Angie, the girl who cried ‘Paedophile!’

Hands up, everyone who was able to sit through Angela Power-Disney’s dismal excuse for a ‘show’ last night. Yes, just as we thought; we weren’t able to do it either. Something about the combination of aggrieved self-pity and lies spewing forth at such a rate they were impossible to enumerate fully.

Updates: Operation Clean-up, plus donating to Kenyan orphanage

It’s been more than usually hectic here at Hoaxtead Research this week, what with Jake Clarke’s recent involuntary hospitalisation, Kevin Justice/Weaver’s strange explanation of why that occurred, and Angie’s repudiation of Kevin’s explanation…not to mention Angie’s very sympathetic interview with ex-child-abusing-cult member Zen Gardner.

How to donate to Champions Orphanage

Last week we talked about Pastor David B. Chesoli, who runs the Kenyan orphanage and school that Angela is alleged to have been stealing from. We discussed the possibility of getting in touch with Mr Chesoli in order to donate to his charitable endeavours, and said we’d post back here when we heard from him.