McMenamin: Lying or misled?

Last September when we reported on Hoaxtead pusher Jim McMenamin, he was on the verge of quitting the entire affair.

However, he couldn’t stay away long.

Perhaps it was the influence of his lovely wife Helen (who we understand now runs a blog of her very own, not that we bother with it), but next thing we knew, Jim was back in the fray, accusing all who took issue with him of being ‘paedo enablers’ etc. You know the drill.

When we caught up with him on Twitter yesterday, he was busily trying to downplay RD’s children’s retractions:

1-McMenamin-Twitter 2016-01-05

Of course he’s referring to the police videos of the children telling the police how they’d been forced to lie by Abe and their mother. According to Jim, this is far less believable than their original tales of rape, murder, cannibalism, and live babies shipped in by courier. Sure, Jim, whatever you say.

One of his followers questioned him, noting that Ella was found to be lying, and the locations of the alleged abuse did not exist. As @manatrue says, “lots does not add up”.

And besides, didn’t Ella flee the country?

Jim comes back with a zinger. “Her or partner never questioned or suspected”…mmm, suspected? That’s debatable. And they were never questioned because as soon as that possibility raised its ugly head, they hoofed it off to Morocco, then Spain.

2-McMenamin-Twitter 2016-01-05

Well, never mind. How about this one? “Riot Police turned up at door under anti terror law I think”.


Jim claims the riot police are recorded on YouTube. Really?

Let’s have a look at the pictures of the police gathering in full riot gear outside Ella’s house, then, shall we?


In this excerpt from the interview with Ella’s parents, her mother describes how the police, in full riot gear, gathered around the house. Apparently they used the dread weapons of smiling and smirking sarcastically.

Now, let’s take a look at some police in riot gear, during the 2011 riots:

4-McMenamin-Twitter 2016-01-05

Yes, we see right away what Jim was talking about. The resemblance is startling, isn’t it?


So…no riot police then. What could account for this strange misunderstanding?

Oh, wait, we think we’ve identified the issue right here:


Jim, you might do better if you relied a bit more on fact and a bit less on Mr Sad and Mr Angry. They’re notoriously unreliable witnesses.



43 thoughts on “McMenamin: Lying or misled?

  1. Ah, so Hoaxtead has a new power couple! Move over, Abrella, and make room for Jelen!

    By the way, EC, be fair – Helen’s blog has only been going for 7 months and already it’s had 4 comments and nearly 20 likes on Facebook! It’s taken the conspiranoid world by storm 😀

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  2. The reason so many police came was probably due to risk assessment before operations – consideration given to Abraham Christie’s criminal past which involved firearms and violence. Also the police may have known other criminals or even fugitives would be at the home, maybe the ‘third person’ who fled with them. Those police look so relaxed, and polite to me.

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  3. I think the police have been busy trying to restrain themselves from laughing at times.

    Eg: This is where Neely tells the police the babies are being served up for lunch. Honest, gov.

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  4. That’s a lovely picture of police hanging around waiting for the door to open.

    I’ve looked ever so, ever so hard, and I don’t see a sedation kit or anything that could be mistaken for this fabled sedation kit that I have never heard of police in the UK carrying ever.

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  5. Mother and boyfriend have tried pretty much every angle they could have thought up, along with the rest of them, and still they have NOTHING.

    Which is just astounding when you think about it.

    They all have their own agenda’s, be it a gripe against the government, police, social workers, or to get more views and clicks on their channles/blogs, even 15 seconds of fame. They have stopped at nothing.

    This case has sadly brought up and reared some of the ugliest, saddest, sickest, perverted, lonely, bottom of the bottom, the low of the low, human beings this planet has to offer….PERIOD!

    They are child abusers, all of them.

    Innocent people have been targeted for these peoples gains and agendas.

    The law needs to be changed in so many ways. For example, libel. Yes it maybe that these sick and unwell people have no money, but still on some level the costs of taking them to court should be able to be acheived with little to no money.

    Even if it means they pay back by way of community service, and that they get a court charge/record for future, as they can continue to keep doing what they do to innocent people.

    This case has been so massive in so many ways that sadly not even 1% of them will ever be punished for their crimes against innocent people and children.

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    • Harassment and other persistent anti-social matters like them that take an absolute age to go through the process should be fast tracked through small courts rather like the existing Small Claims Courts where there is no need for expensive representatives, just an adjudicator type person to give out gagging orders, ASBOs and the like.

      If it persists then it can go down the full court expensive and slow route but I suspect many lightweight Internet harassers would stop harassing if they got a short sharp shock of the smaller court papers on their doorstep.

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  6. BTW did the dinner ladies cook up the babiesRlunch or were the sub-contractors providing a very special special diet? Did this school even have a kitchen where you can prepare and cook for a whole school? Details!

    School meals
    Cooked school meals are available for a standard charge in primary schools.

    The headteacher can arrange for suitable meals to be made available for children needing special diets for religious or health reasons.

    The meals are provided in the majority of the schools by Cater Link Ltd

    Visit the Cater Link website to view school meal menus

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    • Jamie Oliver did all that work with the government elites over school dinners. There is clearly something sinister going on and I demand that Jamie shows his meat and two veg.

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    • there must be a kitchen because the Lotus Princess staked out the church one morning and saw a lot of baby carriages being wheeled in, probably for a buffet lunch.

      Oddly she didn’t film it. I reckon the hoaxers should go through the garbage cans on Thursday morning (baby lunch day is Wednesday yes?) and look for all those little bones that get discarded. There will be no skulls as they are used in ceremonies but lots of little bones- fingers, toes, knee bones etc etc.

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    • I thought the cooking was all done in the ovens of a famous fast-food outlet. As far as I know such places usually have lots of deep fat fryers and grills, but not usually any ovens.

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      • Oh, baked, boiled, fried….details, man, details! Really, who cares about the truth here? Not Jim and friends, that’s for sure. They’re more interested in feelings and intuition.

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    • Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. After all, last time they broke down Neelu’s door, they got a commercial lien for £5 trillion pounds. That must’ve taken a chunk out of the Met’s budget for the year.

      So really, much better to get all dressed up in riot gear, then ask politely. Saves time and money.

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  7. If anything the police were too polite. They had been around previously but Ella wasn’t home. They called her but she wouldn’t talk and then they knock on the door and put up with waffle from the solicitor inside. They should be thankful the police didn’t turn up in the early hours and smash the door down.

    Amazing they would focus on that and not the child sex abuse images found on Abraham’s phone when the police entered his flat. If they believe the children then they should believe that they never stole Abraham’s phone. Therefore, Abraham has a sexual interest in children.

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  8. Heads up!

    He Who Shall Not Be Named has posted some Facebook tennis on his blog with one of “good” side members of our cult (we are the “bad” side of the same cult remember!).

    HWSNBN has figured out our dastardly plan, the tattoos are not real after-all, they were painted on so that when the cult members show their willie or vag to be unmarked the whole Hampstead case can be discredited. So the children are lying, they saw FAKE tattoos.

    Damn, we have been caught, but not with our pants down waving unmarked sausages or burger buns.

    He also has a later post on Ella knowing about the cult and her son blah, blah, blah.

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        • HWSNBN has also stated that Hoaxtead Research has never mentioned Ella’s older son (which means HR is part of the cover-up), when in fact, said son has been covered extensively on several occasions. In fact, our Tracey’s a bit of an expert on him, as I recall.

          He also states that HR supports Abe but when confronted, was unable to provide a link to one single post or comment where any of us have said anything positive or supportive about Abe!

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        • The thing is, he is claiming that belief of the cult comes down to dis/trusting Ella and Abe. What he fails to understand is that it comes down to no evidence of a cult, the children retracting, and those retractions being backed up by evidence.

          If anybody can provide conclusive proof of a cult I will happily support another investigation. Right now, that evidence does not exist, and it remains to be seen whether these tapes will change that.

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    • Demonstrating what people have been saying all along. That even if no tattoos were found, they would just come up with some excuse to keep the hoax alive.

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