Thanks to Mr Annu H. Muh!

You have to love it when your enemies try to show you up, but wind up doing you a good turn. Doesn’t happen often, but when it does…sweeeeet!

Many thanks to the kind reader who noticed this comment on a YouTube video yesterday and brought it to our attention:

Annu H Muh-El Coyote

Mr Muh has been on our case for months now, having apparently decided that El Coyote is a terrible person who feeds on ‘harassment, intimidation, slander, abuse and threats’.

We think perhaps Mr Muh has his own personal issues that he needs to work out, as EC rarely comments on any of the social media channels Mr Muh seems to frequent, and we’re quite certain that when he does, he’s a polite coyote and rarely lifts his leg in inappropriate places.

In any case, though, we think it was rather nice of Mr M. to offer us a bit of free advertising.

And we’d like to welcome anyone who arrived here expecting to find a slavering group of cannibalistic baby-murdering paedophiles; we hope you’re not terribly disappointed at the reality.

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