesty International & Save the Children,
    # Siddiq served two years as a school governor at Beckford Primary School and Richard Cobden Primary School
    # supports a number of organisations in Hampstead and Kilburn, including school governor roles at Emmanuel Primary School[53] and Granville Plus Nursery

    Perhaps mere stepping stones in a political career that made all the right noises but devoid of any controversy.

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    • Alan Alanson is one of those unidentified in the frame.

      Not sure which one but he’s chuckling that his name isn’t mentioned above.

      He’s shared the above from his fb page haven’t you Alan?

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