Abe’s stock plummets in wake of Hoaxtead implosion

It’s been a bad week for Abraham Christie (and by extension for Ella Draper), as the ‘secret’ Hampstead Research Facebook group originally set up to promote their interests has begun to implode.

Market analysts note a sharp drop in Abe’s personal stock, as former supporters, such as Facebook group member Kristen Elizabeth, realise his true worth:

Abe's stock goes down 2015-12-30

The interview with Ed Opperman, which was to have catapulted Abrella into the stratospheric realms of internet stardom, has instead become an albatross around their collective necks. And it looks as though they’ll be carrying some of their most fervent supporters with them: Angela Fag-Ash Disney, Guidance/Code 2222, and Olu Essien Popoola all look set to take a tumble as Abrella’s stock slips from blue chip status into the low single digits.

This snippet from David Shurter’s blog illustrates the tragic disarray into which the Hoaxtead promoters have fallen:Kristen Elizabeth on Popoola, DDH 2015-12-30

David,  who played on his long-time friendship with Charlotte Ward Alton to gain entrée to the group, complains that Olu Essien Popoola, the forensic linguist who got into hot water with his university for his unprofessional behaviour regarding the Hampstead hoax, has been bullying him; Kristen Elizabeth concurs, and adds that Abe has been doing a ‘piss-poor job of proving’ that she’s not the author of the Dearman Does Hampstead blog.

Did you follow that? We know. It’s getting a little bit nuts.

As a member of our team said yesterday, “Holy sh!t. This thing is falling apart faster than I can track it!”

To which we can only add a hearty “amen!”





49 thoughts on “Abe’s stock plummets in wake of Hoaxtead implosion

  1. I’m very disappointed that the Rothschild Freemason Illuminati Windsor Family Satanic Cult Mind Control Cult have chosen so many obvious bonkers dingbats to be disinformation agents. Heads must roll & questions asked in Parliament.

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  2. Shurter: “They aren’t listening to the interview but only spend a minute leaving nasty comments…or those of you who are interested in listening to the interview- or reading the comments- which, for the most part, are just sad- here is the link…”

    OK, I can see lots of comments on there moaning about trolls but can’t actually see any actual “trolling” comments. There are people there who politely disagree with Dave and Ed – as well as several who are on their side – but last I checked, “anyone who disagrees with Dave” wasn’t the official definition of a troll. It is, however, a definition to which many a Hoaxteader has hitherto adhered. Is it just me or are some of these people perhaps a little too sensitive for online debate?

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  3. LOL, Dave says:

    “I believe that the cult of elite pedophiles sent him to this family on purpose because EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS MAN could be used to easily dismiss the children’s accusations.”

    And I suppose the fact that Abe was with them from before the case broke doesn’t phase him at all. No credibility loss there, then 😀

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  4. “I know who created the [Dearman Does Hampstead] site–don’t know how many others know as well–and I haven’t cracked yet.”

    XD Oh come on, Kristen – let it all out. You know you want to. We’re all ears…

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  5. “David’s gone and done a Jesus–the tables are toppled, and everyone’s found as they are…but it’s a growing pain, and a gift–people don’t get that David just struck a blow to rescue all of us, not least spiritually, by virtue of who he is and what he has suffered. Forgive them for they know not what they do…”

    OMG, did Kristen just compare Shurter to Jesus? All hail Lord Dave, the new Messiah!

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  6. “If your own legal rights are affected, or if you are the representative for such person, we can evaluate your complaint further, otherwise please ask the person in question or a representative to submit this removal request.” – Google’s email to me when I emailed them a legal request.

    So I somehow have to get the children to beg Google to remove their photos?

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    • Google have been really quick to remove Ed’s copyrighted videos, shame they can’t do the same for the numerous times I have report videos for child abuse.

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      • Maybe the police could try the Ed Opperman tack of complaining about copyright for the children’s interviews at the police station. Copyright seems to be the thing google/youtube reacts to most quickly. The copyright of those videos must belong to the police, right?

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  7. Thanks to Araya Sunshine* for this screenshot:

    Ah, the ol’ death threat accusation again. You know, no matter how many times you ask Angie to provide a link, screenshot or quote to prove that even one of us has ever issued one single death threat to anyone, it’s just not forthcoming.

    And in the meantime, we receive fully evidenced death threats from them on a daily basis.

    “Don’t even have the guts to use real name”

    Yeah, are you listening, Angela DISNEY, Code 2222, Guidance 2222, Lou Lotus, Ved Chaudhari, Allmoderncons, Butlincat, Jacqui Farmer, Video Man, Earthicastar, Super Earther, Oneperfectoutfit, CGI Pains, Biddy Baboon, Nemesis, Nemesis Green, Drifloud, Dicky Rearman, Tiny Magical Creatures, FansFiltration, UnaRaza, Hampstead Case, Hampstead Research, Hampstead Coverup, Aangirfan, Dearman Does Hampstead, etc…? LMAO!

    *Fun fact: your user name is based on one of my memes 🙂


  8. The best bit in Shurter’s new piece: The Games Hoaxstead Plays…(no ‘s’, David!) is this:

    But I’m bored with David now. I was already bored with him after the Abrella interview. Or even before that, actually. I remember being irritated with him during the interview as he rescued Ella each time she said something unbelievable. He would leap in with some irrelevant unconnected story to back up her madness, her imagination.

    Then he gave us his special present, gratefully received. His altruism was rooted in self-interest though, we all know that.

    David now suggests that we are in bed with the likes of Angela Fag-Ash Disney, Guidance/Code 2222, and Olu Essien Popoola.

    David, go and wash your mouth out, now.

    The base finger pointing reminds me of Abe’s poetry, that masterpiece of rap that he and his followers resort to whenever lost, floundering or angry:

    Witches and snitches
    pimps ponces and nonces
    shills trolls and moles’

    Yeah well, sticks and stones and all of that.

    David makes a point of dissociating himself from us in his latest post. Really, David, there is no need.

    Enough of him, now. Unless he has any more presents. Then, I might give him a minute or so.

    On a completely different note: Who was the third person who legged it over the rooftops getting away from the police when they came to speak to Ella? We know two of them, ie Ella and Abe. The third must be the person Abe asks whether he has found psalms in the bible. The person sounds very depressed at the sound of the police arriving. What was his motivation for risking life and limb over the rooftops?

    You can hear him at the beginning, here. Abe is so funny. All of them are. All they had to do was open the frigging door. No big bad monster on the other side. Just paranoia. They need to learn about reality-checking, those lot. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/your-zesty-self/200911/how-reality-checking-can-save-your-life-and-your-dreams

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  9. EC, this Shurter chappy has made a right hash of things over in the Hoaxtead camp. We must make sure that our next undercover operative is better trained before being dropped behind enemy lines.

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  10. The remark: ‘Abe has been doing a ‘piss-poor job of proving’ that she’s not the author of the Dearman Does Hampstead blog’ – is this an admission from Kirstin, who ‘knows’ that ABE is behind DDH? Otherwise, why would she be relying on him to dispell this myth?

    I always thought it was Charlotte Ward and co that ran that blog, indeed, she did suggest this in a comment on Abrella’s coverup rag, I believe. But of course Charlotte and Abe could have have set up DDH together in a joint venture. Just like the YT page with the little girls which was so convenient for their narrative. Maybe Abrella,Charlotte, Sabine and Belinda are all still mates, behind the scenes, just trying to play everyone.

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  11. I have a question for Abe: He admits he fell down the rabbit hole in the Ed Op interview.

    Can he therefore admit he did not know he was down the rabbit hole when he was there.

    Logically, how would he realise he is even deeper down the rabbit hole right now.

    Waiting for your response, Abe.

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  12. I hope this New Year is a better one for those who have suffered in this one, and those who have brought pain get their comeuppance.

    Happy New Year everyone.

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  13. Abrellas plan to try and break into the US market of conspiraloons appears to have failed big time. They are running out of people now willing to support them and give them time on their internet radio shows. I wonder if they will attempt to get back on the Kev Baker and Richie Allan shows again. Their numbers are dwindling rapidly. Who will be the last idiot believer left standing?

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    • And it’s a very limited market with an over abundance of ‘stars’ to fill their needs which is why Ed Opperman appears to have stepped in far too late.
      And as Fox News are now discovering- while they hold a small percentage of the older viewers with their repetitive nonsense they are failing to gain a young audience.

      Abe really is quite deluded as well. The Conspiriturds are a fickle lot and soon tire of one sensation and quickly move on. Satanic Abuse one day, Flat Earth conspiracy the next. Who knows what tomorrow may bring to get the Araya Somas of the world dribbling with excitement.

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