David Shurter doesn’t like Hoaxtead Research

Oh dearie, dearie me. It seems that David Shurter, the self-described ‘Satanic ritual abuse’ survivor who was interviewed along with Abe and Ella a few weeks back, has visited our blog, and he’s not a fan.

To say we’re devastated would be the grossest of understatements.

In fact, we’ve gone into a semi-catatonic state of shock and grief, and are barely managing to type out this blog post using one finger, while we drown our sorrows with cheap gin and leftover Christmas pudding.

Why, David, why?

Why do you hate us so?

1-David Shurter-Hoaxtead

We suppose we could take some small comfort from the fact that David knows we exist, right? We’re sad, though, that he seems to have found no ‘facts concerning the two children’, nor ‘ANY of the facts of the case’ while he was visiting us.

We wonder where he looked? Certainly not at this article on whether the retraction interviews were coached…and it’s just a recent example. It goes some way toward answering his concern about whether the kids could have been coached, too. So we’re deeply mournful that he seems to have missed it.

2-David Shurter-Hoaxtead

About 10 of us?

But David, that’s just not so! In fact, this blog gets between 800 and 1,000 visits per day, and we’re quite certain that they’re not all from Bronny, who once confessed to sitting at her computer clicking on her own blog repeatedly, to inflate her visitor numbers:

7-David Shurter-Hoaxtead

We admit, we only had about 500-600 views over Christmas and Boxing Day, but still. Not too shabby for a small non-commercial blog.

3-David Shurter-Hoaxtead

Oh, David. Clearly, you never actually saw Abrella’s old site. That place was a pig’s toilet, David. Seriously.

As for why we wanted it taken down…well, there’s this little thing called ‘libel’ and this other little thing called ‘harassment’, and as it turns out, Abrella were indulging in some of each, as well as prominently displaying the names and images of the children (which is also against the law and perpetuates the abuse they suffered…at the hands of their mother and her boyfriend).

And in our own defense we must point out that we’ve written plenty about Abrella’s lies, as well as Belinda’s lies, Sabine’s lies, Charlotte’s lies…more lies than you can shake a stick at, really. In fact, if you click on the ‘lies’ tag at the top of any article about lies, you’ll find…more articles about lies! Believe us, there are loads of ’em.

4-David Shurter-Hoaxtead

David, dear, you really should try to pay attention. Ella didn’t go to the police. Jean-Clement did. And neither Ella nor Abe were particularly pleased about it.

5-David Shurter-Hoaxtead

David, are you really sure that ‘the world is starting to focus on [the Hampstead hoax] more and more’? We’d love to know where you got that insight, because by our calculations, Abrella are down to about 5 supporters…and now that their friends have blown their chances of Opperman-induced fame sky-high, we suspect this thing will go the way of the Hollie Greig hoax.

As for why we’re anonymous here…well, have a look at some of the harassment and threats that have been thrown at the children, parents, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead over the past…wow, has it been almost a year now? Would you voluntarily sign up for that? Neither would we.

Also, in about half our readers’ defence, not all of us have, as you put it, ‘balls’. It’s a biological thing, David. Physically impossible. We’re sure those so afflicted apologise for their sad lack of testes.

6-David Shurter-Hoaxtead

David thinks we are doing our ‘best to keep a couple of children who are getting gang raped and horribly abused from being heard and listened too’ (sic).

We are? We thought we were stopping a nasty couple of narcissistic, psychopathic liars from trying to destroy the lives of a lovely pair of children, as well as the aforementioned parents, teachers, clergy, etc.

David, we’re just wrecked that you don’t like our blog, but please, won’t you come back and give us another chance? We promise, we can do better.

And there are far, far more than 10 of us.

8-David Shurter-Hoaxtead-1



49 thoughts on “David Shurter doesn’t like Hoaxtead Research

  1. David, thanks for generating such funny responses:

    ‘In fact, we’ve gone into a semi-catatonic state of shock and grief, and are barely managing to type out this blog post using one finger, while we drown our sorrows with cheap gin and leftover Christmas pudding.’

    Do keep writing. Of course I must warn you, you are out of your depth with El Cayote. And truth is not on your side. It’s on ours. Your perception of the truth is very, very discoloured. Smelly, even.

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  2. Why oh why are these numbskulls wanting a story of children being sexually abused on a massive scale to be true? What kick do they get out of the thought of children being abused? Does he really believe babies are sent through the post worldwide to be abused? If he does believe all of that then we can clearly see the level of intelligence that David is working worth.
    Another proven fruitloop.

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    • They seems furious that 100s of babies have not been murdered and eaten or dozens of kids raped.

      Example : Neelu’s blase report that she saw baby carriages being wheeled into a church to deliver children for a Satanist Wednesday feast (but failed to film this event when she whips out her I-Phone at the drop of a hat)- reported almost as an aside in the mix with all her other ramblings. Not a mention since or the slightest query of what happened to these so-called babies.

      As for Shurter- an inconvenient truth : the views and articles on this website are backed by the full force of British law that examined this case and our views on Abella coincide with a very serious High Court Judgement which is being backed up by police action, arrests and further prosecutions.

      As opposed to some nitwit surfing the net to scoop up all claims of Satanism & child rape because it confirm their twisted beliefs that child rape is rampant in Hampstead.

      And as for that High Court Judgment : I”m with the judge who expressed with alarm that millions of people may have watched the shocking invasion of those children’s right to privacy and that a good proportion of them are obviously perverts.

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    • AF, this is a question that’s puzzled me for ages. In the real world, most people would be delighted to hear that two beautiful children had not been horribly abused. Whereas when you suggest this to the conspiraloons, they become apoplectic.

      I’ve had to conclude that to them, it’s more important to prove their strange theories than it is to ensure the safety of real, live children.


  3. I am not anonymous David.

    But I can quite understand those who wish/need to be given what the hoaxers have been prepared to do, not only to vulnerable children, but to those living in Hampstead.

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  4. I am using a pseudonym, I admit it, but that’s because I have seen what people who are claiming to support Ella and Abraham do.

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  5. “In Shurter’s pathetic excuse for a book, “Rabbit Hole”, he calls Walter Carlson and Mark Andersen, his friends! His convicted pedophile friends! Worse, he dismisses the testimony of the child victims in these cases as “no real evidence” and tries to portray these pedophile perpetrators as innocent victims of a conspiracy by the boys and their families:”


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  6. As for Shurter’s website : this is a fact.

    He is now promoting an Aussie fantasist who makes claims of ‘VIP pedo Satanist rings’ with every bit of sensationalism that has been sweeping the net. That person accuses everyone from several former Australian prime ministers, police officers, town mayors..you name it, as being in that pedo ring, sacrificing and killing babies.

    Ludicrously they claim Parliament House in Canberra was used for Satanist orgies. A building that has a camera in every corner of every room and 24 hour guards.

    ## And do NOT seek out their website as they publish drawings that are considered child abuse images under law.

    But in this case their claims have been examined by 2 police forces who concluded they were fantasy.

    That has not stopped this person from publishing their claims widely on the net among the Conspiraturd Mob. I know the grandson of one of those she falsely accuses, a late much respected Parliamentarian, came across them during a class at school and was mocked by his classmates causing huge distress.

    People like Shurter promoting this stuff cause immense damage to innocent people. They are truly vile as they publish gossip and innuendo and promote falsehoods. They are downright evil.

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  7. Lets allow Shurter to speak for himself with this easily found quote:

    ““It is great being such an abject failure in my life. I have fucked everything up – accomplished nothing- and lost everyone. I wish I wasn’t such a loser – and that people who know me loved me- but that isn’t the case” – David Shurter

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  8. When Ella stops insulting, abusing and trashing the people she continues to name she will no longer receive the kind of treatment David is complaining of. That goes for the rest of them. If they want it to stop, all they need do is to fall silent. An apology would also be nice.

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    • Indeed. It’s all very well for them to believe whatever they like, but when they start harming children and maligning private citizens, their right to free speech hits a brick wall.


  9. It always tickles and bemuses me in equal measure when they accuse HR of not posting facts. There are more facts on here than Shurter’s had hot dinners, whereas their…ahem…”facts” basically amount to “Ricky can’t act”, “Children don’t lie” and “I know they’re all guilty because my water-dowsing rods say so”. I may have paraphrased slightly there but I think that’s the gist.

    As for the “10 people who read this blog”, Mr. Shitter – sorry, Shurter – would fall over backwards if he knew how many different countries HR’s viewers come from!

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    • and don’t forget Christine Sands summonsed up storm clouds over England (such a rare phenomenon) and the saintly Neelu Berry has planted crystals around major London courts of justice.

      And they think we are odd.

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  10. EC, you’re being way too modest in saying you get between 800 and 1000 views a day. 1000’s an average but you’re frequently attaining way higher, as your chart indicates. And all kudos for you for it!

    By the way, I see Shurter’s deploying the same old clichéd…er…”logic” as all the other Hoaxteaders, i.e. that anyone who dares to question Abrella’s allegations must be paedo-enabling shills. It never gets old 🙂


  11. “As for why we’re anonymous here…well, have a look at some of the harassment and threats that have been thrown at the children, parents, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead over the past…”

    …And lest we forget, specifically against us too, on innumerable occasions! Every one of us who has dared to question this hoax has fallen victim to death threats, slander and intimidation.


  12. Hey Mr. Shurter. Speaking of the importance of using real names instead of pseudonyms, does that also apply to Nemesis/Nemesis Green/Drifloud/Ella Starlight/Dicky Rearman (or whatever your beloved Abe’s calling himself today – sorry, I can’t keep up)? And does it also apply to Guidance 2222. Butlincat, Earthicastar, Oneperfectoutfit, Super Earther, Biddy Baboon, Jacqui Farmer, Allmoderncons… Or have I misunderstood and those are actually their real names as stated on their birth certificates?


  13. Having just spent a long 15 minutes going through his website
    it should be obvious to anyone it’s in Shurter’s financial interest
    to keep promoting SRA hoaxes.
    No David I won’t be buying your book!


  14. The following extract from a BBC article today will get witchfinders like David Shurter salivating:

    “…and sink your teeth into its plump little body, have you ever stopped to wonder if there’s a method to your mastication madness?

    Do you, for instance, nibble away at its arms and legs until you are left with a helpless torso? Or are you the ruthless type that goes straight for the kill and chops off its head, Henry VIII-style?”

    Reading that, a witchfinder will have an orgasm.

    Article here:


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  15. 27:18 “There’s a website out there that’s against the Hampstead case. It’s called Hoaxtead and I go there a lot. I read what they have to say and what I’ve realised is that they’re trying to do the same thing in Hampstead that they did with McMartin. They’re trying to hold the mother and her boyfriend accountable. Ella and Abe – they’re trying to hide her [sic] accountable…

    …However, I have come to the conclusion, as far as Hampstead goes, that nothing is what it seems. The thing that bothered me…if you watch those videos and you listen to what’s being said, Abe, who is the boyfriend who’s only involved with this family for about 3 months at the very beginning, when these tapes got made, he’s leading them and asking them questions. How would he be so keyed in?…How would someone who has no conception of what’s going on know what to ask? Because he leads those kids. They’re answering his questions…I don’t trust Abe. I don’t. He screws anybody that could help them…You’ve just experienced that, Ed. You just experienced it. Anyone who comes forward that could help them, he isolates and drives away.

    And this case right now, as it stands, is not about the children; it’s about the mother and her boyfriend…Abe, by his own admission, has been in and out of prison all of his life, so he thinks he’s an expert on this. He’s been involved for a year and a half and he thinks he’s an expert…They’re changing course mid-stream. Now it’s not about Luciferianism…now it’s not about Satanism; now it’s about MK Ultra…It’s gonna ruing their credibility…[They’re very difficult to deal with in] every possible way. It’s not about the kids for them. What they wanna talk about is it’s ok to feed kids cannabis and they’re on this whole cannabis thing about how it’s ok.And before I got it [sic] my first interview with them, we had an hour and 20 minute argument, because I told them I am not going on the air and you [sic] telling everyone it’s ok to feed kids cannabis…and it became a huge argument.”


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