Did Angie throw her dad under the bus?

The further we dig into the life and adventures of Angela Fag-Ash Disney, the weirder things get.

And we’re not the only ones who think so: just yesterday, she received the following request from her buddy Jim ‘Tears on my pillow’ McMenamin:

Jim McM to Angie re lies 2016-03-23

So even Jim can only tolerate so much of Angie’s lies, exaggeration, and narcissistic rambling: good to know.

As for us, we’d almost forgotten that last May, shortly after the death of her sister, Angie emailed Charlotte Alton Ward of the late and not at all lamented Hamster Research blog. Here’s part of what Charlotte published:

Angela via HROLDBLOG-2016-03-23

Wait, what? ‘Aggressive sex’? Is Angie claiming that her son raped his girlfriend?

And how does this tie in with Angela’s father?

In this same Hamster Research post, Angela makes numerous allegations about her father, including the following:

My sister…asked me to report Dad about 44 years ago. He regularly beat her, myself and an older sibling so severely we would wet ourselves with fear and be unable to walk.

I have tape recordings of him threatening to hang or do jail for me if I took Mum away from him and ‘broke his marriage up’ as he put it.

He regularly made death threats, he had drums in the garage stored up saying he was going to set the house on fire with them in it. He would threaten to crash the car into a lorry or brick wall with them in it. He would tell her he knew a dozen different ways to hurt her or worse and no one would ever know.

When I was 12 or 13 my Mother begged me to save her from Dad as she felt something was going to happen. I sat outside hers and Dad’s bedroom trembling keeping watch but was too afraid to go in when I heard her muffled cries and objections to what was forced sex against her will, I did not know at the time there was such a thing as marital rape.

On one occasion he locked my niece aged about 9 in the trailer of a lorry parked in the yard of Rainbow Farm for days. She had food taken out to her and had to use a potty or bucket for a toilet until she would confess to stealing money from a piggy bank. After about 5 days of fear and humiliation she confessed to the crime despite not having done it.

I reported being molested by my Father when coming out of anasthetic (sic) in hospital aged about 11. I reported this to (the) Psychiatric Consultant at Navan Hospital in front of my Father and Mother in 2003. I had gone to the Psych Unit my only admission in my life and she had wanted me to go home as she said I was neither suicidal nor psychotic, and recovery from child sexual abuse was not something the Psych Unit was equipped to deal with residentially.

I have earlier memories of my Father molesting both myself and (my sister) as well as regularly and severely beating (my two sisters) and myself and we all have severe memory gaps. Mum knows she had extended military or psychiatric inpatient treatments of electro-convulsive treatment to ‘erase trauma memories’ as she was told. I have scars indicating having suffered same and believe we were all drugged on multiple occasions along the lines of rohypnol the date rape drug only much stronger and decades earlier. I believe Dad was not only sexually assaulting and molesting his children but allowing others to also. I believe he used dogs as well in our torture abuse and humiliation.

(In a 5-hour interview with Miles Johnston) I included testimony though not detailed about my Father abusing his children and allowing us to be in Mengele type ’psychological research’ trials called TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL whilst Dad was in the British Air Force for 25 years.

(My two sisters and I) were privately educated in many fee-paying convents during Dad’s military service, despite him being only a non-commissioned officer on a modest salary. He mixed with very senior military people often on secret secondments I suspect were connected with the financed and authorised psychological ‘research’ projects, competing with Russia to develop mind controlled intelligence officers and honey traps as well as informants and assassins etc. Back then causing mind fracture was done by physical and sexual trauma ideally in the first 6 to 12 years of life for maximum success in causing dissociation.

An impressive roster of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse if ever we saw one.

The question is, given Angela’s known proclivity for stretching the truth past the breaking point, how much can be believed? (Hint: the date-rape drug? Dogs? MKUltra? Hmm.)

And what has this to do with her son and his ‘aggressive sex’ issue?

In the following video, starting at about 00:32:30, this same son testifies to an off-screen interviewer about his reaction when his aunt, Angie’s sister, was found dead in her home. Oddly, Angela released this video herself, perhaps following the example of Abe and Ella:

Angie’s son says he believes ’70 per cent’ that his grandfather killed his aunt; he offers a 30 per cent probability that his aunt died from causes related to alcohol.

Asked for examples of his grandfather’s abuse, though, he says: “He tormented her a lot…things like hiding the mouse on her computer….or he would unplug the modem…or he would turn off the TV and hide the remotes so she couldn’t watch TV”.

He also accuses his grandfather of stealing money from his aunt, noting that his aunt had hidden £500 in the garage. The old man was ‘aggressive’, shouting that he hadn’t taken the money. “He just always denied about money…about having money…he’d just deny taking it or hiding it, and then would just play his Alzheimer’s role of ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I don’t remember'”.

“His aggression usually comes out when he feels he needs to show who’s boss or when he wants to scare someone into doing it his way,” the young man says. In what way was he abusive? “Threatening or shouting”.

Excuse us for our doubting attitude, but none of this sounds as though it could have caused Angie’s sister’s death, unless he’s saying she died of extreme exasperation brought on by computer withdrawal.

So we’re left to wonder: what was the purpose of all this?

Why the strange juxtaposition of Angie describing her son’s ‘aggressive sex’, and in the next breath reeling off a litany of accusations against her father?

Why did she feel the need to not only record, but publicly release a video in which the worst her son can say about his grandfather is that he’s a cranky old man with Alzheimer’s?

Was she trying to deflect attention from her son’s problems—which could have escalated into criminal charges—by accusing her father of a lifelong pattern of abuse?

Was she trying to claim that because her father (who is now unable to defend himself, as he has Alzheimer’s) had a history of being abusive, her son bore no responsibility for his own actions?

So many questions, and knowing Angela, it’s unlikely we’ll ever get a straight answer.

Angela Power Disney



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  1. Very informative post, EC.

    I do wish Angie would make up her mind. Just weeks ago, she was claiming that her father is a police officer and threatened to have him arrest me (for not using my real name for my YT channel – yep).

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          • Here is a video where Angie talks specifically about her Father and the death of her sister..and accuses her Father of killing her sister last May. I watched this a while back and had to search for it just now after reading the above post. 🙂

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        • EC, my last couple of comments appear nonsensical as I am typing on a TINY screen in a chaotic environment. Tried to say that there must have been fluoride and rohypnol in the RAF water in response to a comment much further down – it came through totally illegibly. Please feel free to delete…this topic is convoluted and muddled enough as it is! Thanks! (This one may come through the same way – *sigh*)

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        • She also uploaded the audio of her complaint to a police officer in the UK where she accused her father of the murder.


          • Damn. Don’t know why this keeps happening. Anyway, there are a couple of videos about her police report filed under ‘family audios’ on her Angie Power Disney (as opposed to Angela) channel. Please delete as appropriate El.


          • It’s because you keep posting the link to the whole playlist rather than the individual video. You need to go to her channel page and get the link for the specific video.


  2. “Asked for examples of his grandfather’s abuse, though, he says: ‘He tormented her a lot…things like hiding the mouse on her computer….or he would unplug the modem…or he would turn off the TV and hide the remotes so she couldn’t watch TV.'”


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    • have you ever misplaced the remote? It’s like the End of Civilization as we know it.I don’t know what those buttons on the teve do, I’ve never used them.

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  3. From Scarlet Scoop last May:

    “As most of you are aware, Angela Power Disney is one of the weirdest and bitterest trolls in Jacqui Farmer’s troop of trollops. But this post is seriously creepy, even by her standards…”

    The prevailing view at the time was that the boy in the pic was Angie’s son. As to what the hell was going on, who knows? I for one dread to think. o_O

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    • What a disgusting ghastly mother she is. Like a Mother From Hell. No matter what her own kids have or haven’t done she uses them on the web for her own batshit crazy ends. No wonder she jumped into the Hampstead hoax- another vile abusing sociopath mother. If those kids didn’t have hangups to begin with they should would have by now under Power-Disney’s domination. She is a danger.

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      • Amen. The fact that she’s even familiar with details re: her son’s sex life is just uber-creepy. I am extremely close with my sons – we talk about pretty much everything openly – but NOT THAT! *Normal* kids don’t want to imagine their parents’ adventures in the bedroom – same goes for parents vis-à-vis their kids once they become sexually active.

        And ‘aggressive sex’ – WTF? Are we talking about consensual BDSM stuff, “rough” consensual sex, or RAPE? The first 2 are perfectly normal/legal and nobody’s business beyond that of the participants; the third is obviously a heinous crime. In typical APD fashion, the distinction isn’t addressed.

        As the mother of sons, I’m appalled and disgusted by this on all levels – but not the least bit surprised. This woman seriously needs to be sectioned.

        Her poor kids…

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        • Well, according to the post on Charlotte’s blog last year, Angie tried to remain in the psychiatric hospital, but they didn’t want her. No big surprise there.

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    • As far as I recall Angie says she has spoken to the police if that’s what you mean. I wouldn’t go over someone’s head to the police or social services unless I thought someone was at risk, a child say. Reporting or not is up to the individual generally in my opinion.


      • I would agree–we don’t know what Angie meant by ‘aggressive sex’, and really it should be up to her son’s girlfriend to complain.


  4. Angie epitomizes what are basically -and I don’t really like using this word- a bunch of Class A Losers. Look what these hoax fanatics have achieved: some are facing serious criminal charges. The 2 main plotters are on the tun and would face criminal charges if they return to the UK. Those who assisted them over that roof on that fateful day would face serious charges of hindering police if their identities are revealed.

    The entire bunch have been slammed mercilessly by the High Court in a Judgement that does not mince words. Whatever they hoped to achieve it has backfired badly due to incompetence and what could be a very serious attempt to pervert the course of justice.

    Still they rant & rave on their Youtube videos ( who like Google, Twitter & Facebook are apparently not controlled by the Satanic Masonic Cult even though the owners of those entities walk arm in arm with the rich & powerful of the world). They really are screeching into the wind on a lonely beach. And thankfully, the children are safe.

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  5. It’s common with dementia that the person has rational periods where they seem like themselves and then will lapse into not knowing what they’re doing. It’s common for people with dementia to do something like take things and hide them. It’s common for people with dementia to rage and shout because the bit of the brain that controls impulses starts to diminish. It’s common for the carers of dementia patients to say ‘I can’t cope’ because someone like this needs a team of people to look after them. They are hard work. I speak from experience.

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    • I have had similar experiences with relatives. Their inhibitions go and they can start hiding things because they think they are putting things away.
      I did wonder if Angela was mentally ill because she was abused, I now think this is another case of someone who claims to have been abused because they are mentally ill.

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    • I was thinking the EXACT same thing while listening to the kid’s description of Granddad’s periods of lucidity alternating with allegedly “feigned” dementia at will. A hallmark feature of Alzheimer’s Disease (and other forms of dementia) is precisely such mercurial, unpredictable behavior. I speak from *current* experience as a caregiver. My mother is sometimes “her old self”, but she’s virtually catatonic a good deal of the time as well. And she occasionally exhibits frustrated (but inconsequential) aggression, too – another universal facet of the illness.

      Has anyone here ever heard of a *single* instance involving a person with advanced dementia committing murder? There may be some *exceptionally* rare documented cases out there, but I’m personally unaware of ANY…


  6. My take on this: Angie, having realized that there is no more traction in the Hampstead case, will now try to fit up her son as an abuse victim. Luckily he’s got an amazing mum to help him “heal” and collect all the necessary monies…… she is utterly despicable, and I actually worry about her children. I wonder if the Irish social services should be informed (I’m quite serious).

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  7. There are a number of us in my circle who are sufficiently concerned by this case to have kept a watch on events. This aspect of Angela Power-Disney’s behaviour is one that concerns us greatly.

    The language – the ‘framing’ if you will – of the revelation surrounding her son; that really is felt to be rather poor spin. – “He started the process of disclosure”. Did he really? Or was he just ‘banged to rights’ as they say? And had no choice but to ‘cough’! He’ll probably have to put his Grandad in the pokey? Why? – To ‘deflect and project’ (I’m told that this is commonly one of the first ‘tells’ of culpability) some of the responsibility for his own actions and thereby mitigate them?

    There does seem to be a not-groundless wave of opinion that suggests Angie and her Sisters were a clutch of spoilt ‘mares who tried to bluff their way though life chanting the ‘fake it till you make it’ mantra. And a little hint that old Mr Power’s ‘heart was roasted (as my auld Irish Granny used to say) by the coven he had sired. – His own fault for spoiling them perhaps? Tormenting the Sister? Or showing common signs of dementia? – Is the entire dynamic of this dysfunctional crew centred on how each can utilise the other? And now that he can’t answer back, nor is he in any way useful for their little ‘tin rattling’ industry its a case of ‘throw Granda’ from the (gravy) train’?

    As for the waster passed-out on the floor. You’ll find Angie trying to promote her brood via this site:



    “Josh has ADHD, well-managed, but still exhibits an irresistible energy for life and contagious joy that has everyone relaxed and following the ‘craic’ where ever he goes.”

    Does he? Aye? ADHD is it? And that’s all about contagious joy is it? Not to disrespect those who genuinely suffer from this serious condition; but I see too often ADHD being used as an excuse by middle-class chancers for having produced obnoxious and sometimes criminal and violent offspring that are just out-of-control, spoilt little c**ts! – ‘Neds with money’ as my friends puts it. It couldn’t just be that Josh is just another wasted stoner? Given that he thinks Cannabis is a better alternative to the normal medication prescribed for his condition, it might not be unreasonable to assume he’s bought his very own short-bus off Ebay and is set off at full speed following his mother ont he road to nowhere. For instance, from that profile:

    Attended “Simpson Stage School in Meath” – Which is actually just somebody’s house! One of those ‘tin topped’ 3-bedroomed semis they built all over the place just after the war. The place looks like a former council estate that’s been bought over and done up. Nice enough wee place; but hardly Italia Conti!

    Attended “Kells Theatre School” – This appears to have been some local drama group. It’s not much.

    Josh “serves on his school council, and is not backward in coming forward with ideas and opinions, whilst at the same time being able to take direction well. He has also won awards for debating, and plays Soccer for his school, and Oldcastle United, and Gaelic for Oldcastle Minors as well.” – Quite remarkable for a man of a claimed 22 years of age! Who was updating this profile as recently as December 2014! So, there he is, 22+ years of age. Being promoted on a site for CHILD actors. – Rather creepy.

    Most with ‘high hopes’ of treading the boards get themselves from one of these little local theatre ‘schools’ onto the fringes of the mainstream theatre companies. – Perhaps they get themselves off to college. The non-academic maybe going through the ‘NQ’ route then through to HNC/D possibly then moving on to University… Elsewhere of course Josh CAN be found claiming to be/have been to university – but to what end? And how does that square with his ‘school boy’ profile?

    Does anyone see a familiar patter emerging? I wonder how long it will be ’till Angie herself is the demented shambling aunt Sally being accused of all sorts in order to promote some shoddy tin-rattling hoax?

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    • Perhaps Angie could also post a scan of Josh’s ADHD diagnosis report from a qualified educational psychologist when she eventually gets round to showing us those charity receipts and degree certificates she keeps promising to upload.

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      • Perhaps she could… I hear Andrea is very talented and can fabricate a wide range of paperwork. Being bespoke though it takes a while! 🙂 – Josh is a grown man. What chance did he have? Fair point. – For some ‘chip off the old block’ is a compliment.

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  8. Inchambers@ An interesting collection of people – I could not quite work out why he was there? Not sure if he was on the County Council

    31-08-12. Visit of Mayor Gary McNamara, Mayor of Tecumseh, Essex County, Ontario, Canada to Meath County Council. Group photograph L to R: Cllr. Oliver Fox, Niall and Mary Caffrey, Oldcastle. Fiona Lawless, Deputy County Manager. Finbar and Freda O’Connor, Oldcastle. Cllr. Niamh McGowan, Cathoirleach, Meath County Council. Debbie and Leonard Babin, Tecumseh. Mayor Gary McNamara. Ger Murphy, Sen. Executive Officer, Meath County Council. Kevin Stewart, Director of Services, Meath County Council. Dot Power, Oldcastle Enterprise Group. Pat Healy, Oldcastle. Hether McNamara (Mayors Wife) and Nicholas Power, Oldcastle. Photo: John Quirke / http://www.quirke.ie �John Quirke Photography, Unit 17, Blackcastle Shopping Cte. Navan. Co. Meath

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  9. Dot was APD’s mother – |It might be a community enterprise group, but the limited company of that name was dissolved approximately 14 years before that picture was taken. Both parents were directors of that company


    • Which looks to me as if Dot and Nick were – as local business people – just part of the local community enterprise initiative. – Nothing irregular in that. The picture me and my associates get is of a hard-working couple who made good and tried to give their kids ‘everything’.

      – They became ‘entitled’ brats in the process unfortunately, being as they were on the fringes of what we might tweely call ‘high society’. Mr Power was a successful horse breeder and trader. So they would have had a ‘little’ money and moved around the edges of certain circles which would have been fully beyond their means. Instead of working hard to make progress some how this ‘coven’ got the idea it was acceptable to blag one’s way through life. And so the stage is set and lit…

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      • My understanding is that Mr Power was indeed a hard working person who had served 25 years in the RAF and finished as an NCO – I agree with your thoughts, its a shame that one of his offspring in particular did not share his ethics.

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          • Indeed she is F.S. – Only without the charm and dignity. Or any money.


          • I’ve been asked to point out (by a female member of our enclave) that she has’t even met his tonsorial standards. – We shall include a saucer of milk in the next round of drinks. 😉

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        • That’s a curious one… I know of another character – also a life-long fantasist and attention seeker – whose father was also an airman of note. – In this case the individual is thought to have kept his otherwise tumbledown (literally!) business going by trading in extreme pornography (and stolen goods), having also basically pissed the opportunities their parents gave them up against the wall. They too would run petty scam after petty scam and otherwise seek ‘celebrity’ by bringing themselves to media attention… Was there something in the water at RAF bases that affected the formula they fed to that generation of Baby Boomer I wonder? 😉

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    • Taking this sort of thing outside closed family circles is clearly unhinged. – She’s obviously laying smoke here. Strangers are supposed to ‘find’ this, and in years to come it is to form part of her ‘legend’. – No doubt the family members that have disowned her are simply onto her game. And probably angry that she’s using a private family tragedy to get her own way.

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    • I find it strange and disturbing that she would think it appropriate to post something like this on Facebook. Her lack of personal boundaries is stunning. And the stories about her father seem to have gathered momentum over the past few years–rather like Neelu’s tales of her niece’s death, which have escalated as she’s added details that weren’t included in the original accusations.

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      • Momentum that increases in proportion to the degree that dementia erases her father, and he becomes less and less able to defend himself perhaps? – Neelu should have had psychiatric help long ago. It’s a case of the less people listen the taller becomes the tale as it seek an audience.

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      • Hence, tho i didn’t hide my previous name, and i personally did break silence, and am not ashamed of so doing, until the hollie hoax was publicised as such by me, no one, and i am in touch with thousands, no one ever challenged my truth, but some of you may have noticed how they try to keep bringing up my ex name as if it might shame me, it doesn’t, but it could hurt others, but what do they care ?
        The difference between their actions towards me, simply because i have called their bs for 6yrs now, has grown in cruelty, and only as my ability to speak out more so has grown.
        I hadn’t watched much of Angies vids etc, but as i have, i am more and more horrified, and upset.
        Alchohol tho is clearly an issue for many of her family members including herself, as she admitted on her video meant to push me into feeling shame…….
        She is disturbing, and i am a bit disturbed…… it’s one of my gripes with them, how triggering alot of their posts and actions are,

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  10. I do wonder what she considers aggressive sex. I also wonder if Angie put words in her sons girlfriends mouth, or insisted that what happened is not normal. Angie does like to play counsellor as we heard in her latest Rupert video. Rupert was describing a difficult part of his life during his teens and youth years. Angie insisted that his problems will have stemmed from child hood and that she could “nail him” (eewww) on that.

    What is interesting is that Angie mentions her siblings may not remember or be willing to disclose the fathers alleged abuse. Which suggests that Angie is perfectly aware that they don’t believe her MKUltra, being chased and abused in woods and drugged scenarios.

    The relationship between her parents does sound rather toxic, but quite typical when one partner is an alcoholic and the other has problems controlling their temper. The aunt that died was apparently alcoholic also.

    If I remember correctly, one reason for a rift in her family is because Angie accused one of her nieces husbands of being a paedophile, in typical Angie fashion. The niece didn’t take kindly to that. It’s no surprise that so many people in Angie’s family have a problem with her and see her as a drama queen, because that is exactly how she comes over to strangers (ie us) too.

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    • I’m afraid the only ‘MK Ultra’ Angie might have encountered in her life is possibly a range of high quality electrical sockets! – She’s just a crook. Nothing more, nothing less.

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    • About Angie as counsellor–I had to laugh when she got Q*Bert to confess to having PTSD related to being forced to wear braces for 5 years, and having to ride a school bus which made him carsick. Who knew PTSD could be so easily acquired? Perhaps he’s just especially sensitive, poor fellow.

      Hardly surprising that her niece didn’t enjoy having Angie accuse her husband of being a paedophile; nothing quite like a good old-fashioned family witch-hunt to liven up holiday dinners, is there? And yes, I had the impression that Angie is quite well aware that she’s the only person in her family to believe that she was exposed to MKUltra etc.


      • Q*Bert isn’t one I’ve paid much attention to. There is a limit to how much of this crap one has either the time or energy to deal with. But yes – such trivial childhood trials hardl seem like mind-breakers do they? – I’m afraid all the rubbish they spout is simply drawn from modern mythology.

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        • I try to avoid Q*Bert as much as possible; I think he resembles ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’ (rhymes with ‘Hurter’ for those relatively new to this blog), in that he thrives on the attention. Plus, his voice makes my teeth itch.


      • I heard that differently……. i heard her being dismissive, i think he is sensitive, and i read you being dismissive too.

        I still think he is playing her, i wish he hadn’t threatened to kick doors in here, but as i said before, i wish he hadnt recieved the amount of trolling, cos he didn’t share those videos as others have, he didn’t even respond,……… i see something else perhaps going on, i could be wrong, i often am in my still gullible nature that sees the best in people, for some mad reason, given the life i’ve had 🙂


        • I’m sorry I came across as dismissive, Sheva–believe me, I’m not at all dismissive of people who’ve been abused or suffer from PTSD. I feel that this guy is playing Angie, and she’s playing him, and really I want no part of it. Listening to their conversations, it seems to me that they’re each trying to outdo one another, talking over one another and making light of the damage Hoaxtead has done.


    • I have been very disturbed to hear and read some of this, she is acting like the worst kind of regression therapist, the words ring bells of this, so is this what she has experienced, i’m taking a bit more notice of NIna, and same

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  11. Do you think Q*Bert is for real? Is he in fact a much better comedian than we think, stringing Angie along Ali G style? Obnoxious stoner would be a good new character.

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    I was forwarded an email that a friend of mine had received from Aid2Africa – a genuine charity which also does considerable genuine good work in the area local to the place that APD claimed to be collecting for.

    I have been told that all of the evidence has now been forwarded to the Irish Police. What she has done is despicable. I have redacted the email addresses to stop spammers, Personally I feel very sorry for David Chisoli – he is a victim, and all of this has surfaced within 48 hours of an 18 month old child dying after getting scalded.

    His email in reply to questions regarding APD and her claims.

    From: David Chesoli [mailto:dchesoli@xxxxxxxxx]
    Sent: 24 March 2016 01:16
    To: Peter A2A
    Subject: RE: Angie Power-Disney enquiry

    Good morning man of God.It has been a while since I read from you last.How are you doing? Am glad that you have broken this long silence. Sorry for taking long to respond to your mail.Much of my time is being taken by too much involvement in looking for ways on how to get money to pay hospital bills,mortuary body preservation and burial expenses for my pastors daughter who went to be with the Lord on Tuesday.I took up this young minister as my spiritual son now a decade. His family is poor and are Moslem.You can briefly note how challenging it’s for me.Till now I have no funds yet by Easter the cost will begin going higher by ten dollars daily.Please pray for quick provision. Now concerning Angie Power,I admit that I know her and that she began helping in 2011 with €100 every month but changed to €50 in 2015 till now.Though little ,she wires it every first week of the month. There was a time she fundraiser and wanted to come over with a team of five others amongst them was her son Josh but they never made it to Kenya due to insufficient funds. This is the very money that she committed to send over every month until end of 2014.In 2015 she told me that since no more fundraising that she reduces it to 50 which is her personal tithe to my ministry.I do receive that every month from her. As I can remember,whenever I had any emergency she could send up to €200 in some months at the time when she had the money which they had fundraiser under the Kenya team project. In 2012 is when I received more money from her in January for a water well,general repair,painting,school supplies,uniforms,food etc. I can’t quote the figures now because am writing from my bed now and records are in the office. After that it was only 100 each month.Since 2011 till now what I have received from her is about the figure that she quoted (€11,000). I have no record now thus I ascertain that now but logically though what she sends is small every month,it can add up to more if put together as a total of several years back.I remember during Christmas she always increases her offerings so that I can make a party for the children.All that said,apart from you and your wife,nobody else from UK have visited not even Angie or her son Josh. I have been waiting for your promise which you made that in a years time from the time you left Kenya that you were going to find some help for the work that I do.Though it has gone more than a year without any help from your side,am still expecting because you never cancelled your prior promise.Just be knowing that you are the one that knows much about what am because you visited and no other person from UK has ever been here.I don’t know how much Angie fundraises for this work but what I know is what she sends me each month.Though little but I appreciate.You can now find out the rest and let me know.Finally,this work has lots of challenges because I have no regular income thus lots of struggles every day.Please pray for Gods immediate intervention.God bless you.Shalom.

    David Chesoli

    Jesus power center International
    Home of champions orphanage and academy Box 982,30202 Moi’sbridge,Kenya East Africa
    Web page:http://jesuspowercenter.webs.com


  13. I have just clicked on the link in my previous comment – I strongly suspect that the site is locked simply because they can’t afford the fee.Neustar is the host of that domain and they do not offer free domain hosting


  14. She claimed to have started collecting for that particular cause in November 2011, in July 2014 (31 months) she posts on Facebook that she has sent the cause 8020 euros.

    The orphanage received 100 euros per month during that time with the odd extra for emergencies – in my book that’s nearly 5000 euros short – what happened to the money?

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    • “Since 2011 till now what I have received from her is about the figure that she quoted (€11,000).!
      I’m not getting what she’s done wrong. Somebody explain it to me.


      • According to the amounts he cites, she’s sent him about €3,100, when she claims to have sent €8,020. If she’d really sent €11,000, she’d have been sending about €355 per month for 31 months, not €100.

        Even assuming that she did send extra money some months, to make up the difference it would have had to have been about €200 per month for 24 of the 31 months, to make up the €8,020 she claims to have sent. While Mr Chesoli says she did occasionally send extra, her usual donation was only €100.


        • I’m still not convinced. He says ‘In 2012 is when I received more money from her in January for a water well,general repair,painting,school supplies,uniforms,food etc.’ Could that account for the rest? Perhaps he can provide more accurate information or Angie herself will come up with the documentation. I’m not being contrary – just hate allegations that might be baseless, which is one of the reasons I’m here. No offence to anyone.


          • I get that–but as of January 2012, the Kenya Project had been going on for only a couple of months, and Angie had only made a small proportion of the €10,000 goal. Indeed, it took 2.5 years to get there, as the final announcement wasn’t made until mid-2014.


  15. Unlike the websites and blogs of APD, Sabine McNeill and Belinda Mckenzie, this blog seems to publish things which are supported by evidence rather than rumour or hearsay

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    • Much of her body language does give her away. – Her eye-rolling up and to the right is phenomenal when she recounts her vasrsity days! 🙂

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  16. Angie’s father did not need to have special sooper sekrit relationships with higher up’s in the army to get boarding school access/fees paid by the uk army services:
    It has now been decades since all army children have been able to enjoy the (dubious) privilege of a boarding-school education, thanks to a continuity of education allowance (CEA), or boarding-school allowance (BSA), and subsidised flights to join their parents during the holidays. Indeed, the agonising decision as to whether to sacrifice family togetherness in favour of the undoubted benefits of stability and continuity of curricula during crucial pre-GCSE and A’ level years is one that all peripatetic army families must continue to take.

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