Hoaxtead e-book libels, violates court order

Lately we’d been hearing rumblings about an e-book called What the Hell Happened in Hampstead?, published by someone named ‘Lucy Wood’.

Curious, we had a look at the publishers’ site. Lo and behold, Ms Wood had already received two glowing reviews!

Hampstead ebook-reviews-2016-04-10(As many of you know, we’ve taken a vow of silence on certain matters involving Sabine and bail conditions and such… but apparently she hasn’t.)

We wondered, though: who is Lucy Wood? The name wasn’t familiar to any of our team, so we went forth in search of her.

The search lasted approximately 3 minutes:

Kim Lawrence-Twitter 2016-04-10

Worst. Cover art. Ever.

The truncated name ‘Kim Lawr38261339’ led us in short order to this Facebook page:

Kim Lawrence 2016-04-10…where sure enough, we discovered that Kim Lawrence is friends with a nice little roster of Hampstead thugs: Araya Soma, Jake Clarke, Sabine McNeill, Lee Cant.

Well, fancy meeting them all here!

And apparently she shares their demented view of Hoaxtead: the book consists mostly of a bunch of links from Hoaxtead pushers, with absolutely no critical analysis or consideration of the possibility that anything they say could be less than 100% truthful.

Naming names

Kim doesn’t shy away from naming names in her little book. In the first few pages, she not only uses the first names of RD’s two children, but she repeats the tired old allegation that RD was the ‘boss of the cult’. And she uses his full name.

(Sorry, this screenshot contains material that could be distressing to some people. But so does most of the book, to be honest.)

ebook-names3 2016-04-10

In fact, the book is riddled with full names: names of the alleged abusers, names of alleged victims, names of alleged ‘helpers’ or accomplices. On the surface of it, this seems like a very bad thing, but in fact, it may prove to be the book’s undoing.

You see, we had a look at the e-book publisher’s terms of service:

Smashwords TOS-infringement 2016-04-10

Smashwords, like most publishers, has a very strong aversion to being sued for defamation or ‘infringement’:

Generally, upon receipt of a written notice from a party infringed or defamed by Author’s material (or someone purporting to be his agent, publisher, attorney in fact or assign), Smashwords will remove the Author’s Work and reserves the right to remove any and all information about the Author, the Author’s Work or the publisher from the site.

Based on this information, we would strongly suggest that anyone who might be mentioned by name, or whose children are mentioned by name, in this book should immediately notify Smashwords that they have been defamed and would like this book removed from Smashwords’ inventory.

According to the Smashbooks FAQ page, here’s how to do that:

Terms of Service Violations:  If you find a book at Smashwords that violates our Terms of Service, please click the “report book” link on that book’s book page and we’ll investigate. We appreciate your reports!

We’ll also be sending this information to the relevant police authorities for action. Kim Lawrence has violated the court order that prohibits publication of names or images of RD or his two children. And she’s once again violated the privacy, and defamed the children, parents, teachers, clergy, and other people of Hampstead.

Let’s not let this one stand.


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  1. Very good detective work as I had come across this e-book but had forgotten about it. The author says she lives in Thailand which means she is either retired there or doing visa runs (the most popular way for Brits to remain there for long periods- a trip by bus to the border & back). If she is retired she would have to have a certain amount of money or income (not a lot by UK standards).

    However part of your permanent stay as a retiree- you can never become a Thai citizen although they welcome foreign retirees – you are required to obey Thai law and not break laws from your home country. Either can get you deported although with a creaking bureaucracy this can often be overlooked or take ages.

    She is clearly breaching UK law and therefore breaching her visa no matter what type it is. It is worth contacting Thai Immigration to inform them and also the British consular office who work overtime with the number of Brits that get themselves into trouble ( fight’s drunkenness, petty crime) and are generally non-too happy to have to chase up someone deliberately breaking UK law who they view as a bad ambassador for the UK.

    I visit Thailand on a regular basis to visit many retired friends there from Oz, the UK & Germany. Most are very careful to stay within the law as for all it’s care-free atmosphere, getting involved in Thai law & police or Immigration is a road to headache hell. I would never normally interfere with other people’s lives but these hoaxers who have set out to destroy others lives are so appalling I think all is fair in this battle.

    You can read Andrew Drummond’s website to catch up on UK & Thai shenanigans. Drummond is a highly respected British journalist married to a Thai national with kids who lived there for 15 years. He contributed to numerous respected newspapers but was forced out of Thailand 2 years ago after serious death threats from gangsters.
    Drummond was the one who exposed Gary Glitter but he is also very aware & sympathetic to those falsely accused.

    Thailand has a lot of corruption and the heavy mob bribe anyone they can.For that reason, this Hoaxer is a rank amateur as part of the real organized criminals methods is to ensure plenty of foreigners are arrested for petty crimes (with police co-operation) to give the appearance of crime being fought.


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    • This is very interesting Sam. Funny how so many of the supporters (Bronny, Wrightson Rupert et al) are living abroad and probably think they’re safe from UK jurisdiction. But then we know they have no ability to understand the law anyway (or anything else for that matter!) The Thais don’t mess about.

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      • Actually you bring up a good point : defamation in Thailand is taken very seriously and it is actually quite easy to sue for libel (companies can sue also). Andrew Drummond himself was sued for defamation several times by criminals and they won. Appeals can be mounted but again any involvement with the Thai legal process is a long debilitating & expensive exercise. People sued can be driven nuts over several years and it can cost a fortune & there are also jail penalties for defamation. Accompanied by death threats Drummond retreated back to Scotland where he is much freer to attack corruption in Thailand.

        Anyone defamed by this E-Book could hire a Thai lawyer and drag this author through the Thai courts. They don’t have to be in Thailand. She wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

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    • Fascinating information on the Thai system, thanks, Sam! I didn’t realise that if one breached UK law, the Thai authorities would take a dim view. This is very useful info’ for those who’ve been defamed and further opened to harassment by this book.


      • Anna’s post above has reminded me that libel is big business in Thailand and it’s far easier to sue than in the UK and anyone defamed in Kim Lawrence’s book would have an easy case and find plenty of lawyers to take on the case. They do not have to live in Thailand or be there to sue her. She would also not be allowed to leave Thailand while a case is taking place which could restrict her movements for probably 2 years.

        Sensible foreign business people working in Thailand & sane retirees are so very aware of Thai law and also of the fact you do not upset anyone- foreigners or Thais alike as there is nothing worse than becoming involve din the legal system there.

        One other reason to not upset people is the real risk- $500 is the alternative method that will get 2 people on a motorbike with guns to take care of a problem as many have unfortunately found.

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  2. Angie will be so jealous of this Kim Lawrence woman and her e-book.

    A “journalist” in competition with her.

    Will Angie promote the e-book?


    However on a serious note, I would like to know how Sabine can do a review on 28th March, about something that had yet to happen on 10th April?

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  3. I agree – the ebook would breach the terms and conditions of the Court order IF it could be proven that Sabine had encouraged its production and publication.

    The fact remains that the person who wrote (or rather “faced” the authoring) is listed as a friend of Sabines on her Facebook account. That clearly does not help Sabine defending an alleged breach of the order (Which is a NOT a matter than she is in Court for – at present).

    From Sabines face book page:

    With regards the comment published on the website (copied below) It certainly seems in Sabines style of English and writing, but again there is no factual evidence to confirm that.

    I think we all need to be cautious with regards commenting on anything connected to Sabine (at present) – that is in view of her ongoing prosecution. It would be awful to give her anything that she could use to try to get off facing her charges.

    With regards the e-book – it needs some further proof to link it to Sabine beyond the thresholds for a successful prosecution (either Civil or Criminal). Hopefully the authorities will seek that proof and investigate the matter, now that this blog has helped draw it to their attention.

    I understand that a copy of the book has been sent both to the legal department of the Local Authority who sought the Court Order and also to the High Court Judge who granted the order.

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    • I’m not clear on this; didn’t the court order of Feb 11th 2015 explicitly forbid ANY person from revealing the children’s identities and making allegations about RD? There was a paragraph specifically directed to Draper and Mcneill but it was also a warning to the general public. This is surely how leverage was able to be used against that ‘other’ Hampstead blog and has formed many of the complaints against hoaxers on Youtube, Facebook and WordPress. Or has that aspect of the order been set aside since the original hearing? I ask as it’s something I still use and in fact used last night when I wrote a complaint about the above book.
      (Pressed the ‘report this book’ button, composed a lengthy compliant, referencing said order but then I was taken to a page asking me if I wanted to buy the book, no idea if my complaint reached them but seems we’ve all had same idea anyway so no problem, good work everyone!)
      Anyway, yes, could do with clarification on this one. As I understood it there was no requirement to prove McNeill’s input for breaches of the court order.

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  4. I’m actually so angry that I probably shouldn’t comment at the moment.

    It’s shocking to me that those who profess ‘love and light’ like Ms Lawrence can so blithely tread on innocent people. It takes a special kind of idiot to write a book like this.

    I don’t care if people discuss this case and hold an opinion contrary to mine. What I do care about is the naming of names. This not only hurts the innocent and puts them at risk from random nutcases but it also betrays the fact that the writer is willing to ride roughshod over the law.

    This book is immoral and illegal.

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  5. It speaks much of the morals of these low-lifes that they seek to circumvent both The Sexual Offences act AND the court order by this means of taking the publication ‘out the country’. – What is really illustrated here is that they have no grain of concern for the future and wellbeing of these children; their own ghoulish enjoyment and self-aggrandisement is everything to them…

    The children – without doubt – WERE sexually abused. – By Christie and Draper and later by Belina McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, Angela Power Disney et al. And those sexual deviants continue to abuse the children. – Jail is too good for them! But I do hope they do rot for a long long time! Let THEIR lives be wrecked as surely as they have destroyed the future of those two innocent children.

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  6. A List 616 action against Satan Hunter Belinda McKenzie.

    Subject: A warning about Belinda McKenzie and The Knigh Foundation
    From: “James Hind”
    Date: Mon, April 11, 2016 9:30 am
    To: zimlondon@yahoo.co.uk
    Priority: Normal
    Options: View Full Header | Print | Download this as a file

    Dear Sir/Madam.

    Recently, a child and their mother took refuge in your embassy, and I
    believe an individual called Belinda McKenzie and the Knight Foundation
    are seeking to represent them.

    I would like to warn you about Belinda McKenzie and the Knight Foundation, who have no legal qualifications or experience in representing people. McKenzie and the Knight Foundation is a fraudulent operation who harms those they represent. I strongly advise you to appoint properly qualified legal representatives for your citizens, and advise the mother and their son to avoid association with Belinda McKenzie and the Knight Foundation.

    Belinda McKenzie and the Knight Foundation gave the impression they
    represent the mother and her son, who are seeking refuge in your embassy,
    when they put out a press release to the media about this case as follows:


    In the two most recent cases Belinda McKenzie represented she caused
    unnecessary legal costs to her clients, one that was jailed and deported,
    the second who is now a fugitive wanted by the police. Both clients lost
    access to their children because Belinda McKenzie was incompetent and not
    acting in their best interests. The clients include Melissa Laird and
    Ella Draper. Belinda McKenzie was recently condemned by a UK High Court
    judge for acting in her own interests, rather than that of the client, as
    per the following report:


    I write in the best interests of your citizens, and I hope they will avoid
    a parasitic trickster such as Belinda McKenzie who will do them great

    Best regards.

    James Hind

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  7. WHY is sabine not up for breaching the court order? It makes a mockery of the system if she is allowed to get away without being charged for her numerous ‘fuck you’s aimed at the British Legal System.

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    • Very good question – The charges she IS up on strike me as quite ‘fragile’. I do hope the law is not going to prove itself an ass again as it did with Robert Green. And that the contempt for the court we see here is fully and specifically addressed.

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  8. Meanwhile A Power-Disney has posted a FB response to ‘why did she throw Sabine under the bus” but I can’t make head nor tail of it. Also promoting the fruitloop Aussie Satanist “victim” (the one Richard Nixon flew into Canberra for the morning to especially abuse her on Airforce One) plus a link to how the government has infiltrated survivor /victim forums from no less an authority than Dadid Shuter.

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      • Hi E Cl im a musician and also write music, problem is, my recording setup is crap and im an awful producer. If i send you some raw wav files do you think mk ultra 666 would use it for one of his vids? i would love to see if he/she/them could make me sound good.


          • thanks, i had an idea today to take ruperts drumming and do a duet with him but im so crap at using computers that i couldnt get it to work. MK on the other hand has very good production skills, its a cut above your average youtuber.

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          • I was looking at jakes anon hampstead facebook page, he really doesn’t get the idea of anonymous, maybe his class hasn’t got to the bigger words yet. He really is the embodiment of that” slow children” meme you found, funny as fk!

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      • Thanks! From January she was in Pattaya, Thailand till at least March, still could be there. Otherwise, Salterford Road SW19. Could be an older address.

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  9. I wonder how many of those ‘hoaxteders’ work for a living. They like to bleat on about the system and how corrupt things are yet are quite happy to leech off it. Take Angie for instance…she is quite capable of working, as evinced by the amount of time she spends online and travelling but I am sure she will be claiming benefits etc. Hey what about the disgusting Araya Soma? I can’t see her doing anything other than drinking and extruding piss.
    It’s just a thought but it has crossed my mind before that most of them blame society for their own failings. The love and light mantra is a nonsense that they repeat parrot like. Some too, like Angie like to toss in the odd prayer…you couldn’t make it up.

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    • I think some one who lives in Glastonbury has already told us that she works part time in a second hand clothes shop and spends the rest of her time bin diving.

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      • Yarp, that was me. She works in a shop called “Worn”, 2 Church Lane, Glastonbury. It seems to be open for about six hours a week. Don’t think she owns the business. She has been spotted going through the charity shop donations left outside the Hospice shop (naughty). She used to sell stuff to some friends of mine who own proper shops in Glastonbury, but recently was banned from their premises and told to fuck right off on account of her Hitler-loving antics on Facebook. Needless to say, she then went around accusing them of being Satanists all over town, which raised a chuckle or two.

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    • she’s a flat Earther, you cant use logic with these people. she drinks menstrual blood and urine, eats raw food (believes cooked food is highly addictive) and believes the orgasm is the source of all evil, she says its okay to have one for breeding purpose but thats your lot! in other words anything enjoyable is out, she reminds me of a hard core puritan. Is she still involved with the hoax?

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        • She’s a kind of conspiritard sheeple…. every single fad/insanity in the ether, she’s espousing it, with endless drivelling threads and repostings. If you want to know what the next big stupid thing is in conspiracy land… just take a look at her facebook page.

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    • They are the first to accuse civil servants of being ‘sheeple’ but also they’re slaves or ‘servants’ but more than happy to collect social security that civil servants ensure gets to them on time.

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  10. Just watching the video of Angie. I’m trying not to look, because she appears to be half-naked and I’m terrified she’s gonna drop that towel at any moment 😮

    Anyhoo, I nearly spat out my coffee when she said, “I could have passed as a crazy person.”

    No shit, Shangela!

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    • What goes on in the minds of these idiots? Someone posts a picture & they just accept what the caption says as truth.

      Angela Power Disney has posted a picture from the Aussie Satanist Liar (won’t post her name as she is getting off on her internet ‘fame’) claiming police raided UNICEF for operating a child brothel. No such thing ever happened but it’s terrible slur on all those who work for UNICEF.

      There is a pattern here : the more pressure heaped upon alleged charity fraudster Angela Power-Disney the more posts she puts up on FB. I think it’s a sort of distraction device for her dwindling band of followers.

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      • We’ll refer to her henceforth as the Aussie Satanist Liar. I like the sound of it.

        I saw the thing about UNICEF and skimmed past, as I knew it was utter bilge. And I think you’re right: the more we point out her obvious frauds and deceptions, the more frantically she churns out garbage.

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  11. It’s making me feel queasy to see an alleged charity scammer boasting about staying in a 5-star hotel and telling her followers they must be jealous of her. Wow. And then, without a hint of irony, she says she’s been invited to speak about homelessness at a conference?! And by the way, you may have to twist my arm to believe her on that. Don’t conference organisers generally ask experts to speak on their chosen field at conferences, rather than the first deranged drunken bag lady they find wandering around the local airport?

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    • If she’s telling the truth (debatable), my guess would be that she was asked by the redoubtable Maggie Tuttle. To Maggie, Angie would seem like the Delphi Oracle.


  12. Surprised that the police haven’t done something about Desmond During. He’s got pictures of the Hampstead children on Facebook and he’s uploaded one of the police interviews on You Tube. Lives in London according to Facebook. Seems like an Evangeloon but that part of it’s his own business.

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    • Yes, his right to be an evangelical is one thing; his right to spew the kids’ names and faces all over the internet is quite another. I really hope the police pick up on this one.

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  13. On the matter of Sabines post earlier today on Twitter and her hastily removed page on her victims unite site – here is the twitter post:

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    • From The Knight foundation website. The last bit is terrifying:

      “Chief Knight-of-the-Web – Sabine! Invaluable to this initiative…
      No other names given at present as to the identities of all the other ‘Knights’ already known to TKF and more coming on board thick and fast, great! but in time all will be fully celebrated, in the meantime they are out there and active and will receive this charity’s support to cover their expenses.
      URGENTLY NEEDED: Knights-of-the-Gun (Police & Military Knights) to break ranks and step forward in support of the children – please contact us preferably via our confidential mailbox (address below).”


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      • These people are dangerous crackpots. Cases where a couple split & the children have to go & live with one party are tragic but there is no other solution. On one hand they are criticizing a case where children went to live with one partner in the Ukraine (and hyperventilating as though the Ukraine is the most dangerous place on earth ) and then demanding the kids in question go & live with their grandparents in Russia.

        Perhaps they should take note of a controversy now being played out in Australia where the presenter and film crew of the Oz 60Mins program are being held in a Lebanese jail along with a mother after accompanying her with some thugs who snatched her children from their grandmother on a Beirut street breaching Lebanese law. The mercenary ex-soldiers who run a dodgy child snatching outfit are on the run.

        “‘I’m in trouble’: Messages show 60 Minutes may have rejected fallback escape plan after child snatching”

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          • you obviously know law, do you think the two kids will be able to sue people like rupert and belinda when they are a bit older? these bastards are making it harder for them to ever have a normal life, rupert doesn’t care less about the kids he sees it as a career move. if he comes to england and ends up in prison i will make sure that his story goes around the prison population.

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          • They recklessly breached Lebanese law (quite apart from the foolishness of causing trouble in Beirut where many people carry guns) which does not support- for right or wrong – family court orders imposed in another country.

            Now the film crew and presenter are going to be charged and face a minimum 3 year jail sentence.

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        • Of course the father & children could sue McKenzie & O’Neil & all those breaching the court orders. The problem is most are ‘men/women of straw’ including Sabine & I guarantee McKenzie has some very complicate trusts that hold her assets.

          Others like Angela Power-Disney could be relieved of her Irish house. I’ve always said that Hampstead residents hwo are named by these people should have at the very least had a solicitor put all them on notice that they reserve the right to take defamation action but I can understand such letters would be sent to other nutcase truthers and end up on the net with a whole new round of awful internet blogs accusing them of being Satanists.

          It’s a real pity there is no longer a Criminal Defamation law in the internet age.

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    • Not a penny goes to aid a single child. It’s spent on these nutbags meeting and traveling to see each other to discuss Satanism & other relevant topics.

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  14. A search this time for “the Haigh Project” and the other option “The Knight Foundation and the Association of McKenzie friends”

    Interesting those “charity” are not listed and have never been listed

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  15. EC – I appreciate what has been written in the past – Its important to note that Sabine is pushing a new cause and the Knight Foundation is behind it and as of today’s date they have not sorted out their act with regards donations. Sabine of course resigned as a director of the Knight Foundation in December 2015


    • No worries, JW–I just wasn’t sure how familiar you were with our earlier work. 🙂

      I think having the update is very valuable–I’ll start digging into that shortly.


      • I have been quite busy looking at all three of them – I did go through your previous pages, but thanks for reminding me. I would rather be reminded many times than miss something once.

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  16. http://theknightfoundation.org.uk/abouttkf.html

    I expect this page will disappear very quickly, so here is the content

    The Knight Foundation is a ‘Charitable Incorporated Organization’ (CIO) with objects, broadly, to protect children and help build a safer, cleaner and more humane world for future generations.
    Why the ‘Knight’ Foundation?
    The charity’s founder is C.C.X. Knight a telecoms businessman. In 2014 C.C.X. suffered the loss of his baby daughter when she was sent by order of a High Court judge to live from henceforth in the Ukraine with her Ukrainian mother and maternal grandparents, effectively cutting him, her devoted father and protector out of her life. He appealed against the order but lost and the baby left London for Kiev on 14 March, at the height of the violent uprising in the Ukrainian capital.
    C.C.X. was warned that if he ever set foot in the Ukraine in pursuit of his daughter he would be killed. Having already been beaten up 4 times by Ukrainian thugs he had good reason to believe this warning to be genuine. He would never be of any help to his daughter if dead…
    Children & family rights campaigner Belinda McKenzie met C.C.X. on an ‘Empowerment Monday’ action outside the Royal Courts of Justice, London (against injustices going on within) and tried to help him with his appeal against the deportation of his daughter. The two rapidly recognized that they shared a very similar vision as to how life could or should be in our world for everybody, were things to run properly. Both had pledged themselves to a life of service to society.
    Belinda was impressed that C.C.X. had changed his original surname by deed-pole to ‘Knight’. Years ago, he’d already been thinking long and deeply about the concept of a ‘knight’ and had wanted to be one!
    The Knight Foundation was born.
    What is a ‘knight’ in the modern context?
    Knights appear in many traditions throughout history as individuals who pledge to live their life in the service of others. They have as many names and guises as there are languages and cultures in the world, yet they share fundamentally similar ideals and aims – commitment to serve, to protect the weak and vulnerable, to heal, to see fair play and uphold justice and follow what is right rather than what is convenient, profitable or ’politically correct’. They espouse traditional values such as courage, compassion, courtesy, honesty, decency, etc.
    In our money-driven, materialistic 21st century modern world such a life-choice and such values as encapsulated in the concept of the classic mediaeval knight might be derided as old-fashioned, even quaint. The knights of our times, those ‘knighted’ annually by the Queen, tend to be good servants of the establishment rather than champions of the people.
    The Knight Foundation intends to bring back the real knights! and refurbish the brand in the modern context. This has already been partly done in fiction in the well-known Star Wars film series through the ‘Jedi’ characters who are basically knights wielding not swords but batons of light referred to as ‘the Force’ in which a moral component is explicit, yet remains undefined.
    The Knight Foundation’s real-time now, flesh-and-blood knights, already in existence and active in delivering our vision of a better future world, wield moral, virtual weapons. Not a drop of blood need be spilled in their engagements, yet down the line these ‘modern knights’ may be remembered as heroic, inspirational figures, just like the knights of old including ‘knights of the people’ such as Robin Hood, none seeking personal glory, only the betterment of society and protection of the most vulnerable in it.
    With a modicum of financial support our 21st century knights as are already active could multiply rapidly and become a real force for change for the better in society. Watch this space!
    How does ‘being a knight’ translate into the objects of a charity?
    It doesn’t – it is merely indicative of the mindset of those running this charity and contributing to it in any way. Charities are often hindered in their growth and activity by having confined themselves at the outset to objects which prove to be too narrow. In The Knight Foundation we hope and intend the field to be wide open for our ‘modern knights’ to be active on a whole range of fronts in service of the vastly-improved world of tomorrow we wish today’s children to inherit.
    We can all be ‘knights-of-the heart’!
    Full-blown knights who give up everything and run risk of death in order to serve society are relatively rare. Yet certainly in multi-cultural UK, those who practice in their lives some form of service or service-to-a-cause are legion – our vibrant and burgeoning charity sector is proof of this fact. Then there is the nation’s extensive community of Carers, the largely ‘unsung heroes’ who look after the physically or mentally disabled members of society. Clearly, the vast majority of us human beings have ‘something of the knight’ about us – our moral conscience but above all our warm hearts! We trust all ‘knights-of-the-heart’ endorse The Knight Foundation’s insistence on protecting the children as a priority above all other concerns and we hope that many will join our community and contribute to our work of helping build a safer, cleaner and above all more humane world on this planet for all children, both of today and for all generations to come.
    The charity’s vision – in verse:
    With the help of our donors The Knight Foundation will…
    Enable every knight
    To fight for what is right
    To brave the darkest night
    End the children’s pain and fright
    Rescue creatures from their plight
    Make the planet clean and bright!
    Bind broken hearts up tight
    Refresh our faded sight
    Speak truth to power and might
    Help humanity unite!
    Spread hope, joy, fun and delight!
    Till it’s time to take our flight
    Up into the starry night
    To our home in heaven’s height
    Belinda McKenzie, November 2014
    TKF realizes we have hit on a potent symbol for our charity and one that might catch on out there! Already we have identified and are working closely with the following categories of ‘modern knights’:
    Knights-of-the-Whistle – the brave whistle-blowers & witnesses to crimes against children;
    Knights-of-the Pen – the journalists and bloggers who report the crimes, some get thousands of hits per day;
    Knights-of-the-Street – people who get off their sofas and down to the street to protest against the crimes against children;
    Cyber-Knights – people who battle online against the crimes against children and the criminals;
    Round-Table Knights – the charity’s in-house ‘think-tank’, working out solutions ahead of the field;
    Knights-at-Arms [in various locations] – locally-based combatants against crimes against children;
    Wild-Knights – those busy protecting animals & animals’ natural habitat, our children love animals;
    Knight-of-the-Road – Sid! a particularly valiant elderly gentleman walking the length and breadth of the UK over the past 2 years to protest against child-abuse and planning a walk to the EU Parliament plus sky-diving and bungee-jumping in 2015;
    Chief Knight-of-the-Web – Sabine! Invaluable to this initiative…
    No other names given at present as to the identities of all the other ‘Knights’ already known to TKF and more coming on board thick and fast, great! but in time all will be fully celebrated, in the meantime they are out there and active and will receive this charity’s support to cover their expenses.
    URGENTLY NEEDED: Knights-of-the-Gun (Police & Military Knights) to break ranks and step forward in support of the children – please contact us preferably via our confidential mailbox (address below).
    TKF will work closely with/assist the following groups & projects:
    Children Screaming to be Heard Reg. Charity No. 114679 http://www.childrenscreamingtobeheard.com CSTBH is working to provide Safe Houses/rescue-centres for children who run away from care due to being abused and to raise the profile generally of these most unfortunate children whose cries for help are being stifled by the authorities…
    Association of McKenzie Friends AMF is working to build a national network of McKenzie Friends working on a voluntary basis as ‘paralegals’ or ‘lay legal advisers’ to assist litigants struggling particularly in the family courts to keep their children safe and/or who have been sent to prison, rendering access to a professional lawyer/s difficult. AMF also provides support generally for these parents and occasionally grandparents and other relatives in dealings with Local Authority officialdom. As ‘public interest advocates’ AMF campaigns to bring miscarriages of justice in the family courts to the attention of politicians and the public, so that remedies can be found and the system improved for the future. http://www.mckenzie-friends.co.uk
    International Coalition for the Protection of Children & Childhood aka Pro-Child http://www.pro-child.net (website under development). Pro-Child is the ‘international arm’ and future outreach of TKF’s work in the UK. All countries need to protect children far better than is the case at present and to co-operate in this regard. Child-trafficking, child-abduction, child-slavery, child-soldiery, child-sacrifice, child-mutilation, child-prostitution, child pornography, all these ugly forms of adult violence against the child are totally unacceptable in our 21st century world and must cease.
    TKF invites other organisations, groups and individuals who sense your own vision of the future and concerns for the present time overlap with ours to affiliate or connect with us. Please contact us via our secure mailbox (address below)
    The Knight Foundation (TKF) is a ‘Charitable Incorporated Organisation’/Company Limited by Guarantee Reg. No. 08940971
    CCX Knight, Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, Mary Rooney, Pam Almaz, Sharon Spierling, Amina Timii, Melanie Brock, Esmail Vafa Yaghmaie

    TKF will be seeking charity registration with the Charity Commission for England and Wales once turn-over tips £5000, the current threshold for registration.

    Initially, donations will go to the charity’s Child & Family work via the donate-button on that page.

    PayPal address: donations@theknightfoundation.org.uk

    Bank Account: The Knight Foundation, Lloyd’s Bank. Sort-code: 30-99-86 A/C no.: 76430160

    Donation by Standing Order: TKF hopes some donors will wish to set up an SO with your bank to secure us a core of regular funding and facilitate registration with the Charity Commission.

    Accountant: TKF’s accountant is Christopher Date of Watford, a retired accountant with credentials of having run accounts for international organizations such as the World Energy Forum

    Email address: info@theknightfoundation.org.uk
    Phone number: 020 8348 9114

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      • I hate the people who take from the poor and vulnerable to promote or fund themselves.

        I include in “funding themselves” with both fiscal funding and with feeding their own egos and own perceptions of self worth.

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        • They must think we have very short memories and their past declarations of intent won’t catch up with them; in the ‘Goodbye UK from Belinda’ of 10 August 2015, on the Knight Vision Youtube channel, at 27 mins onwards Belinda says; ‘McKenzie friends is finished and the Knight foundation seems to be finished as we have been soliciting donations to help people like Sabine’ and goes on to say the ‘charity’ was a bit of ‘a laugh’ as it only acquired £800.
          So, a public statement that hasn’t been adhered to. I know it’s not binding but is still possibly useful to throw at them.
          Does Mr Knight look a bit like the guy with the baseball cap who we thought was Code?

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    • the mind boggles:

      “Knight-of-the-Road – Sid! a particularly valiant elderly gentleman walking the length and breadth of the UK over the past 2 years to protest against child-abuse and planning a walk to the EU Parliament plus sky-diving and bungee-jumping in 2015;
      Chief Knight-of-the-Web – Sabine! Invaluable to this initiative…”

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  17. Angie is obviously rattled….

    People are now asking questions of her on facebook and doubt and uncertainty is setting in. Her supporters are arguing amongst themselves. The doubt and questions have set in

    Life must be shit for Angie – waiting for the Guardia to knock… She can’t stay in a hotel forever.

    Angie – Sleeping with one eye open will not be comfortable. Why not just confess to what you have done and accept the discount for an early confession?

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  18. Lately I’ve been receiving numerous new email scams : a ‘Federal Police” fine, invoices, claims I am owed money with a link to click on. This lot are just internet scammers. Set up a website with the “won’t someone think of the children” claim and then wait for the money to roll in.

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  19. The claim that they do not yet have to register as a charity as their income is below £5k is not quite correct. As I understand it the ‘Foundation’ is Ltd, if that is correct then I believe that tthe exception does not apply and they should have registered and comply with all that entails.

    Oh dear.

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  20. The Knight Foundation is a company limited by guarantee

    It would seem to meet the definitions of a CIC organisation and therefore the need for registration with the Charities Commission Is mandatory (irrespective of the £5000 threshold)

    We know that its not registered, however in keeping with the ethos of this site (being helpful) that error has been reported to the Charities Commision and the CIC regulator.

    The founder (Xavier Knight) resigned from the Company 0n 14th May 2015…… Yet is still shown on the website.

    If anyone else wants to add to this the email address and contact forms are:



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