Angie publishes ‘poison-pen’ letters

Well, that was a bit of a let-down, to be honest.

As promised/threatened, Angela Fag-Ash Disney has published the ‘poison-pen’ letters she claims were sent to her from Hoaxtead Research.


Apparently she’s hired a ‘forensic linguistic analyst’ (in other words, she’s got super-sleuth Essien Popoola on the case) to pore through the letters looking for clues that will link the letters back to us. Best of British luck to him!

We should reiterate at this point that the letters in no way originated from this blog, nor from anyone on our team.

That said, from what we can see there’s very little in them that might be construed as actionable. Here’s a closer, right-side-up version (sorry for the tiny print):


The first visible addressee is the Charities Regulatory Authority in Dublin. The letter reads:

Angela Power-Disney is named as being collecting donations on behalf of the St. Vincent de Paul Charity in Oldcastle Co. Meath with two other women named Sheila Scully and Patricia Maguire in what was called ‘Project Kenya’ in 2011 and this was widely reported in the Meath Chronicle. Can you please investigate Angela Power-Disney in relation to this Charity and indeed to all the charities that she is involved in. There is reason to believe that she is involved with two well-known charity scammers in the United Kingdom who are under investigation themselves for charity scamming and are leading players in this sick Satanic Cult Hoax. Their names are Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill.

The others, addressed to the St. Vincent de Paul Society and the Meath Chronicle, appear similar. They note Angie’s connections to the Hampstead hoax alongside her various charity endeavours.

Hmm. Hardly as scurrilous as one might have initially been led to believe, is it? Is it actually illegal to suggest that a charity look more carefully at a donor because the writer has suspicions about them? We’re not seeing anything really actionable here, but perhaps we’re just not looking hard enough.

Whoever sent the letters (assuming they weren’t the product of Angie’s fevered imagination) seems to have stapled our blog’s header to the top, but we assume we’re mentioned because we’re the only reliable source of non-loony, well-researched information about Hoaxtead.

If we had to guess where the letters originated, assuming they’re real, we’d suggest that perhaps Angie has trod on the toes of one of her charity contacts in Ireland, and they were annoyed enough to look her up and realise the Hoaxtead connection might not play so well locally.

In any case, as we said yesterday, she should count herself lucky that she won’t have to face a phalanx of enraged vigilantes outside her church this Sunday, screaming false accusations of murder, child rape, and cannibalism at her as she tries to worship. Things could really be much worse.


81 thoughts on “Angie publishes ‘poison-pen’ letters

  1. Hmm..who’s betting that Power-Tool stapled the Hoaxtead header there herself? Good to see the old witch on the ropes though. Oops did I say that? How unchristian of me. 😉

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  2. Yay! The fictional – sorry, I mean not at all made up, noooo – “forensic linguistic analysts” are back! How on Earth did we cope in their absence?

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  3. No actually, maybe the Hoaxtead header was attached to direct the investigators to a site that will yield info about A P-D . I know I’ve done the same thing many times as it’s such a good resource. But, either way, can’t see anything that would constitute ‘poison pen’ title.

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  4. Two things that can’t be disputed:

    1. McKenzie and McNeill are indeed under investigation for charity fraud.

    2. Angela is closely associated with both of the above.

    So which part of that are the “forensic linguistic analysts” questioning, LOL?!

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  5. Getting to read the so-called “poison-pen letter” at last, I can see that it’s not a poison-pen letter at all.
    I’m not sure I like the person who wrote it using the blog’s banner (if indeed they did) – there’s no proof of that and as you say, it could’ve been added later.

    Angie, herself has always wanted the innocent people of Hampstead to drop their pants, so what is the difference someone asking she is looked at for her charity connections?
    Guilty until proven innocent as she seems to advocate, not nice, is it Angie?

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  6. That banner looks blatantly stapled on to me. It even covers up part of the letter. There’s something very fishy about this whole thing. Angela is apparently being deliberately misleading and dishonest. Which is rather ironic, if you think about it.

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  7. People have written far worse about her so it’s interesting she seems so worried about these. Well, either worried, or just seeking as much attention as possible. She is so desperate for attention that she didn’t even read the 4 pages before posting it on FB. I don’t know what the other pages claimed, but the visible pages don’t actually accuse her of anything.

    I did chuckle when I read the part about a forensic linguistic analyst looking over the material. I don’t see why an analyst is needed if we are all RD.

    The part about ‘Sue’ was the most interesting aspect of her post.

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  8. I don’t like this kind of thing at all to be honest.

    Obviously not from any of the regulars here because if it was the English would be better and the Irish police would have been directed to the correct police station, the appropriate police officer and his phone number.

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  9. Yeah, I could see it was stapled on, but was it stapled on by her?, or did the someone who sent it to her staple it on as if we had endorsed it?, which we didn’t…. that’s what I’m wondering.

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  10. How on earth can she talk about slander, libel or defamation when she’s been dishing it out since February herself!

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  11. Angela Power-Disney complains about letters containing ‘defamation, libel and slander with malicious intent’…
    right after she posts a link to a racist and libelous website.

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  12. Christopher Everard is up to his old tricks again. He is still perpetuating and promoting the Hampstead Hoax. I’m posting this in the most recent comment thread here as I don’t know where else to post it. This Is Everard’s recent post today December, 19, 2015 and it can be seen on Everard’s Facebook page:

    Christopher Everard
    25 mins ·

    IS LORD JANNER REALLY DEAD? His house in Hampstead is a stone’s throw from the school in which two children, ten months ago, blew the whistle on a sex cult which had members from Hampstead police, school teachers, a woman who may be related to David Cameron, many parents, a manager of a McDonalds restaurant and an influential local priest were sexually violating dozens of children. The cult received regular parcels of babies from third world countries, they sacrificed the babies, taught the schoolchildren how to drink the blood, boiled the baby flesh, fed it to the school children and hosted bizarre rituals where the skulls of murdered babies were worn on costumes by cult members who raped and sodomised the children using dildos.

    Aged 87, Lord Janner of Hampstead is MEANT TO BE DEAD – but has now more than likely fled to Israel – along with SIR LEON BRITTAN who is another VIP member of a Westminster pedo ring. I believe that Lord Janner may have been the ‘go between’ and linked the Hampstead sex-cult with the Westminster pedo ring which has been festering and trafficking children amongst members of parliament since the days of LORD BRADWELL.

    Bradwell was outed by me in a documentary TV series on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL – Bradwell’s real name was TOM DRIBERG and he was formerly the CHAIRMAN OF THE LABOUR PARTY in the years preceding Neil Kinnock and Toady Bliar. In fact, Toady Bliar’s middle names, ‘Charles Linton’, appears in court documents relating to ‘cottaging’ and homosexual prostitution. Tom Driberg was friends with Aleister Crowley, and had been indoctrinated by Crowley into a secret cult, along with MAXWELL KNIGHT who was a spymaster for MI5.

    Being a former prominent ex-barrister, I believe that Janner, as president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, a keen amateur magician and friend of Uri Geller – I believe that Janner was used as a ‘sponge’ for legal advice by members of the Westminster and Hampstead pedo rings – with Janner able to quash trials because Alison Saunders, who was the boss of the Crown Prosecution Service, could be relied on to subvert the course of justice.

    Right now, the BBC are covering-up the Hampstead sex-cult, and there is adequate evidence to arrest Alison Saunders for attempted subversion of justice. The whistleblower children at the heart of the Hampstead allegations were snatched by Social Services and their whereabouts are unknown.

    After retiring from the Commons in 1997, Janner was made a life peer by Toady Bliar – even though Janner’s former associate had been convicted as a pedophile and had been given a prison sentence. Uri Geller arranged for Lord Janner to accompany Michael Jackson on a tour of Parliament. The trio dropped in on a party for Labour MP Paul Boateng [a former Barnado Homes boy], where Michael Jackson sang ‘happy birthday’.

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  13. Best laugh I’ve had all evening.

    He forgot to mention that David Blaine was on the tour of parliament as well.

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  14. Mizz Disneyland is accused of fiddling charity donations. There has been nothing on any website including here about her being involved in either St Vincent de Paul or this ‘Project Kenya’ so I reckon it’s pretty clear it is someone who physically knows Angie or is a former friend.

    I think this is just an example of the arrogance of these creatures. They didn’t just become this way when the Hampstead cult ‘happened- they have always been maliciously inclined so who knows how may other people they have upset during their life?

    The Hampstead banner covers an address so the image couldn’t have been how the letters arrived. Perhaps it was included separately or Angie has tagged it on to make it appear from here. The probabilities are she pasted it on for the benefit of her facebook pals.

    She should always remember the Oscar Wilde case and it’s outcome when screeching libel.

    And as for any one of these fantasists and verbal abusers : their vile accusations and filth directed at the Judge in the Hampstead case is beyond reason. What a gall any one of them have to claim libel after what they have dished out to innocent people.

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  15. a blog riven with false accusations and defamations without a scintilla of proof except repeating gossip they have read elsewhere.

    By linking to it Angela Power-Disney has committed a libel and is as guilty (in the eyes of the law) as the blog author. She needs to bone up on the law if she thinks she is going to be a journalist (ouch !..I hurt my back that time when i fell off the chair laughing)

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  16. yes it’s so rare for people in their 80s to die. Do the israelis have some secret way of keeping octogenarians alive?. Useful info and worth converting for.

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  17. I wonder when my comments on wordpress blogs featuring RD’s children are going to get approved?


  18. “This judgment is being given in public and without anonymisation save as to the children’s names.
    The subject children have been named repeatedly on the internet. Their photographs and film clips in which they feature have been published and re-published widely. Filmed police interviews of the children have been uploaded on to publicly accessible websites; so, too, intensely personal information relating to both children. As at 10 March 2015, more than 4 million people worldwide had viewed online material relating to this case.
    It is inevitable that a large proportion of those have a sexual interest in children. Any rational adult who uploads film clips to Youtube featuring children speaking about sexual activity must be assumed to realise that fact.
    I considered but ultimately rejected the suggestion that the children’s names should appear within the judgment. My priority is to protect them from further harm of whatever kind. Those who have posted material identifying the children have done so with flagrant disregard for their welfare interests. I see no good reason for adding to the damage already done. Only those with prurient or unhealthy curiosity will take steps to identify the children. My faith in humanity indicates that the overwhelming majority of individuals will do nothing because they, like me, have no interest in inflicting further harm.”

    This means that posting personally identifying material of the children is illegal, right? I can’t find the line where it says it’s illegal…

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  19. There’s a court order as well. I’ll find it for you and post it here. It does contain the names of the children, but that cannot be avoided, I’m afraid.


  20. It is but no-one on here uses their real name (except you the Captain !!). She accuses RD of sending them ,,because everyone on here is RD…but it’s just one of the 100s of libels she & others post about him.

    I think it’s a real shame there is no longer a law of Criminal Libel especially in these days of the internet.

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  21. There is a real one–Essien Popoola did some work for Charlotte Ward Alton–but we suspect it wasn’t up to the high standards of his university at the time. 🙂


  22. I think I know who she means by that, and if my suspicion is correct, Angie is planning to scapegoat someone she really ought to be supporting, if she were being honest about all her ‘support the victims of child sex abuse’ spoutings.

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  23. Hey, don’t hurt yourself! We’d be a much sadder place without your sage advice and wit. 🙂

    And yes. She’s so far down the rabbit-hole that she has no idea when she’s actually committing libel herself.


  24. Yes, much as we’ve tweaked Angie’s nose and taken the piss about her Hoaxtead activities, we weren’t much aware of her other charitable activities until now. I do recall something about her raising money to take her son for eye surgery, and her latest begging-bowl to raise £1 million so she could become a ‘journalist’, but that’s about it.

    As you say, it’s unbelievably arrogant to point fingers at us, when in fact our only ‘sin’ has been to call her to account for her libel and harassment of innocent citizens in Hampstead.


  25. OMIGOD, I’d completely forgotten about that interview in the evening dress and armpit-length black gloves. That was quite the spectacle, wasn’t it? LOL

    Thanks, AK! Nice work!


  26. Great work! Really impressed that you’ve undertaken this rather mammoth task. Google and Youtube have behaved at best disappointingly, and at worst with criminal negligence.
    Google developed something called ‘hashing’ (not hashtag) which is software that can identify the repeated use of certain images and delete them automatically from the internet. I don’t see why they can’t ID the images of the two children and sweep their system for duplicate images. They have the technology, just not the willpower it seems. I got a bit despondent about this whole case so it’s great to see you taking it on with fresh energy.

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  27. If I can create enough of a social media storm about it, facebook, twitter.. then perhaps the people upon their ivory towers will finally pay attention…

    or just file a court order against Google…

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  28. And Facebook have behaved disgracefully. A number of us have reported blatant death threats, slander, the posting of people’s personal details, extreme race hate speech…and been repeatedly told that none of it breaches their community guidelines. Makes you wonder what kind of “community” the tax-avoiding gobshites are running! 😦

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  30. Sassy, I might put in a bit of text at the beginning saying something like “if you see these posts online, please flag and report them”. Otherwise, I think you’re doing fine.

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  31. Yes, indeed. I’ve been appalled at what Facebook will accept within its alleged ‘community guidelines’. Not a community where anyone would wish to live.

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  32. Re. the picture at the end of the post: can any of you explain those four perfect circles in the cloud?


  33. I can indeed. It’s called a mammatus formation, and it’s created by variations in temperature and wind shear. Or aliens, of course.


  34. I think that’s a great idea- collating all the false accusations and requests to remove them, in one place. Hopefully the police will eventually nab some of the offenders but if someone ever takes legal action against some of the accusers, a lot of the legal costs occur from someone having to do all the research.

    As I said I did it on behalf of my family friend lawyer because I was incensed he was being attacked when he is so highly regarded and was able to send his lawyer print outs of all the websites that came and went and they were very appreciative. Saves time & costs.

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  35. That’s hilarious!!!!!! I’m smelling a video compilation with this as the soundtrack HAHAHA


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