Neelu & Sabine trial: Day 2

This week we are covering the trial of Neelu Berry and Sabine McNeill, who face charges of conspiracy to commit witness intimidation. The following report has been pieced together from several reports we’ve received concerning today’s trial activities.

Following yesterday’s confusion about seating in the public gallery, the trial hit a further snag today, as one of the jurors had to be excused due to a personal crisis. This meant that not only would another juror have to be chosen and sworn in, but the prosecution would have to make its opening statement once more to catch everyone up.

Prejudicial comments

Prior to the new juror being chosen and sworn in, HH Justice Worsley had stern words with those in the public gallery concerning any attempt to pervert the course of justice, whether by taking photographs or other recordings inside the court precinct, or by making any comments online that might prejudice the trial in any way.

We’d like to echo the judge’s sentiments here: the trial is ongoing, and people will naturally have feelings about the events in court, as well as the outcome, but we would urge our commenters to keep any speculation or potentially prejudicial comments to themselves until the trial is completed.

Prosecutor’s opening statement, v.2.0

Jurors heard a recounting of the events of 22 March, 2015, the day of the demonstration at Christ Church. They heard about the demonstrators’ harassment of the parish priest, their shouting accusations of Satanic ritual abuse at parishioners as they made their way to church, and about their attempts to enter the church against the wishes of the priest and parishioners.

The jury also heard about the fact that protestors had attempted to take photos of children attending the church nursery. They heard that the behaviour of the protestors left the parishioners concerned for their own safety.

However, Mr Attridge said, the jury should be mindful that the events of that day are not on trial here; they were simply given as background.

He walked the jury through Neelu Berry’s initial arrest, and the fact that she or her solicitor were given witness statements at that time.

On 10 April, 8 witness statements appeared online: 2 from police, and 6 from parishioners and clergy. This material, which included personal details such as names, addresses, and personal statements pertaining to the demonstration, appeared on the Whistleblower Kids blog. This blog is registered to Sabine McNeill, and contains a hyperlink to Neelu Berry’s Facebook page.

The jury heard details of Neelu’s initial arrest, including the fact that the police had to force open her front door. She was cautioned when being arrested, but she spoke over the arresting officer, claiming that she was being kidnapped, that the arrest was fraudulent, and that the police were behaving illegally.

Mr Attridge detailed the forensic evidence linking the original witness statements to those that had been published online, noting that both visual scans and secure hash algorithms were used to ensure that the 2 documents were the same. He noted that Neelu’s computers, which were seized when she was arrested, contained traces of Skype calls between Neelu and Sabine.

Mr Attridge emphasised that Sabine and Neelu had conspired to intimidate witnesses, and that the witnesses had indeed been intimidated. When witnesses heard from police that their statements had been published online, they expressed fear for themselves and their families.

Following a break for lunch, the first witness for the prosecution was sworn in, and testified from behind a screen. We’ll publish further information on this aspect of the trial at a later date, as we have no wish to prejudice the proceedings in either direction.

Court adjourned at about 3:20 p.m., and will reconvene tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., at which time we expect to hear from further witnesses for the prosecution.

Blackfriars Crown Court

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  1. I’ll be careful not to go into any detail but it sounds like it’s going well 🙂

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      • LOL – nuffink to do with me! But if he tells his mum I’ll just slip those two little traveller kids a tenner each and give them his location. If he tries to run I reckon he’d be Lurcher food in about ten minutes!

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      • Oh, “Chem Trails”, Sands style creeping around historic buildings in a mood of bewildered ignorance, attempting to feed pets snack food. What a talent!

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    • Oh, how deeply embarrassing it is for me to share a nationality with this miscreant…*sigh*
      I’ve been out of the loop – has he actually made it to to London, or still too busy ‘being an Italian’? I sincerely hope he hasn’t infested the U.K., for the sake of my friends and relatives (and everyone else) over there. Anyway, hilarious stuff/major kudos to those who compiled this. His solemn “I am an international videographer” claim catapulted me into ‘LOL’ mode immediately, but the phrase’s repetition made it exponentially funnier – as did all of BoJo’s ‘contributions’ !

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      • It’s pretty embarrassing for the rest of us to share a planet with him. – I may start a Go Fund Me appeal to bankroll a manned exploratory mission to the Sun. I have Rupert in mind to pilot it – or even just be Gaffa-taped to one of the fuel tanks.

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    • A tangential Rupert ‘Q’: does anyone know whether Kevin Ga-LaLaLand finally starved himself to death as he busked/’meditated’ in front of countless bemused tourists in Rome? Or did he actually get that private tete-a-tete with the pope he ostensibly craved far more than food (during which they hatched a clever plan to collaboratively solve every single problem on the planet, effective immediately?)

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      • I did notice that Rupert said St Kevin had gone without food for a TOTAL of sixty days. As I regularly go without food for eight hours at a time I reckon I could match that feat in about six months… Less if I skipped lunch!

        Beer doesn’t count as food does it?

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        • LOL – excellent point. It even looks like the solution to one of those convoluted word problems most kids loathed in math classes growing up – and it makes perfect sense ! ‘St. Kevin’ was looking quite well-nourished last time I saw him on video, standing in the middle of a crowd of baffled tourists, eyes closed in solemn contemplation, hands in prayer position and pointed skyward…

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        • I think he was having liquids, fruit juices, perhaps soup.

          In most cultures a fast doesn’t mean starvation, just a restricted diet. Restricted to certain items or in intake or time of day.

          Doesn’t seem quite as heroic if he fasted in waking hours, abstained from favourite rich foods, or ate pure veggie (no meat, eggs, garlic, onion, etc).

          Lol, just thinking of my Muslim, Catholic and Hindu mates who also fast.

          But he’d like you to think…….

          There was a lawyer, practiced in South Africa in his younger years, went on to be quite a thing in some independence movement somewhere and wore home-spun cloth, he fasted almost to the brink of death.

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          • People do fast for religous or spiritual reasons, political protest, to lose weight.

            If it is proper food refusal with no food intake you are looking at kidney problems, weakness in the muscles, cognitive problems, loads more, and all relatively quickly really. Then there’s refeeding syndrome which is a risk and starting eating often needs to be overseen by specialist medical staff.

            Much respect to the conscientious objectors who volunteered for this:


            It has helped countless people.

            Bollox to these pretenders.

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    • Brilliant video!

      And I see that Angie’s inheritance money has been well spent – this amazing “videographer and comedian” who was gonna ride into London (with “some fucking muscle” behind him) and kick arse hasn’t so much as mentioned the trial, never mind turn up for it. Oh and yeah, my front door remains perfectly intact.

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      • Angie’s ‘inheritance money’ was quite possibly a bank loan, as someone pointed out a few weeks ago…in any event, I’m really happy/relieved to hear he hasn’t invaded the U.K. yet – perhaps he never will. I have nothing against Italy in the least (Rome is one of my favorite cities on the planet), but I honestly hope he took his ‘I’ll just be an Italian now’ statement literally and will simply stay put there. My guess is that IF he’s still in Italy, he’s probably hooked up with a cheap, reliable drug dealer he doesn’t want to risk losing by heading for another country !

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        • I think he is spending Angies hard earned cash on visiting “Coffee shops” and hookers in Hamsterdam. 🙂 All for important research you understand.
          Twat Squared.

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        • Wow, you have some serious catching up to do, Madame! Roopy left Italy ages ago and has been living it up in Amsterdam for the last month.

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  2. Anyone who still thinks that Barry Lyndon is a harmless eccentric with a crystal fixation should check out Psycho Jake’s Facebook page.

    Barry’s just proudly announced that he’s sharing Jake’s disgusting and illegal post in which he’s displayed pornographic images of innocent, named individuals together with an outrageously libellous comment and drawings of said individuals’ private parts (which both Jake and Barry are no doubt “panting” to as we speak).

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  3. Has kevin Weaver been spotted at the court? He promised to turn up to support “big sis” Neelu but I haven’t heard any reports of him actually turning up (and spouting his usual ill-informed bollocks about common law). I was hoping to tick him off on my ‘Bollocks Bingo’ card.

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    • I don’t have access to Facebook myself otherwise I’d add this….

      The video is full of threats? Yup! Damn straight it is! Threats to kick down the doors of innocent people, desecrate Churches and rape little children…. And let’s get something else straight – Those threats come directly from Rupert Wilson Quaintance the Fourth! – Your pretentiously-named, worthless, feckless, jack-ass waster of a son!

      TO be clear Mrs Quaintance – the only serious ‘threat’ to your worthless pot-head drug-addicted son is of arrest and deportation. We just don’t want low-life druggie-trash like him cluttering up our streets.

      THREAT? – Two what? Ten-year-olds apparently-rising to RUPERT’S offer of violence? (actually they’re not) For sure! Why don’t you collection of nimby-pimby stuffed-shirts take on the Irish Traveller community? Or the Scheemies of Glasgow? Or the Scallies of Manchester or Liverpool? Because they’ll all stand behind the good people of Hampstead and the children of this country who YOUR SON threatened!

      Your weedy pipsqueak of a son threatens violence to others – threatens to come to these shores and kick-down the doors of our Churches and Schools, and when he’s laughed out of court, that’s a threat? – What’s your head held on with? Bubble gum? It speaks much of the Quaintance family when they have raised a creature like the ridiculous Rupert let-alone defend him!

      And the stupidity in this video is entirely HIS… He’s the weirdo who, in middle age, is acting-up like the spoilt-brat little mummy’s boy he so surely is…

      Your Son is a deluded waster Mrs Quaintance; a drugged-up fake, a fraud, and a flim-flam-man – And, actually nobody said you were “filthy rich”. But the fact is that grubby little parasite who makes his ‘living’ through internet scams WILL benefit when you pass from this earth…. Until then he’s ‘treading water’, biding his time…. A money-raising scam here, a money-raising scam here….. A head full of pot-driven fantasies… The guy lurches from spliff to beer to spliff to scam…

      The man is a joke – and a pretty-creepy one at that! Seriously; what sort of middle-aged man dresses and behaves like a child? Who EXACTLY is it he’s trying to attract Mrs Quaintance? – this ‘Pied Piper’ of Creepsville!

      And don’t go imagining that the family that raised this failure impresses anyone Mrs Quaintance – if you had an ounce of integrity about you, you’d have disowned and disinherited that worthless gobshite of a son of yours years ago…. He – and you – are an utter disgrace! – and nobody’s scared or impressed by any of you!

      The Quaintance name is mud – that’s Rupert’s doing. Live with it; you’ll have to!

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      • Crikey that’s telling them !

        But you express the sentiments of so many. How must the real victims feel after the viscous and brutal campaign against them by a money scamming ratbag hag in Ireland or this juvenile pot smoking braggart now in Amsterdam and all the associated lunatics who have tried to tear apart a peaceful community ?

        And let’s be clear here : not one single person who has supported the Hampstead / Highgate community has ever threatened one of these cruel bastards , rather we have collectively expressed disappointment that the law does not deal with them when they are clearly breaking laws and making other people’s lives a misery. Fortunately it appears the law is now moving ahead if somewhat slowly.

        And let’s make a pledge : we will hound these false accusers and nasty creeps until the cows come home and expose them on the internet so anyone who foolishly comes within their orbit is armed with knowledge.

        They could end this now by removing their vile harassment from the internet but until then : let them be crucified via their own methods.

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        • Echo That Sam.These self obsessed misguided warriors need a mirror held up to them at each and every turn until they eventually implode through in fighting which is an absolute inevitability as there is no real substance to sustain cohesiveness of mission.

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      • I’m actually in the office now (as opposed to working over RDC) so can access the Facebook account; though I’m not allowed to post (company policy)… Anyhoo….. We have this response from the production team for Mrs Queerstance.


          • …..A collaborative effort Gabriella. Many up here are ‘delighted’ by Rupruprupert and his Mimsy…… A general observation is that we can see exactly how he emerged to be so infantilised. The woman seems to have a tenuous grasp of reality.

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        • Oh and I threw in a few more observations for good measure while I was there:

          Next step – to see if I can find those screenshots of Rupert threatening to beat me up and boasting that he’s hit women before.

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          • Sarcasm? Incredible! Obviously she doesn’t understand that thoughts such as these do not enter the head of a normally-adjusted man. As I said; I can see now why her son is so maladjusted.

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          • I don’t always agree with Gabriella Barney and think she goes too far sometimes (yes YOU!) but I’d like to repeat:
            BAN GUNS NOW. FUCK THE NRA. UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE FOR ALL. AMERICAN TROOPS OUT OF IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN. (I’m sorry for the ‘F’ word but it seemed appropriate.)

            How can Mrs Q tell someone off because of their language when her son swears like a trooper on videos? Is she joking?


  5. Yay! Finally!

    To summarise (if you can’t be arsed to sit through two hours of this drivelling shite):

    “Blah blah trolls blah blah everyone’s picking on me blah blah propaganda blah blah psychological warfare blah blah imaginary death threats blah blah I’m gonna whine about harassment blissfully unaware of the irony thereof blah blah give me your money pleeeeeease blah blah Belinda is my hero blah blah Abe and Ella I’m so sorry for what I said please don’t forsake me blah blah Gabriella Barney is a smelly poopy-head blah blah I’m building a studio so I can be an internationally famous world-class deejay blah blah zzzzzzzzz…”

    Responses posted while it was going out live (it peaked at 6 viewers, 4 of whom were us taking the piss):

    And here’s a snapshot of Angie’s perception of reality:

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      • Mel Ve helped kevin annett with his court scam, she knew there was no judges, jurors, brussels court etc and she knew that toos was lying, she also claims apartheid was a lie, mandela and the ANC were vatican spies. She says she knows Hampstead is an evil place coz when she lived there she couldnt make any friends, she is a racist, bigoted scammer who believes in equal rights for native people (so long as they aint black) she and all the other Annett gang should be prosecuted for the ITCCS scam, shes a vile bitch

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          • Unfortunately that would require her acquiring an education in the technical aspects of that art, as well as editorial matters, visual grammar, aesthetics etc. About two years studying at HNC/D level should give her a basic grounding – can you see Angie putting that much time/effort in?

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    • What a wretched woman she is. All this money seeking dame’s lies and crimes must be recorded so if she dare travel to the UK again she is hauled in by the authorities.

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    • I wish Angie would speak from behind a screen. Or preferably not at all.

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    • I’ve just listened to the whole of that.

      Not in one sitting I might add and whilst doing other more necessary pursuits.

      I predict Angela and her travels will find themselves at Brenda MUMSY McNamara’s annual Child Sexual Abuse rally outside Parliament on Saturday, 17th September, 2016.

      It costs me over £40 to go to London, so I doubt I’ll be going.

      Angela spoke last year, but “no-one” was the only person listening to her.

      I did try, but It’s the same old, being chased through the forest by the wild dogs etc….

      Mmm. Angela has lied more than once that I can verify myself, so she has cried wolf too many times for my liking.

      I feel a bit sorry for the young woman Angela “tried” to help re the bedroom tax and the council tax.

      Angela’s priorities are Her, Her, Her, Her, Her, Her, in that order.

      Even Rupert, that isn’t even aware that the trial is on at the moment, gets a much higher priority than the woman, who probably thought Angela was a friend.

      Huh! With friends like her, who needs enemies?

      Love the way she uses the word “alleged” now re the Father.

      That’s a new one, she hadn’t bothered before…

      Ooo I wonder why?

      As for Kevin Weaver, what’s stopping him getting to the trial.

      He lives in Woolwich I believe.

      If he wants to go, he doesn’t need an invite!

      What a frigging lot.

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    • Just thinking on the subject of Angie’s ‘studio’, this did the rounds of CI professionals a few months back to much hilarity:

      I’ve forgotten which particular conspiritard it is. But basically – to anyone who knows anything about A/V production – this is a guy sitting at his computer together with about £100 worth of random obsolete ‘techie-looking’ rubbish he probably picked up off Ebay. – The old video mixer for instance is a ‘semi-pro’ effort advanced hobbyists, schools and churches used back in the early 90s; completely obsolete and useless these days.

      It was his mic setup that made us all laugh though. The type of mic is inappropriate for vocal work for a start – and it’s a piece of cheap (£20) junk anyway, but it’s meant to be fitted to a camcorder or boom pole to pick up sounds from 15′ or more away. They don’t work well if you get too close to them. The fur windscreen is for outdoor use (it cuts the ‘rushing’ sound of the breeze outside) and actually impedes (muffles) pickup. So when this type of mic is used indoors, it’s used WITHOUT the ‘Doogle’ – as they’re called in the trade.

      Just to add extra hilarity he’s fitted a ‘pop’ screen in front of it… These are used with large-diaphragm vocal mic of the type you actually DO use for close-vocal work to attenuate the ‘explosive’ breath sound you often get if you talk into a mic close-up. – They’re completely pointless in relation to the type of mic he has here.

      Cheap headphones, a couple of random computer monitors, an old telly from circa 1991 and a shoddy green-screened background (Just hang a sheet up or paint your walls plain black, white or green) completes this schoolboy-level ‘radio studio’ set… It’s is literally what you’d expect some kids to do if they were making a little video for school. – I dare say though it really impresses the Conspiritard set!

      – Gerrish has a similar setup; it has many of us rolling around laughing. A few others make similar ‘efforts’. I guess THIS is what Angie means by ‘building a studio’.

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      • I’d like to know where she’s getting the money from for the studio?

        Further, is she expecting her 2 boys to follow suit like she has and not work for a living?

        I mean she doesn’t want them to pay a mortgage.


        • The simple answer to that Babs is she expects her ‘audience’ to fund this ‘studio project’ of hers. IIRC she used words along the lines of ‘build a studio again’. – As if she’d had one before? Will this, I wonder, get woven into the fantastical tale of her being a Journalist? I think so! I say if she does it at all she’ll paint a broom cupboard or the inside of a shed green, stick a couple of B&Q spotlights in it and move her laptop and chair in there….. That is, I suspect, what the eijit in the picture above did – it’s about building up a fairy tale that will take in the credulous and loosen their purse strings. And yes, monkey-see monkey-do. It’s depressing the number of Nth generation Grifters you’ll encounter. Some break the mould. But I’ve seen nothing about her boys that impresses me much. – they’re not particularly relevant tot he Hampstead hoax though as far as I can make out.

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          • I can’t even recall the name of the eldest boy and I can only remember the younger ones name as she had that monetary collection for him last year.

            He is doing a physiotherapy course, she says.

            The older one I haven’t got a clue about.

            Another thing I’ve just remembered in that “show” she states she has sons and daughters!


            I can’t see her collecting 1p as the only viewers I think she had were from this blog.

            So I expect she might start donating to herself yet again.

            She did want a summerhouse I remember from her fb page, as she mentioned this last year.

            So this must be the studio. Get the vulnerable to pay for it. Nice one Angie.

            I’m blocked now, yet I didn’t do any wrong, boo hoo!

            Thought Angie says she is open to questions? Lol, yeah ok Ange.

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  6. I am so proud of all the hard work I have been doing! Well done me! I thought I was in Plymouth yesterday but obviously not.

    Really sad – but not at all surprising – that the Hoaxers cannot recognise what the screens mean and why they are there. These are vulnerable witnesses.

    I am really glad this is happening. Even if there is no satisfactory outcome, the fact that the criminal justice system has finally creaked into action is a comfort to me. Sets useful precedent.

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  7. I heard that the Red Roof Inn was one of those US motels that featured in Hotel Impossible where ex- New York Plaza manager Anthony Melchiorri went into to fix up and first thing he said was “get rid of that arrogant SOB high on pot with his idiotic baseball cap backwards who looks like a juvenile and calls himself ‘Sales Manager’ when he couldn’t sell his way out of a paper bag”.

    Things have been looking up ever since.

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    • I heard…… Rupert hides behind his middle name sometimes….

      ““Not to be trusted”
      1 of 5 stars Reviewed 7 December 2015

      I have nothing good to say about this hotel and specially its staff and manager. The hotel cancelled our reservation for graduation weekend in 2015 after having made the reservation a year earlier due to delays in their renovations. As a compensation they promised a discount certificate toward future stays and a bottle on wine to be picked at a welcoming reception the Friday before graduation day. On graduation weekend there was no reception and neither the certificate nor the bottle of wine was given to us since nobody from the hotel was available on site despite our effort to find somebody. I have been trying for now over six months to get from them the promised discount certificate towards future stays without any success. I have called several times and sent emails to Wilson Quaintance (Sales administrator) and Yolunda Harrell (General Manager). Neither one has responded to any either by phone or email. I have never encountered such lack of professionalism and dishonesty.

      Stayed May 2015, travelled with family”

      Sales ADMINISTRATOR eh? – Or ‘Booking Clerk’ as they call the 16-18 year-old students who often do this sort of job in the hotels of Edinburgh…… What lofty heights for a man in his mid-30s to have risen to! – then fallen from! ROFLMAO!

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      • Well, he didn’t respond but perhaps he had left by then.

        The reviews of the motel range from cheap but good to a filthy mouldy stinky hellhole.

        I see he managed to achieve dizzying heights of management responsibility while he was there.

        I think he may be a poopoo head and liar liar pants on fire.

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      • Wedding coordinator?

        They can’t even do cooked breakfast and don’t have conference rooms.

        Is the honeymoon suite the one with the whirlpool bath in it?

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  8. Hmm Rupert didnt fall far from the tree by all accounts.Seems both the umbilical chord needs snipping and another part while they are at it.

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      • These Is a spam and she maybe fallen a victim , I had emails before saying that a friend i knew was abroad needing funds. so In this case i think Puff Angie she is a victim of a scum


    • Ms. Moody showed up on a friend’s facebook page yesterday accusing Theresa May of being a paedophile, she was gently called out – it’s clear she’s vulnerable, especially if she’s under the influence of Angie. Ms. Moody is obviously having difficulty coping and needs some genuine help, but all Angie will do is parade her around as a poster-child/human begging bowl for her own ends.

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      • Can someone suggest she contacts a domestic violence charity if she hasn’t already? Then there’s Shelter. If she has health problems she needs up to date medical evidence that is relevant to who she will show it to.

        I don’t know how imminent her eviction is.

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    • I don’t know, but the person seems to exist and lives in Poole, Dorset.

      She might be better off ditching the osteopathy aka bullshit nonsense pseudo scientific woo non treatment.

      Otherwise, she seems to have had a hard time, has got in arrears, is getting evicted and it seems her benefits won’t cover her rent because she has a spare room.

      I suggest she contact women’s aid or other domestic violence charity.

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  9. Perhaps now is the time to post a copy of the email that David Chisoli sent to Karen Johnson a few days ago (that’s in view of Angie’s latest “collection”)

    To recap, Angie claimed that the missing funds (that’s the difference between what she claimed to have collected, and what she actually gave to the Children’s school and missionary) must have been mistakes in the accounting of David Chisoli (the man who runs the mission)

    Dear Karen Johnson

    ,it’s a very long time without writing to you.I hope you are doing very well by the grace of God.I took time to study my records and some previous bank statements in my possession in order to be sure that the next report does not contradict with what you have or what Angela Power has and if it contradicts then I wanted to remain clean and truthful.

    For sure as I reported before through my financial records that I forwarded to both you and Angie,that’s exactly what I received.Am not trying to please Angie nor you at all.I am only trying to show before the living God that I did not make any errors in my paperwork as so claimed.

    There were no amounts that I omitted. My paperwork that I presented from November 2011 to date is correct to the best of my knowledge and I won’t accept to give false record of more funds that I didn’t receive just to cover Angie in expense of the needy children of Moi’sbridge,Kenya.I have come out clean because of my faith in God and wouldn’t mind loosing support if at all it’s in condition that I should lie to keep receiving it.

    All in all,each one of us will answer this same things before the judgement seat of God and the truth which’s hidden today will be revealed.Peace.

    Chesoli David
    Jesus power center International
    Home of champions orphanage and academy
    Box 982,30202
    East Africa
    Web page:

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    • Thanks, JW. I’m really glad Mr Chesoli responded in this way; and shame on Angie for trying to blame her own scamming on him. She should be very ashamed of herself.


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