Who is Lucy Farian and why does Debs hate her?

News flash: Debs Mahmoudieh doesn’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot.

In this video, released yesterday, she is in fine fettle, frothing at the mouth and building to shrieking crescendos over the fact that someone named “Yannis” made a disparaging comment to her on YouTube:

Apparently “Yannis'” comment included allegations that Deborah Mahmoudieh is a child abuser whose slanderous campaign against the innocent people of Hampstead will not be tolerated, it’s only a matter of time before she’s arrested and thrown in jail where she belongs, and so forth.

Deborah’s response was to accuse this blog of “gangstalking”—apparently she’s been reading up on the latest troofer buzzwords now. Next thing we know she’ll be referring to herself as a “targetted individual”, we suppose.

Without the slightest trace of irony, she launched into this diatribe:

Now, I have not been doing any research on the suspects involved in the Hampstead case. I have never accused any of them outright of being guilty.

I have said there is lawful suspicion and they are lawfully suspect according to the lawful evidence which this country’s authorities, police, and every single child charity in Britain, including the Children’s Commission, all appear to be powerless to act on the fully satisfied arrest criteria involving a child sexual abuse ring making child pornography, baby trafficking, murdering trafficked babies, right, we’re talking about an evidence fully satisfied arrest criteria police crime report that was ignored, and I stood up for justice and I am representing the trafficked babies in this case, who have nobody!

We don’t have names, they have no biological relatives in this country, and it appears not even the child trafficking charities are interested in questioning asking questions why the police did not investigate an evidence crime report involving trafficked babies. and we know from the UN child protection report and multiple countless other evidences that thousands of babies and children are being trafficked into Britain every year and hundreds of those babies and children are being ritually slaughtered in pseudo so-called religious ceremonies. Those are the facts.

So me, I stick with facts, okay, I don’t stick with supposition which is what the British authorities presently suppose, that the children’s crime report was false.

Yep. She said all that.

We’re still trying to work out what she meant by “an evidence fully satisfied arrest criteria police crime report”, but the general idea is pretty clear: she didn’t call anyone a baby-murdering, child-raping paedophile…but the people of Hampstead are baby-murdering, child-raping paedophiles.

The fact that an investigation was conducted, that the people she considers “lawful suspects” were completely vindicated, and that the evidence clearly pointed to the fact that the whole thing was a very cruel hoax, seems to have floated right over Deb’s head.

Bulletin: Zionists are actually Lucy Farians! You heard it here first.

She then goes into an extended rant about how she’s not an anti-Semite—an assertion which she proves by stating that Zionists aren’t really Jews, and that six million Jews were not murdered during the Holocaust. She capped all of this with the claim that Zionists are in fact “Lucy Farians”. And “when it comes to a religion such as Lucy Farianism, well that isn’t a religion is it? let’s face it, the whole thing is a crime”.

Erm…sure, Debs, whatever you say. We don’t know who Lucy Farian is, or why you hate her so, but we’re not about to argue the point. We don’t argue with brick walls, either. Just saying.

What slanderous hate campaign was that again?

As for “Yannis'” allegation that Debs has engaged in a slanderous hate campaign, here’s her response:

So…’slanderous hate campaign against the innocent men, women, and children of Hampstead’—what slanderous hate campaign? You show me a slanderous hate campaign.

Then, as if to answer her own question, she offers us a fine example of a slanderous hate campaign:

I do expect that when we are told that police officers from 16 London police stations, CAFCASS offices, teachers, clergy, lawyers, local business people, are all involved, 172 names, are all involved in baby-trafficking, and drugs, and child pornography, and child prostitution, and murdering, and satanic rituals, then yes, we do want to be reassured that no, this isn’t happening. We’ve been and investigated it thoroughly. You know, there’s no evidence. [Erm…they tried reassuring you lot. Didn’t work worth shit. —Ed.]

When chi have described their abusers—KNOWN, NAMED ABUSERS…teachers at the local school, when children describe their teachers’ genitals…

…and so on, apparently ad infinitum.

So. Let’s get this straight. When Debs calls the innocent people of Hampstead baby murders, child rapists, cannibals, and Lucy Farians, that’s not a targetted hate campaign.

When some random commenter on YouTube says that Debs abuses children and has participated in a hate campaign, that’s a targetted hate campaign.

Oh, and she’s going to tell the police all about it, you just see if she doesn’t. She even has a letter from her GP saying this has had a bad effect on her mental health. But her mental health is just fine, thank you very much. Just because she happens to have the odd supernatural experience which COULD HAPPEN TO ANYBODY, HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT, EH?

We think she’s barking…up the wrong tree, that is.

You see, we’re not the ones calling Debs a child abuser—it’s that bloody Lucy Farian again. But don’t worry, Debs. If we see her, we’ll tell her you’re looking for her.

33 thoughts on “Who is Lucy Farian and why does Debs hate her?

  1. Incidentally, my allegation of child abuse was based on Deborah’s frequent naming of the children and her promotion of the disproven allegations which I consider to be reflective of the accusers’ own kiddy rape fantasies (as does that nice Ms. Pauffley if memory serves). I’m not saying that Debs is a diddler herself but for all intents and purposes I would maintain that she is effectively an abuser.

    PS: sorry for my poor English, innit matey peeps.

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  2. Never mind Lucy Farian. It’s that Lou Cypher bloke I don’t trust.

    And kudos to anyone who gets that reference 😀

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  3. Has anyone seen the Grenfell fire video Deb made where she pretty much said the rescued children were to be given to the Hampstead cult for sacrifice, she was crying and all. She is unhinged and on the threshold of the nuthouse. People like her cant handle the bullshit on the Internet, they believe every crazy story and have breakdowns over things that never happened and only exist as computer code. Sad.

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  4. Go to 4:50 and 11:20 to hear Debs NOT making slanderous accusations against Hampstead people and NOT naming any of the suspects. Excuse me – I have some facepalming to do.

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  5. Mi wa fi tell yuh Lucy a mi sista an shi nuh wa trouble from dat mad moo ting.Mi tell yuh shi a batty crazy uhman an mussi smoking sum bad ass ganja to mek har brains dat scramble.

    Shi get deh a hearing at di Unite Nations coz mi tell yuh dem wi send har to asylum island inna di middle of di Atlantic ocean an no paddle,mi tell yu its di truth.Shi im bag o wire,Irie.

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  6. She sounds on the verge of a breakdown. Part of the reason I like to see these child sacrifice claims debunked is because if it was really happening it would affect me mentally. Deb must live in some alternate nightmare world, it must be horrible to believe that stuff.

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  7. A Doctor write:
    Lucy Fairians is related to Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds as my paparazzi snap shows.
    All these Lucy’s actions are dictated by their generous use of drugs or alternatively, the lack of drugs as in Deb’s case. I recommend she ask her GP for some calming tranquilizers like Valium or Diprenorphine although the later can cause hallucinations so maybe not that one. Either way she should seek help at the nearest mental health clinic and throw away her keyboard and ban herself from JooTube.

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  8. Debs also blatantly lies and claims the IPCC report found “lawful evidence” the retractions were forced.
    No such thing was mentioned but it indicates she has the ability to read anything into any news report etc to confirm her beliefs. It’s why she quotes dubious US claims that 1000s of children and babies are trafficked into the UK (what reports?) ergo Hampstead must be true.

    In other news there is a stark raving mad woman who lives 2 streets away from Debs which is clearly lawful evidence that Debs is also barking.

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  9. A Lucy Farian is a striped banana with wings. (Meme artists – could you oblige?)
    It is an ancient, symbolic code for: “I am a willing, mindlessly obedient, eternal slave to the Royal Dominatrix. F*ck liberty and autonomy – who needs ’em? Not me”

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  10. “I wonder what Jeremy Kyle would make out of all this”

    About £80K a show what with repeat fees an’ all!

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  11. For all you doubters Lucy Farian is real if somewhat enigmatic. One of her friends is Eugene Cyborg.
    I think Debs is onto something here. Or maybe just on something.

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  12. Lucy Farian could possibly be a “Jumper”, a fully paid up Time Traveler as she appears every few generations in mysterious circumstances as indicted by this chap who goes around sniffing old ladies.
    What is Deb really into? Does she dabble in the Dark Arts and maintain her JewTube persona as a front?. Is she also a Jumper? Can we prod her to ‘jump’ to another century, one more to her liking ? (the 1500s) I think we should be told.


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  13. She’s not happy 😀

    By the way, bearing in mind that Deborah categorically stated that she has never accused anyone of child abuse, who is she here claiming are child abusers and what is her proof that any of us “stand up for” them? Perhaps she’d be kind enough to explain herself when she’s finished ranting about slander and lies without even a hint of irony.

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  14. She’s Come Undone Eh Rasta Farian? lol And She’s Not alone, it’s a hoaxer meltdown!


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