Angie declares jihad on us

Oh dear. The acknowledged Queen of Demented Hyperbole, Angela Fag-Ash Disney, is very, very, very annoyed with Hoaxtead Research.

This morning she posted a comment, supposedly originating from Tiny Magical Creatures, who we wrote about last month: she’s the ‘reborn’ doll enthusiast who launched a series of illegal YouTube videos and was visited by the police.

At that time, she gave the police the following card, which she asked them to distribute to all the people who’d been affected by her actions:

Tiny Magical Creatures card

But now, according to Angie (whose word is always completely 100% reliable, as we’re sure you know), she’s received the following comment from TMC:

Angela-TMC rant

To be perfectly honest, we’re not convinced that this originated with TMC. For one thing, we have never publicised her name here, so we don’t know how it could be possible that her husband is receiving calls at his office.

But the dead giveaway: “those sick twisted jewish mothers”….Um, did we mention that TMC is Jewish? How likely is it that she’d want to make a racial slur like that?

We should, however, draw attention to the bottom of the rant: “All we need to do now is REMOVE him [RD, presumably, who they think writes this blog and a host of other anti-Hoaxtead stuff] and the families harassing us…”

Whether this originated with TMC or not, we’ll be forwarding it to the police for further action. Stay tuned.

Angela Power Disney



32 thoughts on “Angie declares jihad on us

  1. Message to Angie: You have put out a video – which I have recorded – when you visited Brixton police station stating you worked for Hampstead Research. I have the crime reference no for this. This was at a time when Hampstead Research was still up. You also have a video up – also recorded as evidence – where you state that you are going to write certain articles/posts for Hampstead Research, which then did in fact appear. Articles that would come under the ‘harassment’ heading. In other words, there is plenty of evidence of YOUR hate campaign towards innocent people. People who have been found innocent in a court of law, not the court of Angie Disney Powers. YOU are the guilty one. YOU are putting out messages on your fb page which has many readers, encouraging others to target (and attack?) innocent people.

    You cannot get this blog to be taken down because it is not doing anything wrong. If there is something specific that you object to, argue that point in a comment in an appropriate fashion.

    I am not RD and I know other writers here who you imagine to be are RD are not RD either. You have unresolved issues from your past which you are projecting onto RD. That much is very clear. You would be better off seeking some more therapy for yourself instead of trying to resolve it this way, as you will be unsuccessful. Be truthful with your therapist about what you have been doing, ie mounting a hate campaign against an innocent man because you are reminded of your own experiences.

    You are in Ireland. See

    A case could easily be put together right now with the evidence that you have kindly supplied. Shall I proceed? Do you really need the stress? Do you want to be able to travel to the UK in the future?

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    • Excellent points, MtA. We should keep in mind that Angela jumped on board the Hoaxtead train very early on–5 February, to be exact–and started instantly claiming that nearly 100 people were guilty of terrible crimes…though she had absolutely no evidence to back those allegations.

      She was involved in the disgusting ‘Hampstead Research’ blog as Charlotte Ward Alton’s right-hand woman, and said so on several occasions. The only reason she wasn’t arrested along with Neelu, Christine Ann Sands, and Sabine (and/or served with an injunction like Belinda, Sabine, and Tracy Morris) is that she currently lives in Ireland.


  2. The reason “everybody” isn’t try to get Hoaxtead Research removed (apart from the obvious) is because there are less than a handful of nut-jobs left campaigning on YouTube.

    Sure you’ll get the odd ill-informed comment from somebody new and horrified by the “evidence”, but I really can’t identify more than a handful of active supporters of Abe.

    She really does believe that there is some army of people to call on, when in fact most people scuttled away into the shadows after the newspapers reported the facts and then became tomorrows fish and chip paper.

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  3. I’m don’t know why TMC would make an anti semitic remark like that. TMC is not just Jewish – she’s very Jewish. Happy Hanukkah to her, wherever she is.

    Somebody is playing silly beggers I expect.

    Let the police handle it!

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    • Pretty sure it’s TMC all right…….she’s got a style. Look at all those 2s….she’s 2 effin’ lazy 2 type the words too, two or to……and ya know what, if someone did phone her husband its because his wife is a nutter who caused loads of damage to a lot of people. Bet the other ladies at her shul won’t think so highly of her now. Specially cuz she calls them names……

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      • You could very well be correct. In any case, it’s already been handed to the police, who did say they planned to arrest TMC if she persisted.


      • I’m sure I read an anti-semitic comment by TMC in her Google+ comments. Of course, it can’t be found now. Could have been a sly way of deflecting suspicion or something deeper, psychologically. This was before I knew she was Jewish otherwise I definitely would have mentioned it! They don’t know when to quit this lot do they?

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    • Yep. I don’t know why either Angie or TMC would think our blog could be taken down, since we only share things that the Hoaxteaders have already put in the public domain. If they don’t want their offerings shared and critiqued, they have a choice: shut up about it, already.


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    • Yes, I’m sure it’s a great disappointment to them that they haven’t been able to touch us so far. Ah well. Win some, lose some.


  5. I’ve been waiting for TMC to thank us for not outing her.

    If she did send that note then it means the written apology was totally insincere. I’m willing to wait and find out….

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  6. Can Angie at least tell us where she originally saw this message, supposedly from TMC?

    Is the sentence which follows “Message from Tiny:” (the one in capital letters) part of Tiny’s message? if so, then why would Tiny refer to “SHE”, she would’ve said “I” .

    So, unless Angie added that part, then the message is surely by someone else who is referring to TMC?
    Its confusing. I mean, in the message she even says “TMC has never been arrested”… why not say “I have never been arrested?

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    • Because she’s passing on a message to ‘him’ and she hopes Angie would publish some of this as if it was from her.

      I really hope it’s not her because whatever action is taken affects her husband and family. If it is her then she probably sent this message privately and never expected Angie to publish it.

      But who knows. Some people like attention.

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      • In that case, she’s a two-faced creature if she did pass this message on, if she didn’t then Angie is a nasty piece of work (but we knew that anyway..)
        Hope the Police get to the bottom of it.

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        • Yes, I hope they do too. I’d be very disappointed to hear that TMC was this immature and tw0-faced. I’d hoped for better from her.


      • Very true. If it was sent by TMC it’s very bad, as it’ll likely lead to her arrest. At their last encounter, the police warned her that another episode of harassment would have very dire consequences indeed.


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