Happy 666 Day, Abe!

A new milestone was reached today in the seemingly never-ending game taking place on Abe & Ella’s blog, in which commenters vie to see how many comments they can sneak in before Abe wakes up from his hemp-induced coma and erases the lot.

The comment counter ticked over to Abe’s favourite number, 666, with the following:

Comment #666

Keep in mind that Abe actually ditched his hemp business at one point because the bar codes on his packaged hemp seeds contained the dreaded number…just one more case of his managing to snatch defeat from the jaws of success.

In any case, we thought it was rather nice of this commenter to share their victory post with us…you know who you are! 😉

p.s. If anyone feels like calling Ella and Abe to wish them a Happy 666 Day, we’re sure they’d welcome the support. Just saying.

go get em tiger




27 thoughts on “Happy 666 Day, Abe!

  1. Harking back to the past, does anyone know if Justine Credible’s sign (carried outside Christ Church) that said ‘Hempstead’ on it was a joke or she just can’t spell?

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    • Well, it sure beats Charlotte’s Sunday morning requiems! I doubt there are many who miss those.

      Thanks, Lee – that’s just what I needed to get me going on a Sunday morning.

      Here’s another weird “satanic” one for the collection. Classic song, bizarre video:


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