Why did Abe and Ella run when they did?

On Saturday, we discussed Abe/Drifloud’s insistent allegation that the police failed to arrest RD in a prompt and timely manner, and that this ‘proves’ that there was collusion going on.

Following that post, two of our regular commenters, Dave and Emma, followed up with some excellent and well-thought out arguments as to why Abe is talking through his hat.

First, Dave, who draws up a useful timeline of events that helps us understand exactly what happened:

I don’t think it is clear at all that the police tipped off RD. Ella is not only a liar, but also tends to spin things to her own belief, or at least that of Abraham.

It was on the 9th September that Ella and Abe were discussing who allegedly told RD about the police being involved. That is after the police had conducted the drive around on the 8th (Finbarr recording).

The 9th is the same day that Abraham phoned Jean-Clement to say the children had threatened to kill him. Jean-Clement reported that at 14:20. That morning, the police had complained to Ella about conducting her own drive around. Abraham also comments to Finbarr that the police were talking about “me me me”. That was at 8:50am on the 9th. Did Abraham make that claim to JC to distract the police focussing on him and his past?

In the same recording Ella tells Finbarr they had been thinking about running away for a few days. Why would they run away only days after returning from Morocco, before the church was searched; all the ABE interviews conducted and the medical exam had taken place?

The girl also states in that recording that the police wanted to search the church on the 9th, but Abraham had put them off. The claim being that the police should search on the 10th instead, because it is “sex day”. Another way of looking at it is that Abraham knew the drive around failed; knew the search for secret rooms would fail, and was worried he maybe arrested after the church search. Therefore, trying to buy time in case they did decide to go on the run.

Next up, Emma, who picks up the story and reflects on why Abrella were so eager to get out of the UK in double-quick time, before the police came knocking at Ella’s door:

Good point that Abe may have been trying to buy time in case they did decide to go on the run on the 9th. How deluded this two-bit criminal is, thinking he can direct a police investigation, that the police weren’t able to see all the angles. [Especially since he’d just met Steve Martin, the officer who’d dealt with Abe’s earlier assault on his own son, and is therefore fully aware of what Abe can get up to. –EC]

I think by the 9th Sept Abrella realised they had bitten off more than they could chew, that they had not really thought this thing through properly. It was all starting to fall apart at the seams. Especially with Steve [Martin] turning up like that, what bad luck for them. Maybe that was why they were thinking of packing and leaving town so early on.

Once the children had been taken into protection, and nothing else happened, Abrella might have felt a bit safe. In effect the act of taking the children had diverted the attention away from them. Ella must have known she would be questioned by barristers in court, and that her lies would become apparent. The legal representatives, social services, must have had access to intelligence and evidence that we do not have. Abrella were probably on tenterhooks throughout those months, waiting.

It is funny that Ella left the jurisdiction before Abraham, and that he was lurking outside the RCJ. Once it became apparent that he was being asked to give evidence, and would be questioned, and examined, he did not go in and speak to the court, as requested. He did not need to be served with any papers. He got a message, he talked about it on camera outside court.

So what did he do? He vanished, Legged it. He joined Ella, out of the reach of the law.

From the judgement:

The mother has remained absent from the court. Her partner, Abraham Christie was outside the front entrance of the building on 17 February as part of the group campaigning for the “return of the ‘Whistleblower Kids’ to their Russian family.” A witness summons was issued requiring his attendance to answer questions on Friday 20 February. Attempts to serve that summons were unsuccessful.
Earlier attempts at securing Mr Christie’s participation in the proceedings because of the likelihood that the local authority would seek findings against him were wholly unsuccessful. A series of communications from the local authority’s Solicitor went unanswered.

Why does Abraham Christie claim no one wanted to interview him, ever? He suggests that if he had been, it ‘would have blown the lid’ on the ‘whole thing’, and that the fact he was not proves something.

The reality is the police probably did make a temporary mistake here. Perhaps following the judgement he would have been picked up, pronto. I can think of a few charges that could be pursued: Child abuse, perverting the course of justice, and contempt of court, for starters.

In short, it’s a great deal easier and more convenient for Abrella to sit in their tropical garden in Spain and spew their lies and accusations, in the knowledge that they were able to evade arrest here in the UK. They get to play the aggrieved party, because they’ve escaped from the situation they created themselves. In fact, they ought to count themselves lucky that whatever police error might have existed, played in their favour.

phew that was close

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  1. Surely Interpol now has them listed as fugitives who police want to question about the very serious allegations listed above. I doubt Abella can actually leave Spain now as they would be nabbed at Immigration control.

    I wonder how much of this fantastical plot is the result of smoking too much hemp?. I know only one dope smoker who has a joint upon on waking and then a couple during the day and has for the past 30 years. You name a conspiracy and she’s an ‘expert’ on it. Haven’t seen her for awhile-must ask if she’s a flat earther.

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  2. The police were wise in not arresting RD immediately. After the court case he could have launched a lawsuit for false arrest if they had. The cops are not stupid, they sort of knew what they were dealing with but had to move cautiously.

    The only real shame is they didn’t arrest those two criminals known as Abella. It shows how dumb they are as well. You can’t just make bizarre claims that a Satanic Cult is killing and eating babies and expect the police to go barging in arresting everyone you demand be locked up. It’s because they had to move cautiously that the ghastly false accusers Abraham Cristie (with his numerous criminal convictions) and Ella Draper were able to escape so easily.

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    • I wonder: if there were stiffer and more consistently enforced penalties in law for making false allegations, would people like Abrella think twice before launching this kind of stupidity?


      • It’s a real balancing act, I reckon. On the one hand, you want to deter false accusers but on the other, you don’t want to deter genuine victims from coming forward because they’re worried about legal repercussions if they’re not believed.

        By the way, I’m sure one of our resident legal experts can correct me if I’m wrong, but making false allegations would class as perverting the course of justice, wouldn’t it? (Possibly resulting in a $14 trillion lien being imposed by Justice Berry.)

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  3. I used to wonder whether they ran because (a) they really believed the BS about the ‘cult’ and if you think there are powerful Satanists coming to get you, well…..you run for it or (b) they knew they were telling lies, the truth would eventually come out and they’d be in trouble. The more I learn though the more I lean towards (b).

    Abe knows exactly what he’s doing.

    I notice that Arayatrix Lestrange (Ms Soma herself!) has declared Thomas Sheridan to be a Satanist. And all because he doesn’t believe in the flat earth. It gets more and more bizarre doesn’t it…

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      • El Coyote and other satanic hopeless losers…

        Doen’t matter what you say or how loud you shout, any one with half a brain can see right through your lies..

        just because you have the illuminati and cabalists on your side who own Main Stream Media does not make

        your arguments sound 😦 You are fighting for your lives and for your reputation so of course you are going to

        scream and shout, but the children know and the world can see through your pathetic attempts to fight for

        the satanic cults and we’re not buying it. Justice will be served…a tough road ahead for your kind!


        • I don’t know how you got through the spam filters, mate, but you sound very angry about your hoax not catching on. Seriously, do you actually have any evidence or counter-arguments to support your extremely serious allegations about us or have you just come here to, as your own dwindling “team” often puts it, “self-project”? If you insist on coming back here for a third time, try to use grown-up words, mkay? Alternatively, just accept the fact that your hoax has died a death now and move on. Surely, there are more fulfilling things to do in British Colombia than hunting for demons and shape-shifting lizards on the internet.

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  4. I still think the whole escaping across the roof thing to be quite a bizarre episode.

    Given the danger involved, an act of desperate (guilty) people.

    How did they know such an escape was possible, planned, used before or just by chance?

    I believe that in the snippets of court documents leaked by Drifclod, the police officer in charge that day stated that they never imagined such an escape route being used.

    So, what was in Abrella’s mind that such a desperate act was needed?

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    • I really think these two smoked a lot of dope and this whole hoax took on a life of it’s own and got out of control. And yes a career criminal like the child abuser Abraham Cristie probably always has an escape route planned ahead of time.

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    • This has occurred to me as well. If I were an innocent person given the choice to face the police and discover what they actually wanted, or climb out the windows, run along the roofs, and climb back down to safety before making a getaway to a foreign country, leaving my two precious children behind….I think I’d go with Option 1. That’s if I were an innocent person.


      • But had you given yourself up you would have been made to disappear and then murdered by MI5 to cover up for the Satanic Trauma Based Mind Control Luciferian Babylonian Sodomite Rothschild New World Order Illuminati Masonic Spheroid cult members.

        I’m sure that we can get the Moon landing and chemtrails in there somewhere, with a sprinkle of gang stalking and electronic harassment.

        Anyway according to He That Shall Not Be Named we are best buddies with the other lot, so EC I claim that you, AC and RD are one and the same and I claim my five pounds.

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      • We could be making the mistake of trying to rationalise the irrational,

        They did know why the police were there, or should have guessed by the previous phone calls from them.

        So, don’t know really.

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  5. Jean Clement was being asked to give information on the whereabouts of Christie from at least the time the letter below was written by a solicitor, 9th Feb. Was Abe no longer answering Jean Clement’s phone calls at this point?

    The grandparents were quizzed about Abraham’s whereabouts in court; maybe Jean Clement could not supply that information anymore. They said they last saw him on the 17th.


    That was also the day Abraham was recorded outside the RCJ.

    Let’s look at that moment again: https://youtu.be/Q-u1VzxWQoo?t=6m43s

    We catch him saying: ‘I’m frightened, agitated, very frightened, agitated.’

    The tall woman says to him: ‘Can I tell you something, I just heard you say, ‘if they want to take me they can take me…”

    Abraham confirms: ‘I do, I do, I want them to take me because then we will raise the profile of the case’.

    The tall woman tells him that he will not have a voice if ‘taken’.

    He tries to reassure her in his pigeon English, ‘coming down to her level’–The grand manipulator at work: ‘I have voice, I have voice, in jail I have BIG voice, my voice is louder in the jail…’

    Why then, did he not appear in court just days later, with representation, if he wanted to ‘support’ the children?

    As he himself had just admitted: he was shit scared. The writing was on the wall.

    All that bravado outside court: ‘I want to be ‘taken’ was just that: ‘swagger’. If he was brave enough to be ‘taken’, or ‘arrested’, why not just pop into court and tell them your story? But that would have been an interview that was a bit harder to manage than those he has carefully vetted and set up since with the likes of Alfred Webre, Kev Baker, Mork and Mindy at ‘Beyond Belief’ or ‘Lap dog Guidance 2222’. Ed Opperman was soft butter compared to the hard steel he would have had to have taken on in the Royal Courts of Justice. And, let’s not forget, the cops, straight after.

    I reckon Abe fled the UK between the 17th and the 20th, after attempts had been made to serve him with the summons requiring him to be at court as a witness. At the very least, Belinda must have told him the news. After all, she spoke to the Judge on the 17th, who must have asked her about his whereabouts, and of his requirement to attend on the 20th. It was probably Belinda that told the judge the information that he was outside court that day, the 17th. If Abraham had already left by the time Belinda came out of court, which I don’t think is the case, she would have told him on the phone, later. After all, at that point they were still in close contact.

    Abe left very shortly after he says the police came looking for him at his flat. (This in an interview. Was this a different flat to his self-contained one, above Ella?). Surely the police knew Ella was not at her own home, or immediately above it, since they would have been in contact with the same neighbours who had informed them that Ella had left the day they came to interview her.

    Abraham says in interview that on the occasion the police came to ‘his flat’, he let them speak to Ella, who was just by pure accident talking to him on his mobile when they arrived. So they came looking for Ella, not him, but it must have been a jolt nevertheless. Is this when the police seized his phone, to ascertain where the Ella phone call had come from? What else would have showed up on that phone once it was examined forensically…?

    With the court hearing coming up within a day or so, and the ensuing fall-out that it would trigger, now the added phone material…. the sunshine, free room and board, a tropical garden paradise and ready sex waiting, it became a no-brainer at that point.

    Perhaps until that point he had still been wrestling with the tough decision to leave all that was dear to him in the UK:

    Should I stay or should I go now?
    Should I stay or should I go now?
    If I go there will be trouble
    An’ if I stay it will be double…
    This indecision’s buggin’ me…
    Exactly whom I’m supposed to be
    Don’t you know which clothes even fit me?
    Come on and let me know
    Should I cool it or should I blow?

    (Extract, The Clash)

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    • Really, what’s so scary about appearing as a witness? Unless, of course, you are aware that your words will incriminate you.

      And I think he (once again) inadvertently gives away his real motivation for the entire debacle when he says, “It will raise the profile of the case”.


  6. If you listen to the ‘failed arrest’ video in an editor, slightly speeded up, just 5%, it’s true, you can hear the heartbeat of the person making that recording on that phone REALLY WELL. The barrister would not have have been so alarmed. No, this person was absolutely terrified. Who was the third person? Someone on the run, perhaps, a criminal? So they all legged it, as a little group, one followed the other. Ella left the UK the next morning, but Abe remained and even surfaced again later, only to disappear at a later date again. Weird.

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    • Yes, you’d think a barrister might be a bit more level-headed in the face of potential arrest of his clients. Very strange that this one seems to have skipped that class in law school.


  7. ‘….the sunshine, free room and board, a tropical garden paradise and ready sex waiting…’

    Don’t forget the free hemp juice and as much cannabis as they want, without paranoia, grown in that tropical paradise garden.

    ‘Spain has been dubbed the new Amsterdam of Europe with a rise in the number of legal members-only cannabis clubs that take advantage of a provision in Spain’s drug laws that forbid trafficking it or smoking it in public, but allow marijuana to be grown and consumed for private use.’

    These guys are not coming back without an arrest warrant, that’s for sure

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  8. I forgot Abraham was outside after they had fled the house. I wonder if Ella was still holed up in the UK at that point. There was also Abraham’s “holidays” between the investigation and the fact finding hearing.

    I think El C hits the nail on the head about Abraham’s appearance being solely about raising the profile of the case. Ella would either be too frightened to turn up, or Abraham didn’t want her there because she would be more difficult to control with lots of people asking her questions. This is Abraham’s show.

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  9. What the heck is Araya on about now: Facebook.

    “The policeman in the police interviews on hampstead case ( that u can still find online ) lies within the first 25 seconds of the video. He knows Jean Clement well and has known him for at least 3/4 years having visited Abraham’s home 2 years before the Hampstead Case in a failed attempt to “steal” one of Abraham’s children with Jean Clement. An attempt that was foiled by Abraham returning home whilst they were both there”.

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    • If JC had tried to “steal” one of AC’s children before why would AC then want to gather evidence for JC in this case?

      She really is a complete loon.

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    • I think Araya has probably got a bit mixed up here. Steve is the officer who did the ABE interviews with the children. The same officer who investigated Abe’s son’s allegations against him which he was convicted of, which were categorised as child abuse. Abe talks about Steve in the Finbar recording when he says he was talking about ME ME ME. Araya is a very confused woman.

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      • I agree that Araya is confused (and that’s putting it charitably), but here’s another possible interpretation:

        She’s using FOTL-speak for “the police, possibly accompanied by Jean-Clement, visited Abraham’s house a couple of years prior to the Hampstead hoax, as Abe had been reported to the police for child abuse”.

        We know Abe is a serial child abuser, as his step-daughter has commented here and on Sabine’s blog, calling him the ‘step-father from hell’, stating that he’d tried to force her brother to report their own father for child abuse, and mentioning that she’d attempted to report him to the local social services, but nothing had been done.

        So it’s possible that Jean-Clement, knowing his brother-in-law’s misdeeds, agreed to assist by accompanying the police to question Abe, with a view towards removing one of the abused children from his care.

        The bit about Abe showing up to stop them is probably more like “Abe came home and was able to convince the police that he hadn’t hit his children, as his brand of ‘licks’ is designed to leave minimal bruising”.


        • Now that we know it came from Abraham via Ella’s account it becomes even stranger. I assumed Araya maybe confused. It would certainly seem strange that Abraham would run to JC if he had previously tried to “steal” his child. It suggests that Abraham is annoyed with JC and wants to put him in the frame of being a cult member. Perhaps because he knows what JC said in court, via the transcript, and didn’t like it. Maybe even because JC has done something more recently to annoy Abraham, which we do not know about yet.

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          • You can count the people who’ve pissed Abe off for one reason or another. They all seem to belong to a mysterious cult, unbeknownst even to themselves.


      • Abraham would surely not trust someone who he believed previously tried to steal his children with the details of what he thought about Hampstead. Notice how Araya stretches two years into 3/4. I imagine unless it was a small community and unavoidable a police officer would avoid having anything to do with a relative’s case. And Jean-Clement is a Special anyway. So Araya is confused.

        There is the possibility that Abraham’s family have called the police on him many times, over a long period, and this is due to allegations of child abuse, serious enough that Abraham thinks that hid children could be removed by the police.

        Or another possibility, Abraham has lied, lied, lied.

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      • And Abraham trusted Jean-Clement after this foiled ‘stealing’? And he still talks in the third person about himself, and makes it all about him, again.

        The police have been concerned about Abraham’s children for a while then if this visit is true.

        I imagine if the police had been on your back for child abuse for years, and you had been in trouble with the law, convictions for violence, the lot, that would be a good motive for inventing a story about a cult to cover your abuse of two small children. He wasn’t hitting them because he’s a bad person, oh no, we have him all wrong, he hit them because they wanted to kill him, because, erm, they have been inducted into a cult, so it wasn’t his fault, so there.

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        • Yes, because the best treatment for children who you think have been horribly traumatised is to beat them about the head and ears with hot spoons. It’s the Abe Patented Child Abuse Cure.


        • ‘I imagine if the police had been on your back for child abuse for years, and you had been in trouble with the law, convictions for violence, the lot, that would be a good motive for inventing a story about a cult to cover your abuse of two small children.’ puts the Hampstead case into context.

          Ella’s pragmatic decision after plotting with Abraham due to RD’s increased contacts leading to overnights being just around the corner, literally, it could not be allowed. It all just came to a head, didn’t it. Ella gave Abe permission to abuse her children. Abe got high, Abe got carried away, Abe left marks. Abe fucked up. Abe is stupid, very stupid. And so is Ella.

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  10. Just a thought. Drifclod in it’s latest post-everything-without-realising-its-significance has posted an excerpt of the cross examination of a police officer actually at that visit to arrest Ella. They didn’t bring the enforcer to the door, so were stuck when she didn’t open up. Could that be the source of the ‘sedation kit’ paranoid nonsense, a police officer was overheard asking for kit or for someone to get the kit(to force the door)?

    Enforcer aka ‘big red key’.


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  11. I wonder which interview Araya means. In one of the ABE interviews Steve tells the boy that he knows Abe. It is right at the beginning, I think. It would help if Araya referenced her allegations.The son of Abe must have been living at his mums house then, who Abe was still together with? As for stealing him, I believe he was an older teenager by then, and is a big man now, which only makes the allegation/conviction of child abuse by Abraham seem to be likely to have been of the more severe type.


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