Update: Defamatory e-book removed!

A couple of days ago we noted that an author named Lucy Wood, aka Kim Lawrence, had published an e-book that regurgitated the standard lies of Hoaxtead, and defamed multiple individuals. Smashwords-ebook gone-2016-04-13

We are pleased to note that the book’s publisher, Smashwords, responded quickly and responsibly to the multiple complaints they received from readers of this blog, and have now removed the book from their inventory.

Very well done to all who complained, and kudos to Smashwords for their prompt action. Would that all online platforms were as responsive. (Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, we’re looking at you.)



28 thoughts on “Update: Defamatory e-book removed!

  1. I strongly suspect that the author was simply publishing what someone else wanted published. It would be easy to name that person but due to current active Court proceedings that would not be wise. I don’t think the timing of all this was in anyway a coincidence. Its another small part of the battle won, but a long way from winning the war against the hoaxters.

    In my mind one of the best tools available is to discredit their claims with regards anything. Questioning their credibility in other things raises questions with regards their credibility in anything, especially when they try to push forwards something as ridiculous as SRA.

    Now with that in mind, the “lady of the month” Angie, (yes that one – charity scammer Angie Power Disney) has published a face book post today:

    Well Angie, lets take a little critical analysis of what you claim.

    1: You visited the local “Guarda barracks” – now where might that be? A few phone calls to the Guarda Siochanna failed find any reports of them losing a set of car keys to the habitual liar Angie Power Disney after a visit by her to discuss her “lost” passport.

    2: THey now have a copy of your facebook post – they ARE very interested.

    3: Just why would they give you keys anyway

    4: The photograph, did you take it Angie? Was it today? I know it was not on both counts. It was a picture taken in 2011.

    You might want to have a look at the site which you stole it from (|the picture appeared in your local news paper) http://www.mellowes.ie/category/montessori

    Angie – you are a pathogenic liar. NOTHING YOU SAY CAN BE TRUSTED.

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  2. Lol.

    Angie wanting a Carpenter, has got some bloke (on fb) in Uganda telling her he’ll come over to Ireland to do the job.

    I thought it was someone taking the p… but i think he’s genuine.

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  3. Fantastic work one and all! Oh it’s good to be on the side of truth and justice, I’ve come over all sentimental. A toast to Hoaxtead and all who sail in her !!

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