Angie flees to a 5-star resort hotel

Angela Fag-Ash Disney has released (yet another) long, rambling video, this time ‘in #RELUCTANT response’ to recent allegations that she betrayed her long-time colleague Sabine McNeill. At least, we think it is. It’s hard to say, really.

This time, rather than claiming she’s in a rented apartment in Lanzarote, Angie is broadcasting from a 5-star resort hotel in Cavan—and she’s openly gloating about being surrounded in luxurious privacy. Just like Michael Jackson, she says, without even the slightest hint of irony.


This screenshot was taken after she’d divested herself of a headtowel, but you can still glimpse a bit of the towelling she’d wrapped around herself prior to making this riveting video on her smartphone.

Because, you know, it would be in rather poor taste to film one’s self entirely naked.

Then again, it’s in poor taste to fail to answer allegations of fraud, and then trot off to a spa hotel and gloat about how you can afford this, but homeless people can’t.

And Angie does have a right old giggle over the fact that she’s away from home for two days being pampered…because life at home is just too stressful to bear, don’t you know. After all, there’s no hot water, and the radiators need bleeding! Horrors! Turning that key just might be the death of her.

She doesn’t mention her real reason for not returning home: the neighbours have heard about Angie’s little white lies about what she did with their money, and going home just doesn’t seem like the wisest option at the moment.

That makes total sense to us: when our neighbours get pissed at our scamming ways, we often pop round to the nearest 5-star hotel for a little pick me up. Oh, except that’s never happened to us, because we’re not charity fraudsters. Whoops.

Of course, Angela couldn’t possibly just go to visit her family (you know, aside from the fact that she claims her father murdered…er, allegedly murdered her sister—that just makes family dinners so damned awkward!).

As she says,

Just to clarify…my family  has a 50 acre small holding 2 miles from here….6 bed 3 bath in the main house…3 bed 2 bath over the road…3 bed 2 bath in Athboy…but nobody really wants an embarrassing cigarette smoking ptsd suffering surviving whistle blower as a HOUSE GUEST lol ! (all sic)

Translation: My family knows I’m a devious, lying, fag-addicted fraud and they’re sick to death of me, but I had to go somewhere because the neighbours were giving me the side-eye, and hey, I happened to have a bit of money handy, so here I am!

Oh, by the way, that excuse that her family doesn’t want her smoking on the premises might be true, but if so, she chose an odd alternative destination.

This is from the Crover House Hotel website:

Crover House no smoking 2016-04-11

As we watched her video, we kept waiting for the punch-line: when was she going to get to the part where she answers the critical question of why she chose to make a video that essentially shoves Sabine under the bus?

But, as our erstwhile friend Charlotte Alton Ward used to say, answer came there none.

Rather, we got a lot of giggling drivel about how life is so hard for Angie, and she wanted a break (post-Lanzarote, which apparently just wasn’t enough?), and gosh darnit, she’s worth it!

Sure, if you say so, Angie.


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  1. Forgive me for being a skeptic but that doesn’t really look like Spanish countryside. A bit more like England. But why is she in a hotel when she rented an apartment? . And why did she go to Lanzarote, rent an apartment, return to Ireland where her passport was stolen and the turn around and go back to Lanzarote?. Does she have connections in the passport office to get a replacement almost overnight? Took me 6 weeks when I lost mine.

    I hope that Colombian drug cartel don’t read FB. So many clues have been left to track down the informer.


  2. As Angie staggers from one PR disaster to the next, isn’t it good to know that she’s doing all she can to be diplomatic and build bridges and to do all she can to avoid digging herself deeper into that massive hole in which she finds herself…

    I am so impressed by her honest and level-headed responses to polite questions from various people, especially as she has frequently assured us all that she’s an open book who welcomes questions. And good for her for not resulting to childish ad hominem abuse or cheap unsubstantiated defamation against innocent people (things of which she’s always quick to accuse others). Er…

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  3. Interesting post on Angie’s website this morning. Especially as she is aware of the Court Order in respect of Ella’s children and their father.

    A copy of her Facebook posts along with the Court order has been passed to the UKBA. Hopefully that will make Angies next visit to the UK somewhat interesting for her. Even as a EU citizen she will still have to “enter” the UK, which becomes more difficult when the person is on a UKBA watchlist.

    The woman remains full of anger and destructive shit…. More smoke to try to avoid the fact that she is a charity scammer. If she was not then surely the easiest thing would be to publish some facts and figures, rather than going on the offensive. Her actions seem to further confirm her guilt.

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    • Charity box monitor says 2/3 of it went into Angie's pocket before it ever hit the accounting book says:

      It’s not the shortfall you should all be looking at but the fact that no one (really) can prove what they raised in the first place. Who stood over Angie and made sure what was donated was put down as donated if it was cash?

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    • Rupert: “I stayed in the basement apartment of this woman who shared a garden with this neighbour who used to be John Cleese’s gardener. She let me drive her car and shit. I got to get fucked up and drive a car in England and I got to drive over the fucking Abbey Road shit. This ??? was fucking nuts. That lady hates me now……I behaved like a maniac over there.”

      Rupert should be encouraged to come to England and stay with Hoaxtenders. He sounds like a wonderful house-guest.

      Rupert talking about Pres. Kennedy: “He had a problem with sex but, you know, that’s what he did instead of cocaine. Everybody else does coke…little kids or something but you know that was his thing and I’d say that women would be a much better outlet than messing with kids or drugs.”

      This is the guy they’re bringing over to do some investigative work eh? Really seems grounded and aware of the issues doesn’t he. 🙂

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      • I’m so glad you included his remarks about how he (mis)behaved when he was last in England ! I was going to try to dig the quotes up myself, but you’ve beat me to it…and I’m very glad you did! He hasn’t matured one bit since that visit – why would he be expected to act any differently now? I’m no anti-cannabis snob…but the fact that he lists pot as one of his very few ‘absolute necessities’ during the upcoming ‘anti-child abuse’ bonanza ensures that he will behave every bit as erratically when/ if his plan ‘succeeds’. One only has to watch one of his bizarre exchanges with APD to see how weed (among other things?) catapults him into volatility and incoherence…it’ll be ugly indeed if he actually makes it over….

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      • More of concern is who he lists as one of his friends on his facebook account……

        Including the following:


      • I think Angie has a rendezvous planned with Rupert in her 5 star hotel room. Hence the coy shower scene with Angie tossing her hair over her shoulder & the lipstick already applied. It’s dirty weekend.

        Someone needs to meet Rupert in the foyer (an upright citizen) and warn him :”don’t lend her any money”

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      • In one of the videos, Angie admitted smoking only one joint a year. Roop told her he would come across and sort that out and turn her into a pot-head.
        Can’t wait to see her videos after that..

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  4. To remove any confusion – the name redacted in the images is the name of the children’s father, he was cleared of any criminal conduct yet Angie still falsely describes him as a paedophile.

    ANGIE, we all know you read this blog, perhaps you need examples setting out why it is not acceptable to make false accusations (that is accusations not backed with evidence)

    A very sad example of why your behavior is wrong is shown below

    This is the result when a Journalist gets things wrong:

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    • Oh the Peadpphile hunters, right on arn’t they. Nothing more boils my piss than things like that. On the first one, the polices behaviour was disgusting, I think some were sacked and disciplined over that. And the second one. I have heard some anti child abuse activists say, well, if some one has the idea, that some one else is a paedophile, why not? That’s why not. Because they are no such thing. There is no excuse for it uk database or not.

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      • Yes, this is why we’ve come out against vigilantism over and over: no matter how much one believes in child protection (and we do), taking the law into one’s own hands is never the right way to go.


    • Angela Power Disney is happy to ruin the lives of other people with false statements whilst claiming to be a victim, she is the typical stereotype of a hypocritical Satan Hunter.

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      • Yes – Pay the Orphanage directly – David Chesoli (He runs the Orphanage) his details and genuineness has been confirmed by a number of people.

        He can be contacted via his facebook account (his IT equipment for internet access is limited to an old smartphone using mobile data) Emails can be slow to get a response.He does seem to spend time on facebook and that seems to get a response within a few hours (as against a day or so for emails)

        Email: dchesoli @ (remove the extra spaces)

        Postal address:

        Jesus power center International
        Home of champions orphanage and academy
        Box 982,30202
        East Africa

        Bank account for donations by bank transfer:

        Bank:Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Ltd
        Address:P.O . Box 66
        > Kitale,30200
        > Kenya,East Africa
        Account name:Chesoli David Barasa
        Account number:0150198285100
        Swift code:SCB LKEN X X X X

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      • Sounds like a good idea & I’ll be telling them why. Been looking for another charity to support as the only other one I send money to is a French doctor who looks after orphans with AIDs in Thailand. Lives frugally and spends every penny on the kids.

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      • Angela Power Disney identifies the Kenyan Orphanage as follows:

        “Set up charity with 4 others based in rural Ireland…we raised 11,000 for a school and orphanage in Moi’sbridge Kenya….we send a small monthly amount, run a page of same name on facebook, and are still actively seeking personal monthly sponsors for 35 orphaned pupils who are housed fed and educated in the little complex run by David B. Chesoli and his board”

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  5. She also published another photograph of her computer claiming it showed a record of her payments to the orphanage between August 2015 and March 2016.

    Its out of focus and the camera is not square to the screen. However a little work in photoshop enhancing the image has brought about enough detail to confirm that what she says she donated each month tallies with the figures given as received by the orphanage.

    That would seem proof that the orphanage figures given for receipt of monies from Angie are indeed correct and that Angie has not given them a large percentage of what she claimed she collected.

    Whats also interesting is the other pages that were open at the time she took the screen shot:

    HOME GOAL ANGIE? you have confirmed the accuracy of the figures given as donations from you to the orphanage – not your claims that you are not a charity scammer.

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  6. Is Angela still receiving the Carers Allowance, which i’m assuming is for her youngest son?

    If so, what is she doing swanning off to this hotel, (which doesn’t look that great to me) and leaving her son behind with no hot water etc?

    For crying out loud Princess Angela of the Narcissist Kingdom, get an Allen key, let out the air in the radiators and you’ll probably have heating and hot water.

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    • Angela Power Disney, a person of contraditions, claiming she has no money, yet willing to throw money away in pampering in five start hotels, plus enjoying long holidays abroad.

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      • Yes, when was the last time I did either of those things? Oh, right. NEVER. Because most ordinary people just don’t have money to burn.

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  7. While this sick woman has done and continues to do what she is doing, what comes to mind is for people to be careful what they say towards/at her.

    She is not of course stable, and the last thing anyone wants….ANYONE, is for her to top herself.

    And I for one know not of anyway how to resolve this mess that they do?

    If people believe in God or not, I do wish to say “God Bless” her.

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    • I think you appeal to pity and victimhood. Angela Power Disney deserves no mercy or easy treatment. One of the qualities of the Satan Hunter is they are psychopaths who enjoy and feel no emotion, which they use to manipulate others. You forget that Angela Power Disney is a walking basket case and hypocrite who quite happily will throw her allies and friends under a bus, uses her children and Kenyan orphans, and has beaten her children with metal t-squares. If she had an ounce of empathy and compassion in her, she would stop her campaign of harassment and intimidation of Hampstead people and children. Angela Power Disney is the agent of her own misfortune, and she has the choice and ability to stop the intense focus upon her via stopping her ongoing attacks on innocent people. Until then, in my opinion, f**k her.

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      • I agree with everything you’ve said, SV. However, on a pragmatic note, I can see Angela doing something silly like taking a couple of aspirin and a few paracetamol and then ‘allowing’ herself to be rescued by paramedics (as long as they filmed it on their iPhones for later release on YouTube). While this could have some amusing elements, ultimately as a PR event it could rebound on those of us who would like to see Hoaxtead quashed. Angie is an expert at playing the professional victim (surprised that’s not on her LinkedIn page, tbh), and still has enough soft-headed followers to create a backlash.

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        • Angie lives on the internet. She continually puts herself in the spotlight by revealing things about herself that I would never dream of putting into a public forum, or even circulating amongst my close friends.


    • Angela won’t do anything like that.

      She loves herself too much.

      Angela needs to take responsibility for her own actions.

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    • Sorry Angie, ‘your’ (tase of her own medicine there) suicide threat cuts no ice with me for one. You’ve contributed to the ruination of at least two innocent children in your efforts to seek attention and self-aggrandise; and in the most perverse way possible! If you want to make up for that, plus all the other damage you’ve done, pay your hotel bill, go to the Garda station and turn yourself in – It’s THAT simple!

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    • I understand what you’re saying, and of course no one wants to see Angela actually die. What we do want is for her to face up to her responsibilities, admit her wrong-doing, and turn herself in to the police. Basically, we want her to act like a grown-up.

      That’s about as likely as pigs suddenly learning to fly, however.

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    • Hi there Anon,

      I’m sure no one who writes/reads here wants any harm to come to anyone. Despite apparent threats of violence and worse being bandied about, I have never, not once, seen anything like that from contributors here.

      No one here wants anyone to come to harm. Not the children involved, not the falsely accused…not even the people who continue the abuse of the children each and every time they give the hoax part of this tragedy life.

      The fact is, there are two real victims. Every time their names and images are shared, they are re-abused. This needs to be stopped. In an idea world, all images and traces of this tragic episode would be taken off the web. I imagine, if that happened, perhaps this site would close too – the work here would be done. Forgive me EC, SS and the regulars if I’m talking out of turn there!

      If anyone reading this is feeling suicidal, as I can understand how some of the subjects addressed on this site could possibly trigger victims, please talk to someone. The Samaritans can speak to you confidentially, just call (free) 116 123.I personally found this site helpful once –

      I take the matter of suicide very seriously.

      I guess at the heart of it, people simply want the best for the children. I enjoy the Alternative Media, though take much of what I read with a bucketload of salt. We have to be discerning. Not everything we read online is true. No matter how much of a visceral reaction we have to it.

      Hence, Hoaxtead.

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      • That’s a lovely and very sensitive way of putting it, AIR. You’re right: in an ideal world there’d be no need for this blog, all traces of the victims would be gone from the internet, and we could all relax in the knowledge that our work was done.

        We wish no harm to anyone, even those we disagree with. We would like some of them to face up to the consequences of what they’ve done, but that’s a very different thing.

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  8. LMFAO,

    She’s splashing more of the cash.

    Princess Angela is looking for a painter and decorator, interior and exterior, plus carpenter to do up her 3 bed semi, sorry castle.

    Anyone here interested?

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  9. I’ve felt considerable conflict about the whole Angie thing. Fair enough to find evidence and ‘out’ someone who’s allegedly been doing something wrong, especially in relation to a charity. I’m a bit dubious about the benefits of rubbing salt in the wound though. I know some of you will disagree and yes I’m an old softie. The police have been told and the residents of Oldcastle, Meath will no doubt have their say. It’s case closed for me (in fact it was a while ago) except for one question.

    Why did she throw one of the major figures under the bus? Interesting question and one we really shouldn’t discuss till after the court cases are finished. To be continued….

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  10. It’s getting a bit like the Angie show here and I feel the blog is drifting away from its main purpose, educating people to the real story and the real physical abusers of the children.

    The family pictures being linked to is getting too much like stalking for my taste, the family may have nothing to do with these mental cases and should be left out of it, they didn’t choose to have the images made public. There is the very real danger of “us” becoming what “we” are fighting.

    I’d be more interested in why Abraham and Ella have gone quiet.

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    • That’s a good point, and I understand that the All Angie All the Time show is tiresome at times. However, she’s the last of the original major promoters who’s still plugging at the case, and for that reason we’re still interested in her activities.


      • There is a difference between following the activities of Angie and publishing the details and pictures of her family. If only I can see that then maybe I am no longer in the right place.


    • Really? – There is a very simple way for ‘Angie’ to have the spotlight turned off, and that is to stop LYING about almost everything to do with her life and ‘fess up’… Stop trying to defraud people of money and, most importantly, stop abusing these two children by using them to promote her own ends. – She knows where the police station is. And she owes the people around her a straight explanation. In other news we await the trial of her cohorts which – as any ‘Journalist’ would know – limits the amount of coverage they and those around them can receive. I’m sure there will be much to be explored once that case ceases to be legally ‘active’.

      Why have Abraham and Ella have gone quiet? – They know ‘the game’s a bogey’. Do you seriously think anyone who knows anything is going to wake them from their slumbering false sense of security? – Give them any clue that their movements are known? – What dots are being connected and how?

      Tick, tock, wait for the knock, when the key turns it’s time for the drop… Was that a floorboard creaking?

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      • We’ve seen no activity from Abe and Ella since that ghastly Alfred Lambremont-Webre panel interview; I think that even they have given up, as they know their legal options have all been played out, their IPCC ruse backfired, and Abe has alienated everyone in the conspiraloon community who might have been of any help to them (even his old pal Code 2222). I think they’ve retired to smoke weed and whine to one another about whose fault it was that it all went so terribly wrong.

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      • Yes really. Reload this blog and look at it with a critical eye from the point of view of somebody coming here for the first time.

        Is publishing the details and pictures of her family really the way we should be doing that? Have we not been highly critical of others doing that very same thing? Do her family not deserve the same level of anonymity as the innocents accused?

        It is a slippery slope that I find this blog stepping on to.


    • Anonymous – With respect to your comment “educating people to the real story and the real physical abusers of the children.”

      Do you not think that mental abuse can reach far beyond physical abuse? Its effects can be considerably more damaging.

      People such as Angie push abuse. Their actions are mental abuse.

      In my opinion one of the best ways of exposing that is by exposing what they are like as people. Fine upstanding people do not get exposed, but their again they do not push hoaxes and then seek to gain from those hoaxes themselves. By making public the real story behind people such as Angie, is educating people to the real story.

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      • The use of the phrase PHYSICAL abuse was deliberate.

        This blog is losing focus which should be on Ella Draper, Abraham Christie and specifically the Hampstead case, not an alleged charity scammer.

        The very first thing a new reader will see is us lot making comments about a person(s) that are of no interest or importance to that new reader looking for facts. Angie has been a side show and a distraction, as are the other YouTube players.

        Not only that, but we bang on about privacy and the effects of this case on innocent families, then publish the details and pictures of Angie’s family that have NOTHING to do with the case.

        I’ve been around since day one and do appreciate this blog as a shining light of sanity, but I am conscientious of the loss of focus and am very uncomfortable about what is now being published, Angie’s family are NOT fair game, leave them out of it.


        • Can you tell me where we’ve published details and photos of Angie’s family, so I can better understand what you’re concerned about?


          • is what triggered my response. I think there was an image of her alleged council house elsewhere that I let slide, when in my view it could have been anybody that lives there.

            I’ve read other comments regarding her family circumstances that I can’t be bothered searching for. Her family, who they are, what they own are nothing to do with the Hampstead case and are off limits.

            “We” are not “them”, I have higher standards than that and expected others here to have the same.

            – Jack Burton (aka Edmondo Willy).


            • The comment you’ve linked has to do with Angie’s reporting of figures from her Kenya project.

              I do think I understand what you’re saying, but I think we’ve tried to steer clear of discussions of Angie’s family, except where she’s mentioned them herself–for instance, her preposterous allegation that her father murdered her sister, or the fact that this alleged ‘children’s rights’ campaigner beat her children with a T-square. Those are things Angie has put into the public sphere, and therefore they are fair game for discussion. Other issues, such as her children’s health, etc., are private and we’ve discouraged people talking about them.

              Since February 2015, Angela has been pushing the Hoaxtead story hard. She’s arguably been one of Belinda’s most faithful minions, right up there with Sabine and Charlotte Alton Ward.

              When people hear about Hoaxtead, we feel it’s important for them to have some sense of exactly how credible the messenger is. We’ve discussed hoax purveyors at some length here, because whenever one reads something (especially on the internet, where ‘news’ can often amount to someone’s deranged fantasy), a critical component of evaluating the truth of the matter is ‘how credible is this source?’

              In Angela’s case, the answer is ‘not very’. This is why, for example, we’ve discussed Abe’s criminal background and his convictions for fraud, counterfeiting, and assault; we’ve discussed Belinda’s history of charity fraud; etc. We think it’s important that people understand as fully as possible who is purveying this information, and why.


            • Okay, I see what you mean. I actually hadn’t clicked that link, so missed it. I’ll remove it from that comment and from yours as well.


        • Methinks thou doth protest too much ‘Anonymous’!

          I’ll agree with what you seem to infer so far as, in its early stages, this blog had a metre and tone which some found unacceptable. So much so that I still struggle to persuade some people that it’s not part of some insane ‘internet bitch fight’ (not my phrase) designed to drive the whole matter into the realms of utter insanity – and with it any and all ‘independent’ concern about the underlying issues. – In recent months though its very much of the side of right, it’s measured and cogent. And not ‘part of the problem’.

          Details and pictures of Angie’s family? I’m not particularly aware of any such thing being a point of focus. I am PAINFULLY aware that Angie herself has made a point of dragging her children and extended family into her various scams. And comment on that is, as far as I (for one) am concerned, fair enough…

          And no – actually – her family don’t “deserve the same level of anonymity as the innocents accused”.

          There ARE actually LAWS against identifying the alleged victims of a sex crime for a start. Angie, and others, have and continue to hold those laws in contempt. – Similarly, if Angie were not a fraud and actually had any training in journalism, she would be fully educated in and understand WHY those laws exist – to protect such alleged victims. Besides which, the notion you float that there is some agenda to place her family under the microscope is very much a red Herring, and I suspect you fully understand that, for there is no such thing. – Angie herself is entirely and solely responsible for dragging her children and her extended family into her scams. And those scams WILL be examined

          Really, if they don’t like that being examined then they need to do the honest, decent thing and completely disown her… Turn her in. And certainly NOT remain a party to her past scams – tell the Garda what they know!

          For the second time today I find myself reminded of this recent case –

          The crux of this story is that the woman named is the wife of a man who raped and abused little girls from 1998 until at least 2004 that we know of. When, in 1996, he was sacked from his job in a local school for his demeanour towards the female pupils, she stuck by him. When, in 1998 she was TWICE faced with very angry men in her house who were ‘facing down’ her pervert husband with what he was (one of whom’s daughter he had actually raped) she stood by him. – Even going so far (it’s said) as trying to assassinate the character of one of his accusers. When in 2004 she found some of the ‘paedophillic pornography’ her husband had authored, she took and hid in at her office – IN A CHILDREN’S CHARITY! In 2013 when the police finally confronted him she kept that item hidden; only ‘coming clean’ two weeks before the trial last year… Paedo-porn hidden in a children’s hospital for over a decade! Incredibly she was never charged. And still lives – with the apparent ‘support’ of her immediate neighbours – at the crime scene. Oddly enough, she too takes much the same tack – that it was nothing to do with her, she should be ‘protected’, and the people who exposed her are ‘all this and all that’ – anything to deflect attention away from what SHE did!

          How does this connect to Angela Power Disney and her family? – Well, I won’t say she is as bad as a rapist, but the difference between her – and her like – and anyone who indulges physical child abuse is but a whisker. – Therefore her grandiose boasts, her self-aggrandisement and her dirty bloody lies and schemes are absolutely 100% relevant to the Hampstead case. – Her family? Well, the longer they take to disown her and go to the Garda with what they know, the deeper implicated they become. – To the point where if they’re found protecting her or involving themselves in her scams they become fair game.

          Christie and Draper already have cards marked in the most striking shade of red… It’s only a matter of time before they’re caught and jailed. The children ARE physically safe now – but mentally and emotionally? So long as there are evil money-grabbing deviants like Angela Power Disney and her kind about they will never be safe from this most venomous form of abuse.

          I’ve already outlined how Angie can get the spotlight off – and that’s to turn herself in. Her family need to pick up the phone, call the Garda and tell THEM what they know. – It’s that simple.

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        • Anonymous, I think you should feel free to say if you think something oversteps the mark and I think what you say will be considered with an open mind.

          I’ve certainly said in the past if I think something has crossed the line and stuff has been deleted.

          Oddly enough, El Coyote knows some stuff I have said in confidence, that could be published as a ‘win’ if you like. It hasn’t been published even though if it was it wouldn’t bring any harm to me. Compare and contrast! That’s more than can be said for most people splashing the names of the children about, secretly recording Skype calls, posting things when asked not to!

          I agree about the overall idea of retaining focus though.


          • Thanks for the vote of confidence, Tracey. We do try to run the blog with a mind to maintaining a balance between being hard-hitting and overstepping the bounds.

            Personally, I think one of the huge advantages we have over the Hoaxtead gang is that we’ve managed to avoid the rifts and internecine conflict that seems to run rampant over there. We try to do this by remaining flexible and not taking criticism personally, and by encouraging our commenters to do the same.


    • Okay, I think we now know why she’s releasing these videos: in emphasising that it’s ‘withOUT the 71 year old Sabine’s permission’, she’s effectively trying to sabotage the witness intimidation case.


          • I’m starting to agree, Big Earl..she stated on this that the video would be unlisted and it’s not. Why?
            She wanted us to share it here? Why? We know she is going to use this blog in some manner in her defence, In what way?
            It was in the public domain and we deal in evidence here.

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      • My view of this is that such subterfuge might only be relevant in relation to any contempt of court issue that might be raised. – With that said, I think it better to be cautious, and would discourage anything beyond contemporaneous reporting of matters surrounding the case that returns to court on Friday.

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  11. IC – Sound advice, I do feel a trap is being set for us – and the attempts are getting more desperate as we don’r respond

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