Deborah Mahmoudieh rides again

We knew it couldn’t last.

Aside from the odd (very odd) video about energy rays causing forest fires and parents having the right to poison their children by feeding them bleach, Deborah Mahmoudieh has been silent about the Hampstead SRA hoax for several weeks now. According to her friend Angela Power-Disney, Debs was arrested a few weeks ago, and this allegation seems to have been borne out by Debs’ removal of all mentions of Hampstead from her YouTube channel and Facebook profile.

But as we all know, Hampstead mobsters have some sort of bizarre compulsion to continue spreading their lies, even when they’ve been told by police not to do it. Deborah, we’re afraid, is no exception.

In a video released yesterday, titled “WHERE IS SAINT GEORGE & SAINT MICHAEL???”, Mad Moo is back, and on form.

See if you can work out which case she might be referring to here:

When children who report a crime to police about sex offences against them, even if that report is made credible with confirming medical evidence, actually their crime report sounds incredible because it includes, say for example, Satanism…somehow their crime report doesn’t sound credible.

So therefore the police have a legal clause by which to ignore that crime, because it doesn’t sound credible.

So you can understand how that empowers people who get together for the explicit purpose of abusing children. All they need to do is include schools in their child sexual abuse, so if the child doesn’t sound credible, their crime report doesn’t sound credible, we’ll take you off your parents, then have a chat with you until you retract your statements. And then we’ll falsify the medical evidence. …

As usual in a MadMoo Production™, the shoutiness levels climb steadily for the first 15 minutes, then escalate dramatically toward the end, when she completely loses her shit and starts ranting at full volume about dragons and people being persecuted by the state.

But first, lest we forget that Madame is an “EU law expert”, we’re treated to the special Mad Moo interpretation of the EU directives which govern child sexual abuse and child trafficking:

… We need to alert the public that children are at risk because these people who have direct access to children, because they work in social services, or the police, or teachers, or whatever group, according to EU directives we have a lawful duty to warn the public that these people are lawful suspects, we now suspect that they’re covering up crimes, abusing their power and authority to persecute and even prosecute people who are exposing the dire levels of negligence, negligence employed specifically to protect lawful suspects from arrest in the investigation.

Now which people “exposing the dire levels of negligence” might those be, Debs? Do tell.

She goes on to reveal her stunning interpretation of the laws regarding confidentiality and anonymity in cases where child sexual abuse is alleged:

Suspects who end up hiding behind the privacy rules of the family court!

Now those privacy rules are for the children, not for the lawful suspects. People suspected of trafficking, even murdering children, they have no rights of protection, of privacy…they aren’t a family, are they, people that get together to abuse children, to traffic children?

It doesn’t belong in family court, it belongs in criminal court, suspects don’t deserve privacy. Their victims have a right to privacy, yes, but not the people who are lawfully suspected and accused of those crimes.

Now, here’s an interesting conundrum: in the hypothetical situation which Debs describes, she claims that people “get together to abuse children, to traffic children” cannot be considered a family (we’re assuming she means “even if they’re related to the children in question”). But how do we know that these people are guilty of the crimes Debs claims they are, unless they’ve already been tried and found guilty?

Of course our Debs has an answer for that: string ’em up first, ask questions later. Once again, she repeats her old and utterly unshakeable delusion that the EU has declared that the onus of proof is on suspects in cases of child abuse.

Now, how is it possible that people who are lawfully suspected in a medically evidenced crime report, for example, how do we know that the people are innocent, when the police just say, ‘Well we didn’t find the children’s crime report credible, even though we had medical evidence and we had all these other details, we didn’t find the crime report credible, so we just ignored it’. …

Because EU child protection directives believe the children, and the onus of proof is on suspects to prove their innocence.

Really, Debs? Really?

Because we read through DIRECTIVE 2011/92/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 13 December 2011, on combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography, and replacing Council Framework Decision 2004/68/JHA”, which Debs attached to her video as “evidence” of her preposterous claims.

And guess what?

Nowhere in that entire Directive does it mention that the onus of proof is on the accused. In fact, Article 48 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights states very clearly:

  1. Everyone who has been charged shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.
  2. Respect for the rights of the defence of anyone who has been charged shall be guaranteed.

Nowhere does it say, “except when the case involves child sexual abuse or child trafficking”.

However, in Directive 2011/92/EU we did find this gem, which we think might have some bearing on the case Deborah is trying so hard not to name:

Member States should encourage any person who has knowledge or suspicion of the sexual abuse or sexual exploitation of a child to report to the competent services. It is the responsibility of each Member State to determine the competent authorities to which such suspicions may be reported. Those competent authorities should not be limited to child protection services or relevant social services. The requirement of suspicion ‘in good faith’ should be aimed at preventing the provision being invoked to authorise the denunciation of purely imaginary or untrue facts carried out with malicious intent.

So, Deborah, if you can cite chapter and verse of your imaginary reversal of Article 48 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, please be our guest. It’s long past time to put up or shut up.scary-lady-1475767030dmh


73 thoughts on “Deborah Mahmoudieh rides again

  1. I listened to the latest videos earlier and had to have a gin and tonic and a lie down.

    Did she pose for that picture above or did you hide behind her window and sneak the shot?

    If you’re reading this Deborah, it’s time to advise everyone of the EU Directive that says the onus of proof is on the accused. A link and a screenshot of the relevant bit will be sufficient. If you can produce it I’ll regain a bit of faith in you. I might even apologise for being sarky.

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  2. Such powerful words : “feed that dragon as long as I get some fookin donuts to stuff in my mouth”.
    I must say the rising crescendo is one of the finest of Moos to date.
    She does however verge from “millions of children” to “1000s of children” and back to “millions” are trafficked into Britain each year.

    Can I suggest that Moo has inadvertently stumbled upon the coming solution to the dire shortage at Kentucky Fried “Chicken”?.
    Either that or every household has a dozen or so kiddies hidden in their garage or their potting shed at the local allotment (that may not even know they have). I mean if this has been going on for many years..let’s say just 10, that’s 10 million extra kids. Why has no-one noticed? I think we should be told.

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    • And point of order: I know nothing about this legend about the village and the young maid and dragons so on. Is this yet another dire EU directive where we Brits have been denied knowledge of our own history? Have the Beasts of Brussels been deliberately enforcing European history upon hapless UK children and been hiding the fact Britain was awash with dragons in the past? (I know they had them in Wales though).

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      • She neglected to mention the Gingerbread House case, wherein a wood dwelling harridan would cage up children in order to fatten and eat them. I also understand a criminal mastermind known as ‘The Wolf’ has been damaging pig sties and dressing as an elderly woman in order to groom red cloak wearing damsels.

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  3. I was just daft enough to read through the entire link mentioned above and can find nothing that says the onus of proof is reversed in these cases.

    I did see something about protecting the identities of victims though……

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    • It’s Article 20:

      ‘6. Member States shall take the necessary measures, where in the interest of child victims and taking into account other overriding interests, to protect the privacy, identity and image of child victims, and to prevent the public dissemination of any information that could lead to their identification.’

      I’d agree with Deborah that the authorities have been sadly lacking when it comes to the above. More should be done to protect certain childrens identities and to stop the public sharing of their information. In fact, they should arrest people who are doing this shouldn’t they Deborah? Just asking….

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    • Yes, and here’s a funny thing about protecting the identity of a victim: when sexual abuse allegations have been made against a parent or other relative, and naming the accused would lead to identification of the alleged victim, the accused isn’t identified.

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  4. My god, can you imagine what her neighbours must think??? she was in fine spittle flying form on that one wasnt she LOL

    One thing that is interesting is the sheer logistics of her ‘millions of children are killed’ claim, the annual death toll for the UK according to the Office of Statistics ls “There were 597,206 deaths registered in the UK in 2016, a decrease of 0.9% from 602,782 in 2015.” so you are talking about an ‘underground mortuary’ business that handles double the number of ‘legitimate’ deaths every year!
    They have to dispose of bodies that weigh in excess of 10 thousand TONNES!!!!
    Sizewise, you are looking at almost exactly 100 full sized Olympic swimming pools filed to the brim- each and every single year!!!!

    They are transported in, killed and disposed of….


    The sheer logistics of organising this massive operation is simply incredible!
    Add to that it has to be done in total secrecy?

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    • They must have enormous appetites in a certain North London church where dozens are eaten every Wednesday so that accounts for some ‘bulk’ disappearing but then there are the bones ?
      And as a certain Neelu says there are also dozens of baby carriages that must go somewhere. I wonder if one where to go to the local High Street in Barnett you could pick up a baby carriage for a song as the market must be flooded with them.

      It’s all sheer madness of course but as one says..details details. Who needs ’em?

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  5. She can’t interpret a medical report correctly, so it doesn’t surprise me to find out she can’t interpret the Directive correctly either.

    Bang go the EU Law Specialist credentials, eh?

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    • She can barely tie her own shoelaces. Poor old debs lives a lonely existence with only her mania and self loathing for company, venting her bile online in an attempt to save the earth from Dragons and ascend to the Golden Shower Universal Beings who will ferrry her to another planet as payment for exposing the MK Ultra reptiles who have enslaved humanity. Pity her, she needs help that society has slashed the funding for.


  6. “Well, I’ve never seen us act like this
    our only hope is the minds of kids
    and they’ll show us a thing or two…” – Billy Talent

    Florida school shooting survivors making me very proud and happy. That’s all I can think about right now.

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  7. ‘When children who report a crime to police about sex offences against them, even if that report is made credible with confirming medical evidence, actually their crime report sounds incredible because it includes, say for example, Satanism…somehow their crime report doesn’t sound credible.’
    Deborah Mahmoudieh

    1. You’ve misinterpreted the medical evidence. In fact, the minor injuries found were more consistent with enemas, which the doctor hadn’t been told about so she didn’t have the full facts. If the story the children told about the abuse was true, the injuries would have been much worse and mum would have noticed.

    2. To my knowledge, the crime reported didn’t include ‘Satanism’. The children talked about a ‘cult’. In fact their account was bizarre in that they didn’t talk about Satan, demons or anything like that and expressed no fear in relation to this.

    Deborah wants to believe all this and is looking for ways to confirm what she already believes. She is, however, entitled to discuss issues in general providing she doesn’t name names. I still have some concerns about names being mentioned on some of her remaining videos and intend to look into this and inform the police if I think the law is being broken. She needs to clean up her act or face the consequences.

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    • Yes, that’s an excellent point about the children never having mentioned Satan, Satanism, Satanists, etc. They only ever ever referred to the alleged group as a “cult”, or sometimes a “strange culture”.

      Wouldn’t you think that if they’d been brought up in the thing, they would at least know the name or names of the deity or deities they were meant to be worshipping?

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    • People in a real cult don’t refer to it as a “cult” especially children.
      Time and time again after numerous studies of cults and after interviews of people who have finally left those cults they describe the “cult” as to them , normal everyday life.

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    • So APD says “well done” for leaving a church that wasn’t racist enough for you?


    • Gosh, he’s had two strikes. Wouldn’t it be terrible if he got another for, say, the interviews he did with Sabine McNeill in 2015, in which he allowed her to spread the Hampstead SRA hoax, and agreed with her that Hampstead was full of “Satanists”? I don’t know how we’d live without Richie in our lives.

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    • This would be great if it actually happened.However over the years that fool has had a lot more than 2 strikes on all that nonsense. I expect this paranoia article he put up is just another way of saying “just send me your foookin muuuuney!” like Sir Bob did 😉
      If however he only does need another strike to get deleted then im on it right away. I have my own reasons for wanting this moron to shut his mouth Im not too fond of folk who give a mouthpiece to outright liars and then there is the paedophile enabler he interviewed. …Who was that? Well im sick of telling people but rest assured his channel is going…
      Goodbye Richie,

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    • “Now I mentioned that colleagues of mine in commercial TV/Radio had warned me that our channel would be specifically targeted.”

      No Richie – NOT ‘colleagues of yours’ – Certain genuine real TV professionals warned you ages ago that your content was (a) delusional amateur shite & (b) in many respects, illegal. Consider yourself lucky it’s just a take-down. For now!


    • She rants an raves about “why bother putting the children through an examination..” when another explanation may be found : the ignorant EU law expert doesn’t seem to realise that 1000s of court cases collapse after so-called evidence is presented and an alternative explanation can be shown to , say why DNA may have been found at a scene as just one example.

      What the shouty & stupid idiot doesn’t seem to realise is the reason the children were put through a demeaning medical examination is because of ratbags like her promoting a false explanation.


  8. As well as Debs clearly alluding to Hampstead in these videos, she also makes a number of veiled references to her recent arrest.

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    • Tell them I can see a nipples reflected in one of the windows, Facebook will take it down like a shot!


  9. Well, that Ben bloke who’s interviewing Angela is clearly dripping in credibility. So far he’s blocked Ray Vark for warning him about how Angela has a habit of alienating people, announced that a human-sheep hybrid that’s just been born in South Africa,and stated that cyborgs exist.

    This is gonna be fun…

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    • I tuned in ten minutes ago at the pub and we’re all pissing ourselves laughing. Stu the poo (his school nickname) is doing UFO impressions behind the bar and Old Ernie keeps throwing crisps at the laptop.

      The speaker has written a book called ‘Rockall’. I can’t tell you what people are saying about that….it’s too rude.

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    • From the RichPlanet website..

      “Ben Emlyn-Jones is a very enthusiastic blogger on controversial subjects such as 9/11, UFOs and other subjects. His blog website HPANWO (Hospital Porters Against The New World Order), has thousands of readers. Ben also posts many blog videos containing his political comment and often uses satirical characters to get his point across. He has been a hospital porter for 22 years with an exemplary record and last year was suddenly suspended and told to go home without being given an explanation. After a week of confusion he was asked to return to a meeting where his employers told him he had been suspended because of material posted on his blog website”.


      • You just have to laugh dont you- hospital porters???
        It does show something I have noticed before tho, some people just seem wired to believe in conspiracies… They never just stop at one, once they start believing in one, its not long until they start believing in them all- even the ones that contradict the other ones

        I really wonder what actually causes it?

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          • Agenda 21 – Depopulization
            Poison the air, cut down the street trees of Sheffield, Eat trafficked babies in a secret room at McDonalds
            It all makes perfect sense.

            Is there a correlation between councils slashing mental health funding and the rise of funda-Mentalists like Deb ? She needs to calm down and weave a few baskets, maybe take a stroll in the fresh air, anything but be allowed to fester in her own delusions and emotional instability.

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      • “…last year was suddenly suspended and told to go home without being given an explanation. After a week of confusion he was asked to return to a meeting where his employers told him he had been suspended because of material posted on his blog website”.

        Way to go, hospital admin! We need MORE action like that.


        • JS, the videos he posted on his blog which were the reasons he was suspended from his employment can be seen in Part 2 of this interview.

          Here is a link to the first part…


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