Abraham’s phone: The key to it all?

The more we find out about the child sex abuse images on Abraham’s phone, the more central the phone begins to seem.

On Sunday, we discussed how and why Abe might have acquired such images; the discussion following that post was fascinating, and we thought we’d post a few relevant comments here.

Discussing where the images might have come from, Dave points out that Ella had spoken of the children taking nude photos of one another:

This is what Ella wrote in her original email/statement:

“About a year and a half ago I have caught the children were doing something inappropriate in the little bathroom. When I came in, A had her panties down and G had my phone in his hands. I have learnt that G was filming A. (This could be done without even unlocking the iPhone). There was about 50 seconds of the video footage on the phone”.
Obviously that puts the footage on Ella’s phone to a time when neither R or Abraham were around.

Araya made her comment about April or May this year (iirc) after just speaking to Abraham. Suggesting Abraham had recently found out that the police found footage/images on his phone. I have always viewed them as separate video footage. Having said that, in the same email/statement Ella claims that R had hit G around the ear a year before, which we now know was actually Abraham in Morocco.

So, timing aside, the pictures might very well have been of Ella’s children.

Miss Moneypenny agrees:

Another interesting detail: The ‘naked’ children on Abe’s and Ellas phones were in Ella’s house, not RD’s. Slam dunk. That story – the lie to cover the truth – about RD having had the children steal the phones in order to frame RD suddenly really shows us the writing on the wall. Crystal clear.

If I had been in Ella’s position, if the original story of two children exploring/playing with the phone were true, then I would delete these images. Why keep them? Let alone transfer them, or allow them to be copied onto new boyfriend’s phone. It does not make sense.

It doesn’t make sense, unless Abe wanted to keep those images for some reason. Then it would make sense to have the images on both phones, for redundancy.

Anna notes that Abe might have been preparing for a contingency:

I’ve always wondered whether the net wasn’t already closing in on Christie, (or maybe he had paranoid fears about it closing in), and he expected to be quizzed about child abuse when they came back from Morocco or was concerned the kids were going to reveal stuff about him to teachers and social services. Getting the stories straight at the airport and on the plane might have been because he feared that the children were going to ‘tell’ on him when back in England and he needed to ensure that this couldn’t happen, deflecting his abuse onto Dearman. I also wondered whether stuff went on that Ella didn’t know about and he was scared the children would talk. Those ‘interviews’ at the airport etc are so fraught with desperation and the need to know the kids had the story down pat that I’m convinced he wasn’t just coaching a SRA story (bad enough though that is), and torturing them in the process, but that he had something else to hide.

We agree: making videos in short chunks in airports as they travel seems like a very strange choice. As Anna says, there’s a sense of urgency about it, as though it’s important to get the stories straight ahead of time.

Mark Trellis sees the entire story as a cover-up for Abe, which is one possibility:

Anna your comment may be near the mark. And I was just listening to one of the tapes [on Abe and Ella’s blog]; the children’s voices sound very rehearsed, eg ‘because my mum is not one of the cult’ is just not how children of that age or ken talk naturally.

And then it came to me: Your theory could be right: Perhaps it is so mad, so all encompassing, as to make any allegations (towards Abe) seem as ridiculous as the rest of the ‘fantasy’, which would have easily been disproven had the police really looked at the crotches of all. So this part of the rehearsed story could have been a good cover story to later fob off any accusations, and calculated. ie Abe could then be lumped in with all those other wild stories the kids came up with. But when the plan went wrong, the tattoos became a ploy, and something to hold onto.

The Watcher sums it up well:

I think you are right Anna, he was expecting to be facing serious allegations when he returned from Morocco.

I believe the mislaid phone was the key to the whole thing.

My take is this. Christie’s phone went missing. He knew it contained material which, if it came to light, would lead to criminal investigations. His paranoia led him to suspect that the children had it, and had passed it on to their father during his newly reinstated contact with them. This was a highly threatening situation for Christie. He decided the best form of defence was attack, considering absolutely nobody else but himself.

So the mislaid phone, which contained incriminating evidence, may be at the centre of the hoax: knowing that he could face serious prison time for its contents, Abe launched a hate campaign against the children’s father.

Ultimately, it seems to be all about the phone.

Abe's phone


48 thoughts on “Abraham’s phone: The key to it all?

  1. Whatever the real story was, it shows that Ella Draper provided an unhealthy environment for two small children to grow up in; she can never be allowed custody temporary or permanent of those children again.

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    • Mmmmm….

      Maybe just maybe, Ella had done this to prepare her own case, given she had accused rd of pretty much everything else?

      This makes sense and she hoodwinked monster bf, and conned him!

      Trust me! She would try anything!!!

      She is a player, and can wrap people around her little finger!

      After all, look at all the judges she hoodwinked over 3 years….


      BF doing all the dirty work for her right now, while she sits in the background!!!!!

      Dwell on that for a mo…

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      • Good points, i hadn’t thought of those angles.

        These foreign brides, using their sex appeal to get a British passport.

        What’s the term, gold digger?

        Abraham has sweet f. all, so it really is an interesting angle on the case.

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        • If you see her goal as ensuring that RD never had access to his kids, the angle makes sense. Perhaps she wasn’t after money, just emotional control.


          • She had tried sexual control, that did not work, blackmail, emotional, stalking, and on and on the list runs…..and every way there is, but they all failed.

            This was the final attempt, so for her to film them and wait for the right , aka wait for someone deranged as herself.

            She is playing him like a violin.

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        • I’m not so sure about the gold digger angle, though it could play some part.

          As far as i am aware her ex husband was pretty successful. Why they split up is unknown (i think).
          Ella then meets a man promising to be the next big thing in acting. That relationship turned sour.

          Then she meets Abraham, who Araya described as super rich. The truth is unclear. Certainly it would appear he had a home on Morocco and has managed to finance being away all this time. There was those two holidays he supposedly took after the investigation started. However, it could be he has inheritance and an active imagination. Convincing Ella that his raw nutritionist hemp nonsense will be become global and earn a fortune.

          Having said that, when the police asked RD why he thought Ella was doing this, he replied that one reason is she wanted to take the children and live in Russia. In order to gain Leave to Remove she would need RD to sign off the forms, or prove him to be a bad enough father that the state allow her to leave anyway. She admits to JC that she didn’t want him having more access. All after he has just appeared back on the scene after a couple of years. It could be that simple, but Abraham got involved and royally messed it up for her.


      • Yes, this thought has definitely occurred to us, Anon. I wonder how Abe would feel, knowing that he’s being manipulated like that?


      • Escalation in family contact disputes

        Posted on DI by Rory123:

        A good dose of actual balanced knowledge can be very helpful.

        Take some time to read through the thousands of conatct/residency case judgements available online, whch you can find on family law sites and you will see that Ella’s behaviour is not all that uncommon for a resident parent that will do all they possibly can to stop the non resident parent to having contact.
        There are cases where there is genuine reason for the resident parents fear but there are also a lot of cases where there is no real genuine reason other than they simply don’t want the non resident parent seeing their children.
        You can tell these cases by the clear escalation. When something negative against the non resident parent doesn’t work, it escalates to something bigger, and bigger and bigger. In the end and after a few years in court, either the non resident parent gives up because they have no fight left in them, or the judge makes a ruling that 9 times out of 10 ends up in the resident parents favour because by then the kids are of a specific age and are pretty messed up because of the situation, the relationship with the non resident parent has disintigrated into nothing and they are adamant they never want to see the non resident parent again, So the judge will make the decision based on the wishes and feelings of the child that will give the child the minimum amount of upheaval in their lives.

        This method has worked for resident parents who have no genuine reason to keep their children away from non resident parents for years. Ella took it too far though, that happened when Abe came on the scene.

        Ella’s behvaiour doesn’t have to make sense to you or me, she did what she did and she now has to live with the consequences.
        Mental illness is an easy cop out really because that will imply she has diminshed responsibility for her actions. Personally i feel she should take the full resposnibilty for her actions because she has brought suffering upon two innocent children and it’s people like Ella that are making it harder and harder for the genuine cases of DV and abuse to be believed in a family court.


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    • SV, it’s pretty clear now that the mother will never be allowed custody of the kids again; whether she’ll get visiting privileges I think will depend greatly on her ability to accept responsibility for what she’s done, and start acting like an adult….and a mother.

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  2. We know kids are experimenting with sex and the modern way is ‘sexting’ etc but I actually find it a bit far fetched to think these kids would borrow their mum’s phone to film each other. It’s feasible but would they really use Ella’s phone knowing that she may see the footage?. Of course they may have wanted to film and then delete but this seems rather complicated.

    It’s far more believable that an adult filmed them and the phone was mislaid hence the above scenario above sounds believable.

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    • I have to agree, Sam. Sexting is popular, for sure, but among 8 and 9 year old children? That seems unlikely. And as you say, it seems unlikely that they’d have ‘borrowed’ their mother’s phone for this purpose; they’d have to know she’d find out.

      We won’t know for certain, most likely, as the details will be sealed–as they ought to be–by the family courts. However, I think it’s more realistic to expect that an adult took those videos, and then made up the story to cover themselves when the phone went missing.


  3. Yeah, show us your phone Abe!

    Come on, independent and trusted experts are waiting.

    Why hasn’t he come forward before, to prove his innocence?

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    • LOL! In fact, he’s shown his phone where it counts: the police have it. That’s why he’s been yapping about it having been ‘stolen’. He knows they know, and he’s trying to deny everything before the truth comes out.

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  4. The entire phone story is plain weird. I fear Ella could be lying saying that the children were filming each others bits using her phone. I just can’t see the children thinking it was a good idea to use “Mum’s phone” for fear of her seeing it.

    So the questions are, who filmed them using her phone and how did they end up on Abe’s? We know it wasn’t RD as Abe’s phone was only lost down the back of the couch as the boy mentioned in his Police Interview.

    I find it downright disgusting that Abe used his “Dicky Rearman” sock channel to comment on loads of little girls dancing, taking the time to leave inappropriate comments beneath the videos, even if he did want people to think it was RD. I certainly wouldn’t want to see Abe near ANY children.

    Ella should be well aware by now just what Abe is like, so her staying with him is beyond my comprehension. She must also know by now that she will never get her children back.

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    • Seems Ella suffers from ‘battered wife” syndrome. The type of video filmed is also telling :I can remember back to that age and playing games with others kids in my parents large laundry. It involved getting naked at one stage but there was no sexual element.

      A parent filming their kids in a bathroom naked is normal but when the filming involves the private parts a sinister element creeps in and Abe’s ‘cover story’ may have arisen to try to a) cover the film’s existence and b} get rid of an ex-partner like the father.

      Also the claim that a father asked his kids to steal a phone so he could stitch up the new partner by getting children to film each other is patently ridiculous. How he could he know the kids would do as he said or do so competently?. Far easier to film the children himself on the phone and then tell the kids to return the phone.

      Any copper would be very suspicious when being told such a complicated scenario and see it for what it is : an excuse to cover a crime.

      And Abe posting that video is an insight into his mind. I think he’s a very sinister character.

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  5. Sorry, EC. A lot of what I’ve said above has already been said, I scrolled down to leave my comment before reading everyone else’s but at least you have my opinion and it seems we all agree!

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  6. The whole phone scenario really is a weird one. From the timing of Araya’s post i always assumed that the police eventually did enter Ella’s house on the 12th Feb, and found a phone belonging to Abe, containing child sexual abuse images. After all, Araya also said that the police had a laptop belonging to Abe. I thought they maybe left it all behind in their hurry to flee. Would seem simple enough.

    However, the police officer asked the children back in September about the so called stolen phone. Which would suggest they were onto something at that point.

    Abe also posted the bikini shots from Morocco to FB on 10th Feb (iirc). It is likely they came from his phone, though they could also be from Ella’s. If it was Abe’s phone then the police either didn’t confiscate it back in Sept, or had recovered and copied it, giving it back to Abe.

    All strange, but one thing i am convinced of, is that the children did not steal that phone and give it their father to plant images.

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    • Another thought just occurred to me. Abraham would not know what the children were going to tell the police. Therefore, he may have mentioned the children stealing it in case they told police he had filmed them. Trying to preempt them with an excuse. The police then just asking G if the phone had been stolen at any point to understand Abe’s influence and accusations. Then found it on the 12th and recovered the images.

      Abe also making sure to mention it in the so called Ella email. Trying to claim that the children filmed themselves a year before, and that RD had hit G a year before, in case any of it ever came to light.

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  7. Regarding the phone recording that Ella says the children made themselves in the little bathroom. It is important to remember that she says the recording was made a couple of years prior to the video allegations. This would make the children approximately 5 and 7 – an innocent age where children may well video one another without paying any attention to what they were or were not wearing and without anything sinister being afoot – my take is that it is adult preoccupations and (perhaps deliberate on the part of Ella) interpretations that led to the material being seen as inappropriate.

    Also, I have been musing today on the possibility that the lost phone might have actually been ‘lost’ by Ella in order to encourage Christie’s paranoia…

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    • Well, until Abe stops hiding out in Spain, stops ignoring our questions, hands himself into the Police and actually makes some kind of effort to prove his innocence, I guess he’ll just have to live with our theories, whether he likes it or not. After all, the innocent men, women and children of Hampstead have had to live with his “theories” for the last year. I think that’s called karma 😉

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      • And i think of my late mother – not the most sophisticated lady on the planet- but who fought tooth & nail (as an errant teacher who caned me once found out) like a tigress for her kids even up to old age. The idea that she would go on the run & leave her children behind was unthinkable and the same goes for the vast majority of mums (and dads).

        Ella may face charges but I doubt there would be jail time but to flee abroad & then claim you are fighting for your children is plain weird.

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        • It’s not the most plausible scenario I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure.

          And I think most parents would take your mother’s approach. Leave their kids behind? Not a hope in hell.


    • It is odd that apparently the parents of other children at the school, not the ‘special children’ BTW, have heard of all this but no other staff members or parents seem to have come forward to say yes, Mrs F does disappear into a room on Wednesdays with children and loads of other adults who have no business at the school, and then they come out children who are injured and drugged up to the eyeballs. Very, very odd. For a start, someone would need to cover these teachers’ classes while they nipped out for a bit of baby killing. All the lurid allegations have been all over the papers, local and national.

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      • Yes, very odd indeed that no one else seemed to notice. Unless, of course, absolutely EVERYONE–in the school, the church, the local businesses, the neighbhourhood…hell, let’s throw in the borough, the city, the county, the entire bleedin’ UK!–was in on it.

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    • And you are right, they didn’t refute absolutely everything. They were pretty clear Abraham abused them though, and their injuries are documented in the medical reports. Ella’s still with the nasty piece of work though. Which is crazy and doesn’t look good for the children being returned to her EVEN IF there was a massive baby killing cult operating out of the disabled toilet at Starbucks or wherever, or was it ALL the cafes?

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    • The kids did refute. The girl was very clear and gave reasons for some of the elements of the story. The boy was less clear but did refute.
      Not only did they refute but the blamed Abraham. The medical report is clear that the injuries could only have been carried out in Morocco. The father was not in Morocco.

      The difference is, I (speaking for myself) am following the evidence. Which points at Abraham. If the evidence is proven to be wrong new evidence, then fine, I will follow the new evidence. What Ella and Abe’s supporters are doing is making up stories despite the evidence, and despite being demonstrably wrong about numerous claims.
      While slandering and harassing people in the process.

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  8. Forget about Ella getting the kids back, it’s a definite no no.

    She didn’t have custody of the eldest child, so i don’t think these 2 are anywhere high up on her list of priorities.

    Abraham is a classic wife beater.

    Let’s hope Ella isn’t being knocked about daily, but she probably is…

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  9. To me Ella hasn’t displayed anything to show that she is really bothered about getting her children back at all. The children are far better off where they are I’m sure. I bet they no longer have to resort to getting food from dustbins etc.


  10. Oops can’t go back and edit my last post. It meant to say that “Ella has not displayed anything to show that she is really bothered about getting her children back at all.”

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