Kenya Project update: Angie exposed further

Over the past 24 hours we’ve received a number of updates on Angela Power-Disney’s Kenya Project charity scam, so we thought we’d collate them into a single post for easier reference.

When we last left our grubby-fingered heroine, she’d come to the sad realisation that her new friend, Karen Johnson, was not in fact ready to donate to the Keep Angie in Fags fund, nor to the Help Hoaxtead Bring an American Bedwetter to London campaign.

Instead, Karen seemed quite intent on discovering the facts about Angie’s donations to a school and orphanage in Kenya, run by a very dedicated man named David Chesoli.

Intrepid Hoaxtead Research commentator JW takes up the tale in this comment on 4 April:

I have received an email from Karen this morning. She has received a breakdown of the amounts received from Angie Power-Disney to the orphanage in Africa.

Angela's actual donations by month

All figures are given in Euros.

The total amount donated by her to the school / orphanage between November 2011 (when she made her first donation), and today is €8175

Bank charges for the transfers and currency conversion, have not been deducted in the figures above, so the actual amount they received is less than above.

Now Angie claimed to have collected €10,884 up to 1st July 2014, (in her Facebook post of 1st July 2014).

Angela-Kenya Aid announcement.png

The orphanage / school received a total of €7,030 by that date. So that gives an evidenced shortfall from what Angie stated had been collected as of that date – of €990 plus the questionable expenses of €1,775.

At this point, commentator Fairly Sane noted,

The key thing for me is your last paragraph. It seems funds have gone to Kenya, but not as much as she was claiming by the relevant dates. It seems very odd that she gives in dribs and drabs like that, presumably incurring some sort of charges at one end or the other with each transaction, rather than in a lump sum. Usually, when I have been involved with this sort of thing, people raise a large sum then send it all at once.

To which Inchambers@acourtnearyou replied,

– And you do THAT to minimise the administration costs and aid transparency. Really her actions suggest two things to me – firstly that she was donating under her own name and thus misleading the charity, secondly that she wasn’t forwarding everything she collected. Why else would she obfuscate matters so?

And Spiny Norman pointed out,

She can’t use charges as an excuse, as she herself categorically stated that for the purposes of her Kenya fundraising, she’d been given a free bank account with no charges.

Also, if this money had come from fundraising, it would not have been coming in in perfectly round numbers like that!

Excellent points, all.

This afternoon, JW sent us another update from Karen Johnson:

Karen Johnson emailed me earlier – she has asked that I pass on her thanks to all of the contributors to this blog – she says without your work Angie Power-Disney would have continued scamming without being exposed.

It would seem that Angie HAS NOT made any contribution to the children of the school and orphanage ran by David Chesoli from her €20,000 windfall. Hardly surprising.

Chesoli re Angela-2016-04-05

Karen has asked me to post this screen shot of a communication that she had from David Chesoli earlier this afternoon. Thank God he did keep records, perhaps Angie did not expect a man in Africa, working mainly from an old broken smart phone with poor internet connectivity, to ever keep accurate records and thus her scam and theft of funds would have gone undetected.

Sadly Sabine, Belinda and Angie are all of the same ilk. The only difference between the three of them is that Angie is not so clever and got caught.

JW has posted a further update:

I have just read through Karen’s Facebook exchanges with Angie.

Angie’s words to Karen in their Facebook message exchange rings in my ears. In reply to Karen’s comment, “If you have scammed the orphanage, then may I return your biblical words and say ‘May God have mercy upon your soul.’”

Angie has nothing to fear of course as she HAS NO SOUL

Karen J to Angela FB 2016-04-05

For Karen’s own safety and her fear of any retribution from Angie she has given a number of people her Facebook login and password to allow them to archive the contents of her account, which has now been done.

Probably a good security precaution, given that Angela has called at various times for hackers to help her take down her opponents’ Facebook pages and blogs.

Many thanks to JW and Karen Johnson for their persistence and excellent forensic detective work on this angle.

We’ve now heard rumours that following Angela’s Skype call with her new toy-boy Jakie tonight, she’s planning a little getaway. With luck, she’ll have an encounter with some nice police officers before her bags are packed.


78 thoughts on “Kenya Project update: Angie exposed further

  1. Nicely collated, EC & JW.

    I’ve said it before but it’s those damned round numbers that are bugging me. If you’re raising funds via GoFundMe (or however you’re doing it), the money will come in dribs and drabs in varying amounts and you’ll then send it all off to the charity, say once a month. Each month will be different and is unlikely to be a round number. Angela, however, sent off precisely €100 4 months in a row, then €50 a month for 4 months (twice) and so on, always in nice round numbers. What’s happening to the excess? If I did’t know better, I’d say that money was being skimmed. But as Angela is renowned for her honesty and integrity, I must be wrong (hey, stop giggling at the back). Maybe it was even the other way round, with Angie adding her own money in order to round the total up, rather than skimming and rounding down…? But how the fudge it kept coming out as the same or similar amounts is anyone’s guess. ❓ ❓ ❓

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    • I think this is one of the real tip-offs (aside from the fact that the numbers just don’t add up, no matter how you squint at them).


      • Still, I’m looking forward to her proving us all wrong by showing us a screenshot of her “free online bank account” statement. I gather that there are IT buffs out there who can deftly and skilfully press ‘Print screen’ and ‘paste’ in a matter of seconds – I know, impressive, right? – but unfortunately, it’s taking Angie a little longer to find the ‘print screen’ key on her keyboard and it only works on her keyboard back at her other house. Or something. Be patient, everyone – she’s working on it, I tells yer. Oh ye of little faith…

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        • Angela is seriously worried about getting arrested.

          To me that indicates she is Guilty of something Criminal.

          If i hadn’t done anything wrong i wouldn’t be worried in the slightest, perhaps that’s just me, but i doubt it.

          Tut, tut, Angela.

          Just what have you done and is that plural?

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          • I don’t get it – all she has to do is show us her genital tattoos to prove her innocence. No, sorry – I meant her bank statements. Which is much harder, apparently.

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          • Ah, the old genital tattoos/bank statements confusion. I often get those two mixed up myself. It caused a right commotion down the Nat West when my mortgage manager asked me to show him my bank statements.

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  2. Karen has sent me a screen shot of a reply from “Go Fund Me” Karen reported the 10000 donation to Angies fund as suspicious.

    Karen has reported all her findings. including what she describes as numerous screen shots from what Angie has published on sites such as Facebook to the Police, Charities Commision and the bank Angie said had given her a free account.

    Its not speculation, its all backed up by Angies own boasts.

    “When in hole stop digging” comes to mind as wise advice for Angie….

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    • By the way, I wonder if Brighton Probation Office are aware that John was illegally recording there? I seem to recall that that’s frowned upon, but I could be wrong.

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      • It’s frowned on in Brighton but not in the mythical village of “Brithton” 😀

        (Seriously, you’d think he would at least check he’d spelt the title correctly!)


        • I hate to ascribe any sort of cleverness to John, but I wonder if he did that to avoid detection in online searches?

          Nah, he’s just a terrible speller. Never mind.


          • – Seems to be working! The “most prolific activist in the UK” is also among the most ‘unfamous’!

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    • John Patterson is one of the angriest Freeman to appear on Youtube. He also has expert legal advice from the famous irish comedian Patrick Cullinane.

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      • Someone forwarded this comedy show to me last night:

        – I almost felt sorry for the Weeble-like figure of Patrick Cullinane as he wobbled into the police station with his wee Argos briefcase in his hand and his cheap suit thinking his Halloween Lawyer’s costume was going to convince anyone he had any standing. – As for the American wakner “FIELD” McConnell? “Career military and airline pilot”? Did he spend most of that career drinking the special blue toilet water? This whole ‘scene’ is just some combination of the the mentally ill and cynical carnival grifters exploting their infantilized audience. – The difficulty is that these people are becoming the ‘common face’ of dissent. And as such they are just spreading muck on the seedbed of corruption.

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        • Nice link, INNY.
          This is awesome at double speed 🙂
          By the way, did you notice Barry the Butterfly-Hunter lurking in the background (looking for somewhere to plant his crystals, no doubt)?
          And don’t get me started on that annoying Yank who “saved England from the Russians”!
          And how many more times do I need to tell these pricks that treason is not a hanging offence? Cullinane calls himself a lawyer and he doesn’t even know that!

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  3. Distraction techniques – well edited EC!! (This is not a reference to the previous comments or the posters) EC will know what I mean….

    This is about ANGIE POWER-DISNEY and her scams / fraud / criminal behaviour

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  4. I agree – but don’t you think that exposing the criminal activities of someone who was a very vociferous supporter of the hoax that gave cause to this blog staring is more important than what you posted earlier?

    By exposing someone who is fundamental to the issues raised it gives rise to questioning the whole activist movement who propagated the creation of the original blog. Which intended to protect innocent people from the extremists who made their life misery – Sabine McNeil, Belinda McKenzie, Neelu and Angie Power Disney


    • There’s room for both. And the two people in the screenshots are also people who helped to promote this hoax. McMenamin was even one of the shouters at the church protests. Not sure how posting them stops anyone from reading about Angie.

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  5. Its good to see that the people at Gofundme have treated Angies 10000 donation in the way that is deserved. Its now deleted

    The screen shot is from a few minutes ago (now down to only 33 donated):

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  6. Its quire a result after Angies previous claims – I wonder if the 10000 is held in a frozen account pending the criminal investigations and the suspicions of money laundering. American Homeland Security is very hot on that.

    The amount showing previously:

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    • It looks like she’s put the €10,000 back up, this time claiming that it’s from her sister, Marian Fiona Power–who, as we all know, is deceased. I wonder whether GoFundMe will let this stand? Are dead people allowed to contribute?
      Angie-GoFundMe-from dead sister


  7. I think that Angie has been left with no credibility and its a question of time (which may be many months in the Criminal Justice system) before she is hauled before a Court to explain her actions. Hopefully the end result will be a conviction for fraud.

    Now – the more difficult hoax perpetrators – Sabine McNeil and Belinda Mckenzie. No doubt given time they will also be exposed in Court

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  8. LOL! Angie’s latest videos with with the Jakester are now up and he talks about the “that troll ‘Common Poypuss ehm..Poypis’. He doesn’t even know how to pronounce Porpoise.

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    • I know, and the poor thing–he can’t get the police to pay attention to his complaints about people saying unkind things about him. All together now: “AWWWWWWW”….


  9. The following is (apparently) from her Facebook page…

    “THANKYOU for the support, the largest sum to date being from my sister’s interim estate settlement, could not think of a more fitting way to spend it, R.I.P.‪#‎FIONA‬ I will not stop until we get truth and justice….
    EVERY donation makes a difference and I PROMISE to do all I can, and network and support so many others also doing ALL THEY CAN TOO….please also support Rupert of HI, IT’S RUPERT renown in coming to Europe to report, and Fiona Barnett in travelling to a conference to speak….together we are MANY and we CAN end child abuse ”

    – A twisted ADMISSION from the wicked witch of the west that she used money from her late sister’s settlement to salt her own plate? And she hopes this mitigates her actions how?

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    • So the admitted child beater thinks it’s okay to salt the plate in an effort to con people out of money to end…er, well, child abuse. Am I missing anything?


    • It’s just too weird : you don’t get any money from an inheritance until probate is granted which can be annoyingly long and then if you are the beneficiary why “donate” it to yourself via GoFundMe?

      I see she’s spruiking Fiona Barnett the new heroine of the Satanic Cult movement. Barnett claims US President Richard Nixon flew into Canberra in Airforce One one day just to abuse her and no-one noticed this unscheduled arrival along with the fighter jets that accompany Airforce One in a city as notorious as Washington for gossip.

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      • There IS no legitimate reason to donate money to yourself – it’s an obvious attempt at scamming the public! – Is there not some system for releasing things like the money in bank accounts quite quickly to deal with burial expenses? Perhaps she is executor? And in that scenario it wouldn’t be unreasonable to speculate that is she is, she’d make some attempt to screw-over the rest of the family – IMHO.

        As for Fiona Barnett – is strikes me simply that there is another circus act around every corner! Angie is just looking for a bandwagon to jump on, plain and simple. She doesn’t mind if she’s playing to the main crowd, or conning toddlers out of their pocket money.

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        • You’re right–and note the ‘in kind’ donations she claims to have received offline, too. Pretty sure none of those people actually signed up to GFM to donate. This is a woman who’s used to padding the books.


  10. 4 hours ago, it’s 2.37pm here, Angie reckons she was on the plane.

    Got her hands wiped for drugs and explosives.

    I don’t believe any of it.

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