Bronwyn Llewellyn: Mental health worker?

They say you learn something new every day, and we’re here to tell you: and how!

Bronwyn Llewellyn has been keeping up her relentless campaign of arse-lickery in a vain attempt to coax Abe into liking her again. Her strategy: comment frequently on his blog, and show him what a dedicated acolyte she really is.

And so we see her, posting here there and everywhere about how much she just f*cking hates Ricky! Hates him, we tell you!

Because for sure, if you show you hate the same kid the class bully hates, you’ll get to sit at the bully’s right hand during lunch break, and he might even let you carry his books home for him, right?

Well, Bronny lives in hope.

Here’s just a small sample.

Bronwyn Llewellyn-mental health worker 3

Heh…she was mean to Ricky, she said ‘adrenochrome’ and ‘brain function’…Abe’s bound to notice her now!

But no accolades from Abe. Yet.

Maybe she should ramp it up a notch:

Bronywn Llewellyn-mental health worker

Look! She used Abe’s writing STYLE and EVERYTHING! And she said bad WORDS about RD!

Surely Abe will love her now.

Bronwyn Llewellyn-mental health worker

Wait, hold the phone: did Bronwyn Llewellyn really say, “I’ve worked for some years in the Mental Health area, directly with people who suffer from some very extreme Mental Health issues”?

Seriously? Someone lets this woman near people who suffer from mental health problems? That can’t be right.

But a bit of poking around online shows that in fact, she’s not lying: Bronwyn Llewellyn-Pathways Health Ltd

Apparently Bronny has, or had, a job as a support worker with Pathways Health Ltd., a company that describes itself as “New Zealand’s leading national provider of community-based mental health and wellness services”. According to their company website, they’re all about compassion, caring, and helping the mentally ill live well in the community.

We wonder, then, how this estimable company might feel about Bronny’s telling someone she’s diagnosed as ‘mentally ill’ that “it WAS so UNFAIR that your parents fucked you up the arse and nobody heard your cries either”. Let’s face it: would you want Bronny caring for your mentally ill loved one?

Somehow, we suspect Pathways Health might find her behaviour less than appropriate.


p.s. Many thanks to the kind commenter who reminded us of this post from the Hoaxtead Research vault, in which Bronny describes to us her fascination with guns and automatic weaponry, and her vigilante fantasy of coming to Hampstead to ‘blow away’ innocent victims of this hoax.

did she really just say that





26 thoughts on “Bronwyn Llewellyn: Mental health worker?

    • Yes! I was looking for that post last night but must have had the wrong keywords, as I couldn’t lay hands on it. I’ll link it into today’s post, thanks. Well done. 🙂


  1. A friend of a friend, friends dog, told me… Sheva is not who you think she is. Can’t say anymore, but let’s just say, she’s a real outlaw!


  2. Broadmore is full of patients who think they are running the place. When they aren’t claiming to be Napoleon.

    Whatever the reality i think Pathways need to be asked why they employ such a dangerous person or if she is a patient what the hell is going on.

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  3. I wonder how Bronny’s employers will feel about her posts where she threatens to go on a shooting rampage through Hampstead.

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