Sabine tries to weasel out of charges

With her 8 April court date looming, Sabine McNeill is frantically trying to backpedal her way out of charges of witness intimidation, which could conceivably result in her spending time in prison. Sabine, who along with Neelu Berry faces charges for having illegally released Neelu’s witness statements on her ‘In the Best Interests of the Whistleblower Kids’ blog, has now replaced those statements with the following hand-written note:

Sabine 16-01-11-statement.jpg

Too little, too late

The statement, which Sabine says she penned during her most recent arrest on 10 January, makes the surprising claim that “while I believe I published the article in question, I do not remember any details at all”.

I am surprised that it took the witness 10 months to let me know of the intimidation I caused.

I am very sorry and apologise.

I am also surprised that the reason for arresting me required a surprise visit at night, even though I had informed my solicitor of the two phone calls I had from PC Davey.

My solicitor assured me that he would arrange for the interview.

I am now carrying it out without him.

Sabine McNeill

P.s. I closed the blog Whistleblower Kids a few days ago.

Is this intended to be an apology? If so, it falls far short—as usual, Sabine takes absolutely no responsibility for her own appalling behaviour, but tries to shift the blame onto everyone else: her victims (there are more than one), the police, her solicitor…everyone is to blame for this sorry situation, but not Sabine. No, no, no!

As for her claim that she ‘closed the blog’ a few days ago: um, nope. It’s still there, and has been all along.

In the text accompanying the handwritten statement, Sabine says:

Instead of the ‘witness statements’ that I had put here in April 2015 whilst in exile in Germany, I am now putting the text that I wrote in the middle of the night at Holborn Police station.

Our suspicion is that Sabine intends to use the fact that she fled justice in the UK, and was residing in Germany at the time she posted the witness statements, as her defence against the charges facing her: crimes that are committed while the defendant is out of the country are not able to be prosecuted once the person returns home.

However, she has had the illegality of the witness statements drawn to her attention multiple times since her return last August, and until now, has chosen to leave them standing. This leads us to suspect that her legal team has had a stern word with her.

Let us hope that in preparing for the case against Sabine, the CPS has also gathered up the reams of harassing and defamatory material she has published, both before her flight from justice and following her return.



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  1. EC – I would hate to see McNeil escape the might of the wheels of justice, which I am certain she may well try to do.

    Is discussing her case on a public blog pretrial, possibly going to give her the very excuse she needs to try to escape prosecution?

    Just a thought – I for one would hate to see her escape on a technicality (the article below was written in 2009 – the law may have changed?

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    • Thanks for this, JW.

      It’s important to note that the handwritten letter we published here was taken directly from Sabine’s ‘Whistleblower Kids’ blog, where it appeared today. As far as we’re aware, this material is in the public domain, accessible by anyone who wishes to view it.

      However, we take your point that in the strict journalistic sense it is in fact illegal to report details that might be prejudicial to a case, so we’ll stop until we know the results of the hearing on 8 April.

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    • Really good to have these clarifications on the law. Yes, all posters need to be careful (especially those based in UK) of what they write about this trial. I think once both Neelu and Sabine enters their plea on 8th April 2016 then this is when the risk of undermining a trial by writing about it becomes possible. I personally would advise people not to write about it after 8th April. The Satan Hunters will be working hard to use any technicality to avoid a full trial. On 8th April I believe Neelu will enter arguments to void the court proceedings against her.

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    • I’m not a lawyer – merely a glorified clerk who wrangles IP forms.

      I apologise for my eleventh hour appeareance, I’ve had a busy day. – It probably IS wise not to discuss the case itself while it’s ‘active. However there should be few concerns with exploring the day’s events as they unfold in the public arena. The biggest danger would be being seen as mounting a campaign to influence proceedings. But I suspect THAT charge is one that is more likely to be levelled at Sabine. The fact that people have noticed it and are talking about it is unlikely to work in her favour.

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      • Thanks, inchambers@–this was more or less my thinking as well. I do think it will be wise to refrain from speculating on the case until it’s settled, but there’s nothing wrong with reporting on events as they occur.


  2. I would hate Sabine to be able to try to argue that this blog has tried to mount an organised campaign to influence proceedings. Its worth reading APD comments with regards the 8th April – perhaps the dots line up and APD has let the cat out of the bag?


  3. If Angie does indeed have a file of threats against her then they won’t be from any of us. Plus she does have a propensity to exaggerate a lot.

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    • Any alleged threats to Power-Disney would have no bearing on another case & could not be introduced as evidence. Plus of course she has to put her foot in it by falsely accusing RD. An idle threat from her.


  4. Am I missing something here??

    How on earth can she make a statement “I closed the blog ‘Whistleblower Kids’ a few days ago”
    …and put it on the blog ‘Whistleblower Kids’???

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    “The Bible says spare the rod and spoil the child and I actually used to use a stick on my children, like a kind of T-bar for technical drawing. I used to give them that about every 3-6 months, if they were really outrageous.”

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  6. Think she’s pissed here.

    She really pronounces her R’s very funny.

    She’s a f…..g nuttah!

    Anyway on a good note, if she’s spent the donation money then the £20k can be used for the Orphanage.

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