Angie ‘loses’ charity money, blames Kenyan minister

Yesterday started off slow on the Hoaxtead front: not much going on, and we were toying with the idea of a story about Araya Soma’s latest advice on novel ways to use one’s own urine. But then we heard that Angela Fag-Ash Disney had finally published her account of where that missing Kenya Project money went, and all thoughts of urine enemas vanished instantly.

(Yes. Urine enemas. You finally have something to thank Angie for.)

She’s been hinting broadly that she was being forced to open her books to an audit (whether from Revenue or the Gardai, or both, we aren’t sure), and yesterday, with a grand flourish, she published the results.

First, a little review.

Here’s Angela’s triumphant Facebook post from July 2014, as reported on 25 March, 2016:


Now, have a look at what Angie says today about funds raised versus funds disbursed:

Angie-Africa project post-1According to this accounting, Angela personally donated €3,515, and the Kenya Project donated €8,410, for a grand total of €11,925. With us so far? Good.

However, if you’ll recall, David Chesoli’s own records tell a different story:

Angela's actual donations by month

He states that she started making donations in late 2011, not 2009; and his figures add up to €8,175, not €11,925.

How did this happen? Well, Angie cannot seem to account for it.

So naturally she does what any decent charity scammer would do: she blames the charity, making a thinly veiled suggestion that David Chesoli might have skimmed from the donations himself!

Angie-blames David Chesoli 2016-05-26We wonder how David Chesoli will feel once he realises that Angela has tried to shift the blame for her creative accounting to him?

We’re sure he’ll be mightily impressed with her generosity in allowing that it could have been human error or poor transaction rates. That’s very kind of her, under the circumstances.

Angie finishes up with a lovely touch of false piety combined with an implied death threat:

Angie-gallows for accuser 2016-05-26For anyone wondering about the reference to Mordecai and the gallows, we’d tell the whole story of the Book of Esther, but it’s a real megillah. Suffice to say, Mordecai was falsely accused of a crime, and the person who accused him wound up dying in his place.

If we were Angela, we’d be very careful about using that analogy, given how many decent, innocent people she’s falsely accused (now including David Chesoli).

Another financial question mark

And meanwhile, here’s another fascinating anomaly to chew on: in one of the screenshots that Angie provided, we can see that she is repaying a loan at €100 per week to the Oldcastle Credit Union:

APD accounts 1-weekly pmt

Out of curiosity, we wondered what she might be repaying, so we had a look at the Oldcastle Credit Union’s online loan calculator:

Oldcastle CU-loan calculator

At their standard loan rate, it seems that she could have taken out a loan for approximately €20,000 (plus €4,504.39 interest).

Twenty thousand euros…wait, where have we heard that figure before?

Oh, right, it’s all coming back to us now: wasn’t that the amount she claimed to have suddenly and unexpectedly received from her sister Fiona’s estate?

If we recall, part of it went to fund her friend Rupert’s trip to London to smoke out the so-called ‘cult’; while Angie ‘invested’ another €10,000 in her own GoFundMe account, to encourage further donations from real donors. (By the way, we checked: the designated recipient of a GoFundMe account may withdraw some or all of the proceeds, whether or not the account has reached its stated goal. How conveeeeeenient.)

Well, no one could ever accuse Angie of being a good money manager, could they?

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51 thoughts on “Angie ‘loses’ charity money, blames Kenyan minister

  1. LOL Angie must be hating you right now EC! Too funny! Great detective work there with the credit union….the lies that woman comes out with…….

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  2. She put days aside and treble checked the accounts yet she seems to be including donations to a soccer club and Vincent de Paul (a wonderful charity) as donations to the orphanage?. Maths is not her strong point. Was the alleged Credit Union loan to pay for her house ?. Neighbors & all Upstanding Citizens must be thrilled to know she is permanently in their midst.

    Sadly that chap who was awaiting in his hotel for an assignation with the blonde beauty before an Upstanding Citizen stepped in, hasn’t been seen since. Would surely make a great chapter in the forthcoming tome The Curious Tale of a Fundraiser for Africa, a riveting tale of an ordinary Irish maid who embarked on a mission to rid the world of the Devil Worshiping Rothschild Illuminati Cult who run the world and as an aside saved 1000s of African orphans while becoming pregnant to a small town pedo in the US of A.

    This will rival 50 Shades of Grey and is destined for the big screen from the author of Good Will Hunting. Destined for the New York Times Bestseller list and a No 1 Amazon hit. Or maybe not. Who will play Angie though? Lucy Lawless – right cult fighting skills. Or Dame Maggie Smith- same grandness? Shame Margret Rutherford is not still alive – a dead ringer.

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  3. She seems to be desperately trying to cover her lies – her modus operandi is to give the charity some money, but keep some back for herself. By doing that she can blame clerical errors transaction rates as a reason for missing funds.


    Angie published the post below on her facebook page:

    Yet in her latest missive she says this:

    Please note the following points:

    On 1 March 2005, Danske formally took control of National Irish Bank. It announced as its first act that the Northern Bank and National Irish Bank would be fully separated from each other, with a new management team appointed to National Irish Bank. Some shared back office services will remain. The bank changed over to the Danske Bank technology platform.

    The bank adopted the logo of Danske Bank, albeit with the word “Danske” replaced by “National Irish”. The bank was formally relaunched on 18 April, with a new product offering, and a revamped internet banking system. Among the innovations is the use of text messages to communicate with customers.

    In January 2007 Danske Bank announced that the banking business of National Irish Bank Limited would be transferred to Danske Bank A/S, Irish Branch. The practical effect of this was that from 1 April 2007 National Irish Bank was no longer regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland but by the Danish Financial Services Authority, as NIB was now to be a division of Danske Bank rather than a separate subsidiary.

    In December 2009, National Irish Bank announced that it was launching a restructuring programme, this would involve closing 25 of its branches and also changing is banking model.

    Beginning in early 2010 National Irish Bank began moving away from a ‘Cash Bank’ to ‘Cashless’. The first of these branches to go cashless were Malahide and Dun Laoghaire branches. By the middle of 2011 National Irish Bank became a completely cashless bank and no longer accepts cash for lodgments. The bank announced that they would be looking at possible third parties to accept cash lodgments.

    Further on from the announcement that National Irish Bank would be moving towards a cash-free operation, An Post was announced as the third party who will accept lodgments on behalf of NIB. This came into effect from 1 November. It meant that all National Irish Bank customers will be able to lodge cash they may have in any An Post office around the country, currently there are over 1,200 An Post branches in ROI.

    On 10 May 2012, Danske Bank announced that Northern Bank and National Irish Bank would be merged on 1 June 2012, under the Northern Bank management team and the Danske Bank name, effectively reversing the separation between the two. The rebrand was completed on 18 November 2012.At the time the bank closed its 27 branches to focus on corporate and private clients, subsequently pulling out of the personal/retail banking market completely.

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    • She’s trying to muddy the waters.

      I don’t understand her.

      If i was accused of Charity Scamming, i wouldn’t even bother attempting to explain things to people thinking i’d done it.

      Every time Angela opens her big mouth or writes anything, she gives more ammunition to the people accusing her.

      She’s a fool.

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      • I’m no psychiatric diagnostician, but I do know this much: narcissistic sociopaths are notorious for frantically defending themselves with often ludicrous, labyrinthine ‘explanations’ when confronted with accusations of any wrongdoing. They’re not the types to just ‘let it go’…

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    • So. Let’s see if I’ve got this.

      National Irish Bank (which works on a cashless model, hasn’t accepted cash for lodgments since mid-2011, and hasn’t existed as a personal/retail banking institution since November 2012) offered to be the bankers for the Kenya Project, with free banking. Yay!

      Oh, except that in hindsight, it now seems that they were charging high rates per transaction after all. Boo!

      Which is it, Angie? At which point were you lying?



    The woman is a compulsive liar, a cheat and a scammer.

    Her own publications trip her stories up

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  5. I’ve just been across the road to speak to someone who watches this kind of scam as part of their work. I’m told this is a fairly classic smokescreen technique. The numbers are becoming conflated and the emphasis is being placed on the “Dizziness” ( pun fully intended 😉 ) of this gin-bottle blonde. It is (I’m told) classic deflection and projection, and also illustrates how stupid people, particularly criminals, often think the rest of the world is no brighter than they are themselves.

    “Machiavellian unintelligence” is today’s newly-learned phrase.

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    • Interestingly the reporter on the Holloway Express takes Angie at face value, but mentions that the Police had no record of the next speaker ever having been in care. Obviously Angie didn’t mention the shape-shifting aliens or MKULTRA in her address to the crowd.

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      • Again, the thing that bothers me most about people like Angie is that there really are people out there who’ve suffered terribly as children. The residential homes really did seem to have more than their fair share of child abuse, but when liars like Angie start hogging air time at rallies, they cast doubt upon all the legitimate survivors.

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        • It is horribly disrespectful of real survivors; so much so that you can hardly believe anyone would lie about such things. Unfortunately their are people out there who have no qualms about falsely claiming to have been sexually abused, survived massacres or diagnosed with a terminal illness. These are all facts of life that we can barely stomach as it is; lying about them to gain sympathy or money is deeply sick.

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    • Hang on–is Angela quoted as claiming that she was abused in hospital in 1957? And she was 57 years old last year? So she was abused in hospital the year she was born, but couldn’t tell anyone about it because of the dummy in her mouth? Fascinating.

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      • Oh, and she was running away chased by dogs… The nappy and the walking difficulties of someone aged less than one must have made it difficult – poor thing…

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      • My maths isn’t good, but doesn’t that mean she was abused a year before she was born?

        What will she claim next?

        “I had to get up in the morning at ten o’clock at night, half an hour before I went to bed, eat a lump of cold poison, work twenty-nine hours a day down mill, and pay mill owner for permission to come to work, and when we got home, our Dad would kill us, and dance about on our graves singing ‘Hallelujah.'”

        …Slightly more credible than many of the things hoaxers claim mind you!

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  6. Just a thought…. I do wonder with a lot of these people who claim to be ‘victims’ of institutional child abuse, to what extent do they possibly hope there is a gravy train (i.e. a compensation payout) upon which they might hitch a ride? I was for example brought up to speed earlier on Tara Davidson the forger. At one point she apparently claimed to have been resident at some sort of children’s home, and alleged Savile had visited it and abused girls there. Plainly she wasn’t there! But you do wonder why opportunists hitch their wagons to these things, they do seem to be money-driven.


    • I’m sure that some of the more visible bandwagon jumpers out there are in it for the cash, as well as for the excitement of being famous for something. The shame of it is that they obscure the real sufferers, whose stories are rendered that much less believable by the attention-grabbers.

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    • Oh yes the convicted forger & former professional shoplifter Andrea “ex-MI5” Davison who claimed to be at the Duncroft School when the Savile drama erupted.
      It caused huge hilarity for the former 100 or so ex-residents when she claimed she escaped by scaling down 3 flights from a building that only had 2 stories.

      These grifters are all the same- they never know when to stop. Davison of course claimed she tried to stop the Iraq war and when popped up claiming to be a pal of the “body-in-the-bag” spy who only joined GCHQ years after Davison fled the UK.

      How our security service could possibly do without here is a mystery. Claims to be in South America but believed to be in Thailand, now the HQ for the vile Boiler Room gangs who target pensioners for their life savings (over 50,000 Aussie pensioners alone last year defrauded) and forging documents for them. A former gang member with the odious turkey-faced creep Christopher Fay.

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  7. It stinks of shifting the blame. You would think that anybody in Angie’s position would wait until she had David’s response before implying that the fault lies at his end. I am actually more suspicious of her now than I was before.

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  8. See now, a cynic might suggest that a series of blurry upside down photos with bits of paper placed surreptitiously over any inconvenient numbers doesn’t prove Angie’s innocence. But I say pish and posh, oh ye of little faith, as this particular one has put us all in our place:

    Thank you so much for clearing that up for us, Angie. I for one will never doubt you again.

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  9. Ironic comment of the week…

    …Angie at 2:11 – “Well, I’m sure we can raise money to keep your website going.”

    Another vulnerable, mentally unstable person for Angie to groom. Bless

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    • so that’s irrefutable proof is it ? A lot of squiggles on a board. Another superb production. (Is that a TeasMaid in front of the squiggles?)

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