Wanted for questioning: Hefty Irishman with a wheeze

Yesterday we showed you a subtitled video in which Finbarr the Mysterious captured some important details about Abe and Ella’s interactions with Barnet police…particularly DC Steve Martin, who’d already dealt with Abe on a matter of child abuse in the past.

Our team has been going through the original ‘Finbarr video’ (which shows images of the children, so we won’t link it here), and have managed to capture a few screenshots of Finbarr’s face as he hurriedly shoved the mobile phone into his pocket.

FinbarrSo…older man, perhaps in his 50s; bald or balding, with a moustache and possibly a beard; a bit on the portly side; and of course, he has that accent. If you listen to the video, you’ll hear that he’s breathing quite heavily. It’s difficult to tell whether he’s got chronic breathing problems, or he is just terribly excited by what he’s hearing.

We sincerely hope it’s the former.

We realise that these blurry images are not much to go on, but we’re putting them out there in the hope that someone might know who Finbarr is, and help us clear up exactly how he was involved.

9 thoughts on “Wanted for questioning: Hefty Irishman with a wheeze

  1. He is such a creepy guy, the way he was talking to the girl in the garden was so inappropriate. I remember there was some talk about his identity on the DI forum. Possibly someone from there could help you figure out who he is?

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