Ella and Abe: The breakup?

No matter how abysmal a mother Ella was to her children, there’s been no doubt in most people’s minds that she and Abe were solid as a rock, relationship-wise. Right?

Well, except for the slight worry, evinced by some, that her voice wasn’t being heard on their pig’s toilet of a blog…but that was before she and Abe did their Muppet Show interview last week. You know, the one where Ella kept forgetting her lines, and accidentally told a story that had originally belonged to Abe?

Yeah, they’re a laugh and a half, those two.

But over the weekend, a regular observer pointed out that in fact, if Ella is to be believed (and we grant you, that’s a stretch), the Gruesome Twosome have in fact parted ways in the past:

Ella-My then partner Abe Christie.png

Her ‘then partner’?

Here it is again, from one of Sabine’s blogs:

Ella-timeline-from Sabine blog

That certainly sounds as though:

  1. Ella realised that it would be a stretch for any sane person to believe the story she and Abe had hatched, and
  2. She and Abe had separated at some point after the police interviews.

Why would they do such a thing? We can think of a few plausible reasons:

Perhaps the police had found Abe’s phone (which would explain their interest in it when they interviewed the children in the retraction videos), and he decided to make himself scarce. After all, he knew what was on that thing, and he’d have been well aware that the police would take a dim view.

As well, remember that DC Steve Martin, one of the officers in charge of the Hoaxtead case, knew Abe from a previous encounter: he was the officer who’d dealt with Abe’s assault of his own son, F******.

As we know from the Finbarr recording, Abe was none too happy about this. He must have known that as soon as DC Martin saw that he was involved with Ella’s children and their bizarre allegations, he’d come under intense scrutiny.

And like a cockroach, Abe is allergic to intense scrutiny, so he skedaddled, leaving Ella to deal with the mess he’d created.

We know he was gone for about five months, only returning briefly in February to strut around in front of the Royal Courts of Justice with Belinda and friends; and then he and Ella bolted for Spain when the police came by to ask them some questions.

Another possibility, which doesn’t rule out either of the first two, is that once the children had been taken into care, Ella realised that if she wanted them back, she’d have to smarten up a bit, and at least make a small effort to look like she gave a tinker’s about their welfare. That would include claiming that she and Abe, a known-to-police child abuser, were no longer an item.

If we had to guess, we’d go for ‘all of the above’: Abe knew he’d be in trouble if he stuck around, Ella knew she’d lose her kids permanently if Abe was still in the picture, and besides, there was that damned phone, which contained child sex abuse images.

Of course, now Ella and Abe are together in Spain, living on Ella’s monthly stipend from her ex-husband (despite the fact that she’s also named him as a ‘cult member’, but oh well), and her children are out of her clutches, most likely forever.

Ah, a happy ending always brings a tear to our eye!




21 thoughts on “Ella and Abe: The breakup?

    • I’m fairly sure she meant it to throw off the police/social services, to assure them that she was no longer with Abe, who would have been a liability when it came to getting her kids back.


    • I think she was just talking about a time from the past, so referred to him as her “then boyfriend” simply meaning “at that tine.”

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      • If you look at the first video that Sarah M shares, below, you’ll hear Abe say that in late January, Ella attended her last court appearance, during which she made the ‘veiled threat’ to expose the case if the children weren’t returned to her. Abe says, “I had returned from Morocco to assist Ella after 5 months. She had spent 5 months going to the courts, and she was–“…and Ella fills in, “Exhausted. I was exhausted”.


  1. It’s probably like Big Earl says.

    On the other hand though, in the police report, it gives the reason why the children were taken into care, the mother had failed to protect them.

    You have Dr Hodes at a meeting with other professionals agreeing that the children need to be taken into care to protect them, clearly not from the ‘cult’ or RD, but from Ella/Abe.

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  2. I don’t think Ella has much hand in stuff on that blog. Abraham putting up something about the police officer Steve Martin asking for the real names of Sasha and Misha (I think) gives it away. They are both Russsian diminutives of Russian given names. Police officers go to some sort of college if I remember properly, where they learn stuff that might be useful, that may even include things about names, like Abe is probably short for another name, and Sasha is probably officially known as Alexander or a variant spelling of that name. It’s useful stuff otherwise the police computer might get full up of people called the Polish for driving licence.


    There’s nothing sinister about the police officer’s question. Abraham Christie might not know about Russian names, but I do know a little, Ella knows, and clearly the police officer knows something too. Abraham, for all his posturing, self aggrandisement and puffery, isn’t the brightest or even particularly well read.

    A Russian person, like Ella, would realise this and not write such a silly blog post.

    Ella tactically splitting up with Abraham, or even lying about splitting up with him, makes sense in the context of concerns and evidence that Ella failed to protect her children from him.

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    • Love the story about Mr. Prawo Jazdy…LOL!

      It does seem likely to me that the ‘split’ was faked, or at very least tactical, as we see Abe putting up pictures of himself and Ella in a giant Moroccan cannabis field in Dec./Jan. on his Facebook page. This suggests that in between court dates, Ella might have taken a wee holiday to be with him.


  3. Either way, from the horses mouth, Abe states he ‘returned’ to Ella when he came back early 2015. His magnum opus, the discovery of the great conspiracy of all time in Hampstead seems not to have been important enough. or maybe viable. at that point.

    How is it that Abe did not stay around to support his Goddess in her time of need, by being with her?

    If you had any semblance of rationality left as a mother, in this situation, you might start entertaining suspicions of Abe’s guilt in all of this, for losing the children, as you witnessed the bullying of them into submission. And so tell him to fuck off in anger. At the very least I imagine Ella’s legal advisors would have strongly suggested she ditch him, fast, if she wanted any chance of getting the children back.

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    • Although she may have been taking advice from McKenzie et al in which case she may as well have got her advice from that man you see in the street with lots of plastic bags in a shopping trolley who drools.

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      • Well, funnily enough, Sabine was saying the children should be “returned” to their Russian grandparents. Perhaps the children living with Ella while Abraham Christie was on the scene was too much for even her to advocate.

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        • Yes, it’s odd that Sabine switched so readily to “return the children to their Russian grandparents”–wasn’t the game plan supposed to have been “return the children to their mother who is bravely battling the evil cult”?


      • 46. In the initial stages of the proceedings, Ms Draper had the advantage of representation
        by experienced Solicitors and Counsel. On 10 December 2014, at court, she dispensed
        with her legal team.

        Why did she dispense with her legal team, I wonder?

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        • What i heard is that she fired anyone who disagreed with her or told her anything she didn’t like to hear…….and thats how come she got the police vids in the 1st place, cuz the lawyers she fired just gave them over.

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        • Good question. She can’t have been easy to work with, and perhaps she insisted that the ‘cult abuse’ thing was true, while the legal team knew the story had more holes than a Swiss cheese?

          Many years ago, my father gave me some excellent advice: “There are two people in the world you should never lie to: your doctor and your lawyer”.


  4. I imagine it was a combination of all the above and I doubt they actually split as such. I can certainly imagine Sabine and Belinda advising that Abraham make himself scarce, as Sabine never liked him from the start, and Belinda has since said that she should get rid of him. If I remember correctly, Angela had a bit of a go at Belinda for saying that.

    Araya described Abraham as super rich. I doubt he has made himself rich so my guess would be inheritance money, which he is blowing on hemp fields and ‘holidays’.

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    • Yes, he suddenly went from a council flat in Tottenham to ‘super-rich’? Odd, that. Then again, Araya isn’t exactly a reliable witness.

      And didn’t Belinda at one point try to rustle up some donation cash by claiming that Abe and Ella were ‘destitute’ in their flight from the law?


  5. Belinda said Ella and Abe had little money, lived in a remote location, and had to visit an internet cafe for a connection during an interview outside the RCJ. She also claimed Ella and Abe had complained life on the run was expensive, iirc, perhaps somewhere else.

    Interestingly, following Ella’s recent oh-what-an-oversight-in-the-grand-scheme, ‘must do it now’ condemnation of Will Draper together with the twitter photos of him put up by Abraham (Dri floud), her change of name back to Gareeva, someone is now suggesting she has done a u-turn: This morning on coverup: ‘Will Draper was accused by Ella, but now she licks his dripping a*us.’ Maybe she realised she was shooting herself in the foot and is dependant on his stipend to pay the rent and feed Abe in Spain. There again, this particular poster, the prat, does make it up as he/she goes along, imo.

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