Drifloud’s drivel: What’s he really saying?

Sometimes the very best insights come from the simplest of questions.

This morning, regular reader Sassy showed a screenshot of one of Drifloud/Abe’s many seemingly incomprehensible Twitter tweets, with the comment, “I need a translator!”

Drifloud-2016-01-02Another commenter sent us this response:

Sassy: You have to understand that the above document—the one that Abe has so heavily promoted on his blog and tweets, under his handle Drifloud, was written—so called forensically ‘examined’—by an American who calls himself ‘Arthur Kirkland’.

Back when Abrella had their ill-fated blog, Arthur Kirkland thought it appropriate to put up links to pictures of a very, very big (in every sense of the word) collection of dildos surrounding a computer on a large sprawling desk. The desk needed to be huge to accommodate the plethora of gadgets. Who knows how long it took to put that lot together? I suggest it was his own computer (and dildo collection), as within that picture you see a photograph of a man with a dildo-motorbike-helmet creation upon his head. [We’re refraining from publishing this or any of the other dildo photos, as this is a G-rated blog.]

Arthur Kirkland’s obsession was with the dildo hat attributed to RD by Abrella. I really feel sorry for RD for the number of insults he has had to tolerate, including this one. Abe also has an obsession with the dildo hat, btw. Make of that what you will.

Of note, Arthur Kirkland also published a photo displayed within the monitor on the dildo collection picture, separately. This photo does not come up in a reverse image search, which is why I am suspicious, if not convinced, that the photo (and hence the dildo collection) was possibly his very own. Either way, it was pretty distasteful stuff.

The poster of this material, Arthur Kirkland, was a one-time contributor to the CW toilet blog, HampsteadResearch, this from his own admissions within comments. He was very proud of his creation, this so-called ‘forensic analysis’, and asked Abe to reproduce it in better quality format on the blog. Abe obliged. I have screenshots to show all the photos, and comments.

This ‘Arthur Kirkland’ chap is quite a disturbed man. That he is a man is an assumption, I admit that, but I am probably right. Suffice it to say the person has an unhealthy obsession with dildos, which is possibly why he was drawn to this case. His level of discourse amounted in the main to prattish outbursts about dildos, so he became known amongst other commenters on Abrella’s blog as ‘Dildo Prat’.

You asked for help to translate what he has written. I think it’s worth spending a bit of time on this, since it has been widely used as ‘proof’ that the case is some kind of cover-up.

So let’s start from the top, let’s do a little analysis of the analysis:

First, the top right-hand corner comment of your photo, which reads, “Hey look, here is RD’s address, on 08/09/2014 !!! Why didn’t the police go arrest him like they said they were going to do once they got his address? (g.p.s. anyone? hello, can you hear me now?)”

Please see the following, which answers his RED FLAG question/demand, contained conveniently within the same CRIS report, here, see the dates:

CRIS reportThe address the police were given turns out to have been an ‘old address and new occupants reside’.

In other words, the police could not find him yet, so could not arrest him at that point. D’oh.

And why arrest at all? I think it was Pookster who pointed out that it’s not sensible for the police to arrest someone if they will come in voluntarily, and the maximum time to hold them and do further investigations while in custody, should they want/need to, can then be preserved. Ella would probably have found that out, had she been reasonable and behaved like the rest of the population.

Next, let’s consider the ‘ SPECIAL NOTE’ by Dildo Prat, where he accuses the police of corruption and cover-up, due to an email that RD wrote to Ella’s solicitor.

According to Ella Draper, as she recently stated on an interview on 09/07/15, she was informed by her solicitor on 08/09/14 that ricky dearman had contacted him regarding the fact that the children were escorted to the police station on 05/09/2014. This is confirmation that the police was tipped off of the police investigation PRIOR to the police drive around with the kids. this means that the police or the social services disclosed this info either directly to him (and both were accused of the alleged crimes). this is direct proof that the police compromised the investigation from the very start. this is a most serious realization and wreaks of cover up. [all sic]

Is RD really so stupid that he would tell the other side, “Pssst, guess what, the cult members told me blah blah blah”, if that is what happened? Or is calling the solicitor to ask what happened the kind of thing any father would do, if he did not know the full story yet? Like, “Can you tell me what the f*ck is going on with my children, since she won’t talk to me, I have to ask you?”

Who knows where that info came from? It could have been a number of sources. We know already that a friend of Abrella’s who had been given the videos (perhaps also the details of people named, the telephone numbers, addresses, etc. contained in Ella’s ‘witness statement’) called one of those named people up, and that person might have contacted others on the list.

Was RD on that list? I believe so. The information about the children being accompanied to the police station could have also come from this source, since they were Abrella’s friend/’snitch’ (their probable name, not mine), who knew the intimate details of what was going on around that very time:

One excerpt mentioned that the videos were handed in to the police by a friend of a friend of Abe’s, he had given to keep safe. Apparently this friend watched them, recognised one of the parents mentioned as his friend, this friend passed them to the police and possibly contacted a lawyer….

Is any further analysis of the analysis needed?



25 thoughts on “Drifloud’s drivel: What’s he really saying?

  1. I am willing to bet that the dildo pic is from a adult site! The easy answer is to go on the pic then click left mouse button, then go down to properties and info and its all there!

    I mean that’s what it sounds like to me! Either way the guy is one fxxxxed up individual! But then look who he is hanging around with! What more do we expect?! 🙂

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    • In fact, an image search was done, and properties examined, but nothing like it was found online. We do know, though, that Dildo Prat bragged of his cocaine use…leading us to wonder just exactly what his life must be like.


      • I thought I would suggest just in case 🙂 but I should have known that you would have already 🙂

        As for his bragging! Well its usually them who brag that are the ones who don’t actually do as they say that they have done! And them who say and have usually end up dead! 🙂

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      • So we now know who Dildo Prat was, then. Nice work, EC & Sassy.

        And let’s not forget that in amongst all of Kirkland’s creepy rants about his dildo fetish, he also made 3 or 4 blatant death threats to Mr. Dearman, including a third rate meme containing a GIF of Ricky getting shot, with a caption along the lines of “Lights out soon, mother-fucker” (sorry, I forget the exact wording).

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        • That’s an anti-gay(note the almost naked man on the cover on the magazine, the rainbow on the hat, anal tube, and dildo), anti-atheist(note the atheist symbols of FSM and the fish that walks and the anti-theist books), anti-brony(the my little pony doll), anti-pharma companies(the medication) meme.

          Also prozac and zoloft are medication for people with mental illnesses, implying that people with mental illness are fat computer whores who live in their mother’s basement isn’t funny. It’s sicking.

          That meme is offensive to a range of people.

          Go get another less prejudice meme.


        • Note the computer fat nerd/geek, and this is anti gamer and fatphobic due to insulating that all fat and gamers are fat computer whores who live in their mother’s basement.


  2. I wonder if Kirkland is the guy that the children said made plastic willies in his shed? Abe weaving parts of truth amongst all the lies.

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  3. Can you imagine how each and every point ‘Arthur Kirkland’ (fake name), Abrella and the hoaxers make could be taken apart, and be shown to be completely without basis, if balanced or complete evidence – from both sides – were available?

    But even punching with one arm tied behind our backs it is easy to poke massive holes in the ‘defence’ of Abrella. Because they are the ones that stand accused, not the other way around. That is the reality of the situation.

    All the secret society and DDH lot are living in cyber fantasyland where the evil satanist cult MKUltra people rule. Perhaps they ought to read some fiction instead. It might be more entertaining, and less stressful if that is what really floats their boat. Although I concede certain other ingredients that tickle them might be missing.

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  4. In-fight entertainment update:

    The hoaxers’ “secret” Facebook group is in disarray and Charlotte has turned against Araya (and “Sonya”) 🙂

    This is from Charlotte’s latest “final” comment:

    “…The cult are very pissed off…it has been wonderful protection for me (now they now [sic] I am working with David and Fiona they will not do anything to me – they will not dare because David will shout it from the rooftops)…A baddie who was lurking in our secret FB group added David so they could discredit him….Araya Soma supported Hitler and someone said something homophobic (David is gay)…The cult are squawking – I’ve been rather inundated with emails from confused people. We used to have a gorgeous, funny, supportive space and they…have totally destroyed it. People are confused – some are grieving! We are all wasting time, too…Read what Sonya wrote – you know it is not true…She is a cult member. One of their disinfo agents…I take full responsibility for the words I wrote.”

    By the way, I just love the notion that no one will ever criticise Charlotte again because they’re scared of being told off by David Shurter, haha XD

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    • And Abraham’s ‘Ed Opperwoman’ and ‘Shurtlifter’ comments are the product of Abraham Christie’s all encompassing awesomeness I suppose, rather than what appears to be his often tawdry and gutter dwelling mind.

      I think Charlotte’s going to jump ship to a new thing. I am sure she thinks it will be a bigger brighter shinier new thing.

      I think the lies, homophobia, Hitler loving, general nastiness, paranoia, is more likely to indicate the sort of people who think it is fun to do what they do.

      Strange that all these people had a funny space, to do what? Share stolen videos of children recounting sexual abuse?

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  5. This non- arrest of RD is a real point with these fools and makes no sense. If arrested or interviewed under caution he would have the right to have a solicitor present and respond ‘no comment’ to questions. No matter what way he is questioned he is compelled to tell the truth if he answers or he would have problems. The end result is the always the same.

    I think this is another insight into Abe’s fevered mind. I think he’s been arrested & questioned many times and probably thinks he is a whiz at putting it over questioning coppers. It is right to examine all his posts as they give a real insight into what I believe is a born criminal mind.

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    • If not born, at least formed from a very early age, by his own admission.

      That’s a good point, too, about Abe self-projecting about being questioned by police. His conviction rate was over 60%, I believe, which makes me think that perhaps he wasn’t quite as much of a whiz at evading questions as he thinks.

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  6. I don’t think it is clear at all that the police tipped off RD. Ella is not only a liar, but also tends to spin things to her own belief, or at least that of Abraham.

    It was on the 9th September that Ella and Abe were discussing who allegedly told RD about the police being involved. That is after the police had conducted the drive around on the 8th (Finbar recording).

    The 9th is the same day that Abraham phoned JC to say the children had threatened to kill him. Jean Clement reported that at 14:20. That morning, the police had complained to Ella about conducting her own drive around. Abraham also comments to Finbar that the police were talking about “me me me”. That was at 8:50am on the 9th. Did Abraham make that claim to JC to distract the police focussing on him and his past?

    In the same recording Ella tells Finbar they had been thinking about running away for a few days. Why would they run away only days after returning from Morocco, before the church was searched; all the ABE interviews conducted and the medical exam had taken place?

    The girl also states in that recording that the police wanted to search the church on the 9th, but Abraham had put them off. The claim being that the police should search on the 10th instead, because it is “sex day”. Another way of looking at it is that Abraham knew the drive around failed; knew the search for secret rooms would fail, and was worried he maybe arrested after the church search. Therefore, trying to buy time in case they did decide to go on the run.


    • Good point that Abe may have been trying to buy time in case they did decide to go on the run on the 9th. How deluded this two bit criminal is, thinking he can direct a police investigation,that the police weren’t able to see all the angles.

      I think by the 9th Sept Abrella realised they had bitten off more than they could chew, that they had not really thought this thing through properly. It was all starting to fall apart at the seams. Especially with Steve turning up like that, what bad luck for them. Maybe that was why they were thinking of packing and leaving town so early on.

      Once the children had been taken into protection, and nothing else happened, Abrella might have felt a bit safe. In effect the act of taking the children had diverted the attention away from them. Ella must have known she would be questioned by barristers in court, and that her lies would become apparent. The legal representatives, social services, must have had access to intelligence and evidence that we do not have. Abrella were probably on tenterhooks throughout those months, waiting.

      It is funny that Ella left the jurisdiction before Abraham, and that he was lurking outside the RCJ. Once it became apparent that he was being asked to give evidence, and would be questioned, and examined, he did not go in and speak to the court, as requested. He did not need to be served with any papers. He got a message, he talked about it on camera outside court. So what did he do? He vanished, Legged it. He joined Ella, out of the reach of the law.

      From the judgement:

      The mother has remained absent from the court. Her partner, Abraham Christie was outside the front entrance of the building on 17 February as part of the group campaigning for the “return of the ‘Whistleblower Kids’ to their Russian family.” A witness summons was issued requiring his attendance to answer questions on Friday 20 February. Attempts to serve that summons were unsuccessful.
      Earlier attempts at securing Mr Christie’s participation in the proceedings because of the likelihood that the local authority would seek findings against him were wholly unsuccessful. A series of communications from the local authority’s Solicitor went unanswered.

      Why does Abraham Christie claim no one wanted to interview him, ever? He suggest that if he had been, it ‘would have blown the lid’ on the ‘whole thing’, and that the fact he was not proves something. The reality is the police probably did make a temporary mistake here. Perhaps following the judgement he would have been picked up, pronto. I can think of a few charges that could be pursued: Child abuse, perverting the course of justice, and contempt of court, for starters.

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