Kellie Cottam challenges Belinda, Sabine, Deborah to just learn the damn law

Well, here’s a fascinating turnaround: some of you might remember Kellie Cottam from this past summer, when she could be found outside the RCJ ranting about ‘satanic abuse’ and slagging the families, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead.

But on Thursday, Kellie impressed us by standing up toward the end of Sabine’s ‘Forced Adoptions Event’ and turning her ire upon those who truly deserve it:

Cottam, Kellie-at Forced Adoptions Event-AnnaJust to clarify: Kellie’s rant is on this segment of video coverage, starting at about 2 hours and 11 minutes. We especially like the part where she tells people to learn the damn law instead of screaming about things they don’t really understand. (Okay, that was a slight paraphrase.)

Nice going, Kellie!

Cottam, Kellie-at Forced Adoptions Event-2Bonus points: Deborah Mahmoudieh, on the left, does look less than delighted. Warms the cockles of our hearts, it does!


30 thoughts on “Kellie Cottam challenges Belinda, Sabine, Deborah to just learn the damn law

  1. Ugh! don’t mention the Sabine word.

    I can’t stand the sound of her, let alone her behaviour.

    Think S, Deborah, Belinda etc. are unqualified and really are frauds.

    What right does Deborah have to call herself an EU law expert.

    As much right as me probably. Grrr….

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    • I’ve not actually seen her call herself an EU law expert – someone correct me if she has said this. i understand it was Sabine who referred to her as an expert.


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  3. Learn the law? I recall in another one of Belinda’s great games the main promoter was encouraged to do just that in order to keep himself out of jail! Obviously that doesn’t suit the likes of Belinda or her merry band of side show barkers! I can put it no better than here:

    “As the remnants of such cases are cast on the bonfire you might be led to imagine ‘there goes the truth movement’; and that is the required outcome of such cases. But really, you should remain in no doubt of governments’ will and capacity to infiltrate and manipulate public opinion even at the most trivial level.

    You may (for instance) have read in the rabid red tops about Vladimir Putin’s army of professional trolls running fake Twitter and Facebook accounts to flood social media with pro-Russia propaganda. But lest you’re tempted to fall into line and berate those pesky, unsophisticated Russians for their childishly-dishonest propaganda and suppression of free speech; it’s equally well known that GCHQ has developed covert tools to spread false information via the internet.

    This includes but is not limited to the ability to manipulate online polls, artificially inflate view counts and even censor and edit content.

    According to Edward Snowden’s revelations the tools to do this were created by GCHQ’s Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG). They are known to use “fake victim blog posts,” “false flag operations,” “honey traps” and psychological manipulation. And, rather like the ‘Russian Troll Factory’ (RTF) – it’s said – they, the wider security services, are happy to employ ‘useful idiots’ to front certain of these campaigns.

    It is, in my view, extraordinary and unacceptable that public money is being pissed up against the wall playing stupid games of deception on the internet and elsewhere. – But then such is the nature of establishment contempt for the general public and democracy.

    As it was put to me by one leading politico, and I’ll quote often… “Even morons have a vote!”

    Cases like Hollie and Hampstead are designed to attract and distract the attention of a certain demographic within the online community and serve a particular purpose… Primarily that of discrediting any alternative media, activism or grass-roots movement looking for political, social or moral justice, by feeding the myth of such groups being universally just bodies of ‘crazy people’… “

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    • @N O’buddy – I emphatically agree, that people should not accept information presented to them through any form of media “at face value” – i.e., simply assuming it to be true or correct.
      I would include any & all forms of information transfer in this caution though; “traditional or mainstream” media, self-professed “alternative” media, social media, corporate advertising & sponsored articles, public interest/ NGO advertising & sponsored articles, pontification from self-professed whistleblowers and activists, even word-of-mouth from friends and family. Everyone should always make some attempt to verify the legitimacy of the info they encounter, if it is reasonable for them to do so.

      And you are certainly right to point out that national security agencies of every nation, that are involved in gathering and analyzing “intelligence info”, historically also engaged in disseminating various forms of mis-information – through a variety of fronts and operatives – and no doubt continue to do so.

      But shouldn’t the same imperative, not to simply assume something is true or correct, also be applied to rumors, allegations and theories about false or fraudulent information campaigns being dis-information plots run by security agencies?

      I’ve never encountered any credible evidence that false victim claimants were secretly security agency operatives. I’ve seen no evidence that “the Hollie and Hampstead” cases have any genuine connection to any security agencies. There are certainly a host of liars and frauds associated with these tragic false allegation cases, and some of those persons may have CLAIMED to be connected to secret services, but all the available info suggests such claims to be just more self-aggrandizing BS from pathological liars. The real motives of the false allegation & dis-information disseminators in these cases seem very apparent – the perpetrator’s identities are known and there is no evidence that they are anything but the very ordinary persons that they appear to be.

      There is a fundamental problem with the idea that security agencies would, or even could, set up a situation where someone would falsely portray themselves to be a victimized person or falsely claim that family members have been victimized, with the intention that their falsehoods would be exposed and that would supposedly discredit real victimized persons in the eyes of the public. How could a security agency be certain that their fake would ever be exposed? Or that, having been exposed, many people continue to believe them anyway? Or that any significant publicity would follow their exposure? What if no one is interested in the tale of their fraudulence and no media give it any coverage? A huge investment of time, effort and talent would presumably have been squandered, with no pay-off for the agency that set it up.

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      • Hmmm…the first thing that popped up when I searched “GCHQ”, was an article claiming that agency has created a joint ‘task force’ with police agencies to search out and apprehend the more elusive child sex abuse images perverts online:

        That sounds like this GCHQ professes to be on the side of CSA victims, rather than actively engaged in secret dis-info campaigns to discredit them. I suppose it could just be a PR exercise, or some particularly crafty disinfo plot, though. I can’t prove that it isn’t.

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      • First off, that’s a quote from elsewhere. Not my words, although I agree with much that’s said.

        Secondly there is precedent for this sort of thing in the form of Operation Mockingbird and no doubt others better informed than me can point to other examples. No reason to beleive a modern British government wouldn’t play the same games with citizens.

        Thirdly, there is no serious doubt from any (sane or semi sane at least) quarter that McKenzie and her kind are con artists. Often very blatantly so. So the next question is what makes THEM so especially immune from the law? Where you or I or any ordinary person would probably get hung out to dry if we filled out our tax return wrong or drove our car in a bus lane. These guys are getting away with all sorts – McKenzie is like teflon woman or something!

        Why do cases like this create such a bru-ha-ha when genuine cases gather little or no attention? What was that old song? Oh what a circus oh what a show! – It seems to sum up many of these cases. If the authorities were doing their job and working in our interests theres hardly one of them that wouldn’t have been banged up years ago. Certainly I don’t beleive that our media is free and honest or that our governments are remotely honest. At every level from local coucils to 10 downing street the country’s run by dirty rotten scoundrels. And I beleive the internet is one of the biggest threats to them because it puts them at risk of someone just sitting down one day and GENUINELY spilling the beans.

        How convenient for anyone who genuinely tries to take a stand to be readily branded just another fruit loop! A “conspiretard” – more or less what Anne Widdicombe said a few weeks ago! How convenient for her to be able to casually dismiss any persistant person with a problem she doesn’t want to tackle as just a nutcase!

        The Hollie case in particuar just turned into a bitch-fight between two warring factions of complete nutjobs neither of which was interested in the mundane truth. it was a smokescreen for something, what I’m not sure. Hampstead is the same really. The only thing both cases achived was as the man said “discrediting any alternative media, activism or grass-roots movement looking for political, social or moral justice, by feeding the myth of such groups being universally just bodies of ‘crazy people’… “ Lots of people all crying wolf, this character assassinating that character, its all got to be black and white this side that side.

        As an old man I was talking to earlier put it, “infantilising nonsense the lot of it”. UFOs, Hollie, Hampstead, Icke, Jones, Ventura Gerrish and them nutters that run round haunted houses with broken radios claiming they’r communicating with spirits. All the same old same old “conspiritainment” of one shade or another. – Most people IMHO are on the outside looking in thinking “nutters the lot of em”. Strikes me that is absolutely spot-on plan!

        “Just learn the damn law”? Says this woman? I don’t think they have to! I think the McKenzies and Gerrishes and Ickes know the law fine bloody well. But they’re like ‘special agents’ with a license to spout bollocks, rip people off and set up others for the drop. Any element of truth or reality in what they have to say is deliberately masked by the great smell of bullshit.


  4. Kellie has ‘Stop Forced Adoption’ posts on her Facebook. I actually don’t believe a child should be removed and adopted unless absolutely necessary. I’m sure everyone here agrees with that. From what I’ve read and researched – including speaking to a friend who is a retired social worker – I think there has been an over-reaction after the death of Baby P and that children are being removed sooner than they were before. Also, you get situations where, because of financial constraints, an erring parent will only be ‘worked with’ for a certain length of time and then it’s ‘curtains’; if they haven’t improved the case conference decision will be to remove the child. I’m told in the old days there was considerably more work done with families for longer periods of time before a decision like this was taken.

    I find it hard to get my head round stopping forced adoption altogether in some cases though. You can’t stop it per se. What if the parents are really bad and really selfish and would never agree? Is there something I’m not getting?

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    • And I see that after the Daily Mail article she had her own family problems with social services which I could not comment on having no idea what they were except any such thing is distressing for all involved no matter what the rights or wrongs.And from previous videos she was a Hoax believer but apparently has been converted to the truth which is a credit to her.
      Again she is vulnerable person having her own personal problems who got swept up by Belinda McKenzie’s campaign/ She is the perfect victim for McKenzie who exudes a clam assurance that all is going to be well and they are winning the great fight.
      When it all goes belly-up Belinda quietly walks away leaving everyone else devastated.

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    • yep to all of that, and yet again, i’m a bit culpable, i came online 2009, and became involved with the Baby P groups, so along with the CSA survivors groups, and family justice ones, i also shared there stuff…. it was a good american friend that pushed Baby P to her journalistic friends, they hadn’t heard about the case, till then, and you are again right, thankyou for taking some time to catch up with changes, because it has changed. If the parents are neglecting, abusing, harming their children, then they either need to learn new skills or perhaps lose their child….degrees i guess. But we also see cases where children are left and need to be removed. I think you get the picture, very well. I posted a video by Cornelius on my blog, A Survivors Story Parenting and Society, i have always respected his stance, balanced, like yours 🙂


  5. However, Whatever has driven this hoax, i sorely hope that it will decrease even moreso, Belinda seems to co opt campaigns, as does Sabine, with the many sites damming up the pages if people google on these issues. Anyway, i am hoping that many more people will respond and hit those report buttons 🙂


  6. The sad thing is, if Belinda and Sabine put their energies into the right and lawful channels to campaign and create awareness, they could actually do some good. Instead, they waste it all on bogus agenda while giving unqualified advice which only makes matters worse for the parents. People like Kellie have had to find that out the hard way. In these situations Sabine and Belinda are taking advantage of vulnerable people, which in my opinion is abuse in itself.

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  10. Hi… Does anyone happen to have the video from that night… Unfortunately these rituals do go on, but it is few and far between. 204 average children are going missing from foster care a year. My point is that parents who have wrongfully had children taken who turn to google for help and getting caught up in a world they dont need to be in… Parents just need to understand the process they are in… Two of mine where forced adopted, and it is wrong. I have a 19 and 16 year old… But i was one who asked for help and ended up down the rabbit whole and i want to protect parents from doing the same so they can actually bring their children home.. Children are being wrongfully taken and it needs to stop….

    I will be coming back out harder stronger and major stepping it up… But first i need to get back on my feet. But that video would be handy… Not sure how you guys got it as I cant see Belinda sending it to me… I dont have a beef with them… I just think they need to stop putting parents in fear… so they dont go to court and stand up for their families..

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    • Hi, Kellie–I’m glad you stopped by. The video is embedded in this post, and you can also find it on the Knight Vision YouTube channel. I wanted to tell you in person how great I thought you were–you’ve been through a lot, and it takes a strong person to stand back, look at things, and realise where you went wrong…not to mention standing up in front of everyone and telling them the truth. It was a brave thing, and I’m glad you did it.

      I know you don’t hate Belinda or Sabine, and that’s probably to your credit too, though I think they’ve done huge damage to innocent folks in Hampstead and other cases, and should be held responsible for it.

      Best of luck to you. I’m sure you’ll be back on your feet soon.


    • Fair comment, Kellie. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      With respect, one thing I do dispute is that “these rituals do go on”. There is a distinct lack of evidence for this, particularly in the UK. In fact, there has never been one proven case of SRA or one person convicted of an SRA murder. There have been more children murdered in the name of Christianity (the tragic and well documented case of Victoria Climbie, for instance) than Santanism.

      Other than that, keep up the good work )

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    • I really do wish you the best Kellie.

      There are plenty of good people out there campaigning and trying to get change and better support for parents. You can easily track them down. Even if you just follow a few blogs and Twitter feeds and keep an eye out for consultations, calls for evidence, make a difference. There are people out there trying to make a difference, good people.

      Please point people in the direction of the people, support groups and information that will help them best, not the conspiracy stuff and irresponsible people putting families at risk.

      And one last thing, it is a sad fact that many of the children going missing from foster care are unaccompanied asylum seeking minors. Foster care is just a pre planned transit point for them because they are in the control of traffickers. They are trafficked off to the cannabis farms, brothels and domestic servitude as slaves of criminal gangs who make a profit from them. And a little secret, some of the “children” missing from foster care aren’t children, people do say they are children to get out of immigration detention. These missing migrant children have no family in the UK for the police to contact, they ditch their mobile phone and won’t approach the police because they are under the control of the traffickers. I know this because I have friends who work in this sector. This won’t account for all the children, but it is a lot of them. Luckily there have been changes in the law and the way things are enforced, such as not prosecuting victims of slavery who are gardners in cannabis farms. But this is something the likes of someone like Belinda will not explain. You can draw your own conclusions about why you don’t know the context and background to the missing children figures and why the people who bandy about numbers like that don’t appear to care why those figures are so terribly high, or how the police record things, or the research that goes on. I think the truth doesn’t suit their narrative. And, of course even one child missing a year would be awful. These children will be going through hell, but they aren’t being eaten by satanists, or at least there is absolutely no evidence they are, but plenty of evidence that some will turn up later in cannabis farms and the like, or as an adult trying to access services.

      One thing the police don’t give up on is missing children. Look at the missing children’s database and see the children who went missing decades ago. You’ll also see a large number of children with Vietnamese names. I’m not saying these asylum seeking children don’t matter, they do, and in many ways they are so much more vulnerable than a British born “runaway”, every child deserves to be safe.

      A bit of a rant, but I do wish you the best!

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