Why would Angie throw Sabine under the bus?

Yesterday we published the transcript of an explosive video conversation between Sabine and Angie, in which the two women discussed (among other things) their orchestrated campaign of death threats against RD, and their attempts to locate his children (presumably in order to kidnap them).

While the video itself is horrifying to listen to—the malevolence and hypocrisy really reach epic proportions—once we had turned it over to the authorities we were left to wonder: why would Angie release such a thing? Surely even she cannot be so completely inept as to ‘forget’ not to publish the video, especially when she’d gone to great lengths to implore any listeners to keep it private and share it with caution.

Our conclusion: it’s yet another Patented Angie Smoke-screen.

Angela-red herring 2016-04-09

As commenter JW pointed out, Angie called Sabine, and then directed the conversation towards issues that she’s well aware Sabine should not be discussing while her legal case is under way.

Why would Angie try to implicate Sabine?

Angie is very good at one thing: taking care of Angie.

In the past few weeks, we’ve revealed a great deal about her that she would really rather keep private. We’ve investigated her fraudulent actions in regard to the Kenya Project, we’ve revealed her questionable motives in salting the collection plate for her own GoFundMe campaign; and we’ve demonstrated the impossibility of many of the fantastical claims she’s made about her own achievements and qualifications. We’ve also questioned her actions in regard to her benefits claims and various other dodgy activities.

None of this paints Angela in a very favourable light.

If we were accused of this kind of activity, you can bet that our first actions would be to present the relevant receipts, account statements, or other official documentation, in order to clear our reputations and ensure that we were acting with complete transparency.

Angie’s response: blow smoke. And we’re not just talking about her unfortunate nicotine habit. Whenever she’s accused of anything, her immediate response is to start shouting and pointing in the opposite direction.

For instance, when she was allegedly the victim of a poison pen campaign that accused her of being a charity scammer earlier this year (apparently we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed), she didn’t produce receipts or even try to explain what had happened. No, she made a video, which she captioned:

Published on Jan 21, 2016

The GOOD news is due to pressure exerted by campaigners and media attention worldwide, the planned handover of the children to the Father they allege abused them and pimped them out to a ritual abuse ring in HAMPSTEAD, on February 1st 2016 has been INDEFINITELY SUSPENDED by Social Services who have them ‘in care’. Also, the INDEPENDENT POLICE COMPLAINTS COMMISSION has UPHELD a complaint by their Mother that the METROPOLITAN POLICE failed to properly investigate the most serious ALLEGATIONS. Speaking out WORKS though the price is high. The price of SILENCE is your integrity JUDGE FOR YOURSELVES

Is it just us?

We don’t see a single word in there that addresses the question at hand; instead, there’s a lot of flailing and wailing about HAMPSTEAD, with extra all-caps for EMPHASIS and a bunch of lies about the IPCC and so forth.

It’s a huge red herring, designed to draw people’s attention away from the fact that she’s been accused of being a fraud.

In the case of yesterday’s video with Sabine, Angie is once again creating a giant smokescreen, attempting to  throw attention back toward Sabine and away from herself and her own shady dealings.

And if Sabine happens to be affected by the fallout, well, that’s not Angie’s problem, is it?

red herring


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  1. I agree it’s very odd, even by Angie’s twisted standards. Not sure either why the video is called ‘Part 2’..where is Part One? Did she get them mixed up and has released the wrong one? Is the subterfuge just a pretence or real? I’m waiting for her to blame the naughty spies that lurk inside her internet connection for messing with the on/off buttons.
    I’m very intrigued about this husband she mentioned to Rupert..Quentin De Chalfont-Mymms. What a name! Is this the green card marriage? (He’s American) She does seem to collect ostentatious names rather like she collects grotesque sagas and personal flaws.
    Did she ever run a pub in Suffolk? I know she has connections there, just ‘sleuthing’ as she would say.

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    • I also smell a feeble attempt at a trap. My theory is that she’s said all that bollocks about someone’s life being in danger if the video is shared in order to trick us into sharing it, so that she can then go to the rozzers and say, “Hey, look what those big bullies at Hoaxsted [sic] Research have done, deliberately putting people’s lives in danger.” But it doesn’t work because she has a proven track record of lying, so we’ve called her bluff and don’t believe anyone’s life to be in danger. And she should be relieved at that, seeing as she’s the one who actually shared the bloody thing in the first place, thereby putting this fictitious person’s life in danger. Oh and she’s very kindly left it up for the last few days too, even though she was made aware of her “mistake”. Her Imaginary friends who are supposedly writing streams of invisible comments on her Jake interview video pages will be gutted.

      As I say, though, this is just a theory.

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    • I contacted a friend who’s a long-time resident of Seattle; he has indeed heard of the ostentatiously-named ex of Angie’s, Quentin DeChalfont-Mymms. According to my friend he is, or at least was (he’s not sure about current status), involved with a male politician in Washington (state, not DC), & has a background in dance/ works in business now. After becoming pregnant by a California man (whom she now accuses of being-shock of shocks – a paedophile) who wouldn’t marry her, she quickly moved on to Mymms, openly gay, in order to obtain a green card. This practice used to be commonplace here (in the UK as well), but is far more difficult to pull off now. The ‘system’ isn’t perfect, but such couples in undergo far more scrutiny before the ‘non-citizen’ is allowed go forward with that goal than ‘back in the day’. Basically, the pair has to provide sufficient evidence that the union is based on mutual love, not on a pathway to citizenship for the non-American (precisely because of so many cases like APD’s). As EC points out above, Angie is all about Angie – her picture should be next to ‘narcissist’ and ‘Macchiavellian’ (among other choice words!) in dictionaries worldwide. Incidentally, she never got that green card, nor did she ever really explain precisely why that is. She does claim that her daughter (who I assume has dual nationality, as she was born here) was ‘abused at a daycare center’, and that Angie herself was ‘very homesick’…but I suspect there’s far more to the story. Her legal last name was ‘DeChalfont-Mymms’ when she married Paul Disney, whom she ALSO accuses of abuse! (Pardon my skepticism!) What I’ve written is all a matter of public record – mixed in, of course, with her long-winded autobiographical ‘confessionals’…

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      • Brilliant – and you have just beet me to publishing the facts that you have published. I can confirm that the above is correct

        Good work MMe

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        • For anyone interested, there is also an article about the father of her first child…it’s an archived piece from The New York Times, circa 1994 or so. If you google ‘Antonio Strano NYT’, that should lead you to it. He was an art teacher living on a houseboat at the time ( which he still owns and is now worth close to a million due to soaring Bay Area real estate values), now retired and living in SE Asia. She accuses him of being a mafioso as WELL as a paedophile (hell hath no fury, eh?) Interestingly, her eldest child has retained his last name despite his allegedly unspeakable atrocities…hmm…

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          • Is is the same houseboat which she mentions under one of her FB pics where she says this:

            Angela Power-Disney
            18 July 1985 · ·
            Railway train CABOOSE converted into a floating home / houseboat and pitched on LIBERTY DOCK, SAUSALITO, MARIN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA…………my rented home when I emigrated to San Francisco in 1985. Heads up to Alexandra Maguire for helping me search through rentals in the local paper lol and all the support to settle in Marin!! — with Gabriella Strano and Alexandra Maguire at Marin County.

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          • Angela Power-Disney “I only reluctantly surrendered this rental when I could no longer waddle up the ladder 7 months pregnant to sleep on the upper deck tee hee !!”
            18 February 2013 at 11:54

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      • “Angie is all about Angie – her picture should be next to ‘narcissist’ and ‘Machiavellian’ (among other choice words!)”

        I’m thinking ‘megalomaniac’ might be an apt one to add.

        Kudos on the digging, btw 🙂

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      • In fact, despite the ostentatious name of ‘De Chalfont-Mymms’, Angie gave her address as a rather humble little house in Sausalito during that ill-fated marriage: Angie's house in Sausalito- 104 Second Street

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        • Bloody hell that is tiny by American standards.

          Angie is full of hot air, what with her double barrelled surname, changing the Disney to D’Isgny (another fantasy).

          Her very cheap, scruffy, ex-council house.

          The woman is a complete fake. Grrr…

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          • The Disney name is actually an anglicised form of d’Isigny – i.e. Norman-French meaning coming from the town of Isigny-sur-Mer. – If you can pick your way through the French:


            Some, quite legitimately, like to use the old form of the name. In Angie’s case though I suspect the change is likely to have more to do with evading the Provident man when he came a knocking! – Especially since she no longer has any real ‘right’ to use the name at all!

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      • I’d like to know how many times Angela has been married and to who.

        She claims she got pregnant by someone in England and said she had a miscarriage.

        Then she has a daughter by the ?gay paedophile.

        Then she marries a gay man.

        Then presumably somewhere along the line, she marries Mr. Disney and has the 2 boys.

        Have i got that correct?

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        • I think the daughter’s father refused to have anything to do with her… One night stand possibly.

          The gay bloke? Yet to get corroboration but the story I have is the por old queen took her in for a while.out of the kindness of his heart as a lodger. – And there’s the thanks the old duck gets!

          Gratitude! – Angie style!

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      • – Can I ask at what location you’re finding her ‘legally’ calling herself ‘DeChalfont-Mymms’? –

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      • Thank you. She has had rather a complicated life, drama seems to follow her around.
        I’m in awe of all your research skills. I got as far as Quentin responding to an online call for info about an ex prisoner of war and then the trail went cold. That itty bitty house is rather charming but nowhere near large enough to contain Ange’s ego.

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  2. I don’t want to link this but if anyone has any doubts about Abe being a perv, check out his Drifraud – sorry, Drifloud – Twitter page. I’m not making this up – amongst all his other dodgy stuff, he has posted a graphic photo of a copper with his cock out – meat ‘n’ two veg on full display. Like I say, I’m not making this up. This is not a drill, lol. In fact, I spy a perfect opportunity here to push once again for that Driffy Twitter ban…

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  3. Turns out she’s planning on skipping the country full time – presumably to escape justice (lest we forget her speech about how “Lanzarote has no extradition treaty with England”).

    And Rupert’s stuffed if he turns up at her Oldcastle house in June as planned! 😀

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  4. ——————————————————————————————————————————




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    • Somethings wrong here! – I just read Melanie shaw’s first post there and found myself in full agreement with her!

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      • Don’t feel bad, mate – she’s shot up in my estimation too. Just uploading the audio to YouTube, along with the screenshots. The only thing I disagree with her on is her bigging up of Richie Allen and Brian Gerrish – she doesn’t seem to realise that they’re guilty of the very same things she hates the 3 witches for.

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        • Oh I didn’t go any further than reading! And yes, Gerrish, Allen and quite a few others are just scammers too.

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          • Interestingly, someone’s just commented on the video, saying that Melanie was complaining about Gerrish not helping her when she was in court. Do you know anything about that (if it’s true)?


      • I haven’t followed her career path apart from some basic internet stuff but realize she is a troubled soul. In full agreement with her about criticizing a previous morphine dependency as I have a friend who got hooked on it after a terrible accident. But good for her for sticking to her principals and calling out a phony when she sees one.

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        • Very much so, Sam. I know a few people who’d suffered from addictions to various substances, prescription and not, and it would never in a million years occur to me to mock that the way Angela has. She has no morals.

          Meanwhile, as you say, while I don’t agree with Melanie’s bigging up of Gerrish et al, I say hurrah for her, for sticking to her guns. She’s likely to get a lot of push-back from the Hoaxtead thugs, and it takes guts to put herself in their line of fire.


      • I think as more and more people realise that the Hoaxtead pushers used the community of sexual abuse survivors for their own very nasty ends, we’ll see more and more people speaking out like Melanie has. Kellie Cottam did the same last fall, and I think the tide is beginning to turn.


        • It’s very satisfying but I hope she gets some proper support from people she can trust, so many damn vultures around people like Melanie its shocking. Where is the professional help she needs? All gone due to austerity cuts no doubt. Same with support for people with ex drug dependency. Really a bad time to be vulnerable (hate that term though, people are made vulnerable not innately so) in the UK.

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          • I agree. I would very much like to know that she has support right now, as she’s really stuck her head above the parapet. From a quick glance at her FB page it looks as though she has friends who are really there for her, which is a bit of a comfort.


    • Angie now lying, yawn…yet again… saying Melanie wanted to Skype with her.

      I don’t think so, Angela wanted to Skype with Melanie.

      And use Melanie…

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  5. I’m glad Melanie has realised what Angie is, before she did the Skype call.

    I had thought of pre-warning Mel, that doing the Skype call would have been inadvisable.

    Glad she’s put Angie straight.

    Not sure what Mumsy McNamara’s home made jewellery has to do with anything though.

    As for Angie outing Sabine.

    I reckon it’s a hierarchy thing.

    Sabine is Belinda’s no.2 and Angie wants that position.

    Maybe the move in May/June is to Belinda’s basement.

    With the amount of time Angie spends doing “you tube” videos, she hasn’t the time to organise a permanent move to Lanzarote.

    And what about her 2 boys, surely she’s not going to abandon them?

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  6. I think its fair to say (without getting drawn into the merits of the affairs of Melanie Shaw’s case)that she does have a degree of credibility – when she says she’s travelling she publishes evidence to support that. A copy of her booking is published on her facebook account. That booking is hard fact.

    Angie produces no hard facts, no evidence to support her numerous claims. For example she could have simply printed out the e-boarding card for her claimed flight last week. That would have removed any doubt. She DID NOT.

    With regards her claims not to be a charity scammer – a simple copy of accounts (bank and the charity accounts) would have proven everyone is wrong and that they were being unfair to her. Instead she produces videos that say nothing substantive and prove even less.

    There seems to be enough hard evidence to conclude that Angie Power-Disney is A CHARITY SCAMMER.

    Hopefully, now that she is being investigated, further evidence will be found that ensures she suffers the full might of the law and is sentenced appropriately.

    Angies own statements, both written and in the form of videos was her undoing. People would have probably not bothered too much and simply written her off as an eccentric haggard prat who has an ability to argue with anyone and everyone (including arguing with her own shadow)

    There is no doubt that Angie’s actions have caused misery to many people. That now includes Sabine. It even includes Angies own family.

    Whilst I do not feel any sympathy towards Sabine. I feel it would be wrong to speculate (or even discuss / debate) about Sabines pending proceedings. It is sufficent to say that at face value Angies publication of her video about Sabine / Rupert / Angie was very poorly timed in terms of Angie respecting confidentiality or the ongoing proceedings

    With regards her receipt of carers allowance, was that for her son or her father? In view of the evidence that Angie has helped provide in her numerous postings and videos on the internet it seems that there are now serious questions with regards her eligibility to have received that benefit for either party.

    If we look at the purchase of Angies house – the obvious task Angie will have is proving exactly where the money came from.

    With regards the “Kenya Project” bank account and transactions, I wrongly assumed that account was still active and that Angie would be able to get information using the “free” internet banking provided for the charity with that account.

    The charities bank account has been closed. It does not exist anymore. It must have once as Angie published details:

    Its interesting to note that Angie claims in that Facebook post that as of 6th September 2012 they still had 4000 to raise. Some simple maths (she claims they set out to raise 10000) seems indicative of them having raised 6000 by that time.

    So, logically if Angies charity collecting was not a scam, the children in the orphanage / school should have received 6000 or thereabouts by September 2012.

    Lets cross reference that to the figures of what they actually received:

    Dec 700

    Jan 600,
    Feb 300,
    Mar 100,
    April 175,
    May 100,
    June 150,
    July 200,
    Aug 100,
    Sept 340,

    A total of 2765 had been received by the charity upto and including September 2012, a shortfall of 3235 only 10 months after the charity being launched and the first payment to the charity being made.

    Of course that is only the money that Angie declared as having been collected – in reality how much more did she collect above and beyond what she disclosed on Facebook?


    Angie will have to account for everything that she claims to have collected – for example:

    Now only 5 days later Angie posts the following

    The difficulties that you face Angie will be accounting for where the collected money went and also accounting for things like the 200 at Aldi

    Good Luck Angie, I think some time in prison is a very real possibility for you. That’s going to be made even worse for you after your recent claims that you helped bring a drugs gang to justice. I am told that informants have a tough time in prison

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    • I understand that in Irish prisons Police informants have a very rough time and present a difficult time for staff to keep them safe

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    • Well that wasn’t up to their usual standards. Some chat about crystals & portals but I didn’t quite catch it although I note they concentrated on those dark clouds and as we know, only the Crystal Mob can summon up dark clouds which are so rare in the UK skies. Who was the geezer with his arm in a sling?

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  7. “LEAVE VICTIMS ALONE” – Melanie Shaw Does Hate Angie, Belinda & Sabine!


    Video description:

    Melanie has just shot up in my estimation. As we predicted several days ago, alleged charity scammer and professional bandwagon jumper Angela Power-Disney had set her creepy sights on her and was lining her up to be groomed. She thought that Melanie would be as easy as Jake Clarke. She was wrong. Now grab your popcorn, sit back and savour the joyous sound of Angie getting her arse publicly whooped by one of the victims she pretends to support…

    Source video:

    Disclaimer: I don’t support Melanie’s bigging up of Richie Allen and Brian Gerrish – she doesn’t seem to realise that they’re guilty of the very same things she hates the 3 witches for. But I think that’s the only thing I disagree with her on here!


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    • Good for her for pointing out the obvious which the judge also commented on : that real pedophiles, those fixated & obsessed with children will get off on the videos of the two kids. Let’s face it, they are very angelic children and their talk of such graphic sex is horrific and more so because that abuser Abraham Cristie tutored them to say it. It’s like stealing their childhood and I really hope they are with some nice old fashioned foster carers who are giving them a proper childhood away from all this ghastliness.
      The more we hear, the more you realise what a really sick & twisted mind Cristie must have.

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        • Well I must say I’ve never strayed near the Satanic Cult Witchcraft area of my library and not sure if they have one. But no case has ever been proved in a court of a Satanic Cult but of course numerous people have written making claims which is not quite the same.
          But Hoaxtead really is concerned with only one case so why is this lady upset with us?

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        • I’ve been a contributor on here for a while and have said that I don’t doubt that Ritual Abuse occurs here and there – people do odd and evil things. I think it’s likely it’s done as an act to frighten children and there may be people who do it as part of a belief system. I keep an open mind as to motivation. Much as I abhor the establishment, especially the right-leaning ones, I don’t accept that almost everyone in Government is at it or that there’s some kind of huge conspiracy going on. People who believe this don’t really understand how the world works and that it would be impossible to cover-up and hide evidence with something of this magnitude.

          I’ve said this before and haven’t yet been verbally abused by anyone. Now’s your chance if you’re of the mind. 🙂

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        • I don’t remember anyone being viciously attacked here for anything–even Rupert has commented with few ill effects other than a bit of mockery. Then again, the comments have been coming in thick and furious of late, so it’s possible I missed this lady’s post.

          I can say that while I do think ‘rituals’ are sometimes used to terrify sex abuse victims, I don’t believe that Satanists abuse children any more than any other group. If Helen is interested, she might find Jean La Fontaine’s studies of interest.

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    • Brilliant, and many kudos to Melanie for speaking out against this. She’s absolutely hit the nail on the head here, and this deserves as much publicity as possible.

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        • Agreed. I remember Sheva Burton talking about Melanie and saying that while she’s had problems, she’s working hard to get better. The thought of these leeches trying to use her to promote their disgusting scam is chilling, to say the least. I’m so glad she has stuck up for herself and told them where to get off.

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    • I know my opinion counts for naught in the scheme of things but I just watched the video and I’m not comfortable with Melanie’s very powerful testimony being used to further a separate (albeit linked) agenda. Was her permission sought for this? I know it probably comes under fair use strictly speaking but its taking away from her words and using them for something else. Am I alone in this? As I say, I agree with the sentiment of the video and obviously the people in the images are all as guilty as Sabine, Belinda, and Angie, but Melanie herself has not mentioned these other people and may not wish to have her words superimposed on these images. It could be seen as another example of hijacking a survivor’s suffering.

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      • They’ll try, but I think Angie might have bitten off more than she can chew with this one. I think she’ll be surprised at the response from Melanie’s supporters…and she has many.


    • I think in the end, it’s that simple. Although I think Sabine may have some real mental problems but the other two- straight out grifters.

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      • Belinda’s ‘stooges’ often have signs of mental instability – Robert Green for instance had a long history of Quixotic harassment, and had very-obviously been played for a mug over the business he had that failed.

        Angie too has clear ‘mental problems’ – I think that’s for real. We could even argue that Belinda exhibits these herself. – There is a difference between not knowing you’re ‘ill’ and acting strangely – and knowing you’re ‘ill’ but embracing it as licence to exploit others. It’s a question of culpability.

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  8. Perhaps one of the most poignant and informative statements on the Internet with regards Angie Power Disney, Sabine McNeill and Belinda Mckenzie

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  9. I’m reliably – and often – reminded by an associate of mine, who is an ex-Police Officer that one of the first things he was trained to look out for when interviewing a suspect or witness was ‘deflection and projection’. As it’s defined in the unofficial ‘Glesga Polis training programme’…


    “It wisn’y me! A big boy did it an’ ran away” etc. etc. etc…


    “It wis him/hur/you whit startit it, an’ ah’ll tell ye whit else he did” etc. etc. etc…

    It’s an almost-normal reaction apparently (my friend is ex-traffic). – When someone is stopped for doing 50MPH in a 30 zone – especially by a roadside checkpoint – the police very-often get the routine rant about how they should be out catching real criminals etc. But this is compounded when you’re dealing with someone whose placement on the narcissism spectrum is far beyond the merely problematic or noticeable – but has breached or is approaching the mental disorder stage. A very basic primer on the subject can be found here:



    Angie is actually able and willing to articulate much of this as she craves attention/sympathy/adulation in other ways – see the ‘bases’ videos for instance. – Of course, she is quite plainly afflicted with numerous, more complex problems, more than it’s appropriate to even guess at. But she is also fully aware of her problems and thus self-defeats anything that any kind of ‘talking therapy’ might be able to address; she can’t BE helped because she doesn’t WANT help! Angie seeks validation (and a licence to abdicate responsibility) through victimhood. That moves her from the ‘merely deranged’ to the culpably disordered.

    – We can only reach the conclusion that she is a deeply dishonest individual who will use anyone around her – even her own offspring – to serve her own end and purposes… A dangeous ( if fortunately rather stupid) individual who will use anyone in any way she can to get what she wants. – The header should really reay ‘Why WOULDN’T Angie throw Sabine under the bus!

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    • LOL- just watched a TV show RBT in Oz about roadside stops where they booked someone with bald tyres who claimed he was just on the way to get new ones.”That’s what everyone says” says the cop.

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    • Like her or loathe her, Melanie Shaw is the darling of the anti-child abuse troofer lobby, whereas Angie’s just a “wannabe idiot” and known liar/scammer whom no one gives a shit about. Even most of the hoaxers give her a wide berth. So with the exception of a few brainless idiots like Taylor and McMenamin, I predict that the majority will turn against Angie over this

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      • Melanie Shaw is an interesting case in that her deranged behaviour does seem to have caused cartain ‘authorities’ to behave in an unprofessional manner. – The latter is not by any means mitigated by her unreasonable behaviour. And I’d be VERY clear that she is to a great extent the author of her own misfortune. But to some degree at least, here we have a genuine victim.

        With that said, here you also have an uneducated easily-lead character who has jumped from the frying pan then from one fire to another ’till she jumped back into the frying pan! She continues to be fooled by the likes of Gerrish, who possibly started out with good intentions, but has long-since gone the way of the wonga. Equally well she’s still taken in by Maloney, Green and others – but the very fact that even Mel shaw is developing some powers of discernment is a sign of hope!

        – It speaks volumes when Disney, McKenzie, McNeill and their ilk aren’t even fooling the likes of Mel shaw!

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        • Interestingly, someone’s just commented on the video, saying that she was complaining about Gerrish not helping her when she was in court. Do you know anything about that (if it’s true)?


          • To be honest Gabriella, there is a limit to how much of anyone credible’s attention these nutters get. So sometimes the eye that is kept on them is not a close as it might otherwise be. – Gerish won’t step ‘too far’ out of the ‘comfort zone’. – Although he too seems to be another ‘Teflon coated’ type.


      • When you are a survivor, if some one says they believe in you, and they listen to you, you are so desperate, you will believe them. I don’t know what it is about these anti child abuse so called advocates, but they either are so dammaged they have no business in even contemplating saying they can help anyone. Or they do it for some kind of personal gain. You cannot support some one if you too have a broken leg. Others do it for lime light status, personally speaking I wouldn’t trust any of them. Yes Melanie has a lot to learn about these people, but she is starting to see the light. It does hit hard when you realise what these people are. They are only proffesional in taking advantage in some way. I’m not going to name anyone, it’s not for me to do so, but Melanie might need support when she finds it out for her self.

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      • Melanie’s just dropped him from her friends on Facebook. Barbara Collier and I have just had an epic battle with him (with Jake swinging by to talk bollocks too). Taylor’s been ranting tirelessly about how he’s gonna kill Dearman – who he’s convinced is me, of course – and that he’s making a movie about us that’s gonna get a cinema release. Yup. Good luck with that, John, you arrogant deluded weirdo. By the way, he referred to his movie as “Part 2”. When I pointed out that no one had heard of Part 1, he got very upset with me.

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      • It really is. I hope she’s getting good support from her friends–she’s going to need it, with this lot. They will say anything to try and shut down opposition.


        • See how vicious they become with a victim when a victim disregards them and can see just what they are doing? Angie’s comment about Heroin… John Taylor’s comment about Melanie’s ‘guilt’…

          They are a disgusting, vile and nasty lot!

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    • it’s sad that Angie’s bizarre antics make you question every aspect of her claims including those of he innocent family members. I have a feeling that she has upset numerous locals in her town as I doubt her deviousness is not confined to her on-line life.

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  10. I don’t know much about Melanie Shaw but she is absolutely spot on in her description of Angie. Everything Angie does is about Angie. I remember that being pointed out to her by people on Hampstead Research when she conducted that “interview” with Belinda, in Belinda’s garden. In every video, Angie turns everything that is said back to some story about her, even if there is no real connection to what the interviewee is talking about.

    It highlights the very reason why I personally have such a strong disliking for Angie, Sabine and Belinda. They take all the attention away from real abuse victims while pretending to be out to help abuse victims. Though I agree with an above comment, that while Angie and Belinda are obviously just out for attention, Sabine seems to genuinely think she is helping, but is doing the exact opposite.

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  11. Great video by Melanie Shaw calling out the real abusers. Angie has a cheek mentioning Mels substance abuse when Angie is at the fags and booze all the time.

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  12. I think you underestimate McKenzie. – She is a deeply-committed Grifter with a background going back decades who also seems to be ‘one of those people’ who enjoys a thick coating of finest Teflon! – That and her ‘eatablishment’ background are what fire the rumours of her being with the ‘intelligence services’. I fear that is half-true in that, whilst the idea of her being ‘MI5’ or the like IS patently ridiculous. Her apparent ‘licence to shill’ (and coin it in in the process) does have the overall effect of discrediting ALL alternative media efforts and activism. I for one cannot-entirely rule out the possibility that there is some ‘official sanction’ of this at some level. – Though I DO always strongly caution about rabbit holes!

    And her ‘wolf cries’ do rather drown out those of genuine victims with genuine grievances. The woman is absolute poison… The fact that a common-or-garden low level chancer like Angie will try to ‘tap-in’ to her seam is unsurprising. Sabine? – Just another Robert Green. An individual driven half-mad by her unfortunate circumstances. In Sabine’s case I suspect what ‘wee bit sense she had’ was lost through ‘self medicating’ for the pain of an injury received a long time ago. – But these people are only HALF mad, and not far enough over the edge not to realise the wrong they are doing.

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  13. Who cares a jot about Aunt Nora? Its not ” trauma based mind control” Angie – its a typical dysfunctional family, That happens through the vast majority of families.

    ANGIE YOU ARE FULL OF BULLSHIT (a journalistic term) Rather than posting such mindless drivel you might be advised to go and get a bag packed, with a new toothbrush ready. Its also worth making sure your front door is not locked, it would be be a shame for that to be damaged when the police come to visit you.

    Stop droning on Angie, and use what time you have left at liberty to make your peace with people. You are going to be very very lucky to avoid prison for your scams. In fact I think finding Shergar carries similar odds to you (Angie) avoiding jail.

    But there again Angie knows exactly where Shergar is…..

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    • Melanie Shaw is speaking from wisdom born from experience, a quality I admire, and that wisdom has given her insight to discern the false from the true. I wish her well on her long hard path to change the system for those who have been abused. People such as Angela Power Disney, Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie are parasites who are always looking for opportunities to hijack all the hard work and pain of those who suffered abuse or fight against child abuse, for the pure purpose of making money for themselves.

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  14. I have just watched her video. I wish Melanie all the very best. Its obvious that she is a person who is trying to repair her past mistakes and to make the best of her life for the future. I hope she has a good holiday and admire her sensible attitude to making change in society.

    Angies attack on her is totally despicable.

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      • Having heard the woman speak, I’m now wondering to what extent she has been lead up the garden path by the ‘conspirigrifters’? – And in whose employ these people actually are?

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      • Yes, I continue to be really impressed. I hope she has a relaxing holiday away from all this, and that she is able to continue on her positive path.


      • I’m not on FB so can’t watch that video, but if she is also saying about conspiracy theorists over-generalising Freemasons, then she has gone up in my estimations.
        The twaddle I see on YT regarding Masons is hilarious.

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  15. Bronny’s latest conspiracy theory. Apparently, the Waltons were a secret weapon created by Walmart to brainwash the public and distract them while they put small shops out of business. Or something :mrgreen:

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    • I’ll see your “Waltons were a secret weapon created by Walmart to brainwash the public” and raise you a “Has CERN opened up massive portals from Antarctica across the planet or distanced itself From Satan?”

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    • Bronny real is a moron- but this is the website she got this nonsense from and many say is the site that created the so-called ‘crisis actors’ nonsense that has led to all terrible events being claimed to be ‘false flags’. It’s a good lesson on how the internet can create a fantasy that in time becomes a ‘reality’.

      This guy has been pushing this stuff since the net became mainstream and his website sort of comes and goes, crashes every now & then & is resurrected. He has tried unsuccessfully several times to turn it into a paywall & subscription site but now asks for donations.

      It’s real down-the-rabbit-hole stuff & can become quite mesmerizing and at times can appear comical : his claim that Adolf Hitler was really Walt Disney & my favourite – HM The Queen is really a character played by actress Betty White.


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    • There is a guy on You tube that claims the Partridge family and Brady Bunch photos were used as the children of Sandy Hook, and that no real children died. The same man also claimed that Christopher Reeve (of Superman fame) was not disabled in an accident and nor did he die in 2004. Instead, he went on to play the role of the Director of Facilities, Gino Faiella at Sandy Hook, and Gino also played the role of a fireman.

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    • Thanks for the link, SV. Did you see that Sabine has left a large comment there, part of which states:

      “I’m currently turning the Whistleblower Kids blog into a book so that it can be printed in my defence.”

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    • You know, at one point I actually thought McMenamin cared about survivors of sexual abuse. I thought he was misguided, but basically not a bad feller. In recent months I’ve come to realise that he doesn’t give a flying f*ck about children or adults who’ve been sexually abused; for him, as with the other Hoaxtead goons, it’s all about ‘proving’ their point that the world is run by a mysterious cabal of Satanists. It makes me sad that these people just can’t seem to see past that notion.

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  16. We all need to be afraid, very afraid…. (NOT)

    Angie has now noticed this blog thread – and posted on FB at 8.04 this morning. I await her promised response – its hard to defend the indefensible Angie.

    Nice hotel room Angie – we are not bothered about photos of a room, some evidence to show that you are not a charity scammer. liar and a con artist might be more helpful to you in order to defend what you have done

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    • In what possible way is this a response to ‘why did Angie throw Sabine under the bus?’ And how does dressing one’s self up in two towels and making a long and boring speech about homelessness and going to stay in 5-star resort hotels address anything at all, other than Angela’s own narcissism? Is anyone else actually getting what she’s drivelling on about here?


  17. And yet more waffle from Angie – this time in the form of a video that must be in the running for the “Most Boring Video Ever award.Anyone who watches it may need treatment for PTSD……

    Interesting comments though,

    No doubt they will be followed by accusations and crocodile tears from Angie – she is predictable (almost as predictable as boring)

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  18. …And the point of the picture of an unremarkable hotel room is???

    What nobody really wants under their roof Angie is a habitual liar and a fraud who at almost SIXTY years of age is still wallowing in fantasies that would be an insult to the intelligence of a slow ten-year old! – What nobody really wants is to run the risk of being the next in line for one of your sordid accusations.

    Are you on the run from Oldcastle for fear of being lynched by the neighbours who contributed to that dodgy African appeal I wonder?

    There is NO reason why anyone credible would ask YOU Angie to speak about PTSD or homelessness… You have no grain of professional or experiential standing, and are simply an ageing Grifter well-past your ‘sell by date’. – You could pass for a “crazy person” because that’s EXACTLY what you are… As is rather well illustrated by the fact you’ve not got the basic self respect or respect for your audience to even get dressed before presenting your haggered, dried-up old features to the world.

    And I do hope that when you checked in you did so under your own name using your own credit cards.

    I note with interest you can hardly keep a straight face as you pontificate on what childhood should be – hardly surprising as elsewhere you admit to vilently abusing your own offspirng. Motherly hints from Myra Hyndley would only be slightly-less credible that those from you madam!

    It’s interesting that you say of your sister “her way of coping was to work really hard all of her life” – a stark contrast to a lazy, good-for-nothing fake who doesn’t know what a decent day’s work is! – And there you are Angie, pissing her hard-earned money up against the wall! – With the begging bowl out as usual!

    Cinderella? – No Angie, all signs point to you being the ugly sister… An ugly-hearted ‘mare who thinks nothing of leeching off the suffering of others… Especially the Hampstead kids who you and others have abused to your own selfish ends. – You’re full of it Angie, just full of it!

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  19. I think she forgot to mention that the handbag she had robbed at the air port belonged to her dead sister, I don’t know because I couldn’t bring my self to watch any more

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