Did Abe know Bill Maloney before Hoaxtead?

One of our commenters, who wishes to remain nameless here, raised this issue yesterday: did Abraham already know Bill Maloney, owner of Pie’n’Mash Films, before the advent of the Hampstead hoax?

We’d been discussing why Abrella started the hoax in the first place, and some commenters noted that the entire point of the exercise seemed to have been to gain maximum exposure in the alternative media. In this context, having an ‘in’ with Maloney, with his wide sphere of influence in the conspiranoid community, could have been a godsend.

From what I can make out, after September when the children got taken into care, Abraham left the UK.

He says (in the Beyond Belief interview if I recall) that he returned from Morocco to an exhausted Ella, who had been dealing with the case for 5 months (was he gone all this time? This would make his return around January/February). So he may in fact have left in a hurry after the children were taken into care. Why?

We know little about Abe’s movements around this time, but if he did leave it might indicate that he ran in September, only to return when he assessed the situation to be safe, as no indication of impending arrest had been made to Ella before the fact-finding hearing.

Then, in another interview, Abe says he went to the Russian Embassy with Belinda because Ella was in Morocco. This is where he complains about Belinda trying to access a fund for charity-scamming purposes.

So for love birds-in-crisis it seems strange, to say the least, that they would be apart when normally partners would stick around to support each other.

Then, before the fact-finding hearing on 12th Feb they are together again, only for Ella to flee on her own to until Abraham felt it was ‘too hot’ for him. In trying to find where Abraham says he went to the Russian embassy because Ella was in Morocco, I found something even more interesting.

Abraham has always tried to convince everyone that Maloney should have known the ‘veracity of the children’s claims’ because Ella emailed Maloney about the children’s assertions that the alleged perpetrators had tattoos. To Abrella’s minds this should have been accepted as ‘proof’, because Maloney knew of the alleged tattoos on Leon Brittan. Of course, even if both were true this would be nonsense. One claim does not prove the other. That Abraham thinks this only highlights his lack of intelligence.

I always thought that Abraham had watched a video in which Maloney talks about the Leon Brittan tattoos, and that was how he had heard of these assertions.

But now it sounds to me as Abe is saying that he had some kind of previous connection with Maloney, long before this case, as he says that Maloney told him ‘out of his mouth’ (i.e., personally) about Brittan’s tattoos.

See what you think here (start at 1:06:00):

Abe: Not only do we know—

Guidance 2222: Oh, we got proof…always comes in handy, innit?

Abe: We got proof, and we got proof out of Bill Maloney’s mouth! He’s the one who told me that he knows about the tattoos…

Guidance: Yeah…

Abe: That’s how I know that he knows about Leon Brittan’s tattoos. If you know about Leon Brittan’s tattoos, and you get an email about two little children who say that they’ve been raped, and sodomised, and babies are being killed by people with tattoos, why don’t you say something, you piece of sh*t? We’ve never shared this information with no one, we never shared it wiv no one! so we’re sending it to you for the first time, so when we’re sending it you it’s going in your mind, your mind’s going what? you’re joking! Bill Maloney and Brian Gerrish knew that the children [unclear]…

Guidance: Yeah, it’s shocking, innit? It’s shocking! When you find out…

Clearly, Abe is angry that Maloney and Gerrish, two ‘big names’ in the conspiranoid community, failed to deliver on the publicity that Abrella thought they deserved. That would have been especially galling for Abe, if he’d been counting on the fact that Maloney was familiar with Brittan’s tattoos, and so would immediately understand the darker meaning of the alleged tattoos on the alleged cult members.

After all, what’s the point of having friends in high places, if they won’t play along with your hoax when you need them to?

you have failed me for the last time

30 thoughts on “Did Abe know Bill Maloney before Hoaxtead?

  1. How on earth would Maloney know if Brittan had tattoos?. And this is the rumor about Maloney- I repeat rumor but I know the source and they are fairly reliable : he was hired by a certain well known Middle East businessman who owns a large store in London who also hates the Royals and Tories. Maloney’s job was to be a rabble rouser and make films claiming Royals & Tories were all in some pedo ring but he got out of hand and the businessman dispensed with his services before a year was out. Since then Maloney has gone off on his own crusade.

    Another fact about Maloney. He has repeatedly claimed he is an award winning film-maker but anyone can do this as several have. Email the New York Film Festival where Maloney claims he won his award and they will reply they have never heard of him. Since then Maloney’s removed most references to his ”award”.

    Maloney also worked for years with convicted criminal Christopher Fay who has promoted the Elm Guest House & Dolphin Square fantasies and they finally got traction with disastrous results and at huge cost to reputations and wasted police time.

    In fact Maloney is really the male Belinda McKenzie. Clever and cunning they both promote & encourage hysteria and rumor but quietly just step back when it all gets out of hand and allow others to carry the can for them.

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    • Yes, I know about Maloney’s dodgy reputation–the comparison with Belinda is quite apt, I think.

      I’m not sure how Abe might have thought Maloney knew about Brittan’s tattoos, but from the snippet of interview that we highlighted, it sounds as though he believed that Hoaxtead would be a natural fit with Maloney, and was disappointed and angry when that fell through. And of course, getting Abe angry can mean only one thing: you’re a Masodomitic Babylonian MK Ultra cointelpro disinfo agent.


      • No doubt Maloney’s Brittan claims came from Fay who claimed he had seen photos of a nude Brittan with a boy sitting on his lap – and of course any paedophile Minister of The Crown would just sit there and allow a photograph to be taken that could see him in jail for years.

        Fay & Maloney have worked quietly in the background for years promoting this stuff and have influenced many other conspiriturds along with Exaro. Perhaps Abe had contact with Maloney hoping he would aid in his campaign. But Maloney probably sniffed out this was going to be a custody battle in which he would be a loser whatever side he backed.

        Abe doesn’t seem very intelligent and not even cunning. Like all sociopaths they think the power of their personality which adjusts accordingly to the current listener, will be overwhelmed with their logic and go along with it.

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  2. The photo of Leon Brittan in the maid’s outfit with the boy on his lap has circulated on fb.

    Ask Tom Cahill.

    Maloney is another dodgy character along with Michael Doherty having dissolved companies and still receiving donations.

    Rumours abound about Chris Fay and Bill Maloney with regard to young men/boys.

    Perhaps Abraham met Bill Maloney in prison, there’s only 2 years between them if that…

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    • The full story on Chris Fay hasn’t played out yet. I fully expect him to end up in jail. Again of course. His name is mud with The Met.

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      • Chris Fay has got a lot to answer for.
        He’s one of the main originators behind the ‘Westminster VIP paedophile ring’ hoax.

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        • So are you saying there’s not a Westminster VIP paedophile ring then or in my words, many ex MP’s and some present being Paedophiles?

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          • I’m saying the allegations of an organised ring of MPs raping and murdering children at Dolphin Square is nonsense.
            I believe much more about the accusers will become apparent this year.

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  3. More on the phony Bill Maloney. He’s changed his story over the years about his “award winning filmmaker” status from the highly respected New York Film Festival (who have never heard of him) to now claiming he won an award at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.

    Sadly this festival is completely discredited and genuine filmmakers and the media will have nothing to do with it because it accepts every single film entered at a fee of $300 and basically gives everyone an award (perhaps a gold star). Entered films (all of them) are screened at a run down cinema in lower Manhattan and filmmakers were expected to sell their own tickets and guarantee at least 50 audience members with a promise of a cut of the box office. New York or US media will have nothing to do with it as they regard it as a scam and refuse to promote the phony festival. Not even sure it is still running.

    This really goes to the character of Maloney who claims to be a filmmaker (with his video camera which anyone could do) . While anyone can be taken by a scam it’s something else when you aid the scam by claiming it is respectable. But if you notice recently he has become quite an hysterical pedo ring promoter now claiming he has ”exposed” a prominent Royal as a pedo. Exposed these days means of course writing something on a blog. Niggling little things like proof or evidence are not needed, just a claim is enough.

    The timing though is interesting. A week in New York is not cheap for anyone let alone a “filmmaker” with no apparent successes , job or income support apart from the dole. The timing of his visit coincides with the rumour he was originally paid to help discredit the Royals until his backer realised he was a loose canon.

    Did Abe come into contact with Maloney at his peak? That would be around 2008 to 2011 but it’s all been downhill since then.

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  4. Abe: We got proof, and we got proof out of Bill Maloney’s mouth! He’s the one who told me ,/>that he knows about the tattoos…

    I think Abe heard this ‘fact’ about the (alleged) Leon Brittan tattoos and then concocted the Hampstead tattoos to fit in with that, thinking it would be welcomed, because it would reinforce the Leon Brittan story, and would therefore be picked up and promoted by Maloney. His story would therefore be ‘authenticated’ by him. Maloney probably saw right through the charade, especially if he knew the Brittan tattoos were made up, too.

    Abe may have even thought: ‘I could do what they’re doing, I’ve got the gift of the gab, I could make up scams like that, be famous, earn a fortune. He may been envious of Maloney’s ‘success’ in his circle of lags. And then, not long after, Ella and those two beautiful blond haired, blue eyed children dropped into his lap. There was an instant ‘attraction’…..He must have thought it would all be so easy.


    The Telegraph has now learnt that Fay was jailed in 2011 for fraud. Fay, a former Labour councillor, was sentenced to a year in prison for being part of a scam in which pensioners were conned out of almost £300,000.The fraud victims were told they were buying shares in property and Tesco but were issued with fake certificates. Fay, of Blackheath, south-east London, helped to launder cash through false bank accounts.

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  5. When you marry up the realisation that Abe got told the devil tattoo info way before the Hampstead case PERSONALLY by Maloney with this find, from yesterday’s commenter OOOOPS, it really does show things in a new light.

    He is talking about the tattoos here, too:

    January 4, 2016 at 3:27 pm
    Abe slips up: ‘We can say what we like about them’ at 4.30 mins

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  6. ‘We can say what we like about them’ = very sinister. Ed displays some ignorance about US law- it is isn’t that easy to sue and also it’s very expensive to sue for libel in the UK especially when the defamers are a bunch of potless loonies. Abella are having a great time during that interview and the kids are sort of incidental. Ella’s attitude is just bizarre for a woman who lost her 2 children. My aunt almost never got over losing her son when she was 81 and he died of an illness at 58. She grieved like most parents would for about 3 years but Ella is just so matter of fact it’s scary.

    Also there are few counties where people have to go to court to prove their innocence, another bizarre Ed Opperman expectation and may explain why he has never practiced as a private investigator (who are required to have a good working knowledge of law as most of their work comes via solicitors / lawyers), but rather runs a few dodgy internet scams where people never get their money back (the old send me $19.99 scam where you will never hear from the website again and really can’t complain to anyone over such a small sum).

    Like attracts like , water finds it owns level etc etc- I’m intrigued about the Abe & Baloney connection. It’s right to ask when did the two connect. Was it when Baloney was at his peak and riding high thinking he was going to become a n internet sensation and Abe wanted in on the action ?. I always forget that many of these people thrive via the net and conspiraturd websites and really think it’s some sort of fame. Did Abe set off a chain of events that got out of hand and now he’s hooked into his creation and cannot back down?. One so fantastical that even the usual suspects are dropping off like flies so Abe has to accuse all & sundry of being Disinfo Agents.

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  7. The thing is,Bill Maloney knows the Leon Brittan tattoo story is nonsense, so when Abraham emailed him about an even more crazy story, Maloney perhaps decided not to touch it. I agree with Emma that Abraham likely didn’t know Maloney personally before, but researched child abuse cases for material. If I remember correctly either Ed or HWSNBN pointed out that it is strange that Abraham would be so chimed in with child abuse cases…etc, if he had just known them a few months and had happened across a case of abuse.

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    • @dave

      I also thought that Abe had heard the Maloney stuff about the Brittan tattoos on some video until I saw and heard this here:

      Abe: We got proof, and we got proof out of Bill Maloney’s mouth! He’s the one who told me that he knows about the tattoos…

      …in other words Abe tells us here that he did in fact know Maloney personally.

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      • Both Ed and DS have revealed that they think Abraham talks rubbish. Including having an argument with one of them over hemp. Therefore, Abraham speaking personally to Maloney may explain why Maloney didn’t take much notice of the case. Maloney maybe of the same opinion as other people who have been in contact with Abraham…. that he is full of shit!

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  8. I remember watching some of the Bill Maloney & Chris Fay videos and the they were discussing snuff movies that if i recall rightly Chris Fay said he had watched and he described the horrific contents of these supposed videos and yet has never provided any proof of them existing at all apart from in his imagination.

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  9. Everything Abe added to his hoax is all just information he’s received from reading things online or watching videos…he obviously thought they would add credence to his claims.
    Tattoos, Satanic Rituals, MK Ultra.. his list goes on

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  10. Yes, it is like Abe is going through all the internet conspiracies and adding them into his hoax so when people search for the main conspiracy words they will come across the Hampstead hoax.

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    • I’m amazed we didn’t predict that he would add MK Ultra to the mix, after all, he IS getting pretty predictable these days.


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  12. Desperadoes why don’t you come to your senses, stop writing pish it’s all coming out.


    • How’s your latest bankruptcy hearing going at Lanark Sheriff Court, Snedders?

      Some quotes from our resident Sneddon monitor ‘ffsitsyou’:

      “Ha ha…. The woman couldn’t give up drinking if her life depended on it. Confirmed alcoholic. As for bankruptcy she shall soon be entering into her second one. Not to worry though Sneddy you will probably be in Cornton Vale by that time for Mortgage and bankruptcy fraud. Either that or your ‘business partners’ will have sent their “associates” to visit you… Tick tock…. Clink clink”

      “I’m on it. The care commission are looking into it. They say there is no way someone with a criminal record can be working with the elderly and vulnerable. She will be looking of ways to manipulate them and their income/will. I will stop at nothing until she is shamed and left without a penny.”

      “Your Chalet? Do you not mean Catherine’s and Peter’s. Another couple who you sponge off. But that’s just typical of your life eh Sneddy… Your Facebook looks like you have a perfect life and marriage but you have had so many affairs haven’t you! Bankrupt drunk driver bank has decree on your house. All your neighbors are on look out for you driving to report you! The vet in your street needs his money. How’s your relationship with your own family? Well that’s a laugh as none of them talk to you. How your husband puts up with you is beyond belief, but then again he would forgive you anything so long as the money keeps coming in eh! He even forgave you forging his signature on the mortgage, but you are good at that Sneddy, did you practice Mr Mc before the final draught? How’s your ‘friends’ doing, have you paid them back yet? I’m sure they will get their pennies very soon. Not from the expenses though as you have lost that case too…. Congratulations Mr K. It was always a given as anyone with more than the one brain cell you possess would take you down any day. How’s the mortgage fraud investigations going? How’s the bankruptcy fraud investigations going? How was court on Thursday…. This is only the beginning of my rants, do stay tuned bitch!!!!!”

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      • LOL This blog keeps getting better and better. Ooops. I should not really admit to that. But Sneddy deserves it, even on paper she is a horrible bitch.

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    • Margaret old girl, you don’t know me but I’m from Her Majesty’s Serious Fruitcake Squad (Sneddy-Monitoring Division). It’s all very hush-hush, don’t you know. Anyhoo, our sources have been reporting sightings of you in Birmingham. What are you running away from this time and more importantly, were you screened for contagious diseases before crossing the border?

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