Angie’s charity scam leaves orphans in the lurch

In yesterday’s comments section, we received a post from regular commenter JW, whose friend Karen Johnson originally contacted Angela Power-Disney back in March to determine whether her ‘Kenya Project’ would be a worthy cause to which she could donate.

As regular readers will recall, Angie’s responses gave Ms Johnson further cause to doubt her, and so she began digging about and directly contacting Pastor David Chesoli, who runs the Kenyan orphanage and school. The more she compared Mr Chesoli’s side of the story with Angie’s, the clearer it became that something was very wrong.

Significant sums of money seemed to have disappeared.

Ms Johnson reported this discrepancy to the Irish authorities, who have apparently been taking her suspicions seriously, as Angie has admitted to having to consult lawyers and get her books in order…though there’s been no evidence so far that she’s been able to do this.

At one point, Angie was admitting that money was indeed missing, but she pointed the finger of blame at Mr Chesoli rather than admitting that she might have been skimming from the funds she collected.

The upshot of all this is that Mr Chesoli’s orphanage/school has now lost even the small amount of funding that Angie had previously been remitting:David Chesoli letter

Our readers responded quickly:

Fanny Adams comment 1 2016-08-17

JW comment 2016-08-17

And I'll Remember comment 2016-08-17

We were appalled to hear that Angie had stopped donating even the small amounts she’d been sending, and so for the first time in this blog’s history, we’re going to ask that our readers consider making a donation…but not to us.

If anyone is able to donate even a small amount, we’d like to see the money go directly to Mr Chesoli’s “Champion Orphanage & Academy”.

We understand that the fastest and most effective way to reach Mr Chesoli is via email, as he has a smartphone but no regular computer access.

His email address is: Once contacted, he will be able to give instructions as to how to make a bank transfer.

The mailing address is:
Box 982, 30202 Moi’sbridge
East Africa

We’ve investigated the charity, and feel that it’s a worthwhile way to make a real difference to the orphans it serves. And we feel very strongly that just because Angela has been shown up as an alleged charity scammer, there’s no reason to deprive innocent children of food, shelter, and education.

We’ll be sending a donation on behalf of the blog within the next couple of days, and hope you’ll consider doing so as well.

ophanage kenya

60 thoughts on “Angie’s charity scam leaves orphans in the lurch

  1. Excellent work EC and all.

    I guess chain smoking and cheap hotels are more Angies thing and worth taking food off the most vulnerable children plates for.
    She must have had a conscience by-pass op.
    She will pay down the road many fold.

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    • I thought she stayed in a 5* Hotel after coming back from one of her Lanzarote trips?

      It may have been April time, she thought the Irish police were going to go to her Oldcastle mansion and arrest her, so she laid low.

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          • And what about all her confederates : traveling to pathetic conferences in hotels or Brussels to harangue MEPs so they can be with like-minded people who will re-enforce their bizarre & cracked views.

            But in the real world of children who are doing without even in their own country they have not a thought for in their twisted minds. More evidence that in the darker recesses of their brains they harbour sinister thoughts that are not about protecting children and may actually be about the opposite.

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  2. Well done EC

    This post shows the better side of humanity. I have just sent an email to the Orphanage asking how best to send them a donation.

    What Angie has done is despicable.

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  3. Of course people can do whatever they wish with their own money- donate to charity, buy fags etc.

    But one would think someone who claims to be concerned with child safety may think that starving kids in Africa may be a far worthy cause rather than giving money to a ghastly American would-be shock jock so he can go to Rome & Amsterdam and puff on joints and then threaten to travel to London to harass the innocent families of Hampstead because of a proven hoax in which the UK’s High Court has condemned those who perpetuate it.

    More evidence of a sociopath’s mentality : devoid of empathy but able to expertly mimic a conscience, they also fall down because they only take actions which they think the party in front of them at that time, wishes to hear. It’s why they lie with impunity because the “truth” is what they need for the present to manipulate their current target, They don’t even know they are doing this and when confronted, they simply make up another lie to extract themselves from the situation.
    Non-sociopaths find this extremely hard to even believe because it’s not within the normal range of behaviour.

    I think we should take on this African charity as a cause and try to make it a success. Of course we need to check the bona fides of all concerned but what a “coup” for Hoaxtead team : to be able to make a permanent change in children’s lives who are fortunately no-where near Nth London.

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    • Yes but is the money Angela has been spending her own or was it passed on to her to be sent to the Orphanage?

      It makes me laugh (kind of) that Sabine says she has no benefits-no money, yet she can get to Brussels every few weeks it seems. She’s not the only one.

      Do they pay for these trips/jollies/holidays out of EU Grants they are given?

      Neelu seems to get around too, plus Kevin Weaver. Does he have a paid job or is he on the sick?

      Kev certainly looks healthy and lean enough to me.

      Proud enough to show off his physique.

      To his credit imo he looks better than Rupert.

      Has Angie backed the wrong horse?

      And where is Rupert these days?

      It all seems to have gone rather quiet on that front, until he meets up with his beau on Saturday in London perhaps?

      Send that Charity money to where it belongs Angela…

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      • The money in question is what Angie collected and FAILED to pass onto the orphanage. She collected it for them and took some of it….

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        • I still cannot fathom someone who’d do such a thing. I suppose in Angie’s case asking directly for the money for her own use hasn’t been working out all that well, but there’s no excuse for stealing, especially from children in need.


      • “Yes but is the money Angela has been spending her own or was it passed on to her to be sent to the Orphanage?”

        Thanks, Fanny. That’s pretty much what I was asking yesterday but you put it much more clearly than me! 😀


    • I agree with everything you’ve said here, Sam. And yes, I’d like to see us help David Chesoli’s orphanage as much as we can; I’ve sent him an enquiry about the best way to ensure the money gets to him, and will report on it as soon as he responds.

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  4. Thanks EC, I want to make a donation to the orphanage too. Another coup for Hoaxtead and a chance to show the scammers how decent people behave.

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  6. Angie is like that ghastly battleax that lives in your street who you try to avoid but every now & then she collars you on your way back from the shops and you stop out of politeness.

    Then she just rambles on and on with this moronic rubbishy monologue as she blows cigarette smoke in your face and you just want her to STFU because your favorite TV show 60 Minute Makeover is coming on but you are still too polite and then alarmingly she lights up another frigging fag without drawing breath and really, you want to deck the stupid cow and all the while you so wish your house backed onto a lane-way so you could slip out the back gate and avoid the boring crow.

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  7. Another idiotic hoax for Neelu to jump on. No one listened when Angie posted it (mainly because it’s a very old and well known hoax), so now Nelly’s having a bash 😀

    Yeah – this proves that evolution didn’t happen, doesn’t it, Neelu. How’s that PhD coming along, by the way?

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      • Neeluese is one of the rarest languages known to man.At the last count approxiamately 1 person is known to speak it.
        Leading linguists unanimously confirm it is a derivative hybrid cross between random gibberish and total bullshit.Studies suggest its intrinsic pointlessness becomes even more acute than usual when it a full moon.

        “Patronising reality” is a good one coming from Neelu,cheeky cow.

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    • Can we start a fund to send Neelu into space? We can save money on the heat shields and parachute, we don’t need to bring her back.

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      • “BREAKING” News:
        21st century Eco-Airship makes maiden flight utilizing ground breaking Neelu bullshit hot air conversion technology.

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        • It’s as well that thing is grey and not some shade in the ‘flesh coloured’ range – it does actually look like a flying arse; entirely appropriate transport for nee-jerk!

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