Charlotte declares Hoaxtead finished

Oh, that Charlotte. She can’t seem to live without the brilliant glare of the limelight, can she?

Back in her glory days (all two of them) as Vigilante in Chief at Hamster Research, she enjoyed a certain kind of notoriety, and even had a tiny fan club all her own. Granted, it consisted of fantasists, attention seekers, a couple of truly mentally ill hangers on, and a small but dedicated pack of conspiranoids…but it was hers, all hers. No doubt that’s why she found it so hard to quit. And quit. And quit. And quit again, definitely for reals this time.

For a while, she enjoyed basking in the warmish glow of a few nutters’ admiration on Facebook, as self-proclaimed leader of the infamous Sooper Seekrit Hampstead Facebook Groop, but that group rapidly self-destructed, leaving her with…well, nothing, really. Nothing but the long-ago memories of past delusions of grandeur.

So it should come as no surprise that Charlotte has tried yet again to insert herself into the Hoaxtead picture, this time with a smirking, self-congratulatory, and completely made-up post on the Tap Blog. Danielle George has done a brilliant deconstruction of that post:

…to which we can only add that we were amused to note that Charlotte seems to think Hoaxtead is all over, and everyone can go home now:

So just in case you have not heard, the activism has worked and A and G have been spared. I received this from A P D a few days ago:

“Ella sent a message via O that handing over of G and A due February 1st has been cancelled by social services due she thinks to global pressure and attention. Bravo!! ”

I hear from others that the children will be away from the father indefinitely and that he has been “ordered” into therapy at the Tavistock.

Honestly, Charlotte. Are you really so terminally naïve that you still believe a word that ‘APD’ (Angela Power-Disney) says? Let alone what she claims Ella told her?

However, we suppose that if it pleases Charlotte’s few remaining friends to believe her, it could be a good thing.

Let’s face it: no matter whether it’s true or not, if the Hoaxtead pushers think they’ve won, they’ll find something else on which to focus their attention.


25 thoughts on “Charlotte declares Hoaxtead finished

  1. Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward is pathetic…her post brought back bad memories of how she used to spout her shit online every day and we used to constantly prove her wrong.

    I much preferred reading DG’s take on it..which was hilarious! 😀

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  2. A nice deconstruction. Nothing this Charlotte Ward says can be taken as truth. She has as I understand her own mental problems, and is an attention junkie, anything for the attention.

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    • I agree, SV. She traded in her go-nowhere ‘Conspirituality’ blog for Hamster Research, which flared briefly but fizzled fast…and since then she’s been trying desperately to get people to pay attention to her, her, HER! Pathetic, really.

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  3. Abraham, Ella and their supporters tend to misinterpret every document and communication they receive. If they have received a communication it is possible that it was stating that Ella’s ‘leave to appeal’ has been suspended indefinitely and hearing cancelled.

    However, if RD’s chances of getting the children full time has broken down, it would not be due to any activism, but for some other reason.

    To think this woman constructed a blog because she supposedly believed that babies are being murdered and eaten. Yet she doesn’t seem particularly bothered to allow the cult to continue. It’s almost as if she didn’t really believe it.
    Apparently she also believes that these children will be safe now, even though she used to say they were handed back to the accused (ie social services).

    Either, she really did believe it and doesn’t care about any other children, or she never really believed it and just enjoyed the attention she got from her blog…etc.

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    • As far as I’m aware, there have been no developments re. stopping RD getting access to the children; correct me if I’m wrong but I think he still gets to see them at weekends. No, the claim that he’s now been stopped from seeing them is yet another slice of Abe-Ella-Angie-Charlotte b*******. (I’m not sure whether that’s bullshit or bollocks but at least I resisted the urge to swear. Oh shit, sorry.)

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  4. I get so confused- I thought this Tavistock joint was part of the brain-washing cult?.
    Global pressure lol. They really do live their lives through the internet.

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    • LOL! I don’t think they realise how tiny and insignificant they are, in the grander scheme of things. Now that Drippy is off Twitter, no one is really talking about Hoaxtead; there’s some talk of it on Facebook, but it’s really just the True Believers who bother with it. And I can tell you that while a smattering of visitors from other countries are interested, the vast majority are from right here in the UK.


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