Whose story was it, anyway?

Just when you thought it was safe…

Our old friend Guidance 2222 has released yet another shambolic video, featuring a long (and by ‘long’ we mean ‘unbearably long’) interview with Abe, Ella, and a rather damaged-sounding soul named David Shurter.

In it, poor Ella sobs her heart out as she recounts the horror of listening to her children tell of the terror and pain they experienced. In a trembling voice, she describes finding blood in her children’s underwear, a testament to the multiple anal rapes they’d endured.

Oh, wait. No she doesn’t.

She speaks in a monotone punctuated by giggles, just as one might expect from a mother whose children had been terrorised by a murderous paedophilic cult.

As for the blood…nope. Not a speck. Her little boy took a while to grasp the art of wiping himself thoroughly after using the toilet, but so do about 90% of children, we understand.

A couple of points of interest:

Abe ‘attracted’ to Ella’s children

At 1 hour and 41 minutes, the interviewer asks (finally!), “Abraham, what has your part been in all of this?’

Abraham’s classic reply: “Well, I met the children at a raw food event, a nutritional event, and we were attracted, we hit it off”.

How interesting. Abe felt an ‘attraction’ to Ella’s kids. Imagine that! We wonder whether the ‘attraction’ was mutual? Then again, Abe has never troubled himself much about the feelings of others.

Ella ‘borrows’ Abe’s story

Here’s a puzzler for you: at 1:16:29 Ella says she “remember(s) one incident where A’s friend came to my house” and “she was looking into my eyes, she was asking for something, she was begging for something, for something I did not see. Then later on, A. disclosed…this girl’s name was M…” and surprisingly enough, M was one of the children alleged to have been a victim of ‘the cult’.

This rang a bell with one of our intrepid researchers: hadn’t they heard this story somewhere before?

Indeed they had. On Charlotte Ward Alton’s now-defunct and not at all lamented Hampstead Research blog, back when Charlotte and Abe were still bosom buddies, Charlotte wrote:

Some people are concerned that Abraham hit the children. Not just because he did but also because this could be used against him by the State, who will want to keep those children – at all costs.

I asked Abraham about this and this is his reply: Yes A did hit the children, but is it difficult to believe that this has been exaggerated? Do they really need an excuse to keep the children? A is ready and willing to exit stage left if this ever becomes a condition for their release. Ella has never been accused of anything by the children.

My chastisement of A & G has been exaggerated to the degree to which RD’s behaviour has been played down. As a 58 year old from Tottenham, once I realised that the children had been possibly sexually abused, it wasn’t difficult for me to realise that I could make an ideal scapegoat by the real culprits were I to voice my suspicions. Twice I considered removing myself from this this delicate situation, anticipating some such scenario with me as the convenient scapegoat.

Remembering M’s big green eyes looking deeply into mine imploring me telepathically to help, before A & G disclosed, remind me that this temporary discomfiture is nothing if one child is spared this torture. Naively or otherwise I decided to trust and go to the authorities.

~ ‘Message from Abraham’ June 1, 2015

In the comments following this startling revelation, Charlotte clarifies that ‘M’ was one of the ‘special children’ who he and Ella claim were abused by the ‘cult’.

Here’s a comment by The Watcher (who comments here from time to time), which was deleted by Charlotte, but somehow made its way to us:


But back to our initial observation: have Abe and Ella now undergone some sort of mind-meld, whereby they experience one another’s memories and delusions as their own?

How likely is it that little M. looked imploringly into both Abe’s and Ella’s eyes, telepathically communicating via her large green eyes that she was being regularly abused by a mysterious cult comprising half of Hampstead, and silently begging them to help her?

Or (more likely) are Abe and Ella both lying through their teeth?


p.s. If you really want to subject yourself to the video, you can find it here. But don’t say we didn’t warn you:

44 thoughts on “Whose story was it, anyway?

      • ROFL !! I’d almost forgotten about the David Shurter expose – one of my favorites!
        Shurter is a particularly dimwitted pathological liar. After all this time, he still thinks that “Doug” is also “Plain Speaker”. I’ve never bothered to correct him, since that little piece of self-delusion demonstrates his stupidity every time he repeats it.

        For the record, I am Plain Speaker. And I’m definitely not “Doug”. Doug is a lot smarter than I have ever been, and his writing is always very professional whereas I’m just a ‘hack’ 🙂

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    • Good link! Abe and Ella are just making fools of themselves hooking up with conspiritards. Let them crack on! haha!

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  1. Christie’s first approach to Ella was through the little girl…he made some comment to her…driven of course through his telepathic intuition. That in itself is suggestive. I wonder too if he would have eventually forced those children to act out his sick fantasies.
    Who knows what the future will reveal about this sad affair? When the children are older they might decide to tell their story and set the record straight about Draper and Christie.

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    • I’d say I hope the children will speak up when they’re grown, but in fact I really hope that by the time they’re adults, they’ll have put this entire hoax behind them.

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  2. more of the usual claptrap about “secret family courts that contain the information” from a very matter of fact Ella not exhibiting one iota of concern.

    As if anything can be kept secret in this day with 1000s of demented conspiracy bloggers (they used to wander the streets with sandwich boards proclaiming the End Of The Earth before the internet) and Ella lies through her hemp stained teeth about secrecy when details of the court case were released by the judge for the entire world to read about.

    And the endless claim – which is never prevalent in a real case with concerned parents – of always finding something happened somewhere else ten years ago so that must prove the matter they are ranting about is true.

    Ella’s coldness is frightening. She didn’t just become like this overnight and I recall the father saying once that she could be ‘beautiful’ or words like that, at times. Parental concern is totally lacking from this cold woman and she met her match with the psychopathic criminal Abraham Crisitie. I have no sympathy for her and I thank God those kids were removed from her evil grasp.

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    • I believe Ella’s coldness was one of the root causes of this whole hoax. She must have known that the children responded to others–teachers, their friends’ parents, Ricky–better than they did to her, and the knowledge must have eaten away at her. What did they have that she didn’t?

      Jealousy is a terrible task-master.


  3. Have you noticed how the two of them regurgitate the same ‘script’ over and over? Are they reading from cue-cards? And mixed up the ‘imploring telepathically specific message conveying eyes one?

    And Ella does seem to need hand holding, prompting, reminding where she was again, so often, it is quite pronounced now.

    She lies. She is a LIAR. Everything she says can be judged on this one irrefutable bit of evidence here, courtesy of BigBubba: That RD is a pornographer, supposedly ‘proven’ and continually propagated by our old agent Charlotte Ward Alton in her fake voice video CCPS 17 on vidme and of course on her blog (PS see the raft of comments which takes apart her ‘evidence’ here https://vid.me/Z3bO in the COMMENTS)

    Ella’s voice POURS with hatred when she talks about RD in the latest video on guidance, about the only time she does show passion.


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    • It’s the same script, but still they stumble and bumble over it, forgetting their lines and having to prompt one another.
      The lie about RD being a producer of child sex abuse videos is only one of their most easily disproven falsehoods–there are so many others, it would be difficult to list them all.


  4. I hope Abe realises that one day the kids will be grown up and will remember what actually happened and that he may have their wrath to deal with. They may go public…who knows. It’s possible that this will all come and bite him in the ass when he’s 70. He has something to look forward to then.

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    • Go straight to the source and ask the horse, he’ll give you the answer that you’ll endorse! He’s always on a steady course, completely unlike Ella!

      Yes, I have too much time on my hands. Why do you ask?


  6. As part of my training I had to spend some time on psychiatric wards. My first visit was disconcerting as the first patient I encountered pointed at me (new person) and yelled: ‘He’s the devil!’

    Of course I should not have been shocked. It is commonplace, a ‘primitive defence’ for ‘unintegrated personalities’ to ‘split’ everything and everyone they encounter into either good or bad.

    Depending on the severity of the presentation, the good and bad become very good (idealising) or very bad (scapegoating).

    At its most extreme we see people who see ‘devils’ and ‘angels’. Or, as here, idiosyncratic variations on the evil theme: Sodomising death cults/Illuminati/Cover-up/Everyone is in on it type of stuff.

    What category then do Ella and Abe (and the ranting followers) then come into? Inpatient variety, needing pharmaceutical treatment, probably. Maybe even sectioning if dangerous to children and otherwise uncontainable.

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    • I think their followers rank from ‘gullible’ to ‘tuned out’ to ‘mentally ill’, but I completely take your point about Abe and Ella’s ‘splitting’ of the world into two polar categories. It does say something about Abe’s pretensions of guru-hood, doesn’t it?


    • Note how all those spreading the hogwash of Satanic Death Cults running the UK. USA ,Hampstead Park etc etc seem to completely ignore that there is a very frightening death cult operating in Iraq & Syria and who have just take 129 innocent lives in Paris,

      The vilely claim ( Cullinane & Berry already, David Icke) that all attacks are the orchestrated by a Jewish, Freemason ,Illuminati Cult or Mossad etc etc.

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  7. The radio host’s explanation of ‘cognitive dissonance’ left a lot to be desired. Where do these people come from having radio shows?

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  8. I’m listening to the video just now. It’s utterly shameful how they can keep on repeating the same lies over and over again. Sometimes adding new slander along the way, particularly regarding RD on this video.
    It’s actually getting tiresome now.
    We know the children are safely away from that evil pair and most of their supporters are dwindling now but I just keep reminding myself about the innocent residents of Hampstead who are still suffering with every new video and I realise why we MUST continue.


    • As I have said : the father and the Hampstead residents should appeal to Google, Youtube for their now established European Right To Be Forgotten.

      This ruling was made for those who had been convicted of a crime but had a ‘spent conviction’. It surely applies to those who are innocently accused of a crime – and outrageously in this case, by those who appear to be the actual criminals.

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