Abe and Ella reveal their true agenda

Here at Team Hoaxtead Research, we’ve been speculating for some time about Abe and Ella’s agenda in continuing to push the Hampstead hoax on anyone gullible or desperate enough to swallow it.

Sure, there’s the obvious: Ella being so filled with rage with RD for daring to dump her that she wants to destroy him completely; Abe being a rather unsuccessful career criminal with a bent towards fraud, counterfeiting, and violence, and an interest in Aleister Crowley-style occultism; and the pair of them seeing the chance to meld their interests and use the children as innocent pawns in their disgusting game.

But the lengths to which they’ve gone seem extreme, even for people as pathologically narcissistic as Abrella.

Lately, though, they’ve begun to drop more hints about what’s really driving them. One of our team has been keeping an eye on their new website, and has brought back some very interesting reports that start to clarify Abrella’s true agenda.

For starters, they’re using pictures of RD’s children to sweeten their begging bowl:

Abrella-new blog-begging 2016-01-23Yes, ladies and gents, for a mere £20, you can have either one of these fashion-forward t-shirts or one of these delightful tea/coffee/juice mugs, emblazoned with pictures of RD’s children’s scarred and bruised faces. Because nothing says “I am a half-witted fantasist with money to burn” like sporting a cheap souvenir plastered with illegally shared images.

Abrella-new blog-tshirts & mugs 2016-01-23And for £50, you can have both the t-shirt and the mug! Not to mention a $50 ticket to Abrella’s ‘Exclusive on-line Nutritional Seminar’.

Ah, there we are. Agenda time.

If you’ve been following this hoax for any length of time, you’ll have been unable to avoid the underlying theme of hemp, which Abe touts as the ‘perfect food’ for all humans. As you’ll recall, he forced the children to call him ‘Papa Hemp’; he and Ella fed them hemp in sufficient quantities that THC, the active component of cannabis, was found in their hair samples; and he ranted on his old blog, as well as on YouTube, about hemp being a vegan substitute for blood transfusions (complete hogwash, of course).

In a comment on the Twice-baked in Washington blog, Abe talks about hemp:

Abe-Half-baked-hemp 2016-01-23By all estimations, Abe wrote this before he’d met RD’s children and felt an ‘attraction’ to them.

If you click through to the blog in question, and click on Abe’s name, you’ll find that he made this post using the email address from his previous get-rich-quick scheme, ‘Cash Money 4 Silver’ (now defunct). That one went bust, so clearly he was looking for another business venture.

Here’s another snippet from Abrella’s new blog:

Abrella-new blog-CVs 2016-01-23Doesn’t this look totes legit? At least, if you don’t look too hard.

Leaving aside Ella’s ludicrous ‘face yoga technique’ and the horrifying thought of her teaching spiritual practices to anyone, have a look at what Abe is claiming:

Pioneering nutritional researcher and practioner specialising in Hempseed nutrition, with more than 20 years experience.

Translation: has been a stoner for many years.

Abraham was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in 2013 for his work.

No, he wasn’t. Honorary doctorates aren’t given for academic or scientific work; they are, as the name implies, merely honorary. For more information on Abe’s very dodgy educational history, you can check this post. Suffice to say, he is, as usual, lying.

But he’s lying for a very specific reason.

Before he met Ella and the children, Abe had begun drawing some strange conclusions about hemp and its powers. His belief that hemp could be used as a blood substitute melded with his belief that hemp could be used to ‘cure’ those who practice ‘satanic ritual abuse’…and lo and behold, as luck would have it, he came upon two children who he decided had been victims (and early, unwilling practitioners) of…you guessed it! The very practice for which he just so happened to have the perfect remedy! Phwoar…that doesn’t happen often, now does it?

Later, of course, when the SRA thing started to lose traction, Abrella switched over to believing that the children had been victims of state-sponsored trauma-based mind control.

But guess what? Hemp also happens to be the perfect cure for that, as “cannabis/hemp/marijuana deletes and prevents mind control”! Amazing, right?

Now, Abe claims to have been supported in his hemp work by none other than nutrition guru David “Chocolate lines up planetarily with the sun” Wolfe. Wolfe espouses all manner of crackpot nutritional theories, but he is revered by many…and he makes a handy living from his various workshops, sponsored blogs, etc.

What’s this got to do with Hoaxtead?

With the advent of their new blog, Abrella have laid it all out very clearly.

Their intention now—and we would contend, their intention all along—has been to make a big name for themselves in the field of hemp as a nutritional blockbuster. Their gimmick, the tool they’ve used to create online buzz, was Hoaxtead.

If they claimed that RD’s children were victims/early practitioners of SRA, they could kill two birds with a single bullet: they’d ensure that RD never saw his children again, and they’d have the perfect case study to ‘prove’ that hemp cures SRA.

Of course, it started going pear-shaped almost from the beginning, when that pesky Jean-Clement took the children’s videos to the police, and Abe had to beetle off to Morocco to avoid getting nicked for child abuse. But if we look back over the trajectory of the hoax, it’s easy to see how Abrella tried to keep their original plan alive.

Good thing we’re all here to ensure they don’t succeed.


71 thoughts on “Abe and Ella reveal their true agenda

  1. Asking for donations and giving out T-Shirts and Mugs with the children’s pictures on them. What a disgusting pair Abrella are. The same two children who will (thankfully) never be in their care again.. and rightly so.

    Who on earth is going to pay for an online seminar given by them? They’ve already told everyone about their hemp theories at every given opportunity for free on YT interviews, which has resulted in people turning against them at the lack of concern and mention of the children.

    The pair of them are complete idiots but one thing makes me happy about seeing a donation button.. they must be running out of money in exile!

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    • No ones buying Angela, Belinda, or Sabine’s begging and victim claiming, us blaming, whilst bullying, stalking setting off gangs to destroy other’s decent campaigns.

      Any and all of them would have sent money out to Abella.

      Now maybe, the grassroot, groundlevel groups, can get a look in, those that do the real support, tirelessly, with integrity and real compassion, those that know their limitations, and pass people on to find what is best for them. Those that know empowerment is key.

      I worried alot about the upset my actions, would cause, but it has been necessary, to show them up,

      I know some friends have worried for me, knowing how this has upset me for years, and that i was powerless to do much for all sorts of reasons, not least my lack of skill, techie wise, but also the way, i was branded a troublemaker, bully, whatever the goss was, but as can be seen, very quickly i was attacked very severely, as i spoke up more widely.

      I tried not to have to. I tackled the instigators many times, and warned many people and sites.

      The White List , i really hope will serve especially for people new to social media on the issue of Child Abuse or Family Justice, Problems with Childrens Services, etc.

      Until they are disbanded or destroyed, Sabines matrix of sites, hogs pages on nearly every google keyword.

      As people lose interest, though the better sites, will be more visible and easier to find, so that people don’t get caught in their traps, and hurt.

      Many are tired of hearing about CSA, it is overwhelming for many, and for many they need their quiet time, i usually do, planning to really begin energising springtime. For something mega, Septembery.

      I’m still worried about some sites, that are getting mega clicks and still have Fiona Barnett in their site.

      This is so serious and dangerous, that blacklisting them will be necessary, but reluctant with some, because apart from that, they seem to carry good info.

      So thankyou everyone, who has filled in gaps that i never would have, without you all, they might have carried on for years, many have witnessed the resistance to the news of these being hoaxes and hoaxers, scammers, charlatans, i hope any still resistant, will take the time to research and realise.

      I hadn’t meant to get so serious,

      Thankyou for the humour, your headlines are so witty and clever, they crack me up.

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  2. Angie’s weird mate Nina’s back.

    At 12:49 – once she’s got past her hilarious rant about how she’s losing her hair because “they” are firing microwave beams at her head (I swear I’m not making that up) – she goes off on one about the Hampstead “trolls” (all of whom are “the father’s socks”, naturally).

    Gotta luv hoaxer hypocrisy 😀

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    • yeah i saw her leave a comment on that great video i posted about….they ain’t no fools on that channel, did she read the list of crime agencies they are involved with ????

      I havn’t checked back yet.

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      • There are some awesome comments on there:

        “Chemtrails contain a substance that makes people record shit videos and upload them to YouTube. Looks like it works.”

        “Did Jesus give you bipolar?”

        “So why are you stalking me? There is no point – everyone is alert to your scams, Nina. If you have been fooled or sucked in, then free yourself. Do I look like fking RD ?! You are endorsing crooks who have made sure that some important campaigners have been threatened, bigtime. Not on, and the world of survivor networks is now aware.”

        “The only thing missing was the sound of a CUCKOO in the background to compliment this CRACKPOT’S video.”

        And Nina’s most bizarre line in that video?
        “Ooh, look at that person-like-looking thing here.” [1:23]
        Best description of a random (and not remotely “person-like-looking”) tree ever! 😀

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    • Amazing how some of these people look perfectly reasonable or normal until they open their mouths.


  3. Sheva and I have been discussing this for a while now.

    If only we knew then just how on the money Sheva and I were and indeed are!

    Now we need to take this mother xxxxxxxxx down once and for all, they have taken the p122 one too many times and its obvious what their games have been for a while!

    More over why hasn’t the Judges in the cases not issued International Arrest Warrants? They are there for that reason! They should be used to bring an end to this pile of dog xxxx!!

    It has really started to annoy the crap out of me now! They are only about taking people for a ride! Which to me and Sheva was blindingly obvious! But I suppose for as long as there is money to be made then the like of Ella & Abraham etc will keep their story and lying through their teeth and praying on the poor vulnerable people in society!

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    • I feel annoyed as well. This pair are in Spain cocking a snook at the British authorities and basically laughing at them. The Spanish authorities should have been alerted ages ago to pick them up. What the hell is wrong with Barnet police ?

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    • Can anyone tell me why, if this gunk is so ‘healthy’ Abrella are looking ill in their latest picture?
      Abraham looks so emaciated now that his head looks to big for his body!

      My guess is that Ella is probably hiding dark circles and eye wrinkles with those shades and knows it wouldn’t be good for her ‘face yoga’ agenda. LOL!

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      • Hemp messes with the hormones in the body, throwing them out of balance, which over time will cause what you witness physically and mentally. Both of them are little more than drug addicts, and to allow them anywhere near children would be suicidal.

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        • Apparently there are two distinct types of cannabis plant and the one the seed is harvested from has negligible levels of THC, certainly not enough to have any psychotropic effects. This isn’t alternative health mumbo jumbo , its already considered a serious superfood by respected authorities on nutrition. The link I posted is from an academic research paper and is worth reading.

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          • I think there’s confusion about which type of plant Abrella were feeding to the kids. While they claimed at one point that it was the non-active type, but then changed their story and said it was the active type, but the way they were preparing it meant no THC was in it. The kids’ hair samples told a different story, however.

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    • I havn’t checked the link yet anna, but i am with the patients alliance and NormlUK, and am in favour of decriminalising organic cannabis, for many reasons. including the health benefits, i am convinced of.

      There are tho, some setups that are of the snake oil kind, i’ll try and find the links for warnings put out by the good sites

      Chasing the Scream is a page for a guy doing some good work on helping to create different attitudes towards drugs, that make sense to me.

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    • I think hemp has a lot of very interesting and genuine effects…but Abrella are taking it out of the realm of science and into the realm of fantasy in their claims that it can cure the effects of ‘too much adrenochrome’ caused by cannibalism that accompanies SRA, and now that it can fend off the effects of trauma-based mind control. This kind of charlatanism makes the real research seem suspect, which is completely unfair.

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      • They fall into the same category as Sabine McNeill (face creams) and Belinda McKenzie (star child) – they are new age snake oil salesmen who have used the children known as P and Q to advance their personal dishonest causes.

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      • Oh absolutely, but as with all these theories they sometimes contain a teeny tiny kernel of truth which then gets misunderstood (in the same way they misunderstand the law etc) and I suspect his adrenochrome nonsense is related to arginine, which hemp does have an effect upon as it effects the bloods ability to clot and the performance of the vascular system in general.. The thing is, to counteract all the bullshit effectively one has to become expert in that particular field and , frankly, who has the time? !!

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        • Ain’t that the truth, LOL! Interesting about the arginine; and as for the superfood thing, I have a packet of hemp seed hearts which I use on my breakfast each morning. Pretty sure they’re THC-free. 🙂


        • And of course,in reply to your comment El, I know they were giving the children the real deal, that’s why it showed up in the hair tests, could only be from ingesting actual cannabis. I’m no fan of alt health, but hemp is a genuinely interesting product.

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  4. Would social services/the police potentially take action against these 2 for their use of the photographs in this way? Seems like a clear safeguarding issue to me.

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  5. It is very odd that Abraham is using the term ‘appears’ in 2014 but he is expecting people to believe that he was awarded an honorary PHD in 2013 for his paper (well he’s given a title) on the same subject.

    I smell lies.

    I have also seen him trying to back up his ideas on the previous version of the blog. He couldn’t back up what he said in any way shape or form when put on the spot.

    True experts don’t hedge their bets as far as a I can see, they go all in with their belief and opinion on a subject, and are willing to look at fresh evidence and other points of view. They always can do better than post the first search result on Google to back stuff up.

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    • Like all the troofers in this case, when he’s put on the spot he keeps repeating the same tired stock phrases over and over, hoping no one will notice that he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. In the worst case, he can bellow, “Show us your TATTOOS!!” Nothing like a diversionary tactic.


  6. Just when you think they can’t stoop much lower, now they want to make money off the back of their child abuse. With images showing the results of that abuse.

    “Fear is the mind killer”, “State sponsored trauma based mind control”….I wonder what the printer was thinking, and whether they enquired about the scar on the girls chin.

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  7. Wonder if any idiots will buy the t-shirts.

    Will Abraham and Ella even post them?

    I wouldn’t hold my breathe.

    They are worse than Ben Fellows taking money from the vulnerable to support his trip to India.

    And that’s saying something.

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    • I was wondering whether anyone would be foolish enough to actually wear the shirts? It’d be like painting a sign on your head: ‘I’m a gullible nitwit’.


      • Ah yes.. but gullible nitwits fail to see themselves as gullible nitwits. Believe me, I dealt with one today under a video but alas… they never took my advice, which was to contact a Psychiatrist.
        I was only trying to help them. These people are so ungrateful and rude too. 😀

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