Sabine’s posts: Going, going, gone?

While Sabine McNeill still faces her final sentencing hearing on 9 January, one aspect of her sentence has already been put in motion.

At the first hearing on 19 December 2018, it was decided that a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) would be put in place, and that the restraining order which was put in place by HHJ Worsley in 2016 would remain the same.

According to the Sentencing Council,

A Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) is an order which is available on conviction for any criminal offence by any criminal court, introduced by the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 (ABCPA 2014, s.22) with effect from 20 October 2014. It replaces the former powers of the court to make orders such as an ASBO or a drinking banning order on conviction.

A CBO is an order designed to tackle the most serious and persistent anti-social individuals where their behaviour has brought them before a criminal court. The anti-social behaviour to be addressed does not need to be connected to the criminal behaviour, or activity which led to the conviction. However, if there is no link the court will need to reflect on the reasons for making the order.

In contrast to a restraining order, which only governs behaviour which takes place after the order is put in place,

A CBO may:

Prohibit the offender from doing anything described in the order (‘a prohibition’), and/or
Require the offender to do anything described in the order (‘a requirement’)(ABCPA 2014, s22(5))

One condition of Sabine’s CBO requires the removal from the internet of blogs and other material pertaining to the Hampstead SRA hoax. HHJ Sally Cahill QC ordered that as of that date, it was now appropriate to start removing material, and that this process would take place in accordance with a court-imposed timeline.

We’re provisionally pleased to note that work on removing Sabine’s Hampstead-related material does seem to have begun. For example, her Facebook account (which used the name “Sabine Kurjo”) has been entirely removed:

As one of our readers pointed out, while Sabine’s ebook remains online, most of the links contained in it point to non-existent blogs or sites. For example, the link to Sabine’s channel now looks like this:

Granted, went out of business about a year ago, so that was an easy one. However, it’s encouraging to note that the only live link in the list is to Sabine’s LinkedIn account, which does not seem to contain any Hampstead-related material.

The blog which Sabine called her “most popular”, Victims Unite, is gone:

All traces of the infamous Whistleblower Kids blog, meanwhile, have vanished:

Some things do remain online, however. The ebook itself, which we won’t link from here, still contains a great deal of material which should probably be removed; and we’ve noticed that both of Sabine’s Twitter accounts remain intact, at least for now. The first, @SabineMcNeill, contains references to the Hampstead case, including to protected witnesses; the second, @sabinekmcneill, seems to have been abandoned in 2011.

Will the removal of all this material make any real difference to the amount of filth currently online about Hampstead and those who were falsely accused?


The nature of the internet means that even if the court manages to extinguish every reference Sabine has ever made, it will be impossible to completely erase all traces of this horrific event and the lies it has spawned. There will always be copies and screenshots of the videos, the blog posts, the petitions.

So why bother taking Sabine’s material down, then?

In part, its removal will help to deter Sabine from continuing her campaign of stalking and harassment, once she is released from prison (whether that be sooner or later will depend on what happens Tuesday).

Probably more important, though, is that removing Sabine’s material serves as a kind of sign-post. The court has now declared itself keen to take a more active role in ensuring people’s right to remain free from this sort of online harassment.

This decision comes very late in the game: next month will mark the fourth anniversary of the Hampstead hoax going viral online, and this is the first really significant attempt to rein it in. Despite the hoaxers’ claims that the government is constantly stifling their right to make false claims against innocent people, this hoax has in fact been allowed to grow and spread unchecked for four years.

We can only hope that this is just the beginning.

56 thoughts on “Sabine’s posts: Going, going, gone?

  1. This is very encouraging news, EC. Thanks for sharing. This gives us hope that other people’s puke collections may eventually be eradicated from the web. Angela, I’m looking at you.

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  2. Looks like the process has already begun, Tinribs 😆


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  3. EddieIsaCock was live streaming from the UK yellow jackets demo. I thought they were idiotic & highly irresponsible letting off a smoke bomb around N0 10 no matter what you think of the PM and government. It could have been mistaken for something far more serious with dire consequences.

    Needless to say the 30/40 of them were screaming “we’re bringing down the government” etc (yeh good luck with that) but there were a few Nazi salutes and general right wingery was in play.

    Why on earth is Eddie dabbling with such obvious racists?. OK it may not be black people they are attacking this time ( but give it time) but these people are definite Muslim haters and ‘Tommy Robinson’ lovers. They include a poor mother whose son was killed by a drunk driver who was recently sentenced for manslaughter. I have sympathy for her as it’s difficult to comprehend what a mother must go through but she, encouraged by the likes of Eddie is determined to make it a terrorist act when there is not a scintilla of proof it was.

    Is Eddie just really dumb?. I recall race riots in the 70s which involved oppressed black people. It’s pretty shocking to now see someone who if he had been alive then would have been the victim of racism now aiding in attacks on others, purely because of their perceived religion or race.

    Zelo Street has just busted ‘Robinson’s’ attempt to ramp up racism against Muslims.
    Tommy Robinson Batley Attack Fibs BUSTED

    # I agree with Mr IsaCock on one thing- a Daily Express journo asked if they could use his video of the demo & he told them to “f*ck off and get your own”.lol
    ## He takes lousy videos- hopeless. He should bring along the top IPhone videographer- Neelu ‘DeMille’ Berry.

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  4. Love the Zorba music.
    You know Eddie walks a fine line. Not only did EC do the correct lawful thing, if he wasn’t stopped at that stage he may have got himself into far more serious trouble.
    But his persistent attacks on EC are quite worrying as he is really attacking someone who acted within the law and seems determined to seek revenge.

    Therefore I have consulted the Koala Award’s Committee at their new HQ in the Hula Bula Bar (landlord at the Three Legged Mare has now banned all of us after that bloody Fotheringale-Smythe dame “borrowed” another bottle of Cream Sherry) and they are in full agreement that EddieisaCock is in the running to be nominated in the category ( Gawd there are so many nominees) for An Accident Waiting To Happen Trophy.

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  5. OK hands up all you Hoaxsteaders who are on the run !. Yes you lot up in the back row as

    I admit I did go into hiding for a brief period when I heard John Paterson had linked up with the Sarf London Mob (fierce-some reputation).
    But since learning that most of them are now living in the Kray Twins Memorial Maximum Security Retirement Home for Old Lags I’m not so scared.
    # pretty sure I heard Andy snoring at one stage there and I’m surprised to hear Eddie is ‘back door man’.

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  6. All hail King John, Lord Protector of the Regal Republic of South Wanopia, seen here looking resplendent in his royal attire…

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  7. On a similar note, in a recent live feed Devine was strongly advising his followers never to go to hospital for any reason! And he said he’d rather die than go to a hospital to be treated 🙄

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  8. This lot really are dumb and dumber and as for King John and his followers generally, I am speechless. It takes things to a whole new level of madness.

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  9. I’m still waiting for a response to the woodchipper death threats to the judge.
    What can be done legally about Eddie’s threats to EC?

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  10. That picture you’ve used of Sabine at the end of the post always makes me laugh. What was Sabine’s behaviour like in court, EC? Did she cry a lot?

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  11. Despite the hoaxers’ claims that the government is constantly stifling their right to make false claims against innocent people, this hoax has in fact been allowed to grow and spread unchecked for four years.

    …And if it had not been for Sabine continuing her campaign we could be in the same position we are in now – with information, video’s etc available all over the internet. The removal of the search results would be helpful, but what about search engines within eg youtube? What do you do about that? How is the response going to be quicker in future – to get to the point of removal of material – without the need for a ‘Sabine’?

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  12. I suggest that this is a good opportunity to report stuff on her channel, while she already has one strike. I assume she means her main channel, by the way, as I think that’s where she has her MJ stuff up.

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  13. I think I’ve spotted two worthy additions to the Hoaxtead Book of Fruitloop Quotes in that interview:

    “There are other people linked to her, possibly family members”

    “I’ve noticed them trying to get onto Tracey, slowly trying to work their way in”

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  14. Yes, he could adopt the patented Neelu Spin-Around™, just in case his audience wasn’t already feeling nauseated enough.

    And I agree about the mother whose son was killed. It’s an incomprehensible thing, and my heart goes out to her. I’m sure she’s been desperately casting around for some reason—any reason—why her son was killed, and it’s probably all too easy to fall into the clutches of people like Eddie and his friends. I hope she is able to detach herself from them and try to heal in peace.

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  15. Ah, I wondered. I thought it was one of those puzzles where they give you a bunch of random words and you’re supposed to arrange them into something which makes sense.

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  16. Actually, she did show some small signs of emotion when one of the parent witnesses was testifying. She looked as though she might be crying. She later claimed that she had “wept bitter tears” when she realised, to her utter horror and disbelief, that the list of alleged abusers was nothing more than a class list.

    Whether she wept on behalf of those she had so terribly wronged or on behalf of herself, I will leave you to surmise.

    The rest of her time in the dock was spent either staring straight ahead or “resting her eyes”.

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  17. Excellent question, and one which concerns many of us. The social media giants have managed to skirt court orders since 2015. I think it’s going to take more than a single lawsuit to budge them.

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  18. I think I may have kindly tried to point this three and a half years ago, the list was just people the children knew, knew of, or who had crossed Ella, with a few Mr Smiths thrown in to flesh out the story.

    Ella is part of an actual real life cult of course, in case anyone forgets.


  19. I wonder if he new found mobility would affect her ESA claim? That National Benefit Fraud helpline number again… 0800 854 440.

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  20. Yes, because it has been written into UK law as the Data Protection Act (2018). However, there was also legislation passed through Parliament – The European Withdrawal Act (2017) – that effectively allows the Government to repeal any EU related laws they don’t like. Theoretically they can do that anyway using what was formerly known as the Royal Prerogative, via the Privy Council. However, the new Act still doesn’t allow them to use it to:

    (a) impose or increase taxation or fees,
    (b )make retrospective provision,
    (c) create a relevant criminal offence,
    (d) establish a public authority,
    (e) be made to implement the withdrawal agreement,
    (f) amend, repeal or revoke the Human Rights Act 1998 or any subordinate legislation made under it,
    (g) amend devolved Government laws,

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  21. I idiotic woman. I met many people undergoing chemo last year who praised Cannabis products but only for the relief it gave sometimes. Some who smoked it for pain had similar relief as painkillers, others said little effect (except getting stoned helped them forget but some hated being stoned). Others reported no effects at all.

    I have an acquaintance with Leukemia who runs a blog detailing his experiences with Cannabis Oil over the past 3 years and he says it has been a great aid but it is NOT a cure and he expects to keep having chemotherapy at regular intervals.

    Power-Disney is also ignorant to the fact there are several types of Leukemia that have different symptoms.

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  22. To Paul Rogers: Nope I’m not on the run, I can barely walk atm with illness but it is my dream to get back into running asap you daft idiot. What is everyone running from btw, I have no clue! 😂


  23. Some other completely innocent victims were the staff of a nearby school. I will not name it because I do not wish to cause the victims further stress.

    Of great interest to me is the fact that, while the staff of the school were suffering immense stress resulting from terrible harassment arising from false accusations they were also engaged in an extremely stressful and time consuming dispute over planning permission for an unusual hotel that would have caused immense disruption and problems for the school.

    One of the very interesting things about this hotel is that the entire project was the brainchild and baby of none other than the philosopher Alain de Botton.

    Who he? He is the founder of The School of Life, a controversial organisation that makes really quite crap short videos about psychotherapy and philosophy and that has featured many satan hunters in its events.

    Maybe it’s all just a coincidence?


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